June 4

by Michael Granados

Would you like to blow up your CBD Business with MILLIONS of targeted buyers beginning you to take their money?

What about making such a HUGE amount that you can literally make money while you're asleep?

You're not here reading JUST another CBD For Instagram post that boringly will list the top tips and tricks to "help you" make money with CBD on Instagram...

This is transformational. Only if you want it to be that is, and in a few short moments I "Michael Granados" a long-time Health and Wellness business owner, coach and consultant who's worked with CBD business owners will show you how to PROPERLY market your CBD oil on Instagram so you can make profits...faster and more easily.

But first, let me ask you ONE simple question...

Are you an action taker and a risk taker?

action taker

The reason I say is because most people do the minimum and they accept "decent"....decent will not get you anywhere, so right now I want you to make a promise to yourself that you're going to be open to challenging yourself and stepping outside of your 1''x1'' brown box.

Let's get started.

Why Use Instagram For CBD?

Instagram is a visual social media platform, kind of like Pinterest but without clicking on an image that takes you to a blog post, YouTube video, etc, but the greatest benefit is that your audience is HIGHLY likely hanging out there...

CBD can be targeted for any demographic and psychographics:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Job type
  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Desires
  • Problems
  • Pains
  • and more

Unlike a platform Like Pinterest where you get more than half of the population being woman who are older, it'll limit you to a smaller reach depending on your targeted audience.

Plus: With Instagram you can build your brand much faster because you get interaction like:

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Posting the RIGHT CBD Pictures...Quality Over Quantity

Have you ever randomly searched on Instagram for "CBD" related hashtags, saw a picture, and thought to yourself "WOAH, that's a very colorful picture and some one took the time to take it?"

If you haven't or even have here's what I want you to do so you follow along with me...

STEP 1: Go To Instagram

cbd for instagram

STEP 2: Type in "CBD" in the tags

cbd hashtags

In this case, you can click on any of the search results(we're not focused on tags at the moment). For this example, I selected #cbd.

STEP 3: Click on any photo in the results

cbd pictures

I clicked the one with the CBD Oil bottle which is the second column, 4th row.

Your curiosity gets the best of you and now you have to check this image out so you click through, maybe leave a comment...

cbd bottle

then this is where it get's interesting...

You've landed on their profile and begin to check them out. 10,20,30 minutes go by and you're still on this person's page...that's the signs of a quality image but even more so, a quality Instagarm CBD Page.

cbd profile

Point I'm trying to illustrate is to take your time to build a CBD Page with quality photos, make yourself searchable which I'll show you in the hashtags section below, create curiosity and make it happen!

Pro Tip: Find out what they are doing that you can add on to your page. This is my favorite part...

It's called the DREAM 100. What is it? You find similar CBD pages you want to follow and model, these can be your competitors but they can also be your greatest friends...

STEP 1: Follow them

Take note of:

  • How they are posting
  • what they are posting
  • what they place in their comments
  • What's on their bio
  • And even the hashtags they are using

STEP 2: Follow who follows them

Once you have followed your competitors and or people you'd like to model, then you need to take a lot at who follows them because that will show and tell you the type of people interested in their CBD Business. Of course...

You might have a different Demographics and Psychographics of people you'll follow( a customer avatar) but for the meantime, you can get amazing insights this way too.

STEP 3: Go Follow Who They Follow

I'll be selective in this part, I check to see who they follow and I filter by smaller and bigger CBD Pages and I ask myself:

  • Are they a startup?
  • What type of CBD do they focus on?
  • Are they an influencer?
  • Are they very popular?

One thing for sure is to follow the bigger CBD pages(HINT HINT) 

  • @koicbdlife
  • @mysolucbd
  • @greenroads
  • @charlotteswebcbd

There's a few to get you moving, and for more visit this CBD Instagram brands

CBD Instagram Hashtags

"Ladies and gentlemen the moment you've all been waiting for, drum roll please"...

Just kidding. Ignore my character that I just showed, but this is the part of today's article you wanted to see most right? Usually is and for great reason...

Your CBD Business WILL NOT be found if you don't use CBD hashtags or any other type that'll attract your dream customers. YIKES! But don't worry...

I've come to rescue you. Here's a criteria you can go by:

  • Add 20-25 hashtags
  • End your last hashtag with the name of your company(for branding)
  • For beginners with smaller accounts target 30k - 500k hashtag impressions.
  • For Established CBD companies with an Instagram Presence target those 500k+

The reason you want to target smaller hashtags as a beginner is because you stand a greater chance of being visible and you can climb your images to the top of that Hashtag CBD tag page.

Otherwise you'd be shooting yourself in the foot trying to compete for hashtags that established instagram users and huge companies are targeting.

Here are some tags to help you out for starters and established CBD businesses(some overlap which is fine)

For starters:

#cbdwellness ##cbdbenefits #cbduser #cbdhelps cbdream ##cbdbeauty #cbdcream #cbdfacts #cbdoils #cbdu #cbdiy #cbdforthepeople #cbdshop #cbdsaves

For Established:

#cbdhealth #cbdoil #cbdlife #hemp #hempoil #hempseeds #naturalremedies #healthandwellness #healthandfitness #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthyrecipes

There's a TON more out there for each category just make sure you make variations of each cbd type keyword or ones with health and wellness among many others. You'll notice them as you scroll down your list.

Also, you should be targeting based on your demographics and psyhographics, like for example, if your dream customers were health care workers:

#healthcareworkers #healthcareprofessional #healthcareworker #healthcareheros #healthcaretips

Things like that. 

The JK 5 Rule

One of my mentors Jenna Kutcher who is an Instagram expert came up with a this rule called the JK 5(abbreviation for her name) and her strategy she shares with everyone inside of the Traffic Secrets Free book is this...

You should post on 5 different categories that are valuable in your life, like:

And what you do is rotate your image posting schedule so you fit each and every one of these in your Instagram profile, but what does it do?

You get to 1. Share who you are on more aspects than just your CBD business life and 2. You get to target many different audiences who will eventually wonder what your CBD business is about.

So, If one of my JK 5's was travel, I'd have a picture of myself somewhere in like The Bahamas, and then another one in England, and so you build these hashtags targeting travel and what happens is you'll eventually get people to see that you like to travel but then they'll check out your profile...

And see you're into CBD, and that you run a CBD Business, BOOM! You now have peaked their curioisuty and these people will eventually begin to follow you and seek you for CBD help and eventually buy from you.

Want to know more about the JK 5 and other traffic generating strategies? Check out the FREE Traffic Secrets book here.

Using Your Instagram Story Feature For More Sales

Posting pictures and using hashtags is the easy part, the one part everyone seems to avoid is the Instagram Stories, but why?

A feeling of being shy, not camera enthusiastic, don't know how, and that's all understandable but let me tell you...

I had no experience either. I'm an introvert and I dreaded using Instagram Stories because I didn't want to be on camera or "social", but it wasn't until I re-connected with an old friend and he told me I didn't need to be on camera...

Or did I have to make it look all pretty and neat, or that I had to have experience and some sort of knowledge before posting. He recommended I just put a couple of tips up about natural health...

And then slowly work my way into showing my CBD products, that was it! That sparked a light bulb, I knew I didn't have to be this "salesy" or camera type person, I just had to do a little every single day that provided value and helpful tips and eventually then work my way into the products as well call to actions(telling people what to do next).

So, make sure that you use stories, and you can grab my free template on how to do this right here:

Have A Strong Call To Action

You've done all the hard work to make your pictures, find your hashtags, your dream customers, you've shared on the story feature now you have to do the part everybody forgets!

Give your audience a strong call to action which means to tell somebody where to click so they can view your CBD product(s). Don't be afraid to tell someone something like:

"Want to see what this product can do for you?" Click the link below to find out now!"

Here's another one:

"Want your FREE 50% off coupon + Bonuses?" Click the link in my bio to grab this limited time offer!"

Your call to actions will vary depending on the situation and what offer it is you have. There are many ways to do this. Another one of my favorites(and I'll cover in the conversion process below) is to tell someone to click your bio link and then click the second link on that page.

What I do is have a bio link anyone can click on and then I setup this page on my website with google analytics tracking so that when they land there I have data, and that person will then see a set of different call to action links...

But because I told them to click the second link, they will click on that and not the others(or they could view more about you too). What does this do?

  1. You get to track on your website
  2. You can place more than one link

So if you wanted more than one link which you should, it could consist of:

  • Free coupons 
  • Free Guides
  • Free Checklist
  • Free Content(blog, YouTube, etc)
  • Free Facebook Groups
  • and many more

I like this strategy because If I target different segments, I can tell them what they need to do based on what they need most. 

It can look something like this when they click on your bio link:

instagram links

This is for one of my Instagram accounts(for viral_michael). And it's customized so you personalize it for your own needs. Don't have a website? There are link generating tools you can use for free but you can't really track them so I prefer to use my own website.

Would you like a Free Website? I made a full page that shows you how to get a free website here.

How To Setup Your Conversion Process

Do you want to convert your Instagram followers and visitors into customers?

UH yeah, of course! This is the step EVERYONE gets wrong, even me, so you need to listen in very closely.

You can't just expect someone to come to your profile, click on your bio and then buy from you...

It doesn't work like that! You have to continue to share your:

  • Tips
  • Stories
  • Case Studies
  • Testimonials
  • Third party results
  • Demos

You can do this through posts, but even better is to make use of the story feature as I covered in the section previous.

Now the fun part, getting people to buy from you - post content. Let's say someone is interested in buying a product from you, your stories and Instagram posts will tell people something like "Click the link in the bio"(like I previously showed you)...

Then once someone enters your CBD store/Website you still need to convert that customer into a buyer right?

There are many ways to do this, you can speak to them 1-1 or 1-many, you can get on a Facebook messenger chat(1-1) or you can speak to them through your blog(1-many)

Again, it depends on your situation(I can help work that out with you if you'd like), just press the button below to get my free CBD video series and you can reach me by email.

No Website? No Problem - Rise Of Sales Funnels

Other than a website, you can use what's called a sales funnel...which is pretty much web pages connected together that helps you establish a greater relationship with your future customers and sell to them more of your products/services in one take.

Whether you have a store, an Affiliate Marketer, in Amazon FBA, etc, you can push people into a funnel which is a series of web pages put together...

And let's say once someone lands there, they can buy from you, and then you can sell them more after the initial purchase which is called an upsell. They can keep buying from you over and over....

And you can do things where you collect their email address so you can re-market to them your CBD products and services. 

Here's a video on that:

>>Check out my #1 Sales Funnel Builder<<

Can you see how effective it is to use a sales funnel for your CBD Business? I use them every single day and they make more of an impact on my audience while at the same time greater profits. Will a sales funnel work for you?

Simple answer, Yes. They work for:

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Want a Free Funnel?

Over the years I've tested and built my CBD business from scratch with sales funnels and now I'd like to give them to you for FREE. Yep, you heard that right. Click the button below to check them out:

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a social media platform, you're there to "be social" so you need to keep in mind how to connect with your audience first, turn them into raving fans who will support your work and then continue to keep buying from you.

You can easily accomplish this with everything I showed you today...from Posting to stories, cbd hashtags, and how to make the deepest impact with conversion processes set in place.

Now it's your turn to get it done. Again, if you want to know more about how to use a sales funnel for CBD, click the button below.



What did you think about this CBD Instagram article? Was it helpful enough? It would be great to hear from you and if you could please share this post with others who need the help just like you did. Plus, it would help grow my blog too. But only if you want to 🙂

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