October 7

by Michael Granados

Would you like to learn how to grow a Profitable Online Lead Generation Business?

What about matching business owners with new customers and get paid $1,000S+ per month?

I’m going to cut right to the chase and answer the question you came with here today “Is Local Boss A Scam”...NO, Local boss is not a scam but is it the right program for You? Local Boss is a legitimate online training company that will help you grow a highly profitable lead generation business…

And in this article I “Michael Granados” will show you a Masterful Local Boss Review and how you can take a piece of the pie so you can finally work from home or anywhere in the world, make LOADS of money, and have fun doing it while freeing up more of your time so you can enjoy life on your own terms!

How’s that sound?

By the way, there are lead generation "scammy" programs like the one I wrote a review for here called Officeless Agency you can check out.

And if at any time you need help, feel free to leave me a comment down below OR you can also click on the little "bubble" message icon to your bottom right to get help.

Ok, let's get started!

Local Boss Program Overview

Person's Name: Adam Davies

Occupation: Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer, Digital Agency Owner, Course Creator

Type Of Business: Lead Generation/Digital Agency

Best Product Known For: Local Boss

Best for: Beginners, 9-5 employees, people who want to run a digital agency business.

adam local boss

Summary: Local Boss is a lead generation business or otherwise known as a "digital agency" where you would help local business owners in your community, state or anywhere else around the world really get more clients to their business and you'll get paid for doing this active work. This is a business model many people are using online to make "active" income, and to do is much faster. 

Adam has a great lead generation training and although I do recommend it, I have seen better where you can eventually automate and earn a passive income with lead generation, and if you'd like to see my #1 recommended lead generation Digital agency business training click here(free video) OR start an online business in two of the other BEST online business models, click on the button below to see.

Rating: 90/100

Recommended: Yes

What Is Local Boss?

Local Boss is a fantastic online training company that helps online marketers grow a profitable lead generation business faster.

There are an estimated 115 MILLION small businesses in the World and here’s what we found about almost all of them…

They need help when it comes to generating new customers. According to Local Boss, this is why they believe Lead Generation is the #1 skill you can learn that enables you to solve these huge problems for business owners desperately in need of your help.

Does the Local Boss training work though?

Before I dive deeply in the next section, I’ll give you the straight shot answer….Local Boss’s training programs contain tried and tested systems that ANYONE can follow which enables their students to learn real-world skills that actually work in helping businesses to get more potential customers through the door.

Let’s dive deeper into the “how”

Going Inside Local Boss

Founder Adam left school with ZERO entrepreneurial skills and found himself working for a dreaded 9-5 job with only the dreams of owning his own business one day…

Frustrated but not defeated, Adam had an epiphany and decided to take matters into his own hands...He picked up some business books and enrolled in online marketing courses to try and figure out how to make this entrepreneur thing work.

Over the next 10 years, Adam grew several 6 and 8 figure businesses and even got one of them ranked on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies, but his greatest accomplishment was this…

When he discovered the “perfect business model” that helps online marketers have a lucrative income AND an amazing lifestyle working from anywhere in the world

adam local boss

Adam noticed all the struggling internet marketers struggling to scale their businesses, so Adam decided in 2019 to create a step-by-step online program to help them break free...He named it “Local Boss”.

Now let’s look inside his “pitch” and online training.

On the LocalBoss.com home page you’ll see the following page:

local boss home page

Right below is a place where you can request how to “discover how to grow a profitable online lead generation business”

lead generation optin

Put your details in, click submit(or hit enter on your keypad) and then you’ll be directed to this page:

local boss opportunity

In this video Adam will show you “How to KILL your 9-5 job and Make 6 Figures Per Year working from anywhere in the world”

He tells you how you don’t need to have:

  • Tech experience
  • Be experienced
  • Have any online experience
  • And so forth

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Right underneath the video, you can schedule a 1-1 call with his team.

local boss schedule a call

Here’s a video of David showing you inside Local Boss:

As Featured On…

Adam has been featured on popular networks like:

  • Fox
  • NBC
  • Forbes
  • The Huffington Post
  • CBS
  • ABC
the local boss featured on

Local Boss FREE Book

If you locate the “FREE Book” tab in the menu and you click it, you’ll get the following page:

the profit model free book

Adam is giving away his “FREE Book” on how to launch a Hugely Profitable Lead Generation Business In 90 Days Or Less…

Where you get the A-Z of building an online lead generation business from anywhere!

This “FREE Book” is free but you just have to pay the shipping and handling. What’s inside?

This Profit Model book is laid out step-by-step how Adam took to build a 6 figure lead generation business in less than 90 days.

Here’s more:

  • Why this business model is better and different than anything you’ve seen
  • How you can get started immediately without any prior experience
  • How to land $5,000 per month clients without meeting them face to face
  • How to help businesses get more customers while working from anywhere in the world
  • And much more
the profit model book

Local Boss Coaching Program

Adam Davies has his dedicated coaching program for Local Boss inside of the Local Boss Facebook Group where it's ONLY made for paid members of the Local Boss program.

local boss coaching program

As you can see from the image above, this group is made for:

  • Asking questions
  • Getting help
  • Joining the weekly live Q&A calls with the expert coaches and
  • celebrate by sharing your win when you land a new client

Local Boss Coaching Program Cost

The cost to get in the program will be the cost of the Local Boss Course which I will detail more below in the how much the program costs section.

Local Boss Program Reviews

Here are many Local Boss Reviews of what other people are saying about his book…

profit model testimonials
profit model reviews
profit model review
profit model results

How Much Does Local Boss Cost? 

The local boss course cost will NOT be revealed until you schedule your 1-1 call with the team. I’ve tried looking through YouTube comments, blog posts, and what other people are saying but there was no definite conclusion…

But Luckily I’ve come across similar programs and I would “guestimate” it being around $4,000+ dollars. I’ve been in a similar sales call scenario for other courses where they were like $5,000 but I could pay it in installments of like $997 per month.

What about the Monthly Costs?

Did you know the cost of running a digital agency will have monthly ongoing costs?

Yep, it’s true, you’ll also need tools like:

  • An Email Autorepsonder - $19+per month
  • Landing page and lead generation software - Likely Clickfunnels which is $97 per month 
  • Link tracking software - Clickmagick which is at least $27 per month
  • Facebook ads budget of at least $100 per month which eventually will get paid out by your clients.
  • Optional website hosting for branding and to attract more clients which is like $10 per month

You’re Looking at about $300+ in estimated costs per month.

Obviously, this will eventually get covered by your clients, since you’re charging them for providing a result.

Who Is Local Boss For?

Local boss is designed for all levels of non-marketers(yet) to marketers who want to grow a profitable online lead generation business from the comfort of their own home or anywhere in the world!

Here’s more:

  • For people who want to leave their 9-5 job lifestyle and replace it with an extraordinary one where you can live life on your own terms without having a boss breathing down your neck
  • People who want a side-hustle, part-time and even full-time work from home job where you can choose however many clients you want to work with and you get full control over the hours you want to use
  • Existing business owners and entrepreneurs who want to take on additional income stream and generate more income through the agency model
  • And many more!

Who Is Local Boss Not For?

  • Tire Kickers
  • Push button seekers
  • Lazy People
  • People who don't want to do agency work

Pros And Cons

  • Done-for-you niches and Facebook ad templates so you can have faster access and implementation which means you will be able to get a head start and expect to make profits sooner rather than later
  • MILLIONS of businesses who need your help to drive them high quality leads so you don’t have to worry about finding out where to start or how to exactly help a business owner which means you can focus on bringing RESULTS not panic or feel like you’ll be wasting your time in research mode.
  • Adam who’s been in your 9-5 shoes and understands very well the dread of it and wanting to get out to own an online business so you can have confidence and certainty in someone as a mentor that’ll pull you through thick and thin which means you don’t have to worry about making mistakes!
  • Results in less than a week so you can land your clients straight out the gate which means you’ll have much more fun making money and IMPACT to these business owners as well the leads you’re generating.
  • FREE Profit Model Book so you can launch a highly profitable lead generation business in 90 days or less which means you can be shown how to land $5,000+ per month clients without meeting them face to face, how to get started without any prior experience, and so much more!
  • The cost of starting your agency lead generation business will add up very quickly to thousands, and if you don’t have the cost to spend at least $3,000+ dollars with Adam’s course, then you will burn through your money faster than you will make it back.
  • Running an agency is a “service” first based business where you only make money as long as you’re working and have clients, so it doesn’t leave much room for this “passive income” model you might have been hoping for.
  • You have to spend for tools like an email autoresponder, link tracking tool, landing page(clickfunnels $97 per month) which is fine if you have the budget for but if you don’t this can add up fast

Overall, the Pros and cons are almost equal but there's a lot of good with Adams course but I believe there's ONE better option and where you can learn from an 8-figure+ digital entrepreneur that I've been learning from for years how to build a digital agency and the other two top business models and that's with ENTRE Institute


There are plenty of Local Boss alternatives and competitors and I actually think there is ONE way better, and I’ll start by listing them:

ENTRE Is my favorite one because MILLIONAIRE earner Jeff Lerner will show you the 3 best business models he used to go from $400,000 in debt to over $40,000 worth of online commissions, and they are in:

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Cool thing is you can always go in another direction with him if you decide to let’s say you want to move on from lead generation, then you can do affiliate marketing or course creation...and then at some point all! But you have them ALL in one place which is huge.

Digital Agency Millionaire Accelerator Course

If you want to learn how to build a highly profitable Agency business from scratch, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience as well follow a 2X-8 Figure CEO who's done it over and over...

Then Agency Millionaire Accelerator from Jeff Lerner is the way to go:

agency millionaire accelerator course

Inside are a total of 4 Modules and 6 Bonus lessons:

  • Module 1: Starting off right - The Winning Mindset
  • Module 2: Getting Clients
  • Module 3: Getting Results
  • Module 4: Growth And Scale
modules millionaire

And here are the bonuses:

  • BONUS #1: Breaking the $10K Barrier
  • BONUS #2: $38K Cold Email Case Study
  • BONUS #3: How to create results for your agency in 72 hours or less
  • BONUS #4: Detailed FAQ's, definitions all my client getting contracts
  • BONUS #5: 8 High Converting Sales Funnel Templates
  • BONUS #6: Simple business website template
bonuses 1

What I Liked Most About Local Boss

There’s so much I liked about Local Boss it would be hard for me to just say one thing but I will…

The low-ticket and high-ticket niches where you are given a done-for-you niche and along with it the Facebook ads so you don’t have to start from scratch which means you’ll save more money, time, and energy.

Also, the course is structured nicely so you can go through each model easily and transition from the foundation to generating leads very quickly.

What I Liked Least

Hmm...I'd have to say I didn't like the cost for one and for my own overall personal reasons JUST starting an agency business and relying on that model for ever is not my favorite if you're looking for long-term passive income...

So eventually you can blend your agency with something like affiliate marketing.

Final Verdict: Is Local Boss A Real Scam?

No, it is not. Local Boss is a legitimate online training program that you can use to start a lead generation business and earn good money with, but here’s the better question to answer…

Is it RIGHT for YOU? If you enjoy the agency business model where you serve people and get paid to work in your business as opposed to on your business than it is but if you’re someone who doesn’t want to rely on done-for-you services and ONLY get paid when you fulfill a service…

Then you might not want to start here at least right away. I discovered the best way to generate wealth over time and be hands-off(passive income) is to sell a product, in fact, this is the fastest way to become wealthy and to find a way to “tap” into a system that'll help you generate the results you want for your life…

So you can have more time, freedom, and make more money long-term. PLUS, you also get to learn about the Digital Agency model with my #1 recommendation below, but if you want to check out Local Boss I'll give you that option here, and If you'd rather see my #1 alternative program and mentor, then click the button below to get started.

Do you have any questions you'd like me to answer? Feel free to leave me a comment down below and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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