August 19

by Michael Granados

Would you like to see the best Merchant Cash Advance Iso Program you can join for completely FREE...and make up to $180,000 PER Person?

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Sure Buddy C’mon be honest with me”, right? Truth is I’m being honest and you can REALISTICALLY help small businesses get up to $2,000,000 in working capital and earn a High Commission and finally be able to have more freedom in YOUR life! Listen…

I “Michael Granados” have been in the merchant cash advance industry for quite some time now and there is NOTHIN else out there like this where ALL you have to do is send small business owners to an application, they fill out their details, and Instantly are presented with a funded amount they can accept…

Then BOOM! You can get paid! So I’m going to do you justice and present to you a few of these Merchant cash advance affiliate programs and show you what I believe to be the BEST of the rest. What do you say we get into it now?

Here are all the best ways and programs on How to become an iso merchant cash advance broker...

Best Merchant Cash Advance Iso Programs

Starting with what I believe to be the best...

#1 This One...

If you’re looking for a “Hybrid” Iso merchant cash advance program with the ability to get you up to $180,000 PER person funded AND for having team members pay You while offering a FAR greater solution than a traditional “Merchant Cash Advance”, then I strongly recommend you check out This Option because you’ll be offering the most Easy Breezy processes, applications and so much more.

One of my favorite features of this company is their  "Untraditional" Multi-Level Compensation And Affiliate Compensation plan where you can build a team if you’d like (not forced) and make money off the back of what your team members make. This ensures you can Double your earning potential aside from just focusing on funding small businesses.

If that’s not enough, I know you’ll also like that it comes with:

  • Revenue Based Funding over Merchant Cash Advances so you can offer your clients a much superior solution that doesn’t involve credit and debit card sales, scattered payment arrangements, and a much more expensive cost. With Revenue Based Funding it’s this simple...You offer straight-up money based on your client's revenue, they get a fixed payment for the duration of their term, and it’s WAY less expensive!
  • 3%-6% commissions ion funded clients with up to 9% in overrides from your team member so you can get up to $180,000 per person and always be making money EVEN if you didn’t fund a client you will have your team members to help you out which means you’ll always have multiple ways to earn money!
  • Superior Community so you can feel welcomed no matter what your level and be able to get your questions answered at all times which means you won’t have to go at this like some kind of lone wolf and feeling left out because of it.
  • Top tiered Lenders so you can give your clients the best options possible without having to worry about getting trustworthy help which means you’ll always keep getting return customers and even new clients being referred to you!
  • PROVEN and very effective training so you can get your services in front of your audience like a pro and be able to get funds more simply which means you’ll have a long-term and well oil running machine running for you almost on autopilot
  • Partnered with the Best Merchant Cash Advance company Bitty Advance

As you can see, there is so much to love about this company in fact, there are many other people who are succeeding with their program and getting funds fast. And if you’d like to be one of these very people having success, then I highly recommend you get started with the Partner program opportunity by clicking the button below.

P.S. By far this is my favorite program of all the Merchant cash advance iso list you'll see today.

P.P.S. On top of building your own team (if you'd like, as I have - I can show you too), I built my own Done-For-You marketing system called the "Viral Funding Funnel" as an attachment where I attached this partner program along with products that give out 80% commissions on ALL products and residuals, along with more so you don't need to start at $0 every month and just rely on funding clients.

#2 Greenbox Capital

If you’re looking for a merchant cash advance iso company that specializes in fast funding solutions up to $250,000 for your clients and has great personalized solutions that connect brokers and underwriters so you can fund more deals, then look no further than Greenbox Capital. The reason I say this for one is that you get diverse funding options for different products so you can deliver more value to your client and also get paid more at the same time!

One of my favorite features of Greenbox is that they pay one of the highest commissions in the industry at 19% AND offers one of the lowest syndication fees in the country. This ensures you’ll not only get paid highly but get more approvals because of the small fees.

If that weren’t enough I know you’ll also like that it comes with:

  • Fast streamlined approvals so that you can get paid faster and with the upfront underwriting it ensures less repricing and fewer declines later in the process.
  • Flexible repayment schedules so you're client can pay back in weekly payments and also be offered early payoff discounts.
  • Funding most industries including high-risk industries so you can have the flexibility to offer even the most risked industries help.
  • Dedicated broker support so you can have a support help desk team doing ALL the leg work for you - all you need to do is close the deal. Your dedicated ISO relationship manager will respond to any questions you have in for hours or less (during regular business hours).
  • You get priority 1 status and all associated benefits up to 60 days, and the opportunity for you to continue receiving these benefits after 60 days.

#3 Premier Capital Funding

Offering strong 2nd and 3rd positions, same-day approvals and funding, and one of the best commission structures around, Premier Capital Funding is a hit because you’ll get clients on long terms meaning they can fully feel comfortable paying back the money!

Why Partner With Capital Funding?

  • Dedicated Team so you can deal directly with A-rated funders and the expert team of underwriters so you’re working as professionally as ever and being backed 100%.
  • Longest terms in the industry, approval within 4 hours, and same-day funding.
  • You’re offered high commissions and bonuses on ALL deals as well as renewals so you’re always making money in multiple ways no matter what!
  • Minimum monthly requirements for your client such as:
    • Minimum 9 months in business
    • 10k minimum monthly sales deposits
    • Minimum 500 FICO credit score
    • No open business and or personal bankruptcies
    • Consolidations on balances

#4 Delancey Street

With a fully customizable Customer Relationship Management tool and database and deep analysis, you’ll be able to track your clients, understand what’s working to get people funded, and be well oil merchant cash advance machine.

Delancey Street is free to join and you’ll get paid for each loan referral. Here are the benefits:

  • You can instantly match and compare your client's funding options from multiple lenders so they find the right deal for their needs.
  • Delancey Analyzer so you can get in-depth analysis on your client’s small business performance AND recommendations on how to improve their fundability. This helps you build even stronger relationships with your clients since you’ll understand their needs much better
  • Financial calculators, so you can discover how your client’s business will be evaluated by the lenders.
  • CRM Dashboard so you can easily track and monitor your client's progress through the funding pipeline.
  • You get dedicated one-to-one support with a small business specialist so you never have to feel stuck about what to do.
  • Docvault where you can store up to 10GB of business documents for funding requests.
  • Yodlee integration so you can link your client’s business bank accounts to automatically download their transaction history and statements required for funding requests.

#5 Rapid Finance

Want to be part of a company that treats your clients phenomenally while bringing you and them the support and flexibility needed to add higher value than ever? Rapid Finance is a great merchant cash advance iso company that’ll do right by you, whether you’re an independent sales organization on the hunt for the best funder, or looking to enter a strategic relationship to provide more value-added services to your clients.

One of my favorite parts about this MCA company is the access to a broad network of financing options and products so you’ll be able to offer your client more than just capital and instead go for things like equipment leasing, finance brokers, credit card processing, asset-based lending, factoring and much more!

Here’s more I believe you’ll love:

  • You get additional revenue streams with leading commission structures so you can earn very highly for each client funded.
  • Support from a dedicated team of business advisors 
  • Terms extending up to 18 months so your client can have enough time to pay back the money more comfortably.
  • You get white label offerings so you can brand yourself with the company
  • Ongoing extended partner training
  • Advanced interactive partner portal
  • A+ rated and industry leader

#6 Can Capital

A reliable merchant cash advance iso company with 20+ years in the game, $7 Billion+ funds accessed with over 81,000+ small businesses served, and high paid out commissions, Can Capital is one to dip your feet into 100%.

Here are the benefits:

  • Great partner portal with real-time deal tracking, and the suite of APIs integrates seamlessly with your systems so you can really know what part of the process your clients are in and be able to effectively follow up with them.
  • Dedicated support so you can get super-fast, intuitive and interactive onboarding and ongoing dedicated account support at all times!
  • You get a dedicated customer renewals team that helps extend relationships which means it drives more commissions to you.

#7 National Funding

If you’re looking for a merchant cash advance iso company with robust financing tools that allows you to maximize and squeeze out the most amount of revenue, National Funding is your go-to. Here's the recipe for success:

  • Generous commissions structure so you can get paid what you’re worth for simply providing valuable services to your clients.
  • Higher approval rates - With the expansive network of lenders it makes it easier to match businesses with the right lending options based on information provided in their simple online applications.
  • You get a broad range of funding levels with the combined balance sheet and partner lender capacity, National funding effectively manages applications and distribution between $5,000-$500,000!
  • Fast and flexible funding with a quick turnaround, flexible solutions and great service to a diverse range of industries.

#8 Business Capital With National

With a wide variety of PROVEN packages to drive successful results for all of their referral partners, their sales team and their clients, Business Capital With National is a superior solution for you to go with. I say this because they attract Business Bankers, Real Estate Agents,, and Commercial Loan Brokers who are taking full advantage of the program.

Here are some great benefits of becoming a partner:

  • You get fast referral commissions 
  • You get UNLIMITED Referrals
  • No restricted industries
  • No real estate collateral is needed!

Lucrative Residual System...

What if you were given a Highly Lucrative Done-For-You System with all of my done-for-you:

  • Videos...
  • Pages...
  • Templates...
  • Scripts...
  • Emails...
  • And so much more...

...So you can have an easier time and more hands off one in helping your clients get into an application?

I've created done-for-you videos walking your clients through the service(s), terms and rates, application walkthrough and so much more - Right below the video there's a button that when they click on, they go over to your done-for-you website where the client can start their application process and you can be hands off so you can spend your energy and time in other activities...

So you can spend more time away from your business and have the freedom to go on vacation more often, to spend more time with your loved ones and more.

At the same time, you will be given a Duplicatable system to bring in your agents to earn from and also promote other products to start and grow a business...

One of these products gives out 80% commissions on ALL products and residuals as well so you get to your $1,000+ per month even faster and more predicable without having to start at $0 every single month (and working your butt off too much).

The cash advance and any other service in lending (real estate too) can be unpredictable in many cases, you get complicated files or not but people are unpredicatble, and many times you never know...

So instead, while helping clients with funding (if you want), you can also grow your team and earn passively. See here:

Final Thoughts

Which was your favorite merchant cash advance iso program on the list you saw today?

You can’t go wrong partnering with any of these companies but here’s what I recommend...You take one of these, you learn it, and start understanding how to generate deals with them before you “Fully” concentrate on others…

Then you can start stacking more programs on top of the other, why? Well in this industry you’re highly likely to come across a wide range of small business owners who have different needs but more important qualifications to be met and let’s say you didn’t target the right prospect for the company you’re focused on, then you can refer them to the other.

This way you’re capitalizing on every person you bring in. Personally, my favorite is the first option I showed you above because they’ve partnered with Bitty Advance which is one the best and unparalleled programs on the internet today that also offers the lowest requirements even if they are not for startups.

So if you’re interested in partnering with Bitty Advance to get your clients funded up to $30k+ same day instant approval and get Superior marketing material to close more deals long-term, then click the button below to check out the opportunity to partner up with them through the first option I listed above, right below - OR you can check out my Viral Funding Funnel and clone what I have.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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