December 10

by Michael Granados

Would you like 10+ Free Click Funnel Templates that’ll make your sales process explode with sales?

You’ve come to the right palace to pick up some outstanding templates to help you along your way free up more of your time, earn your LOADS more of money, and let you finally live life on your terms, but first…

What Kind of Funnel Templates were you looking for?

Sure, I can throw out a top 10 list but that does little good if I don’t know which one YOU really need, so here’s what I’ll do today…

I’ll list out a top 10+ of clickfunnels templates, but if you haven’t gotten started with your 2 FREE weeks of Clickfunnels and haven’t gone through the funnel quiz Russell Brunson created so you can get your own personalized template, then click here to do it first.

Alright, now that you’re back, let’s get started!

Clickfunnels Free Funnel Types

The type of funnels I’ll be showing you are a mix of:

  • Tripwire Funnel Templates
  • Sales Letter Funnel Templates
  • Product Launch Funnel Templates
  • Webinar Funnel Templates
  • Autowebinar Funnel Templates
  • Squeeze Page Funnel Templates
  • Application Funnel Templates
clickfunnels free funnel types

NOTE: To learn more about these types of funnels, I HIGHLY encourage you to pick up a Free Copy of The Clickfunnels Cookbook Here.

10+ Free Click Funnels Templates

  1. Tripwire

#2: Sales Letter Funnel Template

I want to give you my top Video Sales Letter(VSL) Funnel

sales letter funnel

#3 Product Launch Funnel Templates

(CTA) To click funnels page

# Webinar Funnel Template

The webinar funnel is amazing because you can control the registration and confirmation process and you can sell other products and services before you send them to the webinar.

#5 Autowebinar Template

Automated webinar funnels are amazing because you can sell your products/services to the masses and really put your sales process to the test.

#6 Squeeze Page Funnel Template:

Do you want to build an email list of highly potential buyers? Well you should, and here it is:

#7 Application Funnel Template

Do you have a high-cost product you’d like to sell? It’s not as easy as just selling it to anyone, and that’s where the application funnel comes in to play:

10+ More Templates

One Funnel Away Share Funnel

one funnel away share funnel

This funnel is a tripwire funnel where you have:

  • An Optin Page
  • Bridge Page
  • Sales Page
one funnel share funnel

This very well may be my favorite funnel of all time not only for the fact that it’s a basic optin to bridge page then sales page funnel but because of how I earned it…

I got this Free funnel added to my account by going through the One Funnel Away Challenge which is a 30-day challenge built by Clickfunnels to help you launch your first or next business, and I strongly recommend you check it out to get the full power behind how to use funnels.

#2: Membership Course Template


Do you want to build a course you can share with your audience and get people to buy from you like hotcakes at a carnival?

Then look no further than Clickfunnels Membership Course options. Here you will get two steps:

  • Membership Access Page
  • Membership Area
membership portal

#3 Realtor Share Funnel

realtor share funnel clickfunnels

Want to see a VERY unique Real Estate Funnel?

This funnel comes with a:

  • Seller funnel
  • Open house
  • and so much more.

I made a video for you to watch here:

#4 CBD Funnel

cbd funnel

How would you like a CBD Funnel that will explode your income right away?

This VSL CBD Funnel is highly equipped with 4 pages of:

  • a VSL+Order form
  • One time offer(OTO)
  • Downsell
  • Offer Wall
cbd clickfunnels

PLUS: I have 3 other CBD Funnels for affiliate marketing and network marketing you can get your hands on too:

cbd 1
clickfunnels quiz funnel

The best way to commit your audience to giving you an email address is by using a quiz funnel. This way you can set a series of questions that gets your prospect in the right frame of mind...

And by the time they get to your squeeze page, they've done the hard work that it would be insane for them not to hand over their email.

This funnel comes packed with Over 10 quiz types, you can just customize them to your needs.

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#6 Video Sales Letter Funnel

video sales letter clickfunnel

Want to skyrocket your conversions?

A written sales letter is not enough these days, how about mixing a video with a written sales letter? That's where you get the video sales letter...

Whether your audience likes video or the written word, they get a choice to consume from the two.

This funnel comes with:

  • VSL order form
  • OTO
  • OTO Downsell
  • Offer Wall(order confirmation)

#7 Coupon Funnel For Amazon

clickfunnels coupon funnel

Do you have an amazon niche website, run a YouTube amazon channel, or operate from social media channels?

Coupons have been and will continue to be the future of physical product sales and if you can hand one to your audience you'll retain the Long-Term Value of your customers.

This funnel comes with:

  • Optin Sales Page
  • Thank You Sales Page
clickfunnels coupon

#8 Ecom Funnel

ecom funnel

Are you in Ecommerce and want the ecommerce funnel of a lifetime?

With this mega Ecom Funnel you'll take your customer through a journey of a checkout cart all the way through more related upsell and downsells...

Here's what you'll get:

  • Land Page Sales Page
  • Checkout(order form)
  • OTO 1
  • Upsell + Downsell
  • Thank You Page

#9 Supplement Funnel

supplement clickfunnels

Want to finally put a rest to selling a low amount of supplements?

With this special supplement funnel you'll get more of your supplements in front of the right people and increase your buyers with these pages:

  • Order Form
  • OTO Page
  • OTO Page 2
clickfunnels supplement funnel

#10 Home page Funnel

clickfunnels home page funnel

This Conquer the Home Page Funnel is a great alternative for a website and branding OR if you're a website/blog owner and want to use a home page stand alone page...

You'll greatly benefit from this template, here's how and why:

  • You get a Home page with a designed navigation
  • A Thank you page for sign ups
clickfunnels home

If there are more that you would lie, check out my bonuses you’ll get from checking out the One Funnel Away Challenge on this page(link)

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Extra Funnels

All the funnels below you can pick up by going through the Clickfunnels home page quiz process and picking the right one for you here.

#1 Agency/Freelancer

#2 Info Products

#3 Ecommerce

#4 Coaching/Consulting

#5 Network Marketing

#6 Local Business

#7 B2B

#8 Non Profit

Shortcut To Your Funnel Templates

The Clickfunnels support team created a post with a video that walks you through how to grab a Free premium pre-made template, and here is the video

Final Thoughts And Next Steps

What did you think about all these funnels? There is A LOT to choose from, right?

Remember this, with the basic Clickfunnels starter plan you can fit only 20 funnels, but with the $297 premium version you can have an unlimited amount, either one is fine it just depends on what YOU need, and most of the time especially if you’re just starting out, one funnel is enough.

In case you feel lost or like you’re not sure how to customize the funnels best to suit your specific needs, I created a FREE Sales Funnel Domination course where you can follow along step-by-step through many lessons as I walk you through how to use each one so you can start generating a great income…

And if you’re interested in that, click the button below to get started.

Did you have any questions, comments or concerns you’d like for me to answer? Feel free to drop me a comment down below and I will get back to you ASAP! Thanks.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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