November 19

by Michael Granados

Is Blake Nubar A Scam OR Can He Really Help YOU Make Millions With Funnels?

Here’s what’s even crazier of a question - Did Blake Really Make over a million in sales for Clickfunnels and apparently holds the record for doing it in 43 days?

I’ll cut right to the chase, Blake IS Not a scam. Believe it or not, Blake is this MEGA sales Funnel expert who knows how to launch funnels that make MILLIONS in a shorter amount of time, and if you stick with me you’re going to uncover some more shocking results, red flags no one is telling you about, pros and cons, his course, and the whole sha bang!

Before I show you the meat and potatoes or the sauce to the taco, I have to be honest with you and transparent…

I've reviewed many scammers like Chance and Abdul being one of them, and here's the big reason you got here...

You’ve likely landed here because you’ve seen Blake running in front of a camera(his intro) talking to through your device about his Social Media Lead Machine blueprint and or you just need more help making money online...

whatever the case is YOU need to be careful because Blake may not be the guy for you...Especially if you’re a beginner with no business.

On that note, C’mon let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this Blake Nubar Review.

Blake Nubar Overview

Person's Name: Blake Nubar

Occupation: Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Funnel Expert, Affiliate Marketer, Digital Agency Owner

Best Product Known For: Social Media Lead Machine

Best for:  People with existing businesses that need a funnel, people ready to launch their funnel, 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own business, want passive income, want to become a digital nomad

blake nubar

Summary: Blake Nubar is a funnel launching expert who helps entrepreneurs and businesses make a lot of noise in their market place and demand attention so they can make more money in their business. He knows how to create pressure inside campaigns that help you not only launch but keep a sustainable marketing sales funnel. He also comes from the designing side of making funnels look great, revolves his work around social media engagement, and more.

Rating: 90/100 

Recommended: Yes if you are not a beginner and want to work with funnels.

Who Is Blake Nubar?

who is blake nubar

Blake is a digital marketing entrepreneur who specifically specializes in sales funnels growth, scaling, and making continuous sales with them by either promoting his own products and services, someone else’s like Clickfunnels, or by helping thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs do the same with his unique approach to launching sales funnels.

Blake has generated over $17M in sales online and helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch a successful digital products business, and listen to this…

He’s worked with Sharks from ABC’s Shark Tank and Bravo TV Stars, helping them launch successful online businesses.

Blakes Early Start

Blake started completely broke working 70 hour weeks at his dead-end operations job, and in JUST a few short years, Blake built several wildly profitable online businesses and has helped thousands of other entrepreneurs launch successful funnels.

Going Inside Blake Nubar

Bare with me, I’ll get into Blakes courses but let me first show you his

blake nubar home page

Immediately on the home page, you can see where he’s been featured in:

blake nubar featured in

\So what you’re looking at is Blake’s Agency website where he shares his mission along with:

  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Contact

And here’s a video where Blake “tells” more than he “shows” how to launch a million-dollar funnel from scratch:

Let’s break down each category first and then move into the courses, but just in case you want to see them, click here


blake nubar services

Blake shows you his marketing services on this page which are in 6 sub-areas:

  • Strategy
  • Creative 
  • Paid Media
  • E-Commerce
  • Sales Funnels 
  • Influencers
blake nubar strategy

Right there is the strategy section where Blakes says him and his team work on creating cutting-edge digital strategies that will set your business for long-term success, and no matter what industry you’re in, the diverse Blake Nubar team has the ability to create a campaign that cuts through ALL the noise and makes you stand out.

Is that believable?

Yes, considering how much the man has made online to date, and is not a scammer.


blake nubar creative

Paid Media

blake nubar paid media


blake nubar ecommerce

Sales Funnels

blake nubar sales funnels


blake nubar influencers

Blakes Blog

blake nubar blog

If you wanted Free resources, you can head over to the blog section and find posts like:

  • 5 social media strategies that’ll add an extra five-figures a month to your business
  • 3 sales funnels secrets beginners need to know
  • 3 reasons why most digital marketing strategies fail for the entrepreneurs
blake nubar blog posts

Blakes Courses

Drum roll, please...Blake has two big courses just about the whole online digital community knows about and were taken by storm from, they are:

  • Social Media Lead Machine
  • Funnel Formula

Let’s start with Social Media Lead Machine.

Social Media Lead Machine

social media lead machine blake nubar

Would you like to turn your social media profile into a powerful sales funnel that grows your business fast?

This is an 82-page interactive blueprint that shows you how to ‘hack’ your social media profiles to sell more of your products and services online and build you a list of raving fans...INSTANTLY.

I’ve purchased it myself and I have to tell you, it’s just an advertorial, what do I mean? It’s kind of like getting the body of a Ferrari car without the interior, the engine, motor, and anything else, but it’s a Ferrari Michael?

The point is you get all this “Fluff, and magic fairy dust sprinkled with an outstanding design but there is literally no substance inside showing you how to turn your profile into a lead and sales machine, here’s why…

He wants to upsell you into his done-for-you complete system with sales funnels, templates, and more. So here you’re standing with this body of an outstanding car but what good does that do you if you plan to drive it and live the life you want?

Check out this video further elaborating on my point:

Anything “done-for-you” is usually very overplayed and it doesn’t last long, you eventually will go somewhere else and if you’re new I’m sure you don’t want to spend $1,000’s for the upsells, you’re great to think there are other alternatives, like the one I recommend below

Blake's Profile Traffic Formula

the profile traffic blueprint

One of Blake's latest products is the "Profile Traffic Formula" where he shows you how to get Unlimited Leads and Sales with your Facebook profile...

And like Social Media Lead Machine, he dives into optimizing your Facebook account so people can come to you and show interest in your material.

I made a full review of the Profile Traffic Formula you can read about here.

Funnel Formula

This was one of Blakes first programs before the Social Lead Machine came into the picture, and it’s a 5-step system that provides you with a turnkey solution that provides you with:

  • Sales copy
  • Email sequences
  • Over the shoulder training
  • The traffic sources
  • And ads strategy for your industry

It’s a way for Blake to help you hack your competitor, design, and optimize your sales funnel, come up with a marketing strategy, and launch your business online.

He “funnel hacks( ethically where he models what other people are doing with their funnels, some popular ones to name a few are:

Blakes Partner Program

The Blake Nubar partnership program is a way for you to partner with Blake and make commissions with his program(s) and I'll leave a bit of the partner with blake review video below for you to see but...

Blake also has this "brand new" secret social media funnel he launched that's wildly successful in any niche...

This training that he has reveals a rare "blue ocean" market emerging on social media right now.

blake nubar partner program

Blake's Facebook Group

blake nubar freedom fighters facebook group

Blake has a group dedicated to helping people launch their funnels, make money, and liv free.

This is a community of like minded people who all want to collaborate, bounce ideas off one another and get more help from Blake.

Blake Nubar Reviews(What Others Are Saying)

blake nubar reviews

Contacting Blake

When you press the “Get Started” button on Blakes main site, you’ll get the contact page:

blake nubar get started

Just fill out the form and you’ll be contacted as soon as there is a spot open.

How Much Does Blake Cost?

This answer depends on what you want Blake for, and although I didn’t find a definitive 1-1- cost, from experience that will run you usually hundreds upon thousands depending on the level of service.

Other than that, his courses vary on cost, like his Social Media Lead Machine is like $7 or so, and then the rest of the done-for-you system that again I don’t recommend you go much higher if you’re just a beginner with no experience with funnels and making money...that’s like $100’s and thousands plus.

Who Is Blake Nubar For?

Blake is made for people who already have an existing business and want to crush it online with both launching funnels and starting with funnels.

Here’s more:

  • For people who want a superiorly designed funnel. Blake puts great emphasis on the look of his funnels as much as the conversion side.
  • People who want creative ideas and solutions that command attention, drive results and make your brand stand out.
  • People who are ready to spend on paid media like Facebook ads
  • People in the E-Commerce space
  • Influencers

Who’s Blake Not For

  • Beginners
  • Tire kickers
  • Website enthusiasts
  • WordPress users
  • Push-button seekers

Pros And Cons


  • Blakes built several wildly profitable online businesses so you know you’re getting someone who practices what he preaches which means you’ll have more confidence knowing you can get results and faster.
  • Successfully knows how to launch funnels so you can get your funnel out to your audience with so much noise and attention which means you’ll get the results you were looking for.
  • Made MILLIONS for a sales funnel software called Clickfunnels in just months so you don’t have to worry about Blake knowing his way around sales funnels which means you’ll get customized solutions and templates for your needs.
  • Cutting edge digital strategies that’ll grow your bottom line so you can stand apart from the competition and be unique which means you’ll be recognized more often.


  • Not a big fan of his social media lead machine PDF or advertorial as I call it. You still have to purchase the upsells like the done-for-you sales funnels and a lot more, and for beginners that is a lot.
  • Done-for-you systems fade out.
  • Too many Affiliate marketers jumped on the bandwagon to promote the social mead lead machine to earn commissions but don’t understand it.


I’ll share with you two things, first the alternative programs and training, and then the digital entrepreneurs to follow, okay?

For people:

My favorite training platform if you’re wanting to start an online business is ENTRE Institute and here’s why…

You get help from an 8-Figure affiliate marketer, digital agency owner, and course creator in Jeff Lerner. He literally lets you COPY his businesses so you can get the results he has, and his training is also integrated with other 8-figure earners so you know you’re getting the best. You can check out ENTRE Institute here.

Now with Wealthy Affiliate, they are a website/blogging platform that will show you how to rank blog posts on Google so you can get people to read your post and either make a sale there by clicking your affiliate link or become an email subscriber so then they can eventually buy from you.

What I Liked Most About Blake

There are plenty of things to like about Blake but the one thing I liked the most was his spirit. He is always positive and uplifting which means you’re getting someone you can easily follow as a leader and always feel like you’re in the driver's seat with his help.

I know, out of all the things I could have said I went with spirit, but the truth is most people who show you how to make money online don’t have enough of it and don’t show up every day for excellence.

What I Liked Least

His Social Media Lead Machine pdf because it’s more of bait to get you to buy the higher ends things like funnels and the done-for-you system which I get are part of business but the PDF could have had more tactical details and less focus on the design.

Final Verdict: Is Blake Nubar A HUGE Scam?

Nope. Blake is a legitimate digital Entrepreneur who not only has built several online businesses but has shown thousands of entrepreneurs how they can do the same.

With his success in launching funnels, Blake stands in a category of his own where he combines the amazing look of a funnel with a high conversion-optimized to get results…

And you can’t forget how he made millions for the best sales funnel builder out there Clickfunnels and helped Digital Mogul Russell Brunson.

If Blake is someone you’d like to know more about, click here, but if you’d rather see what my #1 recommendation for starting your own online business is, then click the button below.

What did you think about this Blake Nubar Scam review? Do you have any questions, comments or concerns you'd like for me to help you with? Feel free to leave me a comment down below and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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