April 22

by Michael Granados

Is Anik Singal A Scam or The Most trustworthy internet guru with a slicked back gelled hair?

You have questions I “Michael Granados” have the RIGHT answers for you in this review and I’ll cut right to the chase.

NO, Anik Singal is not a scam. Unlike most reviews that wait to give you an answer, I wanted to make sure you knew straight away so we can transition into the meat and potatoes which is revealing to you who Anik EXACTLY is and he’s the right person for you to follow.

But first of all, I can understand why you’re here, so many people fall for the personal or self-development niche and that’s what makes Anik Singal such an attractive character for you to come this far to find out the truth, I don’t blame you…

LITERALLY everyone and their parents want the same type of life.  Before we move forward, In case you wanted to discover the best suggestion I have here at Viral Home Based Pursuit, It’s the most resourceful training on how to become an exceptional marketer where you don’t even need to own your own product here.

Let’s get started!

Who Is Anik Singal?

is anik singal a scam

According to his site at Aniksignal.com, Anik is “The Worlds Foremost Advocate For Entrepreneurs”, in other words he’s an American Internet Entrepenerur, founder of Learn, and Sendlane whuich are course on digital marketing, and email marketing which he is very popular for.

He was born in Maryland, Baltimore, and Early on his life, he worked ridiculously hard to earn a full scholarship, attain an Ivy leauge, pre-med degree, and get a one-way ticket to a life of fortune and success…

Only to drop it all and discover the life of business and getting into business school instead. Anik Initially had his troubles along the way not earning a single penny in his first 18 months, but then made a change and next thing he say was $330 in his account!

That’s when his business skyrocketed and he grew it from $330 to $10 million. Thereafter, he was recognized as one of the Top 3 Best Entrepreneurs 25 and under by BusinessWeek Magazine.

And as his company began to grow, he attracted attention from Inc500 and they named his as one of the fastest growing companies in America...Not just once, but twice! And this was all thanks to digital publishing.

If you want to learn more about his story from early childhood to where he is now, you can see it here.

Going Inside Anik Signal

Now that you know who he is, I have to show you “specifically” what he’s done, who he’s helped and everything this man stands for.

I’ve seen Anik’s work first hand, gone through some of his free and paid courses, as well attended his Amazing webinars and that’s where I’d like to start first.

Anik has two programs:


Starting with Lurn, as you can see, it’s a place for:

  • Tools
  • Training
  • And Resources

...For All Types of Entrepreneurs.

You can get FREE Access to start by putting your details in the box you see up above, and you can get access to:

  • Over 1,000 Online Courses
  • 381,765 Entrepreneurs Enrolled
  • Free and Premium Courses
  • Lifetime Access Guaranteed

Featured On…

Anik'’s Lurn program has been featured on famous networks like Entrepreneur, Businessweek, ABC, Amazon, and a few others, have a look:

lurn companies

I will not dive deeper into this platform since I want to place the focus more on Anik, so let’s keep going and take a look at his other platform Sendlane and keep that short too but if you want Legendary Entrepreneurs to show you how to start, launch and grow a digital business...

Learn More about the Lurn Summit Here:

Program #2: SendLane


Sendlane is email marketing automation tool that lets you send automated emails and broadcasts to your list of leads and future buyers.

I’ve been doing email marketing for a long time in my own businesses and what makes Sendlane different from most is it’s great list segmentation as well helps get people who’ve abandoned your purchasing cart, which is helpful for eCommerce.

To prove that Anik is in fact an owner in this company, here it is:

anik at sendlane

Anik’s Home Page

When you first visit Anik Singal's Personal website, you’ll see this on the home page:

anik home page

From here, I went into Anik’s services and lander here:

anik services page

Straight out the bat he hits you with a bold headline statement that reads:

“ I Will Help You Skyrocket Your Digital Publishing Profits."

A pretty brave statement right? But does he deliver you on those results is the question.

Just underneath he shows you a testimonial from Fred Lam who is a media buying expert and founder of Pro Academy. He says this:

“ The results were far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. In just 5 months, Anik helped me build my brand, grow my list of active prospects and customers, and $1.4 million “and the sales are STILL coming in)!

Are Digital Information Publishers Marketing Wrong?

Anik Is not afraid to let information digital publishers(or marketers) know why they are missing out on MILLIONS of dollars…

It’s because they stick to a strategy that they believe is helpful when in fact it could be damaging their business and growth. They never take the time to analyze whether their strategy is the optimal way of running their business or not. After building an information business for 10+ years, Anik has the most optimized system broken down into simple steps.


Anik's Services

On his services page, Anik shows you the 10+ things he offers for you and they are:

  • Product Development Strategy
  • Product Development Execution
  • Funnel Strategy and Creation
  • Backend Strategies and Development
  • Profit Generation Launches
  • Attracting Top Affiliates

And here’s the rest:

anik services

5 Areas Anik Personally Will Dive Into With You

Anik has a special meeting with people who want to grow their business and this is what he offers:

#1 Product Strategy

You’ll start by building the right hook for your product, and see what separates you from the market you’ve been called upon to serve. And what’s the #1 way for you to deliver this product?

#2 Messaging Strategy.

Anik will help you understand you specific talents. You’ll go through what specific selling strategy will work for you personally. He claims to only need 15 minutes with you on this and he can tell you what you need with 100% assurance, and build an entire business just around that.

#3 Recruitment Strategy

This area is all about building relationships. Anik says that there is no faster way to build a 7-figure business than to do it through recruiting relationships. And Anik will help you recruit the best partners in the entire industry.

#4 Execution Strategy

From A-Z you and Anik will work on an exact blueprint for you to follow during your launch. All you have to do are follow the steps and your launch will come together on its own!

#5 Rapid Growth Strategy

Launches will only be a tool, they are not an end-game, so 80% of your profits should come after the launch, and this is where Anik creates the whole back-end with you.

Anik’s 1-1 Coaching

There are 3 ways to work With Anik and they are:

  1. Spend a day with Anik - Live(In person)
  2. A Quick consultation by the hour(virtually)
  3. Full access - Live and Phone Coaching

Here they are in order:

anik in person

For #2:

anik contact #2

And for #3:

anik #3

Anik Singal Reviews

Here are some reviews of Anik and his programs/courses found on Trustpilot:

anik singal reviews
lurn reviews

Anik Singal Compalints

With the good comes the bad and so I found some anik singal bad reviews on trustpilot like these:

bad reviews
these reviews

How Much Does Anik’s Courses Cost?

If you were to take Anik up on his free courses at a place like Lurn, it's free to enroll, and he gives away a TON of free courses with great content. Now, there are also a mix of paid courses, so it varies depending on which one, but here's one:

  • Publish Academy 2: $397

All his other courses listed below are free to enroll into once inside of Lurn:

Inbox Blueprint

Here you'll learn the power of email and how to use it to build a profitable, long-term business from scratch, easily and cheaply.

Publish Academy

Inside Publish Academy you'll see a proven strategy to build yourself a profitable, Long-term business selling information online and some more words.

Copywriting Bootcamp

You'll be shown how to sell ANYTHING online with a profitable sales copy.

Digital Bootcamp

You get to see how to start your online business using email.

FB Bootcamp

What Anik has learned over $10 Million spent on Facebook Advertising.

Fearless Entrepreneur

Learn to build your confidence and become a fearless entrepreneur 

Free Traffic Bootcamp

You'll know how to send new pre-qualified visitors to your site every month for free.

eCom Bootcamp

Build an eCommerce business using Shopify.

To sign up for his courses, do the following steps:

STEP 1: Go to Anik's Courses page.

First, you'll want to go to Anik's courses page on his website here, and you'll see the following:

anik courses

STEP 2: Select your courses.

As you can see from the previous image, you'll see all the courses and you can press on the "Learn More" button to access them. Click any of them and you'll be taken to the Lurn Website.

STEP 3: Enroll or Login To Lurn

lurn login

Who’s Anik’s Personal Mentoring For?

I’ll start by telling you who’s Anik Consultation services are not for:

  • You’re just starting out. You must have an established business with at least a few months, or even years in the game. He finds best that he gets clients who are already generation at least $250,000 a year in revenue. And if you’re new to launching a digital publishing business, consider first joining his training program at Lurn.com, his Vault Coaching Program, and/or one of his products: Inbox Blueprint or Publish Academy.
  • You do’t have capital to invest. The accelerated growth Anik will offer you will take a fair investment of his time and energy. Your company needs to be well funded so he can hit the ground running with you.
  • You aren’t ready to take action now! Anik love’s working with action takers, he cares about results, and that’s what he expects.

As far as his other courses go as mentioned up above(Lurn, Inbox Blueprint, Publish Academy) are great for:

  • Beginners.
  • 9-5 workers who want a change in their life.
  • Busy moms, dads, teeneragers
  • And so much more

Pros and Cons:

Starting with the pros of Anik Singal, here they are:


  • You get a Veteran and PROVEN Entrepreneur in Anik who has done all digital marketing, he knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom and dig himself out of it to finally make good money in digital publishing, You will not get another solid “OG” like Anik who has a great framework that shows you the real tactics to succeeding in this space.
  • You get access to Anik’s free training resources for beginners in Lurn and other places so you can have all the tips and tricks to digital marketing which means by the team you feel like you want to personally work with Anik, your business will be thriving.
  • Anik is well known and liked by other well-established entrepreneus in the likes of Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Les Brown, Daymond John, Robert Kiyoaski, and more! Which means you don’t have to worry about getting generic based information like you would in other places on the web.
  • Anik has made well over $100 MILLION in Revenue generated in Online Publishing sales so he walks the talk sort of speak


  • The only con I could find is that Anik’s paid program is not for beginners, it’s for people who should at least be making $250,000 in revenue from their business.
  • Facebook Ads heavy. Anik teaches ways to generate your sales through Facebook ads, and if you don’t have any capital for that, it’s best to stay away.


Other than there are really not much cons. I believe Anik can deliver results for all types of people, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s a place for you.

Anik Singal Summit 2.0

Would you like Legendary Entrepreneurs show you how to start, launch and grow a digital business?

Anik has a special summit training where over 11,000 tickets sold for his Lurn Summit #1 and now it's back, new and improved!

Want to get access to the summit training for only $1?

By the way, other people who feature are:

  • Robert Kyosaki(Best-selling author: Rich dad poor dad)
  • Bob Proctor(Best-selling author: your were born rich)
  • Kevin Strawbridge(CEO of Clickbank)

Anik Singal Alternatives

I’m sure you want to know “WHO” else out there can help you, right?

I’ve gone throug Anik’s free courses, signed up to his webinars, and he’s provided me with knowledge and ways to take action that I could have never done just by myself, but there are also other people or courses worth just poking your head into for curiosity, and they are:

  • ENTRE Institute. ENTRE is a full digital marketing course by Jeff Lerner who will teach you EVERYTHING A-Z about how to become a true Digital Entrepreneur(or nomad) as he teaches you the mindset, he gives you his 6+ figure blueprints, all the resources to his mentorship, coaches, and so forth. It’s worth taking a look at, it’s one of my favorites.
  • KBB. The knowledge business blueprint or otherwise known as the knowledge broker blueprint is made by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziozi where they train you how to share your expertise to the world effectively. 
  • Billy Gene Is Marketing. Billy is a veteran in the space of digtial marketing, and in his course he will show you how to master video marketing with advertising and how to generate leads for businesses.
  • Wealthy Affiliate. With Wealthy Affiliate you’ll be shown how to do affiliate marketing with a website/blog and share products you don’t or do own with a specific audience.  

What I Liked Most About Anik Singal

If I had to pick just ONE thing I like most about Anik Singal it would be his hardcore dedication. The man has TONS of free and paid resources and you can work with him personally, now that’s a HUGE bonus. I always see entrepreneurs and “gurus” act to busy to help business owners grow and most entrepreneurs tell people to “just read my book”...

And that’s all you need. Not with Anik. He goes to events, workshops, he gives you free blog resources, courses, the man even goes live on webinars so you can have the best advantage and business in your market.

Anik is a genius digital entrepreneur and one of those things I like is his email marketing pedigree. Anik is the guy I’ve turned to for listening to his email marketing advice, as he knows his stuff. 

Final Verdict: Is Anik Singal A Scam?

Nope. This is not an Anik Singal Scam, and You’ve probably read other reviews or are going to where they say “I don’t recommend him”, but that’s just a downplay so you can really sign up with what they want...not what’s in the best of your interest.

Anik is a very experienced digital Entrepreneur who has helped ad train well over 15,000 students just in his Lurn platform, made over $100 Million from online publishing, and has 2,1 million followers across multiple social media platforms...the guy is doing something right.

Like I said, Anik has helped me with digital publishing, email marketing, and has shared with me things that I would have never thought about in digital marketing...yes, even after all these years in the game.

Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to leave me a message down below about anything and I'll get back to you straight away!

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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