Your 48-Hour FAST-ACTION Bonuses First... 

As Option 1, David is giving you an additional $30,000 in FREE Bonuses and I'm giving away my Exclusive Fast-Action bonuses worth over $2,700 for FREE when you take the "Fast Start Business Blueprint Special Offer" which you get 48-hours to claim on day 5 of your Online Business Builder Challenge. They are:

First David's Bonuses

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Now Here Are All The Bonuses You Get From Me(Michael)

# 1 Software In A Box

software in a box
  • Group Convert($197). Are you leveraging Facebook groups to build your audience yet? If not you should be. This simple chrome extension will collect ALL all the email addresses of your new FB group and send them directly into your favorite email autoresponder hassle free!

  • Watcher Spy($197). To be successful online you should always be learning from the "who's, and now you will be easily by downloading this extension that lets you follow everyone on your Dream 100 list.
watcher spy
  • Affiliate Extractor($297). This will be a sure fire way to bump up your commissions, it's a simple yet powerful chrome extension that'll allow you to follow up with all your leads and paid affiliates using email.
fp affiliate extractor


  • My Full A-Z Affiliate Marketing for Entrepreneurs Academy Course($2,097). Here you'll get ALL of my hard work in affiliate marketing and how to do it long-term with step-by-step videos, templates, freebies and so much more so you can finally enjoy the freedom you truly deserve to have!


  • FREE Complimentary Vacation Incentive ($1,000+ Value). How would you like to get a Free complimentary Vacation to WHEREVER You'd like to go? Whether you want to stay and visit in the US or go international, I will be giving you your dream vacation and or to any place you would like to go (Selected places available and many of them to choose from). Relax in the sun soaked beach, gaze at the endless neon of the Vegas Strip...sample local cuisine at a picturesque Mexican plaza and so much more! 


  • FREE Restaurant Voucher ($300+ Value). I will also be gifting you a Free Restaurant incentive in the voucher amount of $100 or $200. I will show you where to go find locations via your zip code and send you your voucher via email. 

Grand Total:


NOTE: The 48-Hour Special Bonuses that go Away are all of what you saw from David up top and from myself it will be everything right after that. HOWEVER, if you decide to pick up the blueprint(s) after the 48-hours, I'll still gift you with at least the "Group Convert" Bonus and the Free Restaurant Voucher and just MAYBE the Vacation Package.

Option 2: Getting 

You can also hold off on getting the Business Blueprint(s) until after your challenge or some time after day 5 and I'll unlock for you just my Affiliate Marketing Course as well the 180 full Email Templates, along with just the group convert bonus.

Here's how I see it...

You can either waste A LOT of time, more money, and energy on other courses that'll likely teach you "fluff" and "theory" with tons of different upsells at over $10,000...

OR you can get the course blueprint right away which comes with ALL the Legendary Marketer resources and support you'll need for life and not need to worry about having bits and pieces everywhere else.

I get it, not an easy call to make so in light of all this I'm offering to jump on a chat or zoom call with you  {!firstname_fix} if you need my help...

Click here to get my 1-1 help.

Go Get your Fast Start Business Blueprint Special before Your 48 hours are up!

Be Legendary!


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