May 27

by Michael Granados

Do you need incredibly fast funding for your small business that the big banks can’t give you?

Or what about the opportunity to own your home-based business while helping small business owners get proper funding?

Listen, You’ve stumbled into a first-hand experience David Allen Capital Reviews where I “Michael Granados” will show you the TWO sides to David Allen Capital - how you can get commercial loans and merchant processing as well the Home-business opportunity you can join to make money as an independent commercial financial agent!

All around the web People are asking the question “is David Allen Capital MLM?” Yes, it is. And I’ll get to the details shortly but first you have to hear this…

Did you know you can get funding up to $2 MILLION? Insane, right? Alright, enough waiting, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this David Allen Capital Review.

What Is David Allen Capital?

David Allen Capital is a sub-division in the financial field of the MLM health and wellness program Youngevity (link) where you can get up to $2,000,000 this week of funding for capital, merchant processing, business healthcare, and business voice and data service.

Whether you’re looking for small business capital, customer financing and payment processing, you’ll be shown the right courtesy to get funds into your account ASAP.

There’s also an MLM component to it where you can join as a commercial financial agent and help small business owners get funding. You get to work from anywhere you want and earn personal commissions with DAILY PAY.

I’ll get more specifically into the commercial financial agent details later below but for now let’s keep moving with how David Allen Capital works.

Going Inside David Allen Capital

With David Allen Capital you’ll get customer financing to drive up your sales and here are the benefits of that:

  • Programs for ALL credit levels including 2nd chance financing for low credit
  • Low cost to you and no recourse to you if they default
  • Immediate approvals and fast funding

Payment Processing Improved…

You will be getting the benefits of standard processing PLUS David Allen’s New Cash Discount Processing (no fees).

david allen captial payment processing

You can:

  • Eliminate 95% of your fees
  • Access your funds faster
  • Everything you need in one kit

Business Capital

Here’s the four-step benefit to getting business capital:

david allen capital business capital

  • Simple and fast. You will receive a decision within 1 day and capital of $10,000 to $2,000,000 as soon as 1-2 business days.
  • Small business focus. David Allen Capital specializes in small businesses and they work to get you the money you deserve while you can remain focused on your business.
  • TOP-rated providers. David Allen ONLY represents transparent, top-rated, quick-turnaround providers with over 10 BILLION dollars funded so far.
  • Use as you choose. Do you need to expand or take advantage of volume discounts? It’s your business and you can decide how it's used!

Qualification Process

david allen capital qualification process

As you can see from the image above, there is a 5 part criteria to getting you approved for funding:

  • Time In Business
  • Location
  • Personal Credit
  • Annual Revenue
  • Industry

David Allen Capital Vs The Banks

david allen capital vs banks
david allen capital vs

Pricing Per Dollar And Basic Qualifications

  • Within a 6 month term, your total cost can be as low as 18 cents per dollar. The average cost being 30 cents. The typical funding amount comes out to be $40,000.
  • Within a 12 month term, your total cost can be as low as 18 cents per dollar. Your average cost is 35 cents. The typical funding amount comes out to $80,000
  • For a 24 month term, your total cost can be as low as 20 cents per dollar. The average cost is 42 cents. Your typical funding to expect is $130,000
david allen capital pricing per dollar

How To Get Started

If you’re ready to get funded and receive your decision in minutes, here’s the simple 3 step process:

  1. Pre-Qualification. You will complete the online form by clicking the button below. Your application will be reviewed and then contacted to discuss available options and answer your questions.
  2. Complete Application. When you complete the simple application, it’ll provide the lenders and advance companies with more business, personal and financial details. You’ll submit to David Capital with a few requested documents.
  3. Submit Documents. To verify your application and secure approval, David Capital will request 4 months of bank statements, a copy of your last year's business tax return, a canceled check, and a copy of your driver's license.

Need Up To $25K Funding?

david allen capital bank breezy

Theirs a “Bank Breezy” process where you can get small business funding from $2,000-$25,000 today and here’s how it works:

  • Immediate Approvals. You can get:
    • $5,000+ Monthly Bank Revenue
    • A Business checking account
    • 6 months in business
    • 450+ credit score
    • All industries included
  • Breezy Online Process. You get:
    • Accept Approval Amount
    • Link Online Banking
    • Review Approval Terms
    • Sign Agreement Online
    • Receive Funds
  • Simple and Fair. 
    • No hard credit inquires
    • Transparent terms
    • No collateral required
    • Industry-leading early pay discounts
  • Get More When Needed
    • Having a payment history will earn you more
    • Receive funding again
    • Add-on Funds are available
    • Personalized Account Manager
how does bank breezy work

Customer Financing

david allen capital customer financing

Do you want to make sure you select the right lender for your customers? David Capital will help you select the right lender(s) for you and your customers by getting the best lenders in each of these industries:

david allen capital industries

  • Medical and dental offices
  • Automotive Repair shops
  • Home improvement
  • Jeweler and other retail stores
  • Vocational and trade schools
  • Coaching and training seminars
  • Veterinarian offices
  • Online and eCommerce sales
  • Most other industries

How It Works

There’s a 4 step process:

  1. Your customer answers a few basic questions and agrees to apply and see offers
  2. Your customer is presented with all the loan officers they have qualified for
  3. Your customer selects the offer they prefer most and signs the online agreement
  4. You are funded and the Lender collects payments directly from the consumer.

Payment Processing

david allen capital payment processing

You get to eliminate 95% of your processing fees with the two parts of processing:

  • Standard processing OR
  • Cash Discount processing

What Is Cash Discounting?

Cash Discounting is this specialized program that allows you to provide an incentive to cash buyers whole eliminating almost all of your non-cash processing costs.

With the cash discounting you will be provided signage stating that all of your prices are discounted for cash payment and for customers who choose to pay with a credit card, a noncash adjustment of 4% will be automatically added to the discounted for cash price.

Wide Selection Of Equipment to Choose From…

david allen capital equipment

David Allen Capital has many POS providers and equipment options...many with FREE placement.

Next Day Funding On ALL Your Accounts

david allen capital funding

With David Allen Capital your weekend sales are deposited Monday morning, you won’t have to wait anymore until Tuesday to get your funds.

Unparalleled Service

david allen customer support

David Allen Capital Compensation

If you're looking to become an agent and sell the David Allen Capital Business funding to small business owners, here's what you can expect:

  • For Business Loans, you're paid daily and is either 3% or 6% of the funded value, but could be as high as 9% with the Matching Override bonuses.
  • For other services you earn Monthly Residual Income for the life of the customer. There is no limit to the number of clients you can assist to secure capital.
  • Personally Enrolled Matching Bonuses. If you refer other individuals who become Independent Agents with DAC, you can qualify to earn Matching Bonuses of 25% or 50% of their personal commission. Example:
    • One of your personal agents helps their own client get a $20,000 funding and they would earn a commission of $600 or $1,200. You will earn either 25% or 50% match of their income. Even if they just earned $600, your minimum match would be $150.
  • Team Leadership "OpenLine Match". If you personally enroll other agents, this will develop your extended agent team. You can qualify to earn OpenLine Leadership Matching Bonuses of 10%-50% on your entire team's personal commission income.
  • Leadership Overrides. You can also qualify to receive additional leadership matching overrides as you help team members reach leadership levels in DAC. You can earn as much from 5%-15% of ALL personal commissions earned in your leaderships teams.
  • Residual Income, Car Allowances, and Other Perks. Upon your qualification, Youngevity International (YGYI) will pay you residual income. Also, you can qualify to receive a car allowance of $300 to $1,000 PER month, and other perks live Revenue Sharing and Top Achieve Club trips.

David Allen Capital Reviews

Here are some reviews on Truspilot

david allen reviewer

David Allen Capital BBB rating

David Allen Capital has received an A+ for it's BBB rating, take a look:

david allen capital bbb rating

David Allen capital inc bb as you can see is listed and is doing well.

I tried looking for a David Allen Capital Ripoff Report but couldn't find one by the way.

Here's what it's like to work for David Allen Capital according to Glassdoor:

david allen capital reviews
david allen capital testimonials
david allen capital testimonials

David Allen Capital Complaints

david allen capital trustpilot
david allen capital trust

How Much Does David Allen Capital Cost?

The cost to join David Allen Capital is Free. However, you will have to spend on other expenses like Marketing and advertising to find other small business owners who will need your services.

You will also have to account for travel expenses and meeting with small business owners to sell the David Allen financial services. Yup, I know - it’s not all 100% online-based.

But there are ways where you can spend the majority of your time selling these financial services online without traveling, just depends on how much time and money you want to make. That’s why I choose to do Affiliate Marketing instead of MLM’s.

Who Is David Allen Capital For?

David Allen Capital is made for small business owners who are struggling to get funding from the big banks and any public bank in general and want to get up to $2,000,000 Incredibly fast business capital, equipment financing, and payment processing ALL in one place.

Here’s more:

  • Small business owners who want fast funding like into your bank account as soon as today!
  • People of all credit level scores (poor to excellent) and want the best chance of getting funding no matter what.
  • You want to eliminate 95% of your fees so you don’t have to pay extra expenses just for fees that can be very costly.
  • People who want a very easy streamlined approval process without having to worry about hearing back from lenders and the David Allen Capital team.
  • Any small business owner who wants an affordable option

Who’s It Not For?

  • People who may not need funding right this second
  • Lazy people
  • Tire kickers

Pros And Cons


  • Fast Funding today of up to $2,000,000 so you can get your business back on track and in full throttle which means you'll spend more time focusing on the things inside your business that matter most.
  • Special Customer Financing with programs for ALL levels of credit including second chance financing for low credit so you can high a higher chance of getting approved which means you'll always have a way to earn more money!
  • Improved Payment Processing so you don't have to worry about eliminating over 95% of your fees which means you'll get access to your funds much faster and have everything you need all in one kit.
  • Unparalleled Equipment financing so you can get from $3K-$2M and never have to worry about having the right tools and equipment to power your business forward.
  • MLM Agent Home Business opportunity to refer small business owners into the program and get compensated for it.


  • Not everyone gets approved
  • Customer Support can lack a bit
  • MLM opportunity doesn't pay you as much as you think


There are really no close alternatives but I do know of another service that would work just as well and it is:

Fundwise Capital is focused on helping start-ups and small businesses.

Other than Fundwise Capital, what if you wanted a better business model than Network Marketing where you don't have to feel worried about earning a great amount?

I personally had to get away from Network Marketing/MLM companies because I wasn't going to make enough money...Sure I had recruited a TON of people but very rarely did any of them recruit other people and sell any products like I did...

So once I found out how hard it was going to be and how the odds were stacked against me, I began to look for new opportunities and one of those I ran into on the web was Affiliate Marketing.

I didn't have to worry about meeting people face to face, recruiting and hardly earning anything with these opportunities:

What I Liked Most About David Allen Capital

There’s A LOT to like about David Allen Capital but if I had to choose just one thing I liked most…

I’d say the amount of funding you can get for your small business of up to $2.000,000. Of course, there is an application process to get funded and to get funded a certain amount but the fact that David Allen Capital is flexible and is willing to work with any circumstance…

And get you approved up to a huge amount is very generous. This way you can keep your business running on full fuel without having to worry about where and when the money will be coming in.

What I Liked Least

Hmm, there really wasn’t much I disliked other than the fact that it is a sub-sector of the MLM/Network Marketing company Youngevity, why?

I’m not a big fan of MLM companies because their focus apart from helping people is to get distributors to join and recruit others to join. I know this has nothing to do with the financing sector but If your goal is to eventually become a distributor of Youngevity or even David Allen Capital, you can spend a lot of your time focusing on recruiting rather than the selling of the actual product.

Is David Allen Capital Worth It?

Absolutely. Here’s the way You and I need to look at it - if you’re interested in learning business finance or have a business finance background, then it’ll definitely be worth your time.

Also, very rarely these days can you join an MLM that’s free. I’m going to be honest with you and this might hit home for you…

These days MLM’s/Network Marketing companies are on a downward spiral. They are not “the online business” to get into and expect to make a great income with…

In fact (and speaking from experience), you’ll end up getting frustrated and disappointed when you REALLY see how much you’re making vs the amount of time you’re putting in. Truth is, the ones at the top of the pyramid make the most money, and to make any significant money you have to focus A LOT of your attention on “recruiting” people into the company.

I left Network Marketing a while back and I was in a couple like CBD, Keto, and many others and I recruited a handful of people but they never did the same and didn’t train others like I did, so I left for another opportunity…

Called Affiliate Marketing. With Affiliate Marketing YOU get to be in control of your finances by simply sharing other people’s products and services in exchange for a commission...No no need to “recruit” people to make a good amount of money.

If you’re interested in learning more about my #1 recommended Affiliate Marketing business opportunity, then click here.

Final Thoughts 

What was your favorite part about David Allen Capital? Was it everything you were expecting and more?

Listen, if you’re a small business owner who’s looking for funding of up top $2,00,000 and want the flexibility to also receive equipment financing, and payment processing at a high standard, then David Allen Capital will give you the edge.

Their free application and incredibly fast access to capital funding will ensure you can get your business running in the right direction without any hiccups and worrying that you won’t have enough to stay in business. What about the business opportunity side of things?

Well, If you have an interest in commercial financing or have a background in it, then this will be something you can benefit from, but even if you do or don’t, here’s the problem I see…

It is going to be VERY hard to make money with as an agent, why? MLM’s have become old news, they are really good for learning entrepreneurial networking skills but have become very hard to earn money with. You’ll end up literally chasing people, the marketing and advertising training you’re given isn’t the best…

And you’ll always feel like you’re putting in A LOT of effort for what? Close to nothing. That’s why I decided to go a different path and join a business model in Affiliate Marketing that allowed me to promote any product and service and keep a long-term business running financially and if you’d like to check out my #1 recommended Affiliate Marketing opportunity, click the button below now.

Link to a youngevity review of mine

Link to mlm affiliate marketing

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