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Your Excuses Always Lead To More Pain...

It sucks having to wake up every morning to the sound of your alarm telling you it's time for your 9-5 job that you dread going to every day, that you can't pay your bills on time, support your family the way you need to, and find your way out of a crawl space and into the right vehicle that will allow you to work less and spend valuable time with the ones you love.

You know you want your circumstances to change and you want a work from home based opportunity that gives you the flexible hours, and let's you make money with your passion, interests, or hobbies.

The reason nothing for you has worked thus far is not because you are inadequate, it's because you fear and have disbelief  in what else is out there. You keep telling yourself that "I'll do it tomorrow", and you always put it off, you go to the next shiny object only to find out that what you're on is a scam and BAM!

You just lost $100's upon $1,000's of dollars.

More Obstacles Will Rise Up

You're going to run into companies who will not pay you well for the work you put in, you will find others who will try to scam you, and you will flat out give up.


You'll always feel like you have a lack of time, especially when you come home from a long day on your 9-5, and the money is tight to pay your bills, to take yourself a much needed vacation.

You come home from a long day on the job and the last thing you want to do is find a way to get up and research how you're going to make more money to pay your bills, and to be your own boss. The lack of knowledge of not knowing who and what to trust just keeps you in a vicious cycle.

I Was Once Too In Your Position

I know EXACTLY what you're going through, I remember always finding short side jobs and never really taking them serious because I got paid pennies! Or that I'd fall into traps with scammers. Most of all, I had a lack of time, the money, and knowledge to go through with making a lasting change...

But when I realized this one concept it changed everything...

I've Discovered The Secret

"It's not a lack of resources, It's a lack of being resourceful"

The solution to all my worries of staying in debt, not being able to provide for my family and myself all went out the window when I found out about how people were sharing their passion, hobby, or interest and making a BUTTLOAD of money!

The Good Thing About Affiliate Marketing is that...

You are your own boss working for yourself and not getting paid based on the number of hours you've worked.

Personally, since I've built up my website, it's been running for me 24/7. Even if I decide to take a break and go travel for a month, my website will still be there working for me.

In fact, there are times when I receive Email notifications informing me that I've just made a commission even when I was sleeping, traveling or doing something else.

That's definitely not gonna happen in traditional jobs, right?

So, can you start to see why Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended online business for anyone?

But Michael, I Don't Know How to Build Websites :(

Don't be scared by the term "building your own website".

I understand this can be very scary for those of you who are not tech savvy.

But guess what, building your own website online is really NOT THAT HARD!

Even until today, I still don't know a single line of code. Listen carefully, I don’t know anything about programming.

So rest assured that building website will not be a huge obstacle for anyone of you if you're following the right system  :)

What's My Story?

I remember the cold chilly day like it was yesterday...

I was at my 9-5, sitting deeply into my office chair inside of my 15 inch by 15 inch cubicle, just taking my break and waiting for the time to strike 2:30PM, and then it happened....

An old friend of mine named Tyson send me a Snapchat message, and I look at my phone to send him a message back. We must have chatted back and forth for about the whole duration of my 30 minute lunch break(good thing I didn't have a huge lunch), and we caught up. He told me about how he was in the trucking business now, and as for me?

I was looking for a way out of this place that never had valued me enough, I was underpaid, A post college graduate thinking that this job would get me above, but I was mistaken. I replied back to Tyson with an "Hey that's good, how do you Like it? I'm doing fine man, I'm good too. I've been thinking about going back to school to finish one more year for my bachelors, or take up some EDX training courses.

After I said that he immediately replied back with a "Hey, have you heard about affiliate marketing?" UH NO I said. Well, there's people making a side-hustle, a part-time and even full-time job out of it. No way right?

It sounded crazy but I thought to myself: "When I get home, It's research mode. I couldn't remember my car ride home that day and If I even worked, I was so distracted by trying out affiliate marketing. After watching One YouTube Video After the next, a blog post after another, I thought Ok, Let me do this!

I first put up a website, applied for the amazon affiliate network, put some content on my site and threw the products there. I also went onto Instagram and started placing my links in my Bio. BOOM, it's so easy....

NOT! I completely failed! I tossed up a Weebly and even Wix website that didn't get me the attention I needed on my products. No one on Instagram bought from me, they clicked but they didn't purchase. That's when I felt defeated as HELL. I closed my laptop after putting in work for a month straight and said tomorrow is another day.

When tomorrow came, I had work to Overwhelmingly go through - It was at the point where I knew I should have left, but I needed stability and to build up more on my resume. But it wasn't worth me staying much longer, grinding physically as well mentally at a minimum wage job that should be paying me well over $20/hour. Bad right?

Imagine not sleeping, and OH Yeah, 30+ people go relieved and I was one of them. Not my fault, just a company thing. Back on Benefits I went feeling ridiculous that I couldn't go out and spend money on a good meal, I had family supporting me, being in debt with school bills rising over $10,000!

This research really possessed me, and I wasn't going to stop until I knew there was a better way. So on google I typed in "affiliate marketing training", and I found a few training. I tried out one called Wealthy Affiliate and BOOM! (Happy Boom this time).

That's when I finally had a plan to do this "affiliate marketing thing" the right way. I used the skills I learned to publish blogging content for my health and wellness site, applied back to amazon associates program and started producing something valuable that was done correctly. But I still faced issues.

My traffic was low, and every time someone would purchase from me, it was only a front end purchase. So I went back and added email autoresponders so I can collect people information to resell to them and or build that trust with. After the first few months it worked, I drove them to my main offer as well other products suited for them, and I was making good money for months on end. Then google came out with updates for health and wellness websites and I was knocked down.

Should I turn it into a Shopify Store I said? I did for a time but it wasn't my cup of tea. Over the months my numbers drastically reduced and then some days I went up to $100, while others less than a dollar, seriously. So I went back to the drawing board after a year of focusing on my site and learned that people were making recurring monthly commissions off products that were like 30% and up on EVERY Sale. That's when my whole world changed...

I went from just having one source of income to another one that would guarantee me take home money at the end of every month. I became much more confident, I didn't have to rely on other people to buy a meal for me, feel socially anxious about being myself, driving without thinking about gas, and letting down my family. My finances got in order and my debt has been payed off.

Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like If You Had Just A Snippet Of My Success...

You'd finally be able to pay off that mortgage, put your kids through college, earn more in your sleep then you could ever have at your current job.

The roads are endless, and you're the one in control navigating your own ship. You'd have more time to enjoy your friends and family, and go on that much needed vacation you wanted to without having to worry about a boss, or having enough money to take an extra day or two. 

Your Next Step...

If you're interested in Affiliate Marketing, the business model that is generating a 4-Figure monthly passive income for a 26 year old College Dropout, my recommendation for you is to give Wealthy Affiliate a shot.

It's the place where I started off as a complete newbie when I was 24 years old.

  • I learnt how to build websites without any programming knowledge
  • I learnt how to define my niche
  • I learnt how to drive Free Targeted traffic from Google
  • I also learnt how to choose and promote affiliate products to earn passive income online while I sleep and travel!

No credit card information is needed for a free account.

Just click on the button below, create a Free account with Wealthy Affiliate and I'll be on the other side to guide you.


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