ClickFunnels Review – Is This The Best Funnel Building Tool?

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You’re just not gettting it yet are you?

There’s a reason I tell people that they should nurture their business, as opposed to speeding by like a shooting star. The chances of hitting your pocket of success this way is very slim to none. 

Chances are that you are standing right now where I once was, growing out your web page, putting content on it, and working to the brink of dawn just so you can get another trickle of website visitiors.

You wished you kist had a better way, a better way to attract more visitors, and walk your visitors through your site to build a strong relationship with them. Stay commited to the idea of building a stronger bond, but there is a far more advanced strategy that you can also implement in the meantime.

Have you ever heard of Cliclfunnels? That’s right, we’re going to be talking about what it is, how you can use it in your online business strategy, and how I use it to the best of my ability to grow my business in this clickfunnels revew 2019

What Is Cliclkfunnels? Are they Better than a Website?

Basically, Clickfunnels is a an online sales funnel builder that allows yu to market, sell, and deliver your product(s) and or services in a much faster and easier step-by-step process. This tool will simplify your promoting process by giving you ready made template that look and feel like the product or service you are trying to pitch and promote to your audience.

In other words, what you are looking at is a landing page generator on Steriods that allows you to have:

  • your own domain name
  • Hosting
  • Email autoresponder
  • affiliate program
  • 1,000s of funnels
  • and so much more!

Traditional sales funnels are very difficult to promote let alome sell off, so what Clickfunnels does so well is have a drag and drop feature that allows you to just add your own touch without having to erase or create more information within the funnels. 

Clickfunnels Owner Russel Brunson has stated that you can run your own business just with clickfunnels itself, and not as an add on to your website. While this is great, from experience, let me be really clear about something, and I’ll only say it once…

Stick to growing a website first. The reason I say this(and I will get to more of the details down below), are that most people don’t know what they are getting into when they try to strictly run their business starting with clickfunnels. You have to think about your skillset…

The Clickfunnels Skillset

As a beginner, Clickfunnels can be very intimiating, believe me, I know. I was like a little guppie in a pool of sharks. The only way you’re going to learn about building your online business is with trial and error, but if you go directly for the shark tank without having pre-qualifed skills to:

  • build a landing page
  • copywrite
  • advertise
  • sell

…Then you’re going to most likely struggle keeping up. I remember when I first started my free trial, I was inexpereienced at just about 4/4 of these things, yes I had the copywrite down, from content marketing, but you still have to think about the advertising component.

You’ll have to learn how to write ads, match the ad to your landing page, and then take your visitors through the actions you want them to take(MUCH easier said than done by the way).

The reasons I tell people to use Clickfunnels more so as an ADD-ON to your website is becuase thats really what it is. When you want to generate more leads, more sales, etc, by all means go for Clickfunnels becuase it does accelerate the process.

So if you’re a begginer, take a step back and analyze where your website is at first. And in the later part of this presnetation I’ll tell you how you can start instead.

Clickfunnels Training

If I went to YouTube right now, I could open up just about any video on clickfunnels and I assure you, that somehwere in part of the video there will be a training on how to use the funnels. But even bettter is checking out the actual support.

At the Clickfunnels site, you can access training that will teach you every step from creating your domain, to selecting the right funnels for your product and or service.

It’s a pretty straightforward process, but the tricky part for most people is finding the right training for their needs. When I started using clickfunnels, sure I was given free access and some free sales anad lead opt-in funnels, but the rest was for me to kind of figure out.

The thing that most people don’t give you is their full attention. I can lead a horse to water, but will it drink?

So the real training comes from a mentorship, becuase that will:

1.Accelerate your training

2.You can learn from someone who has been there, done that.

After using Clickfunnels for over 2 months, I feel like I have it down now, and I found out that the real training comes from partnering up with someone who is operating in a similar niche as you are. I’ll talk more about that as we keep going.

Why I joined Clickfunnels

The logic in why I joined Clickfunnels came to me about 9 months after days and nights of content marketing for my health niche, and after about 80 articles or so, I wanted to get more leads overt o my email list, make more sales, and to increase my awareness with greater advertising. 

Other than focusing on my website content and trying to market that with Clickfunnels, I also partnered up with a social media management automation program called FueledLeads. What I needed was an extra source other than this website to market the tool.

So I invested more time into Clickfunnels, and fromt their, the rest was history.

Types OF Funnels

The best thing about Clickfunnels to me has to be their various funnels. You can choose to run a general sales funnel, an opt-in page to just generate emails, a webinar to teach your audience, and many more!

There options are really endless. Take a look at what I can do:

Community Support

Clickfunnels has two great facebook groups, which are the clickfunnels aveneger, and clickfunnels group. Within these two groups, you get to link up with like minded invididuals, and get to ask anything you need help on.

Affiliate Program

How I start Clickfunnels

How To Run Your Instagram Ads Easily And Effectively – Better Than Facebook Ads?

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Are you pointing the finger at yourself?

 Well you should becuase you’re losing valuable real estate by not utilizing Instagram ads for BOOSTING engagement and the whirldwind of why we’re doing it to beging – to make Money, Dinero, Green, Mulah.

I’m literally sitting in my office staring at my internet tab as I’m thinkinh about how to explain this to you, but I’ll leave it like this….

One of my ads on Instagram is running two tabs to the right and I don’t have to touch a single thing. It’s not becuase I’m smarter, or an Instagram Whiz general, but becuase I have learned to fully run my Instagram ads on autopilot while being proactive in other areas of my business, and I’m going to show you what you’re missing out on, and how you can change your perspective on using Instagram ads so you can:

1. Safely

2. Effectiveily

3. and cost efficiently save money.

Why Instagram Ads?

I had an epiphany one day…

Around september of 2018, I was running an ad campaign on Facebook about a health product I was offering at the time called “Penetrex”. After running it for about 2 days with full engagement for about $20 or so, and then using a copy of this same add to run it in a traffic campaign, I was not seeing nearly enough interaction or the click through that I wanted to see.

And at the time, I was farely sleptical about Instagram ads working, thinking that it was on a such a micro scale level, that how can it be possible for me to gain better or at that, more thatn what Facebook offered me?

TADA! If you’ve ever played around Facebook Ads, there is this thing called “Add Placements” or as we come to know “Edit Placements” on the ad creative. Right at that moment, I flipped the switch off just running Facebook and Instagram Ads together, and Just turned on the “Instagram News Feed” Check.

BOOM! Within less than 17 hours, I was hit with my 2nd sale ever! And that’s how the story goes.

But enough about my story, Let’s talk about how it can work for you in the same exact way.

I’m not going to lie, setting up an Instagram takes A LOT of thought. So if this is your first rodio, prepare to sattle in and face forward with a strong grip on that buckle. HEY, and if you’re not a begginer, and you need to change your approach, you’ll want to hear, see, and follow what I’m about to show you, very closely.

Why not an Instagram Ad? Who’s to say your audience is not there? I’ve grown exhausted telling people how their dream customer(s) just one scroll away, one button away from reaching your bio, one button away from clicking on your content, and just one finger push to land on your Ad.

In My complete guide, I’m going to show you how your target audience should look like, what your ad copy needs to say, what your image needs to look like/say, how to keep your cost above waters, and much more of the tehcnical know hows to make your campiagn POP.

NOTE: Even though you can soley run what is called a “content campaign” on Instagram itself, much of what you’re goung to hear me refrence to are Facebook Ads, and that’s becuase most of the time, the work can be don through them.

So Let’s jump on in!

The 6 Most Fundamental Steps To Running Your Instagram Ad.

I know where you are right now, It’s dark, the door will not open, but somehow you’re phone or a lighting device is right there next to you. Go ahead, turn on your flashlight, and what do you see? Just a glimmer of light, you’re still cringing your eyes to see what’s in front of you, under you, and how to get from where you are to the light switch. 

That’s what running an Ad for many people seems to feel like, even just an ad in general. But let me reassure you, once you turn on that switch, the door is right in front of it. Are you ready to wipe that fear out the window?

KEY #1. Reasearch. You’ve probabbly adding value to your marketplace with content, whether that be your blog, a youtube video, your eccomer store, etc. But the very first thing you have to do is research what your audience wants and needs, but more so what they want. We’re emotional by nature, and people love emotional attachement, facts tell, stories sell.

More then just researching what your adueince craves for, you have to research what your competitotrs are doing in the same industry. I’m telling you to go find inspiration.

Is there someone in your insutry that you see, and there cotnent just looks amazing, and when they run an ad, the image, their copywrite, message just is UHH Flawless?

Go model that. 

Like for Example: Going back to running my Penetrex Pain relief cream, I knew that I needed to model someone who was into herbs and essential oils. So I did just that, I focused on research advertisements with natural remedies, and I thought I hit the jackpot once I learned how to do it right.

Here are places where you can start searching in right now:

KEY #2 Select A Campaign adjective.

Are you trying to run an ad to get engagement, traffic over to your blog, or for sales? Take note of what your goals are. Everytime I run a campaign, whether it be facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, I always start with engagement. Engagement post leads to more interaction on the ad, and once you get enough likes, comments, and or shares on the ad, then you can run yourself a traffic campaign for more click through, and then focus on conversions.

All this is predicated on what you’re trying to show others. Is it an ad on getting them to read your blog post? Interact with the image/video/story, or if you have a product you’re ready to push out?

So If I were you, in 2019, the way an ad is supposed to run is from Engagement > traffic >Conversions. 

KEY #3: Targeting:

Now, you want to select what group of people you are trying to get attention from. Are they in the U.S, age 18-35, a household income of $120,000 a year, are they interested in sports, not, etc.

STEP 1: If you’re running a brand new never before seen ad, after selecting Engagment, you’ll then want to setup your targeting.

STEP 2: 


KEY #4: The Creative

You’ve done your ressearch, selected a campaign objective, selected an audience, and now you have to create your ad. Do you want to have automatic Placements, do you want to edit the placements so they show up just on Instagram and not Facebook,etc?

 And you’ll also come up againast either using a video, a story, image, carousel.

Now this step can be tricky for most people, because they think they have to be on the Instagram Platfrom to run an Ad. Ther eis a way of doing so that I’ll go into and show you briefly, but first…

Do you ever notice like minutes after you post your picture on Instagram, and it begins to get likes, and you go back to look at it, there’s a message on top of your picture?

And it reads something like “this post can reach many more people”. Well if you haven’t, that’s about the right look of it. If you pressed share, it’ll take you to a page where you can set your budget, and press apply.

This is what is called a Photo Ad.

You know all that hard work content with an image you posted on Instagram? You can reach millions of people within a click of a button.

With a photo add, this allows you to share your story, showcase your blog post content, your products/services through inspiring images. Half the work of needing to go out and find an image to run a campaign has been done.

Here’s an exmaple of thow that will look like:

Video Ads: 

Are you kidding me? How is video becoming the #1 source of consumed content? Well it is, and you could be losing lots of attention and conversions if you’re not using video ads.

Time spent watching Instagram video goes up just about over 80% per year, EVERY year! What does that mean for you? People are ready to eat at your videos as they are scrolling through their news feeds.

Story Ads

We’re not even talking about Ads here when I say that if you’re not using Instagram stories in general, to promote your brand and bring value to your marketplace on a daily basis, you’re losing. You should be at least posting 6-10 times a day on Instagram stories, if not more.

But when It comes to ads, we are a little more limmited, because we’re dealing with our hard earned money, it’s a whole differnet number on ROI we’re talking about here, and not ROIC – Return On Invested Content.

How they work:
Imagine yourself clicking on one of your followers stories, Woah Alisha has a great point on Incresing your Real Estate value on your property, and then about a seconf after, you’re taken to an unfamiliar terriory…

You’ve just seen an ad apppear. After that ad ends, you’re onto your next followers story, and so forth.

As with the other Instagram Ad formats, you can select how often your audience will see your story ads.The awesome thing about running an Instagram ad is that you can have a higher success rate with your “limited time only” “act fast now” campaigns becuase Instagram is setup to show your stories for 24 hours. After that its gone.

And if you’ve checked out the instagram stories feature, you’d know that you can be as creative with your messagin as you want, so go ahead and add even more of your personal message to your promotional offers and or ad goal you’re trying to send across.

Carousel Ads

No I’m not talking about going to an actual physcial carousel, there is this feature that most people running ads tend to skip over called Carousel ads. With this style, it will allow you to add multiple images or videos to an ad, and your user can swipe across to see them all. The advantage of using this feature is that you can:

  • Share a multi-part story
  • Add more offers to your ad
  • or to dive deeper into your prdocut/service

I’ve used carousel ads on multoiple occasions for promoting my own product, in the image format.

Great, But How Do I get Setup?

I wanted to share with you the body of running an ad on Instagram, but now let me share with you how to get the technical details setup.

To create Instagram Ads, you’ll need to be connected to a facebook business page account, which will allow you to use Facebook Ads Manager.

By doing this, you’ll get the best of both worlds, running ads on Facebook to Instagram, and Soley running ads on Instagram.

If you already have a facebook business account here is how to get it connected to your Facebook Manager:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Create Account
  3. Enter your desired name for your Business, select the primary page, and now enter your name and work email address.
  4. Enter the rest of the fields accurately
  5. Authorize one or more of your ad accounts to use the Instagram account, check the box next to each and click Save changes.

That’s it! You’re ready to Rock and Roll!

How To Run An Instagram Aad From top to Finish From Facebook Ads Manager

There are two ways to run an Instagram Ad from Facebook when gettng stared, you can either select quick reation or Guided Creation.

Guided Creation is great for begginers and you need an easy to follow guide, which I will focus on moving forward.Once you have your experience and you know what’s working and what’s not, then quick creation can come in handy.

If you’re already familair with running ads on Facebook, this will be a complete breeze! I’m going to show you what you just learned up above, but I’m going to add more specific information from how I’ve been properly trained to run ads.

Step 1: Choosing Your Objective.

You’re going to be bombarded with so many campaighn Objectives, everything from:

  • Brand awarenss
  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Video Views
  • And then some

Hardly ever does the brand awareness, or reach gets used. I’ve used both but they are not really effective, and plus the other campaigns are just as and even more effective. But as a starter, go for the Engagement first. 

STEP 1: Select Campaign Objective

STEP 2: Name your campaign. After you’ve selected your campaign objective, just below that will have a default campaign name like “engagement”. Change that to your match what you’re running. Like for example:

Your Specific Product/service/blog & the date is sufficenet enough. Make sure its specific so you don’t have to crawl back through all your ads and get los finding it.

2. Identify Your Audience. After you click continue, you’ll be taken to the “Pot of Gold” page as I like to call it, or in other words, where you define your audience, ad placement, and budget. People can get this one part singly handly wrong and throw off their whole campaign, and I’ll show you how.

This is my mentor likes to call it “Where the profitable advertisers set themselves apart” – Kevin David. So are you ready to create some art or what?

You’ll be offered so many options at first, but that’s ok, since the more th ebetter, so you have a greater opportunity to narrow it down. More in this case is not overhwleming, but better(and most people get very overhwelmed by what to do).

As you’re selecting your location, I would target third world countries at first, becuase the whole point is to get engagement on your ad like comments, likes, and shares. You need to build what is called “social proof”, and I would try to target people who have liked my page or have come to it at least(check google analytics, or if you have your FB pixel, look at that).

They are more likely to engage with your post, and I’d use India as one of the destinations since it is SO much easier, and engaegemnt goes up the roof. Check out my ad:

STEP 2: Check Audience Insights Tool. Most people wil never even check what is called the Audience Insight tool Facebook has. Or some do, but never use that simoltuenesly with the Targeting from above. At this point if you haven’t already, go to your facebook ad business tab and select Audience Insights:

And on the next page you can select what I’ve shown you:

Now, you can select “People connected to your page” but most of the time you want everyone on Facebook, and since we are doing Engagement post you want everyone(and it applies to every other campaign objective as well)

STEP 3: Select your demographics, location, interest. Now I might make a video seperately that shows you how specifci you can get with this tool but for now we’ll continue one. Have this page open as well as the page from STEP 2 above that we selected India, Canada and Croatia on. If you run out of interest or need more ideas you can use the audience tool to get more ideas.

So for example, if under interest, I click Social Media Marketing, I can take that and add it to the other page you have opened up, and press enter. After you do so, click on suggestions

See how after I typed in my interest, I clicked on suggestions? This will give me more ideas. If you run out of Ideas this is a good way of coming up with more interst.

Just above the interest section is an age tool. I’d leave that as it is for this campaign.

4. Ad Placements:

Now this is where most people get it wrong. They think they should leave their ads on automatic placement. At first it might be great for Facebook to manage your bidding on what is working best, but they are in the business of making money from you.

Rather than selecting Instagram, and Facebook Placements, limit it to one. In this case since we’re advertising on Instagram, we want to just focus on that.

Hit on edit placements:

1. Deselect everything except Instagram news feed.

I’ve deselected Facebook Placements avove, and all else, EXCEPT kept Instagram Feed Selected. Also, keep an eye on your Audience Size, you want it usually to be in the middle of the green but to the right is just fine since our objective is to reach more people.

5. Select Your Budget.

This can get tricky, becuase sometimes we hesitate to put even a dollar, and some of us go for the big shot, thinking more will get you better results. I’d go with placing $5. You don’t need anything more or less. This is a good way to run your ad, and the point is not tp always use up the full amount per day, which sometimes doesn’t.

Set a time. 2-3 days is good enough for an engamgement post. Using on average $20-$30 for an add is respectable for 2-3 days. After a day and a half, keep an eye on your ad and see if people are engaging with it. If you’re not getting reactions, there couple be a couple reasons:

1. Your interest is too narrow or your ad is not specific to them

2. Your Ad creative, which I’ll show here in a second

Now onto creating your ad

5. Create your Ad(The Ad creative).

Are you ready for the fun part to begin!?

Here you can select your images, video format, carousel, etc(as We talked avbout earlier). Make sure to add a description, and for an engagement post you will not get a headline option, but for every other objective you will. 

So now select your button. I usually go with Learn More. Here’s a tip too, most people don’t click the learn more button, so put a link in the description, those have more click through rate.

If you have a facebook pixel, at the bottom make sure it is turned on.

And Thats it! Make sure to submit your work with the bottom green button.

What About Other Ad Objectives?

Since we just did one for begginers, I’ll talk about what the other ones are that follow and how to make little changes to the ad you ran from above.

Traffic: After you get engagement from those so few 2-3 days, then you can make a duplicate of the engagemt ad and run it again but this time through a traffic objective. A traffic objective will target more people with an interest in clicking to your affiliate link, your blog post, and more importatnly to get them to sign up for your email list.

Selecting your audience:

Now here you can start to utillze the audience insight tool more and figure out who your actual group of people you want to target. So I can say I want people in Washington, who are interested in Social Media Marketing, and use the audience tool to know which age limit is most shown. Select that one.

If you’re objective is to get people on your email list, do this. Everything else applies.

Offer them something for free in exchange for their email here.

Conversion: Now you’ll want to make sales right? This is where the beauty of conversion campaigns come in. After you run your traffic campaign, niow duplicate that one but for the Conversion objective.

Just like in a traffic campaign, you’ll want to narrow your audience even more. You should still be in the green zone with the broad audience in facebook manager. But utilize the audience insight tool to know exactly which age, which interest, and pages people go to.

The page that seperates most people from others is this one below:

The page likes will show you exactly what people follow on Facebook or Instagtam. So If I decided I wanted to use Coca-Cola, I can plug this into my other tab:

fffYou see how I still have social media marketing, but now I hit the “narrow further” button and added Coca-Cola.

I know how an audience in washington, age 24-35, male, interested in scoial media marketing, and have to like coca-cola. Now I know the coca-cola part is obsurd, but keep in mind this is just an example.

And to the right of my screen i have to watch my audience. Usually with conversions it will be a lot smaller like 2-5,000 people give or take, becuase you are narrowing in on your aduinece by this point better.

More Tips

  • You can use your phone to run a content post straight from Instagram
  • Use hashtags
  • Create capturable content/text
  • Speak as if you were speaking to just one person

Jarvee Review – Is It The Best Social Media Growth Software?

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Welcome to my up close and personal Jarvee Review 2019!

Look, I’ve personally tested out over 25 social media growth softwares/services, and After Years of testing, The complete trial and error, I’ve finally come back to give you the REAL truth about Jarvee in this review.

Can I say that it is my favorite Social Media growth tool? I thought it was, but that flame only lasted for a few 3 months, and Ofcourse, I’m going to share with you why, and where did I go thereafter.

The Real Plus that I loved about Jarvee has to be it was able to grow my instagram by more than 200% within only a short months time, without having to buy followers, likes, or any of that nonsense.

Jarvee Review

Product Name: Jarvee(Click Here to Join)

Product Type: Social Media growth software

Price: $19.95/ month, $49.95/month or $69.95/month

Training: 8/10

Level of Use: Modertate to Difficult(at first)

Best for: Entreprenurers, bloggers, internet marketing, digital marketers, affiliate marketers, & anyone who wants to grow their social media accounts in general

Summary: Jarvy has to be the second best social media management service I’ve ever used after testing other growth tools(Followlikers, AlphaReady, WorkMarco, and many more).

Rating: 93/100

Reccomended: Yes

What Is Jarvee?

Simply Stated, Jarvee is a Social Media Automation Service Software that allows you to share your content all across just about any social media platform(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus), all from an easy to flow dashboard.

And this is all done with automated bot actions. The two major features and benefits of using Jarvee have to be:

1. You Can Setup a posting schedule on any of your social media account all at a time

2. Automated Bot actions on all your accounts

Let’s take a short look at this video that introduces you everything Jarvee is all about:

What Are The Pros and Cons?

I’m really happy to say that Jarvee has many upsides that are hard to overlook. Let’s take a look:

  • You can fully customize bot actions. Within your dashboard, you can select options for Auto Follow/Unfollow, Comments, Likes and send One auto direct Message.
  • As a user, you can setup your automation to specifiy the targeted group of users or audience so that you get the highest return on people to follow you back
  • You can fully optimize the rate at which you send your automated likes, comments, direct message, and for how long you want your bot to run for. You can specifiy if you want to get more followers for like 24 hours, 10 hours, send automated comments for 25 minutes, etc.
  • It’s a reasonable price, and most worthy for people just starting in Social Media Management services

Ofcourse, with the good has to come the good. Throughout my 3 months of getting the full taste of Jarvee, I found many drawbacks that made me take steps back.

  • It’s Only Avaliable on Windows OS
  • Your Computer literally has to run 24/7 if you want Jarve to operate the full 24/7
  • It can be very complicated if you don’t like to do the whole self automation yourself, and contiously having to check up your account, make time changes, comment changes, etc.
  • No Community of  engaged Support for better strategies

However, back to the Windows OS part, you can run Jarvee on Macbooks by just installing Windows Virtual Machine.

Furthermore, Jarvee can still operate if you have it in sleep mode, and I guess a plus is that you can run the software in the background so it doesn’t drain your computer battery.

How Does Jarvee Compare To Other Softwares?

It’s no surprise by now that there are many(and I mean MANY) other social media growth services in the market, and its exploding with more every year. It can be confusing, I totally get your position, but there are many of them that I deem as “junk”, and I won’t get to deep into that but as a short rundown…

Services charge your per like, comments, Direct Messages, followers, etc, and there’s the possiblity of running into fake bots that can ruin your Instagram Account along with your other social media accounts becuase of the algorithms these days. 

Now the good thing about Jarvee is that its safe and complient with most social media laogirthms, and at the moment is so with Instagram. So, lets see how Jarvee Compares to other copetitors.

I’kll be comparing Jarvee to Followlikers, Alpha Ready, and WorkMarco

First Lets start with the prcing:


  • Jarvee: USD $19.95/month
  • AlphaReady: USD $39/month
  • WorkMarco: USD $59.month
  • Followlikers: USD 97.99/one time payment + 5.99/month therafeter

Why Is Jarvee Much Better than These Among many other of its competitors?

Clearly, apart form the rpcing comparative advantage; Jarvee allows you to manage your account locally from your computer, instread of letting an external agency do it for you. To clear that up, many people prefer to have someone else manage their social media account(as I do so now), but for many others, they like to have complete control and access to their own account at any time without having to email their service team.

Another thing is that Jarvee is an ALL IN ONE social media growth software, whily many other competitors specialize or only have offers for Instagram Growth services.

Some companies will charge you money for using more than one account at a time, And I think a better advantage is that you can join them for free, and you can even promote their service without having to subscribe with them. Many other competitors have you subscribe before you can promote their service.

Many People tend to join these automated service tools to just use the affiliate program to promote them, and forget all about why they should be using it in the first place, which is to grow their page, and get more eyest o their page and more leads to their business.

But that’s just a matter of prefrenece, it’s really not a big deal, since in the world of affiliate marketing as I know already, this is what many companies already do. So if you choose to promote Jarvee you could so do so, and still focus on pposting out your content and getting the job done accurately.

Jarvee is a Great Starting Place, And Here are my extra two cents

Overall, I think Jarvee is an awesome social media growth tool that will give you an all in one automated bot service campability at a lower price than most of its competitors. There is an upside to having control over your account vs having a social media management team doing it for you, but where does it go wrong?

There’s really nothing “bad” about Jarvee, it’s just that I think it can be risky dealing with a self automated system that might not be 100% complient with the Instagram algorithms or any other social media platform, and it will get very annoying and complicated to understand how and why you should be increasing your followers per day, should you drop the amount of people you follow per day, do I unfollow now, should I send a certain amount of likes, and many more integrated little details.

You can just choose to leave it at one setting, and demographic but at a point, you’ll find yourself playing around with it trying to figure out what the best placement are for you. If you’d like to understand how that works and you want the full experience of doin it yourself, than why not. But after sometime, it can feel a bit of a dull experience to have to leave the computer on, keep making achanges, and do X amount of things.

At a point, having a social media management team do the hard work for you is an acceptable route to take. What I learned from this different model is that there’s not much of a differnce in terms of sending out your own Direct Message, Comments, and targeting an audience, but you get two things back in your life:

1. More time to do the things you want. If you have a business to run like I do, I can’t maintan my social media account by doing it all myself, I’m busy creating content, and helping others in my industry.

2. More Expert Help. Ive realized that on the management service team is that you get things like a facebook group with a community of like minded inviduals with 24/7 help, and that you even get ready to go templates for everthing, like how to talke with business owners, people who want to use it as an affilaite program, or for page growth. And here are some more of the many:

  • The right comments to send out to your audience
  • hashtags to reach your audience
  • Direct Messages that are proven to work
  • and many more!

But you have to be careful. Not many social media mangement teams give you so much added support or any at all. I’ve found the one that actually offers all this help I just mentioned with over 500 followers per month, 1200 comments sent out per week, over 300 direct messages sent out, and many other nice benefits.

The service that offers all this is called FueledLeads. They are fairly new, coming out around march of 2018, but already its making moves and carrying a loud attention. The price might be a bit higher, but I promise that you’ll find it to be a successful use. In fact, I have a review that tells you all you need to know about it, and Fueledleads Benefits. If you’ld like to see why FueledLeads works for my business and hwo I’ve already helped hundreds of people move their growth in their account and business, then see here.

Can You Make Money Off Instagram? – Why Not?

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ABSOLUTELY! Done, time to go right?  Not if you want to learn what the right and wrong ways are to do it. 

You see, Instagram is a social media platform that is getting a lot of BOOM, like an extra 4.6 million boom this year 2019. And what do you think that means for you?

More eyes on your page, more followers, and more of your dream customers. But don’t be fooled…

That’s just half of the work. You still have to find your profit maximizer, and the way you can do things 80/20, without having to bust your butt off trying to constantly convice people to buy from you. 

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can make money off instagram THE RIGHT WAY; in 3 different ways:

1. Without coming off “sellsy”

2. Without spending hours on Instagram

3. And how to make money from instagram while growing your page at the same time.

Instagram Vs Other Social Media Platforms

If you haven’t heard, Instagram is the most open sourced Social media Platfrom. Think about it…

What do people like more then value and information? Pictures and stories. The thing I love, and you will learn to feel the same about(if you haven’t already) is to use very visual photos, and to share your business or personal life on what’s called Instagram stories.

Humans are visual by nature, and since marketing and business is growing more towards images and video, Instagram just raises your chances of not only getting the right attention to your content, but look at this:

More audience = More Leads = More customers = More conversions.

But you can eaasily mess this up if you don’t do this right.

Most people think that they can make money on Instagram by just throwing out your affiliate link to people, or what I see most is people leaving their affiliate link on their bio – which really never works. 

If you do this, you are what I called a Hopeful businessman, entreprenur or a salesman not attracting the right fit. 

Instagram Stories

One of the best ways to make money with instagram in 2019 is with the Instagram Stories feature. Due to the fact that people like to connect with the [erspn behind the story, you NEED to utilize this tool. As A social media and more so instagram marketing expert, I can’t tell you how many people give up on Instagram becuase they are not attracting anyone to their site to buy from them.

The #1 reason is because they are not marketing in the right way. And if you’re one of these people who have tried to grow their following, have hundredns and thousands of follwoers but still can’t make money, keep listening in. 

What we care about when we want to make money on Instagram are two things:

1. Our profle view.

2. Instagram stories.

If you go over to your Instagram main page, you will see at the top fold, how many visitors have seen your website in the past X amount of days. Why is this usefol for you?

This data gives you an idea of how many people are seeing your work. Imagine if you have 300 visitors the last 7 days, my GOODNESS!

You’re leaving massive amounts of dollar on the table if you’re not folowing step #2, which is your instagram stories. 

Stories are a really great way to warm up a cold lead. You should always use your Instagram stories to give your audience what I call the JAB, JAB, JAB, JAB, PUNCH.

Keep in mind that you are not trying to be a direct seller. The whole point of making money in anything that you do is providing value 10X. What I do is educate, build awareness, inform, and then the punch line is to sell them something for FREE.

I get it, you want to make money, but you will never make a dollar if you can’t warm up your leads, and get them to trust you. If you’re in the market for creating a sustainable long term business, I HIGHLY suggest that you spend sometime thinking about the JAB, JAB, JAB, JAB, PUNCH. And take it religously, as if it were a rule too.


The beauty of Instagrm is that its owned by Facebook. This concept is so powerful, becuase you can attract such a HUGE traffic source. If I wanted to guide my Facebook audience in my group or personal profile to my Instagram account, they can easily be drawn to your account. 

Again, you’re not even selling, you’re warming up your already exisiting audience on Facebook that most likely trust you, and as they go over to your Instagram account, they aill now be introduced to your content, and instagram stories. Without touching a single ad yet, you’re building more trust with your audience from channeling an audience from one platform to Instagram.

All at no cost!

Now, let’s talk about advertising. Have you ran any ads, or did you have any idea you can on Instagram? That’s right, you can. But you don’t want to spend any money, I know how that sounds trust me.

Let me tell you though, if you want to make money, you need to spend money. 

For Beginners:

If you’re just getting started with Instagram, its highley likely that you won’t be investing into paid ads. What you should do is focus on building out first is:

– Your content

– Your Bio

Before you even touch an ad, start with the basics, which i teach here.  The prupose is to build an awareness prganically, with again your content and stories. After about a couple months of knowing your busines, and your audience, you can then start thinking about using Advertisments.

Although people on Instagram do not have the “buyers intent” like you would see with google ads, you can most certainly get them to buy from you. 

But first…

You have to put yourself out there, provide 10X value before you even think about selling. Let me draw a step-by-step action to get to that selling monetary value point.

STEP 1: Send to blog post. Most people don’t understand the power a website has for them. The reason I have the edge over my competitors and collegues on Instagram is becuase the only and largest difference is that I have my own content marketing website. 

So, with your advertising message, you should send people to your blog post first and foremost. And I’m not even talking about collecting an email here. I’ve learned that people will buy from you if you are most genuine with them. Just by sending them to your blog post without an email collection, you are showing people how much you care about them, and how you’re not like everyone else trying to collect emails.

Trust me guys, this is the key.

I’ll be coming out with an instagram ads and facebook ads segment so you make sure you’re targeting your future customers on Instagram. The awesome thing is that you can promote solely on Instagram which is much less expensive than Facebbok, or you can use Facebbok to just target people on Instagram.

STEP 2: Collect Emails. Alright, now we can start thinking about collecting emails. People have seen your face, and they are more familiar with who you are by now. You have two options to send people here:

1. Your blog

2. Squueze Page.

Going back to your blog, you can basically just add an email opt in form in the middle of your content. Even better is that you have other places like your:

– sidebar

-before the article

-after the article

-popup forms

The amazing thing about using your blog with an email opt in form to get leads is that people will trsut you better, and its added proof to what you do, and what you’re trying to give people is what you have expereience with.

2. A squeeze page is also a great way to collect emails. You can use landing page software like Elementor, Clickfunnels, Instapage, Leadpage, etc.

What this allows you to do is create what’s called  aqueeze page, where you will offer your free product, and its fully customizable. There are many difference with each landing page software that range from:

– cost

– offers

– varietty

– ease of use.

But everyone is in a differnt part of thjeir business, so not everyone will start off with the same fotware. As a Begginer, I would use a landing page software like Elementor that I can easily download the plugin to my wordpress site, and start building squueze pages.

So when someone clicks on your ad, they will be re-directed to your website with your landing page software. Now, after you’ve buit enough repitiuin, epxierience I should say, then you can explore other paying softwares if you so wish to, like clickfunnels for example.

Upgrading has ,many beneifts like creating more persuasive landing pages so you get more sales. Remmember though, this is all about knowing your audience, so you don’t want to all of a sudden start selling your product or service to an audience who doens’t know a thing about you. Will NEVER work.

For More Moderate to Experts.

At this stage in my online career, I’m using a landing page software to get more emails, and funnel people to make more sells becyase I’ve already built that relationship. I use Clickfunnels for it.

Instagram BOOST program

Up till this point we talked about how you can make money off instagram through your content, instagram stories, and ads, but their is one other way that’s really powerful and that I use on a daily basis, just not in the way you might think.

I use a social media mangement tool called FueledLeads(FL for short) that will slef-automate my instagram account to get more:

– Likes

– Comments

– Direct Messages(DM)

– Followers

– More Money

All this happens organically, and its very REAL. If you’ve ever come across a self-automated social media service, just about all of them are fake, and you never get the right eyes on your profile.

The reason I use this social media management tool is for a couple reasons:

1. I want to get super targeted leads

2. Their 50% ommision affiliate program.

I can literally grow my instagram page from 50 views to 500 in less than a week, gain more followers, and talk with people on my direct message inbox. And other than your content, and instagram stories, the secret is in your direct messages.

You should use your Direct message to let people know who you are, build a realtionship with people, and to talk with unfleuncers.

The 50% affiliate commision program is a treasure! Its one of a kind, and its one of the highest affiliate programs out there. I wrote a review on FueledLeads and their affiliate program. If you’d like to learn more about FueledLeads, go here.

How To Build Out And Use Your Hashtags On Instagram – A Sea Of Audiences

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Have you been running around Instagram like a chicken with its huead cut off? Likely you’re not getting the right audience, or you’re just struggling getting the right clients for your business. Hi guys, I’m Michael Granados, and I work in affiliate marketing, and I specialize in social media mangement.

Its obvious why you are here today, you want to BLOW UP, in a Houston we have lift off sort of way. Carving out your Instagram hashtags can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re doing and get this, its far worse for those that have been in the game of affiliate marketing or online buinsess for years and are still struggling.

Trust me when I say that its all going to change for you in a matter of minutes. I’ve tested, experiemented with different methods for many niches, and throughout my efforts I’ve fallen and succeeded. I want to share with you all of that, and what will work out the best for your content and reach. So if you’re ready to learn how to build out your hastags for Instagram, lets get it started!

The Instagram Model

One thing you need to know before going to click on your Instagram app is that there is that your competition is likely on Instagram as well. Not shocking news, but it can be if they are repeditevely taking your spotlight. Imagine if you were having to fight over customers, when would anyone of your business get done?

Something my mentors always told me was, look at what your competition is doing. Why re-invent the wheel when all the hard work has already been done for you? HMMM…

They had a point. In my first business in the health service I struggled getting on the front foot. I was up against competitors like Spine-Health, WebMd, Verywellhealth, and so many more I had to gasp for. Its over, shit off my Instagram account right? No!

Instead, why not scout them and see the targeted audience that they are attracting? Here is how you can do that step-by-step:

STEP 1: Go to your search bar 

STEP 2: Type in a competitors name. In this case I typed in Spine Health. Make sure you’re under the people tab. Since Spine-Health doesn’t have their own page, I found another competitor. See below.

STEP 3: Select a post, and open up their comments to see their hashtags. Now this part will depend on whether there content pertains to a gernal content post or one more targeted to a product or service. Either way, you can click on the hastags and do further investigation on who these people are.


So after I look through their hastags, I’ll want to click through a couple. I’ll choose #healthspine for this example.

I want you to shift your eyes to the top right red circle. Notice how there are 54,281 post, and think how this is useful information for a second. Ask yourself:

  • Are people talking?
  • Are there enough post?

If you can say yes to both, you are going to be well on your way to finding your targeted audience. Other than there being a signifcant amount of post you also have to see who thse people are. By doing this investigation, it will give you an idea of who they are, and what type of services they provide. If these people are writing or producing a similar product as you are and are getting great results, then you’ll be able to steal away their audience.

And you guess it, by hashtags. 

This is what I like to call a double jeporady for instagram….rather than just looking at your compeitors hashtags, you’re going one step further to see what your sub competitors are targeting in their own campaigns. 

What About Smaller Post?

There will be times in your hashtag sear results that you don’t find many post. for ones that are between 100-300 post, its still worth your time to include in your post because its good for sperating yourself from what everyone else is doing. What I usally do is place 4-5 of these type of hastags into my content.

Just targeting competitive keywodds like for example “affiliate marketing”  or “digital marketing” can be really tough to gain an audince from if you’re just starting out. While I always advise staying away from these broad targeted hastags, I want you to still use them.

20-25 Hastag thumb Rule

That’s where the aweosme white space under your caption comes into great use…Instagram favors captions that are shorter, but never mentioned anything about having a smaller hashtag area. If you’re not doing already, you should be using from 20-25 hastags underneath.

With that being said, you’ll have more than enough room to mix both borad and more specific hashtags. Now going back to the short post from earlier, I want you to also target sub words. What I mean by this is that if we used the hastag #affiliate marketing, othjer suggestions can spring up like #affiliatemarketingtips.

If you keep scrolling through down, you’ll find more specific words pertaining to affiliatemarketing, and if you see the post, they do get shorter, but that doesn’t mean you won’t receive your target audience. If many people are utilizng these, you can too, and guess what? You can get teh featured spot on the page.

 Like in affiliate marketing, long tail keyowrds are key, so can be in instagram. Like the examples you see from above, you can get smaller post with long tail keywords and still hit it out of the park. 

My Tips.

TIP #1:Other than just typing in words you think your target audience is under and finding out your comeptitoes, I highly advise that you sit down and think of some ideas. What I like to do is sit down and think about my audience, for the content or service I like to provide. Like for example:

If I’m writing a blog post about posture and walking, I’m more likely to fill up my hashtags with things like #posture #posture tips #healthyposture….

And I will generally do this at the beggining of my hastags. Go with what the content is about first, and then add the more general hastags like #spinehealth #backpain, etc. Doing it this way will create a better neuriplasticity and recongtiion in your brain. You’ll spring up ideas you didn’t even know there was a hastag for but was. It will go a long way, trust me!

TIP #2: Why not use google trends? There’s no better exposure than being teh first one or one of the begginering tredners to palce out a hastag in your niche. Here’s how to do so for example:

STEP 1: Type in your keyword, hit search. In this example we’re using “inflammation”

The trend looks great, it tells me:

  • people are talking
  • its needed largely

A Note: Dom’t worry if your trend is going down, you will still get related queries. 

STEP 2: Check your related quereis section. As I scroll down I can see what the trending sub topics under inflammation are.

Awesome, now I can see on the right hand side what keyword phrases the majoirty of people are searching for on search engines and what people need help with. I can take all or some of these and make hashtags out of them now.

For example, the word cbd oil for inflammation, what I would do is 1. use #cbd, #inflammation, and 2.get creative and use a word like #cbdforinflammation.

Now, Its likely that the first two hashtags up above will bring up post and search results on Instagram, and are compettive, but thats ok, use them. The thirs one is more long tail specific, and it could have shorter post, and to make sure it exist, I will double check on my search bar on instagram

BINGO! There’s our targeted hastag keyword, with 974 post, far greater than between the 100-300 hastags, so use it. Did you also notice how many other relveant searches it brought up? Look at how many active hashtags are avialble, Yes there are small ones, but there are some heavy hitters too.

You can take away from these hastags and utilize them too. If I wanted to create content for cbdforinjuries I can use that hashtag too, and make it more hashtag specific to the actual meaning of my posted content too.

Best Online Marketing Tools For A Small Business I Use And Recommend – Building Out A Road map

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As your building your own passive income line and home business, I want to share with you the best online marketing tools for a small business that I recommend and have personally used myself. There will be tons of products that you come across, and there’s a right and wrong place to begin when caring out your home based business.

I hope that you will enjoy this page and know that If I can use these tools to succeed, I know you can replicate it too!

Affiliate Marketing Training and Web Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate- After months of scattered training I cam across Wealthy Affiliate in early March of 2018, and I have hit the ground running with the best training platform to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing, and building your business right inside the platform. 

What I have come to love about Wealthy Affiliate is not only there step-by-step training courses, but their phenomenal online community that’s willing to help you reach your goals each step of the way.

It’s really the one stop place you need for all your online business needs. You can get started for FRE, and it includes:

  • 10 lessons, 2 different training’s
  • 25 own domains
  • 25 free websites
  • Average page load time = 1.3s
  • Every day website backups
  • keyword research tool
  • Easy site builder
  • community support

…and so much more! There are so many benefits to Wealthy Affiliate and you can ready them in my full Detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review right here.

Keyword Research Tool and Keyword Ranking

Jaaxy- Single handily, Jaaxy is by far the best keyword research tool I’ve used in years of trying to perfect being an affiliate marketer. The great thing is that you can use it for FREE, you don’t have to pay a single penny to get its most amazing features like:

1. Organic Traffic. If you want to rank in google and other search engines, then putting keywords in your blog posts are a must! By using Jaaxy, you will be able to filter out the words you need really fast and outsmart your competitors at any time.

2. Awesome Parameters. Jaaxy is unique in that you can search up any keyword you would like and in the results you’ll get a complete analysis of how many people are searching that keyword per month, how much traffic it gets per month, how many people are competing for it(QSR), and you get a whole list of results with similar phrases.

3.Smart Website Ranking.  My favorite feature with this keyword tool has to be the fact that I can check up on how my keywords are performing. So for example, If I use the ranking feature, I can input any keyword for a blog post I used, hit enter, and it’ll tell me if I’m ranked in Google, Bing, or Yahoo. 

4. Alphabet Soup Technique. As an affiliate, you’re going to have times where you can’t come up with a keyword or long tail keyword by yourself, and with Jaaxy all you would have to do is type in your keyword, for example: back pain, and int he results would pop up phrases from A-Z.

You can sign up With Jaaxy Here for FREE, no credit card required for your registration, or you can ready my full review on Jaaxy and Finding SEO keywords right HERE.

Email Autoresponder

Aweber- In my opinion this one takes the cake, as Aweber has to be the best email autoresponder I’ve worked with for affiliate marketing. What this email autorepsonder does so well is that it lets you execute without any of the hard work. 

1. Build Campaigns. Within Aweber you have what’s known as a campaign, and that’s where you can create your own messages and place them in a sequence, so that when your audience opts in, they can automatically receive the first email, then the next one, then the one after that(depending on how far you want to go). You can build both Broadcast and Legacy follow up campaigns.

2.Manage list. Lets say you want to create a list for lower back pain, and then you want one that is for another website like Aweber, you can manage more than one list at a time, and funnel your audience to the right destination. This makes it very reliable so you don’t have to mix up where people are being placed in your email autoresponder.

3. Sign Up Forms. Aweber is constantly updating its autoresponder forms, and they are one of the best at creating unique and specifically customized forms for your own needs.

4. Customer Support. I love that Awebers support team responds in less than seconds. I once wanted to ask a question on how I could integrate “tags”, and without hesitation they answered what I thought was going to be a complicated response, into a couple words.

There’s so much more that Aweber offer, and there are plenty of videos and resources that will help you to understand it. I have multiple list that I’m working on at the moment, and many opt in forms that I’ve created. My email sequences are the way I want them to be, and my audience is getting their emails in a timely manner. 

Remember that an email system is a really powerful tool to have in your arsenal, as it will help you build a solid relationship with your audience and it will make selling to them much easier.

Using Aweber is key to affiliate marketing as there are others like Mailchimp for example that don’t allow affiliate marketing. You can sign up for your free trail at Aweber Here.

Domain Service

Hostgator – Without a shadow of a doubt, Hostgator will be the most affordable and inexpensive place year round to purchase your domain name. I used Hostgator for over 6 months, and I’m even thinking about going back to them in the near future(like 2020). What I enjoy about Hostgator the most is that you can purchase a Domain Name for around $11.95 per month and that comes with the free hosting package, as well as:

  • CPannel
  • Dashboard
  • Registar
  • and so much more!

Their service has been top notch for me, and I would recommend Hostgator to anyone just starting or is int he middle or even further in their affiliate career. You can learn more about Hostgator Here.

Self Web Hosting

Hostgator- Would you look at that, we have Hostgator again! There are many web hosts you will come across like Dreamcast, godaddy, namecheap and so many more that I haven’t hit the Iceberg on, but with Hostgator they offer in my opinion better packages for the right price. I’ve been using hostgator since early 2017, and I went in with their Baby Plan which is like $3.95/mo, or they also have their much lesser plan called the Hatchling Plan at $2.75/mo and their highest their Business Plan at $5.95/mo.

I always recommend starting with their baby plan because it offers a little more flexibility in having more than one domain. And then from their you can build up into their business plan for all the SEO tools, SSL certificate Dedicated IP and so much more.

If you’d like to learn more abut Hostgator make sure you check them out by going here.


SEMrush – With SEMrush marketing tool, you’ll be able to easily track and manage all of your SEO, Advertising, Content and SMM all within their platform. They provide an online in depth anaLysis on how your keywords are performing across the global web, hopw much attention those keywords posts/pages attention are getting, and how you can scope out your competition and see what they are ranking for.

A feature that I like about SEM Rush is that you can spy on your competition, and see what keywords they not only get the most attention organically for, but from what part of the country they are flowing in from. You can use these metrics to take away their traffic and use that to your advantage to grow.

You can go here to learn more about SEM Rush.


Nibbler – This marketing tool known as Nibbler is fairly new to me, but its becoming a go to use at least once every week. With this service, you can test any website of yours, and it’ll bring up a report based on:

  • Your overall score of your website
  • Accessiblity
  • Expereiene
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Popularity
  • Facebook Interest
  • Internal and external links
  • Meta tags
  • Domain Age
  • Images
  • Heading
  • and so much more!

Under each of these categories are sub categories that tell you where you can be going wrong and how you should go about improving it. I would definitely recommend that you reference Nibbly as you’re bullring out your online business. If you’d like to learn more about Nibbly, make sure to check them out Here.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics – Gathering feedback and information from your website visitors is a must if you want to truly make it long term with affiliate marketing, and there is no better way to gather a great in-depth of information than with Google Analytics. I’ve been able to understand:

  • who’s visiting my website. Are they from the US, a different country?
  • What medium are they coming from. Are they coming from social media, organic traffic, a referral, etc?
  • How much time they interact. Are they stay for more than a couple minutes or are they bouncing off.
  • Their Behavior. Do they go from one page to the next?
  • and so much more!

Having google analytics up and running will also help you when it comes time to advertising. With the information you have, you’ll be able to target a much more specific audience, and get to them much quicker. Make sure that you check out google analytics by clicking here.

Was there Anything that I missed? Please leave me a comment down below If I did, and I will quickly add it to the the list. Thank you!

End Financial Stress Now Review – Is It A Giant Scam or Make $3,475.65 A Day?

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Finally and end to fiancnail stress right now this second, that must sound so good, I need to take part in it. One persons trash is another mans gold. Keep that sying in mind as we go through this very thorough review on end financtsal stress now.

Seeing a man by the name of David Shapre be the next billionair in the affiliate marketing industry might come to no surprise any more, it’s a constant plauge spread all around the interntet now. Watching the End Fincial Stress Now sales video, can you really make $3,475.65 a day with this system?

In the video it starts of like any attracting video does, the fancy cars, the lavish lifestyle, the button up suit, and then it gets even better, you get a testimonial intrdocution by one of teh shark Tank judges Mr. Oleary himself. And ofcourse, these videos always serve an intital ourpose, to have you buy from them.

However, you need to be very very careful becuaes you don’t know what’s on the other side of this hustle. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for years now and it’s very profitable, I’m making my money now, so I couldn’t imagine falling for something like this after the extensive training and time I’ve had online. 

There can be upsells on the other end, and if the company loses its assets and identity, BOOM where do you fit in the equation?

My End Financial Stress Review will walk you through and show you everything you need to know about them before you buy.

I will walk you through the following:

  1. What is EFSN
  2. How Does It work
  3. Is EFSN a Scam
  4. How you can make money without paying hundreds upon thousands

If you don’t want to waste any more time on scam, See my #1 reccmomneded way of making money online.

What is End Financial Stress Now?

Name: End Finaincal Stress Now

Owner: David Sharpe

Website URL:

Training: 2/10


Rating: 3/10

Shortly, the end financial stress now system is a quick sales pitch promising people worldwide that the average person can hop on in and start making a constant $1,000, $2,000 $3,000 and even more per month in just as close to 30 days.  Now that immedietely should catch your attention right? Quite sadly the attention it gets is more people wanting it than not.

Th sales Video shows a guy named David Sharpe who was the founder of Empire Network, a company that went out of business because David Had health related problems and dropped ship. What if he does this again? Where will you be when it happens?

As much as I don’t like to nickname people, he is named duplicate dave for me. In his video, he talks about how he used to live on his dads couch, had a beat up rusted out truck, and had no where to live. It makes the perfect trap for anyone who is new to online marketing.

If you’d liket o see the actual vieeo Like I have, you can place your information and ust watch the video. Use a secondary email if you need to. It’ll look like this when you arrive:

And like this when you try to leave:

Here’s the link:

Who doesn’t want to see someone come from the bottom and now we’re here? “Just a few years I was completely broke” is as he says it. And he was using jackhammers in his construction job.

How Does It Work?

This is where it gets really interesting. After through research and watching his online sales video, there is no website! Like CMON dude, how do you expect someone to pay for your stuff if you don’t even have a website up? It’s simple his target marketing. He seems like a guy who acts on the people who are begginers in online marketing, those who are starting out, or have been doing it for months without any results.

Hey, I get it, I’ve been there.Now, Dave claims that you can buy his “legendary marketer” when going to his checkout page. And once I got there I was like what is Legendary Marketer? It turns out the real name is Duplicate Dave. A way to disguise the real program.

Everything in Daves program rings money. You will be given a millionair mentor who will guide you step-by-step to why you’re doing what you’re doing and how to do it. This is a way for them to convince you to buy into the upsells that range from $2,000-$30,0000!

You’ll even get a sales team that will be there each step of teh way if you need them, and they will do all the closing for you. And the only thing you need to do is get the leads. If you’ve been doing online marketing, you’d know how hard it is to get a lead.

There is no clear way on how they will help you get leads, will they fall from the sky onto your lap? Will you have to spend hundreds upon hundreds running ads, solo ads,etc?

what End Financial Stress Now has are designed templates to sned traffic but keep in mind that everyone gets these templates so attracting traffic will be very difficult.

Buying traffic if you’re a begginer can be the worst thing you can do. Most people fall into a trap of not knowing what they are doing, and before they know it, they’re hard earned money is wasted down the drain. The reason they pre-package upsells so high too is becuase the higher the price the more commsion you can make…

You can earn thousands, and even double figures, but you have to buy the full retail price of their product.

Who Is David Sharpe?

David has been in the online marketing game for many years, running businesses like Empire network and making a passive income online. 

So that sobb story about him being broke and blah blah blah only comes off as him hiding that fact that he’s been doing this for ages now. He had co-founded a system called Empure Network with David Wood that was really on fire back from 2012-2013. And in 2014 he left due to health realted reasons.

After the fall of his company, he went on to make duplicate dave legendary marketer, a system to help people make money online.

Will It Work For You?

Sure, if you’re not a begginer, you’ve built up a following and you know exactly what it is you’re doing. But for a begginer it will be an uphill battle….You will not have the capital, the resources, the attention, and necessary growth to sustain such a program with these rewuirements.

The sales video talks about how you only need to put in 30 min per day, and watch the rest of your team and work show for itself. But if you’re brand new, you’ll be having to BUST your ass off hours after hours. And it will take more time to build up your knoweldgge and money. I highly advise agiainst doing this if you are new to online marketing.

Like any business you need to put in the work and time if you want to see any success with it(Like with what I am doing).

Just be cautioned and warned that programs like these usually have a high drop out rate. Just take a look at…

Is End Fianaical Stress Now A Scam?

How do you feel about this system right now? Can you see yourself doing it?

I have to say that End Finaicial Stress Now is at least a scam to me. The reason I say this is that it really doesn’t exist(since their is Duplicate Dave behind it), and I don’t want to go into it blindly not knowing the costs exactly. 

I want to know what I’m buying and clearly if it’s not the End Financial Stress Now system, what is really behind it? However is the real system, Duplicaete Dave A Scam? No, not exactly, but I don’t want to ever work with a system that teaches their affilaites to trick people into joining a system.

It’s very unethical in its practices, with a catchy sales video, and a name that really doesn’t exist. How can I ever trust it?

Therefore I highly DO NOT reccomend this system to you.

How to make Money Without Spending THOUSANDS

I would like to provide you with an alternative that you won’t have to spend thousands upon thousdans to get started and in fact, you can get started for FREE with what I show you within my free guide!

I’ve been using this business model since late Novemeber of 2017, that not only works for me but has been around for many years helping millions. You can find out all the detail here in my free guide:

With this guide, you’ll be able to select a business topic of your interest, and choose the proiducts you want to promote, unlike with the End FInancial Stress Now system, you don’t get a say in the matter, it’s a do as your told or don’t do it at all.

The training will be easy to follow, and it will show you what to do step-by-step. There is really not any other compregensive training platform where you can try for FREE that includes:

  • business tools
  • training
  • support

Everything will be explained to you in my free guide and nothing will be hidden from you., and you will get the truth about how it works, and why it works so well.

You will need to put in your effort and work to make it a success just like any online business works, so I would get started today If I were you.


If you have any wuestions regarding the review today, or about my free training, please make sure to leave me a comment down below. I usally respond back within the first 24 hours 🙂

How Do People Make Money With YouTube? – The Huge Video Storm

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“If Only I Had A Great Video To Hit 1,000,000 likes, I’d Strike It Rich!” Is that your super charged battery packed brain talking again about being the next Dan Lock, Tai Lopez, Or the 100’s of other online masterminds? If so, there could be more than enough room for you!

Ofcourse, you have to be here because you want to either know how do people make money with YouTube for the sake of just knowing, or because you want to have a stab at it.

Whichever it may be, you’ve come looking for answers, and I have the golden NUGGETS. You’re probably strapped down to your seat, or taking a break enjoying a little bit of passive time, and WHAM!…

Another Video to press play, and then another, and OK, by this point you’re probably not even working, but I can take a good guess at what you are doing, “Thinking”. About what?

Does something along these lines ring a bell?…Well I want to start making a passive income online, or I want to start somewhere, and I can imagine myself being the next YouTube Hollywood star. Viral Hall Of Fame, Here I come!

In this article, I’m going to cut to the chase and tell you everything you need to know about how people are hitting the press record button, and sending their videos to a worldwide network of audiences.

Why Choose YouTube For Your Goals?

First things first my friend, we haven’t answered why you’re curious about wanting to know the exact reason you’re thinking YouTube. Is it because of a trend? A friend referred you? Or is it time to try a different avenue in your online passive income lifestyle?

All are respectable reasons, and you should do so for any one of the,. and why I’m saying that is because it’s:

  1. A scale-able source of income
  2. You can educate your audience
  3. It’s a great marketing platform

But that’s like a fairy tell compared to what I’m about to publicly release. Did you know that YouTube Is going to explode come the year 2019?! I’m dead serious when I say that Video Marketing is the next big thing, and you shouldn’t let it pass you by like a Ghost on Wheels…HUH? You “missed the point” right?

It doesn’t make sense now, but once you jump on board the YouTube Express, you’ll be wishing you wouldn’t get off of it. People are visual animals by nature, and we consume more content visually and through video now more than any other channel. Just think about it…

Everyone now has a smartphone device, laptops just about everywhere, and E-Learning is exploding! So where’s the room for blogs, and my content-marketing, and all those fancy words I’m putting down on an article(Like you see here) going? Down The Windpipe and into the deep muddy waters. 

A blog is great, and I wouldn’t do things any other way to help grow my business, or leverage making a passive income online, but gone are the says where people want to read 10 words, 50, 500, 1,000. you get the big picture. 

Disclaimer: I hope that doesn’t make you think less of me, and you never come back to read another article of mine. YIKES! I just pulled my own plug didn’t I?

I’ll be the kid in front of the class with his hand raised Hi, honestly wanting to say how awesome video content is! It works like a charm, and many business owners that I know would agree with me that video content is their favorite and most lucrative way of helping grow their business, both:

  1. non monetary. Brand exposure, recognition.
  2. Monetary. Money per clicks, per person.

But how can we turn a video on YouTube for profits? That’s a whole other question, and I want you to follow me in channeling that.

How To Properly Set Your Feet Before Making Money

For many people wanting to make money online with YouTube, you’re not short of many celebrities, sports stars, and money making gurus online to imitate. But in the manner that you do it, is what’s most important. 

Before pushing the button on your camera, your smartphone device, computer, or does fancy cam-cords studio devices it seem like every wannabe professional is using to make money off you; you need to define who you are. How can you do that? It’s easier than you think…

1. Know your Niche. In order for you to stand a chance at making decent and a killing living(if you’re trying to be the next 1,000,000 video shot like King or Queen), you should tap into a specific interest that you have. This could be for example, soccer, health and fitness, dating, teaching people about affiliate marketing, etc. This will help you identify with if you’re going to be a:

  • video blogger
  • fashionista
  • a stand up comedian
  • A musician

…And the list goes on and on. You want to build a reputation with your audience first. Imagine how weird it would be if you made one video that talked about dogs, and then in the next video, it was about how to start your own movie company? Say WHAT?

Yeah, risky business.Knowing who you will determine the way you present your information across the board and more so, how you are able to comfortably present yourself. Many people can get shy behind a camera(Like this guy), and It’s Okay if you’re one, because no one and I mean no one starts off not being camera shy.

I started with just voice recognition. Let me see if I can bring a video up.

How funny is that? Hey, No Laughing! Just kidding. If you’re going to make an attempt at making money “ON” YouTube, you should at least give it a try to put yourself in person. From what I’ve learned is that people like making a connection with the person on the video, and so seeing them will build:

  • Trust
  • Growth
  • Money

Take a look at that third one...CHA CHING! Getting back to choosing your niche, that awesome thing about focusing on an area is that you get the chance to develop a brand. If you’re in the passive income industry online, you’d know how important brand recognition is. That’s a whole other story I can get into, but for a different time Okay?

So Now that we have  a niche picked out hopefully, but if not you can still follow along.

2. You’ll need to sign up for a YouTube partner program.What this program does is help you monetize your content on YouTube. So let’s say you have a video that you want to share about building a desktop, you’d first have to get checked off by their program policy before so. And then after, you can place as much content at free will

As a creator you can earn money from advertisements serviced on your videos, from like YouTube Premium subscribed watching your content and also with:

  • Super Chart
  • Merche
  • Channel Memberships

Here are the step  y step actions you need to take for the YouTube partnership program:

YouTube will then ask you to setup a Google Adsense account if you don’t already have one. The ad setup is pretty straightforward, and I’ll show you how to do so.

In the uploads screen you’ll have options to select from any ad you would like. The most popular ads pop up in the video themselves, because well people like you and I can’t easily avoid them, How annoying! I’ve gone through about 15 of those today, I’m not even lying to you.

So, Right, Now you’ve signed up now what? The People are desperately waiting for you to push out your videos so then can like, “click down here to subscribe” and all that mambo jumbo right? XX

How To Make The MULLAH AKA Money

I’m assuming you’ve gone through the process laid out above, but if not, don’t worry.One your channel is setup for monetization, the advertisers are pleased to setup their ads on your videos, and people are actually watching your ads (not by passing them), then you will start to trickle in the MULLAH, Money, Dinero.

Wait A Minute Their Charlie!

So where’s the part about making money once someone watches my video, and adds me a like? The thing is, you’re not going to get away with making money that easily. If nobody watches the complete ad, or at least clicks it, you will not get paid. You could have a billion viewers, and just as many likes, but if they don’t do those two things, you can kiss the dollars goodbye.

At What Rate Can You Earn?

Well for beginners, if you had about 25 views for a video that would be the equivalent of a $1. I know it seems low, but imagine if you were able to get in front of hundreds and thousands of viewers, and each were watching the entirety of your video or at least clicking on the ad….

It would not only increase your chances of making money, but now you have an audience. People that know you, and are willing to subscribe to come back for more.

This article this far has been about making money “ON” YouTube(I don’t know if you caught that hint earlier), but there are many ways you can make it off of it as well. One of my favorite ways of doing so is as an affiliate marketer.

1. Affiliate Marketing. With affiliate marketing, what I’m able to do is make a YouTube video, and then place my retailers link in the description, and what that does is, anytime someone clicks on it, and makes a purchase, you’ll make a commission! 

How awesome is that?

Just imagine that you’re talking about how to consume a joint pain supplement, and then you go “I’ll leave the link to the product in the description below, check it out” or it can as subtle as not saying anything on video, and just leaving your link. 

If you had to ask what I do…I do go about it in this manner. I started off first with of course content marketing, and then I started experimenting with videos, and what I would do is upload my video onto YouTube, and then come back to my blog and embed it. And now, I’ve learned how to use the description box on YouTube and all that nature.

How To Get More Traffic On Instagram – The Fastest And Most Effective Ways

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You Want Traffic, You want Money! Does this sound like you?

5 days ago on a Friday evening, you could find me snuggled tightly into my sofa popped up with my legs in relax mode, alone with the TV off, and just me and my thoughts;thinking to myself “how to get more traffic on Instagram”.

Instagram this, Instagram that, it’s all I ever hear about these days without the substance, and it has me picking my brain “what is the hype?”

Instagram started off popular in the days where kids and young adults of generation Y were using it as a fun impression, and way of sharing mass amount of social needs. But new times are here…

Not only is Instagram utilized to share our day to day lives, but it’s quickly become a strong and serious way to use for:

  • content marketing
  • selling
  • networking
  • audience building

All these tools have been used for individuals and brands, but more so it’s become a way to build a long term business. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide with over 3 figures in the millions of people using it, over just 50 million images, and somewhere around 1.8 billion likes per day!

Just how FREAKING AWESOME is it?

Take a look at this users interactions with brands post:

That’s just an average, Imagine how much more growth is yet to come, and 2019 is just around the corner, there are BIG things coming!

Whether you are a small business, a larger multi million dollar corporation, or just simply a person without a business, there is room to shoot for the stars for each and every one. I don’t want you to shoot for average, I want you to aim beyond the limits, because like numbers, you are exponential.

In this article I’m going to share with you all the way you can grow your Instagram traffic through many different formats, and whichever your mission is, whether to get them over to a website, or just get more leads for conversions just on Instagram, so you can finally put an end to wondering if you can make money off instagram.

So let’s get to the focus point now…

ERRR…Pump the breaks,

But Who Am I To Tell you what to do right?

5 Days I ago I might have been looking to grow more traffic through Instagram, but Did I leave out the part where now I’ve situated myself to gain over 100 followers a  day!…Yeah, In a short amount of time.

What Instagram Does Now Will Change Your Traffic Potential

Before you get on Instagram and start clicking on every profile, adding every person in hope they follow back, and or commenting on each post just to gain attention, stop what you’re doing, drop your fingers, and listen up.

Instagram is like Google, in where they have algorithms that are constantly reading what is posted on the search engines and social media platforms, and they are constantly changing them from every 2-3 months.

So you have to ask yourself, “are you watching out for that?” Whether you are or not, this will become very eye opening in just a second.

Instagram used to have their algorithms setup where it was easy to comment on peoples post with one or two words, and you could get away with attention, but now in a n effort to improve their transparency, Instagram broke down the algorithm it uses to organize the content in your feed. Why did this happen?

Basically, there were privacy scandals surrounding Facebook, the co-connection with Instagram, and if you didn’t ge the memo, it was all over the news! Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg had to appear in front of congress. After so, the Instagram algorithms were changed to appear more user friendly.

There are three factors that determine content in your feed now:

  1. Interest
  2. Timelines
  3. Relationship

An example that details interest is if lets say you are frequently interacting with a post about apple iPhones, the algorithm will give preferences to apple iPhone and apple product images and video when you’re going through and organizing your news feed. 

For timelines, this means that when you go to post, your image or video will be unlikely to be seen in just the following days. This means you should make a hit the first time, and make sure to leave a lasting impression on not only the potential followers, but the people you already have. 

Relationships become more apparent to Instagram, and what this does is lets say you engage with a family member more often through commenting, Direct messaging(DM), or clicking on each others likes, the more you will see their content come up on your news feed.

So why is this all relevant to you getting more traffic on Instagram, UH every little thing! See, if you want people to find you, and if you want the people that already follow you to see you, you need to be consistent at:

  • Posting
  • Liking
  • Commenting

This is to assume that you want “more” and not just the basic follow, then unfollow, and then hope that your current following will come through. No, no, no. That’s all about to change here, and we start right this second.

Here is how you may be able to approach it:

STEP 1: Take The Magic Shot

STEP 2: Publish Your Post

I know the pictures vary from step 1 to step 2 but this is only an example, or I might have decided to go with another picture instead. Now, I won’t get into the captioning, that will come later, so as for this demonstration I’ll just stick to the photo.

Now, step 3 and 4 can be done without 1 and 2, but since I’m spending my time posting about my own life, It would be a great time to spend the time you’re on Instagram to Like other peoples photos and add comments. Once you’ve posted your photo, on the back-end people will be seeing your content and they will be liking and even commenting on it. So let’s go to step 3 and 4 if we were taking the ALL-IN-ONE time approach

STEP 3: Surf Your News feed and “LIKE”

The like button has been clicked, and now we’re ready to move into the next step, commenting

STEP 4: Commenting

Done! There’s a way for you to easily get into the habit of posting your own content then getting into your news feed or other people’s profiles you are not already following, and get to “Liking”, and “Commenting”.

The Final Notice:

Great!…let’s get moving to the traffic right? ERRRR, Slow down on the breaks before I show you the best ways to get traffic through Instagram, I want to tell you Something VERY important

This is going to be REAL traffic, not that phony let me buy likes, comments, and have someone post for me so that I get charged some ridiculous amount of money. If you’re doing that, HEY, it’s time to put that behind you, and start learning how you can get:

  • Organic
  • Precise targeted
  • Plenty
  • Accurate

…Traffic. So are you ready to hear me out?

All The Right Ways To Grow Your Traffic On Instagram, OH BOY!

Now we all keep hearing, a picture is worth a thousand words, so you go to post on Instagram you should expect hundreds if not thousands of engagement right? 

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, it’ll take more work on your behalf, but if you just implement these next 10 methods, and I do mean all, you will be able to get all the traffic that your heart so dearly desires. The most lasting impression is now where you think it starts, but where you would least expect it to be…your profile.

1. Creating a good username

Your username is your identify, and more importantly your BRAND. It’s the basic foundation building block for your Instagram business, as well for your social media marketing if that’s what you are doing. It should be directly related to your business/page is supposed to be about. 

Tip: Try to keep it as short as possible so people can easily remember it.

2. Create a Quality Bio

When we think Bio, it might feel a little intimidating as this is the area where we think we have to write it to perfection, but don’t get caught up in it so much that your brain begins to throb. Your bio on your Instagram profile page while be the very first thing peoples eyes jump to when looking at your profile. Thus it definitely make it one of the most important features of your Instagram account. 

Here are a couple tips you can do today:

TIP #1: Create Bullet points. If you’ve looked around or fished through some people’s profiles, you’ll see the bio filled with bullet points from top to bottom. In these bullet points you should include these three things:

  1. Sum up who you are
  2. What your business represents
  3. What Your Page is About

TIP #2: Use Emojis. That’s right, the little faces, and icons are not just made for texting, they serve to make your Instagram profile stand out from the crowd and not to mention, your competition. Emoji’s are VERY appealing to a person eye and if you use the right ones for your exact businesses representation, it will really help to increase engagement on your page or get this, it will bring you MORE FOLLOWERS!

Exciting stuff right, and Exciting Times Right?

3. Instagram Content

The next thing that your potential clients and customers can take a look at will be your content which includes your images, captions, hashtags, etc.  I like to think of it like a war…

Think of a movie, where you have like 10 sets of lines filled with war fighters that cover “acres”, and the first line of defense is the start, then the second one comes to set you up for more, the third hits you with more power and substance, and towards the end, you get the largest Animals and most prolific Authorities for last.

Or like a game of chess where you have your pawns up front to sacrifice, and in the back are your king and queen.

I think you see the point. This is the same approach to see your Instagram Content all the way back to your Profile. Follow these tips to ensure you do things right:

TIP #1: Use Clear and Quality Pictures. The last thing people want to see is a grainy/poor posted image when scrolling through their Instagram, so make sure that you are using pictures of good quality before you think about hitting that post button.

TIP #2: Use your Own Work. I know its always better to post your own images, and captions rather than selecting random photos with captions that are not made from you and by you, this way people you already have will continue to follow your work and realize you are putting in the work, and for new potential followers, they’ll be able to pick up and that as well.

TIP #3: Be Relevant. Make sure that you are sticking to your Niche, and that you are posting about it. For example, If I’m working in the iPhone space, then don’t post pictures about Samsung, or the opposite of them.

TIP #4: Create A Good Grid. Your grid that you see on your profile page should look like their is a great deal of pattern. Try mixing lighter and darker shades in one picture, as this will catch the eye, and make people want to follow you more.

Tip #5: Use Hashtags. If you’re not using Hashtags, new people will not be able to find your work, and therefore you could fail in getting any kind of traffic to your website, or business. One thing that weakens people when they do use hashtags if they have a small page is that they continuously keep going for hashtags like #fitness #entrepreneur.

While these are great, it will be hard for a small page to be found and reach the explore page without getting power-likes. So whenever you can, try to create unique hashtags that are still relevant to your business or page.

Another thing to get more traffic is to create a branded or more than one branded hashtag for every time use. What I mean by that is to find a hashtag that has never been used by anyone before.

This could be your business name, for example #viralhomebasedpursuit, so whenever people search for your hashtag, they will be directed to your page. It’s 2018 and going into 2019 you can now follow hashtags, and I advise that you follow at least 3 to look good on the algorithms.

More That comes With Posting and Getting Traffic

Can you believe that most of what we just went over, about 95% of it has to do with just the makeup of your page, and getting things organized? Yeah, I know, I’m a little surprised too! The rest will feel like a breeze now that you know the makeup of a good Instagram setup on the back-end, and now its time to share more tips about putting all of this together, from pictures to content, and the use of hashtags.

1. Use correct sized images

Imagine uploading a photo only to find out that it doesn’t fit the screen or that something gets completely cut off.Instagram has switched over to 1080px x 1080 px(from 612px x 612px). The cool thing is that you can find a larger photo to upload but Instagram will still resize to 612px x 612px

2. Use small paragraphs

Whenever you go to write out a caption under the image, you should try to keep it more brief and to the point of what your image and if you’re placing a link to is all about. 

3. Place A Call To Action

After getting your caption space together, the next logical thing would be to tell someone to check out your website or have them redirected to an external source. For example, If I’m ending my sentence, I can say something like: Make sure you check out how to stretch better by clicking here today.

4. Hashtags

Like I mentioned earlier, make sure you have a unique presence of hashtags and those for your branded Business name. You’ll want to have somewhere between 20-30 hashtags, and the more the merrier, and the greater opportunity to reach your audience and get more traffic.

But don’t just do this once make sure you are in away using the same hashtags over again, so just in case people missed your post or are not sure about you, they will start to see you more frequently, and beginning to become interested in your work.

There’s an easy walk through on how to build out your Hashtags effectively for your niche that I made. If you’d like to see the Hashtag article, click here.

5. Posting Time

Do you think users are more active on a weekend or during the week? Definitely during the week. There’s a study done that Instagram engagement increases on Monday, and falls down on Sundays. The beginning of the week is a good way for people to jump back into the swing of things, and the right time for you to post post post.

6. Free Giveaways

The power of giving away something for free is REALLY REALLY BIG. I’ve worked with my websites, and I had to adjust to giving things away for free, and it brings more heads around like you wouldn’t think.  Hosting a contest has to be the easiest way of accomplishing this on Instagram.  Here are a couple tips:

TIP#1: Sell Your Product. The prize you giveaway should be your product, this will help people understand what you do, and you’ll make commissions of your efforts.

TIP#2: Let People Like to Join. To let people into your giveaway, you should just tell people to like your Instagram post if they want to enter.

TIP#3: Use Related Hashtags. Anytime you set up a contest, create a unique hashtag specific to it so that people can find it, and get to the next time you go to run a contest. Also, it can be a way for you to let people into the giveaway.

7. Use Instagram Stories

OK, it’s 2018 and we’re heading into 2019 soon, and the center of Instagram’s development has been on Instagram stories. They are fairly new, but is growing like a little puppy only a couple weeks in. This feature will allow users to upload and write over unfiltered pictures and videos that will disappear after 24 hours. So what does this mean for a marketer? It’ll help BOOST your Instagram strategy.

8. Follow Like Minded People

It’s one thing to target your industry when laying out post, but it’s also as important to follow people in your field. What this can do is create a relationship with like minded individuals, and you can always stay on top of what your competitors are doing. For example, If I was smaller than let’s say Entrepreneur. I can follow them and see what they are doing, and take my Instagram traffic differently, and be able to create different and more unique content.

Here are some steps you can take to follow people:

  1. Post with targeted Hashtags to your niche
  2. Visit your followers friends and add them
  3. Go to Explore Page and Like
  4. Use search to find hashtags and or people

Which way will work best? :

Knowing which way to get followers and get the most the fastest way is a contradictory one. Some people just like to post their work with hashtags and immediately have people following them, while others go to their “like minded” people’s pages and press the follow button, or just by “liking” and “commenting” on their photo works well. For me, I usually post first, then I go searching for others that I may already know and add them. But In a little, I will show you a really cool way that I do things, and you might have interest in as well.

9. Respond To Comments

Responding to comments creates the human factor and tells people that you care, and that it’s not some bot posting on their Instagram post or stories. And the people that follow you will be more likely to trust you, hence more traffic, and converting buyers. 

10. Add A Link

In a way I mentioned this earlier, but make sure that if you want people to check out a cool blog post or your website, that you place a link, and you do that in your caption space. This will have people checking out your content over and over again.

11. Instagram Ads

The most notable way to get traffic to your website these days is Advertisements. Like they say “You have to spend money to make money”. It’s OUTRAGEOUS how Instagram’s advertising platform is expanding….blowing up status!

But don’t just take my words and that jaw dropping explosion above and check out just how large Instagram advertising is scaling over the years:

There was a steady growth from 2015-2017, not too much of a differential, but then turn your head to the right side of the graph and focus on year 2017 and 2018.

About a 3 BILLION jump! That’s Insane for the robust advertising platform that Instagram has been delivering. And if we had to compare it to Facebook, that would be a whole different conversation and “ANIMAL”(around 46 billion users at the moment).

So as you can see, there is room in Instagram to post up your ads, and not because it’s less than the likes of Facebook, it doesn’t make it inferior. I like to think of it like Batman and Robin. Batman is Facebook, and Robin is Instagram.

And at some point Robin will be the prodigy or the successor per say. It’s like watching Karate kid if you’ve ever seen it, where “Daniel” is getting taught karate by his teacher the great Mr. Miyogi.

Just picture that for a moment

If you’re thoughts are with mine-in the sky, there is no shame in being there, because it is HONESTLY believable.

The other thing that you get better returns on Instagram advertising as opposed to Facebook are:

  • Less cost per ad campaign
  • Less cost per click
  • Faster Return On Investment(ROI)

NOTE: I’m not going to go into how to run an Instagram ad specifically in this article, but If you’d like to learn and know how to do it better, you can check out the Instagram ad article here.

In addition to all the different ways to drive REAL traffic to your Instagram, I left a video just below that just re-iterates and adds a couple more ways for you.

The Old School Method:

In addition to every way I showed you to drive traffic to your website/page, there is one way that I call the “Domino Effect”.

Warning: This method will take sometimes hours, like 6 hours of your day every day. If you’re ready, then read on.

Back before there were Influencers, actual tactics to design your page or get to automate your media account, you would have to do it manually. I challenge you for 3-10 hours a day to find peoples pages, go to their picture and comment.

Here’s how to do it effectively by phone in 3 Simple steps:

STEP 1: Go to Search and type in a city of your interest.

STEP 2: Push the Places tab, and select your location

STEP 3: Go to the top post and comment on their picture.

Be real amount the comments you send to other people. Like for Example: “Love your work, keep it up!”

And as alternative, you can be more Hashtag specific. So going to the hashtags and selecting what you exactly want can work out too.

What does this accomplish?:

You get more brand awareness or just awareness in general. Doing this on repeat for 3-10 hours a day is like pushing a HUGE Boulder downhill….

At first you’re struggling to get it to move, it’ll take time, force, and strategy. But once it takes the first couple of motions forward, you’ll have a boulder traveling downhill with Momentum.

Again, this works, I did this, but it takes time and most people will give up within the first 48 hours, the first week, the first month.

It doesn’t hurt to recognize someone else’s work so that you can get that in return. In doing this, you’ll get attention, they are more likely to act on your post/engage and click through to your website or place where you have a product/service.

The LESS “Recruiting and Selling” Route With My Secret Sauce #1

Every single person I talk to and that I don’t want the same thing, and can you guess what that is?

Sales! Conversions, a Lifetime Value of the customer, whatever you want to call it, you want it but it’s easier said than done, or is it?

The difference between me having no customers and customers as well as Loyal Customers and people just trying to view what you offer(as cold leads) is because I do one other thing that hardly anyone else does.

I provide so much value upfront before I expect anyone to land on my website, my funnel or whatever. This technique will work really will for you if you have a blog, and it could work just as well if you use landing page software.

What you should do more of is use your Direct Message inbox to talk to your new followers, and already existing customers to get a WARM lead to opt into your email list.

Keyword there is WARM. Too many times you’ll want to leave them one message with like 30 lines and at the end a link to your page or offer, and that rarely converts am I right? And if you haven’t tried this yet, DON’T-you’ll be frustrated trust me. Plus, I always usually avoid reading and replying back to these messages(Okay, maybe I’ll throw in a double tap for a heart).

Here’s how to do it correctly so that you can build either someone who:

  • Doesn’t know about your product, but has a desire. You should talk to this person about what they desire the most first – no product mentioning.(warm lead)
  • Who knows your product and you can talk to them about it better. This person you can talk to openly about your “product” hence mention it in conversation.(hot lead)
  • Or someone who doesn’t know what they need at all. You need to build up a general overview and then get into the specifics later.(cold lead)

This all ties into something I’m about to show you. Whenever you want someone to be your customer and repeat customer you need to add VALUE 10X. Give more than you receive. So first get to know the person on the other end for a little. Ask them who they are, what exactly they do for business, where they are from etc. And then…

What most moderate to expert people on Instagram would do next is offer their product or service, you’d link to your merchant or maybe your blog post, but that’s where it ends usually. Most of the time you’ll get an Okay, I’ll get back to you, or like a “I don’t know if this is for me”.. Something along those lines right?

It leads no where. Then you have to chase them the following days “hey did you think about my offer”. Let’s stop that and do things differently. Are you with me?

3 words: GET THE EMAIL.

If you’re not getting an email, it will not be easy for you to convert cold to warm leads. But if you get someone into you email list, these are hot buyers….they know more about you, and want to get to know you better.

Your job is to build the relationship and then hit them with your offers(because businesses need to make money too). But I do this step differently than most.

What about instead of just building a small rapport with that person, why not give them tips and tricks? Like what if you were a content marketer like a blogger, a youtuber, podcaster, etc. and you sent them to your content? “AHA”! Did you just have an AHA moment?

Send them value first my friend. What I do with people is in this order:

  1. Get to build rapport, understand who they are and what they need
  2. Send them to my blog post(video, podcast works too).
  3. Follow up with them 2-3 days after, ask how they’re doing, did it help
  4. Send them to your opt-in/squeeze page

This is going to work so well, but so many people are lazy and they would rather just get to the point on day 1. If you’re an expert or if you have knowledge that person seeks, show him/her your work. This will build even more of a stronger relationship with them, and they will learn to trust you and come to you for help.

On that page they land on, try not ask for there email…I mean you can subtly put a form within your content , side widget or if you have YouTube, a link in the description works just fine.

Now, in the back of that persons mind, there world just changed, and they feel so good about what they’re about to read from you. Now in the next 2-3 days, follow up with him/her and ask if you’re information was helpful, are they doing better, you know things of that nature.

And then you can hit them with a “Look, I have extra training on this “your product/service”, that I think you would benefit from greatly, would you like to see more?”

Something like this or similar. And then when they say yes, now send them to your squeeze page to get an email right away.

This landing page can be:

  • Extra training
  • A guide
  • A report
  • A Course

This is where you will send them into your funnel so they build an even stronger relationship in your email list now, and for the funnel you create to sell to them immediately after opting in. Selling to them after they opt-in is great because you can quickly tell who are your buyers from just your subscribers.

I suggest low end product like a free book, or like free shipping and handling.

Overalll, this is an example of how it should look:

STEP 1: Talk to your follower, or the person who messaged you back first. If they message you back first its even better because they’ve already shown an interest in you, and chances are they’ve seen your page and know more about you.

So, in this conversation they started the conversation, and this happened from me commenting on their picture this same day. If it were me starting the conversation I’d lean into it with a hey, I really liked your profile, you have great work. How are you doing?, then they say something back, then you’d go: “Where are you from”, they reply back, you: “What is it you exactly do for business”

Now, after they reply back use what I would call “your product/service hat”, where in mind you know you want to talk about your producut/service but you need to go around the curb first. So say something like what I said above in the first message when I said:

See what I did there? I didn’t bring up my product/service, I simple asked what their goals were. You can apply this to any niche you work in. Some examples:

  • What are your goals for your health this year
  • What are your goals for exercising in 2019
  • What are your goals for eating more protein than carbs( Idk lol)
  • Or just simply what are your goals for Instagram this year

This can depend on your niche, and the reason I specifically ask them about their Instagram goals is because I want them to learn more about increasing their followers, comments, direct messages, more leads, more traffic, how to use Instagram Ads, and if they can make money off Instagram.

Why does that matter? You will be using your content and sharing it with them. Next step…

STEP 2: Send them your content

I’ve built up some rapport, I’ve learned that she wants more followers so she can sell her beauty products, and now I’ve shared my Post with her.

At this point she is not in “a buyers mindset”, but she is more aware of you, knows who you are more about then just your IG profile, and now that she’s read you info, you could ask for an email in the next coming days. But you can also do what I’m about to show you if you can go even beyond the line of duty(more is always better and without buying intent to start is WAY better).

Optional, but I HIGHLY encourage you do this…

So, I’ve put it out there that I have even more content(articles, videos, podcast, etc) to share with this person if they need it. The reason I didn’t attach the second link to my hashtags URL is because I didn’t want to overwhelm her. Now one of two things can happen before the next coming days…

  1. She can message me back with help and or more of your articles
  2. She doesn’t message me back and I follow up with here 2-3 days after looking to get an email.

STEP 3: Ask for the email

You can follow up with the person in like 2 or 3 days(after they’ve had sometime to soak in your content, and are in that “I still need help mode” but have had enough time to think about the help you’ve provided them without you messaging and messaging them.

So now try to send them back to your website or funnel where there is nothing else but focus on getting an email(limit distractions). Example:

There’s more to this landing page below, but it’s not needed for this part of the presentation, it’s just important that you have a page to get an email.

Option #2:

If you would like to follow up with this person and send them to another one of your blog post but with an email pop up, email in the widget section, the content section or whichever way works best for you, then go ahead do so.

That’s pretty much It right there. I use this and it works very well because I don’t just send someone to my site expecting them to buy right away or give me their email address, especially if they don’t know you and have only seen your face once.

One other thing, If you wondering if you can go to someone completely new that;s not following you and do all this, it could but at the same time could not work. The reason I try to avoid this is because you don’t have leverage…

You don’t want to pop up in someones Direct Message box(without at least commenting on their post asking to DM you back) because you need to offer your services to them in a less “let me share with you all my content kind of way”.

It can be done, but I try to avoid ot.

Secret Tip #2 will come up after the More tips I’ll give away. And in these next tips, you’re going to hear a similar kind of repeat to what I just stated but with more visuals and more specifics.


On the basis of getting a flock of birds, you still need to point them in the right direction once they land right? Have you ever seen a bird land right on top of their meal…Well at times yes, but what happens when they don’t?

Getting more traffic is no different, whether you have a good product/service or not, the same things apply.

Once you have people coming to your Instagram page organically(without ads), you’ll get more people to click on your bio Link – and hopefully you have one by now, but if you don’t go put what you have in mind there or wait because I’m going to show you just that.

You need to use your link via tactically. What I mean by this is that you shouldn’t just post an affiliate link to your product/service, although it does work.

We’re visual by nature, and we love to see videos, so use them to your advantage on the other side of your link(s). Once I click on your link, I want to see a quick image or video. What does this is help your traffic(your people) see what your:

  • Blog post
  • YouTube Video
  • Message

…Is going to be about. You can have anything on that landing page, but make sure you make it easy for people, introduce the concept of why they are there with visuals and or video so they don’t always have to read script.

Where to Send Your Traffic?:

Great, you have your link and you know where you want your traffic to end up destination wise, but are you letting your traffic slip away?

It’s beautiful and you’ll probably pat yourself on the back “Yes people are checking out my website/page now”, “they’re following me now”, but this can be your BIGGEST mistake too.

How can you ensure that the traffic you’re getting will buy from you or become a life long customer? You have to think about LTV or Lifetime Value.

What is the Lifetime Value of your Customer? Is it to just send someone to your page, they read you work, watch your video, go to your podcast, etc. etc, or do you want them to follow your work at all times?

You see, once you send traffic to your destination, people are not likely to just checkout your future work…

They’re probably following you but are they continuously coming back to the link and checking out more work? Not all the time. So what you should have is an Opt-in page, a Squeeze Page, or a blog post/content post with an opt in form.

What this does is allow you to capture your audience in your email list so that they are sent emails everytime you want to communicate with them. And you can follow up with them about your product/service.

They’ve already learned to trust you enough to put to give you their email, so they are in their to do a couple things:

  • To see what you’re all about
  • How you can better serve them
  • And how you can help their specific problem

Here’s an example of a each way to do this:

  1. The landing page opt in.

Now, if someone places their name and email(it can be just email), then I can follow up with my traffic. The great thing about Instagram is that you can get good traffic, but you can also get super targeted traffic(In which I will show you how to do it much faster).

What I accomplished:

  • A video
  • Pictures
  • Got the lead

Do you need fancy landing page software? Not really, and not as a beginner Is my answer. In the beginning, you can get a feel for creating a squeeze page with Free software like Elementor. You’ll get everything to create a landing page right on your website.

And the great thing about using Landing page software directly on your website is that you can keep it their for good without having to use third party services(Which I’ll show you here in a minute). I’ve personally used Elementor and I have opt in pages created specifically for my goals.

The second option is using a paid landing page/funnel software service. What this does is allow you to create better looking landing pages, and one that are proven to work better and convert.

The other advantage of having a paid landing page software is that later down the road, it will help you get more sales and scale your business. I definitely recommend that you use them from time to time. Here are some options:

  1. Clickfunnels
  2. Leadpages
  3. Instapage
  4. and many more!

I’ve used each one, and for awhile now I’ve been using Clickfunnels. With Clickfunnels, you get proven templates, email marketing, a domain, and so much more. Plus, millions of users that are entrepreneurs, small businesses, affiliate marketers, internet marketers, and so many more utilize them.

The other advantage is that if you’re reading this and you don’t have a website, you can use Clickfunnels by itself, and create a business around it. I have a review on Clickfunnels that I believe you should deeply check out. If you’d like to learn more about this funnel software service, go here.

2. The blog post.

Do you have a blog post that you want to send your traffic too? You can utilize images, video, and even just written content so that people can read your post and have an opt in page there too.

In this example, I’ve directed my traffic to a blog post where I have an opt-in form on the right in the widget area. You can do this or you can have it in the content, after, before, or some form of a pop up. Totally up to you, just get a feeling for what your audience likes, and you’ll know what to use more of for your pages/post

Keep in Mind: People Do not usually purchase from you the first time around, it takes the average person 7 times before they do. So getting them into an email list is great. But if you’re falling short of meeting that, utilize your Instagram Direct Message to get in contact with traffic.

If you’d like to have more than one link in your bio you can cover more of your real-estate with a service like LinkTree. What this service does is let you place more than one link in your bio. So you can mix and match, try out different landing page destinations or if you want to do A/B test, you can do so.

I know there can be a hassle of going to people’s direct message box, commenting, liking peoples picture and all that fun stuff(Yeah right lol), so I have something that can speed up your work without having to do a single thing!

My Latest And Most HONEST Recommendation, Secret Sauce #2

I spent the last bit of the section above on advertising, and I also shared with you My secret go to sauce #1, and now I want to talk about how to get more traffic with Secret Sauce #2.

What I’m about to share with you will speed up your work so that you can target more people organically, and talk to more people in your Direct Message(DM) so you can implenet strategies like Secret Sauce #1 and others I shared before that.

We’re blessed to use free ways of getting traffic to our page and business, and it never amazes me in how many different ways people are losing traffic because they are simply not targeting correctly or setting up their pages accurately.

You can wait for people to follow you on social media but it can take time, you can wait for people to comment on your work and vice versa but that takes so much energy, and for someone to direct message you back or for you to direct message your new followers, it can take sitting in front of your phone or computer for hours in a day(not that it’s wrong, especially if you’re starting out I recommend that).

I’ve had my own success with getting traffic from Instagram, and as of lately I wanted more for one of my web pages, so what I did was take a leap of faith…

I signed up for a Business Platform that has been able to grow my Instagram page, get me more leads and traffic, all while being able to make money from it in the process. Backtrack first…

After about 11 months of trying to grow out my page with no automated system or influencers, I was chipping away day to day. I even once turned to those automated bots where you’d have to set it up all yourself, posting times, add the amount of follower per hour and so forth…and get this, I’d have to leave my computer on for it to run.

So after sometime organically growing my page, I started using an automated social media management tool with a dedicated back office team called FueldLeads(FL for short).

It’s a self automated service, that literally gets you the best of the best attention and:

  • Real followers
  • Real Likes
  • Adds Real Comments
  • Bring more leads
  • More Direct Messages
  • More leverage to talk with people
  • You can send automated responses to real people

It’s a legit way to grow your Instagram all while getting more traffic to my site 2X-4X the rate. Can I say that it’s increased my traffic? OH YEAH! I have a review about Fueledleads that will explain that far more in detail. If  you’d like to head over to my FueledLeads review article, go here.

Other than than Using FueledLeads for greater optimization, you don’t need to jump into that right way, as you can use every technique I mentioned in this article beforehand. And remember, If you do have any questions, comments, concerns, or want to offer me your opinion, I’d love to hear from you down below.

How To Increase Traffic On A Blog – The Lifeline Of Your Work

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The Truth doesn’t fall too far from the apple tree, in that every business owner or blogger has experienced repeat frustration to gain exposure and readership. If It were easy to do, everyone would be in business! But that’s not the reality we are sadly faced with, and to get away from the imaginary world, we need to see that it takes some time to build an audience.

But Michael, I don’t have time, I need my (insert line here), and I need it now!  It’s easy to fall for the little tricks and tips people throw at you, and if you’re lead to believe that throwing up a blog and after your first blog post, you’re getting a flock of geese coming flying at you, UH it’s time to steer ship.

Nobody tells you it’ll be frustrating, rather you hear things like “build it and they will come”, but unlike in movies, things don’t happen in a matter of minutes, and they need more work, so that leads people to quit blogging all together. But once you experience the benefits, you’ll understand how to:

  1. Drive tons of traffic to your blog
  2. Build a great social media presence
  3. making more impressions

This article is going to help you attain all these things, and out of it you’re going to gain something even greater in return…Satisfaction. What I’m going to share with you are:

  1. How to understand your audience
  2. How to structure your content
  3. How to be a social media presence
  4. How to add links if necessary
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices

…And tons of more. And at the end of it, Ill have a cross off checklist to make sure you are doing the right things one by one before moving to the next step(s). So let’s begin?

What Is An Audience, And Why You Should Care?

I don’t WANNA…Remember that sentence when we were kids and we could never fully completely that sentence? HAHA. Well now it’s the complete opposite, we want, then we want some more, and now it’s not even funny, we want the whole PIE!

Well If I’m about to be the bear of bad news, please don’t try to hate me when I tell you that building an audience DOES take time. Rome Was not Built in a day, so your audience should be treated in similar monument. Rather than asking for a miracle, let’s start off with the very first thing…

1. An Audience

Before getting the attention that your blogs heart desires, you need to figure out or find out more who you are writing for. Writing is like the equivalent of art, but maybe not so much as the equivalent of artwork that can be easily understood like The Mona Lisa of Leonardo Davince, and The Michael Angelo paintings of the the era. The point I’m trying to make is that you should be able to easily convey your message to your readers so that they can look over your writing once and evaluate it immediately without having to be confused about what they just saw or read. 

You might be the most experienced in your subject, but that doesn’t mean your readers will be as well. So writing in a way that you can get your message across without confusion will do a couple things:

  • Bring back your readers
  • Gain more followers
  • Find your work creative
  • Trust and learn from you better

So, Being Yourself = Your Best Success

For those of us that are just getting our head around starting a blog, this is really useful information, but more so, you want to start off with identifying your niche. What are your:

  • Interest
  • Passions
  • Hobbies

If you can identify with this criteria, you’ll be able to not only understand your audience, you’ll know how you should be writing out your content fro them. For example here’s something I would do:

Ex: I want to focus on helping people with chronic back pain, so I will write it in a way that doesn’t come off too medical(with words and translations), and I will focus on men over 50 that are struggling.

What this does is narrow your niche, but more importantly, you will have a more concentrated writing technique and strategy for that circle of audience. There are exceptions when you can write to a broader audience in one article, but it’ll take more time to get traffic, which I will get too soon. 

The problem with writing for a larger audience is that many people are competing for the same thing, so you need to differentiate yourself. 

2. How to structure your content

As My mentor Would like to tell me “Content is King”. And your structure is more like the “Queen” of your real estate. Having a good quality structured article will help change, not even change “revolutionize” your blog and bring much more traffic. What I mean by this is you want to check off some things:

  • Have great titles
  • Have content that flows
  • Look out for grammar and spelling
  • Make it relevant
  • Split your paragraphs
  • Add videos
  • Add images
  • Place links effectively

Let’s take a look at each one of these now, starting with having spectacular titles.

Title above the fold

1.The titles of your blog post will actually turn out to be the most important part of your blog than is your content…at least first. That’s because the title in a split millisecond can either bring your potential reader and client in or have them pass away to the next blog. There are two ways to see titles:

  • Title before the content begins
  • Meta Title that people see on search engines

There’s this thing called a meta title, and meta description if you’re familiar with, and I use them with WordPress all the time to create a quality headline and description to get people to click on my article over others.

How To Navigate there:

At the bottom of your backspace editing content page, you can view them right after your article. See here for more:

And here is an example of what a good meta title and meta description can look like as we focus into it more:

So, the things you want to focus on when writing out a good title and description are:

  • Creative
  • Promising
  • Solution Orientated
  • Your Keyword is in the title
  • Your Keyword is in the description

Besides focusing on your title and description tags, when you start and you’re journeying through your article, you will want to pay attention to how you’re breaking up your writing sections. The one thing you should always do is have what are called starter headings, these will help your reader identify where blocks of contents start and end, and transition to the next sub topic. 

Here are examples to demonstrate what I would do:

STEP 1: Find where you want your paragraph to end

STEP 2: Separate paragraph with a Transition Header

Now, Search Engines Really Love it when you can utilize the “H3 title entries”, so try to utilize them every time that you are going into your next subtopic. Try to stay away from:

  • H4
  • H5
  • H6

2. Have content that flows

What’s worse then reading about how to feed your pet dog bones and then all of a sudden it jumps to cats and their litter? If your content is not flowing, then your readership will devalue, and you will not grab your readers attention. But the worse of all would have to be that you’ll be wasting your time writing out content. 

When writing out your content, make sure that you are going from one word, one sentence to the next with clarity and momentum, as you should write like it makes sense all while turning on your wheels and getting from one point to the next with more substance. Here’s an example of how that may look like for you:

In this image above, the content is flowing from what essential oils can do for you, and then it catches fire rolling into a list. A list is a good way to structure your content and break up your work to make it easier on the eye for your reader.

Nobody want to see big blocks of content, that will just lose out your readers and rather than going forward, they will have to leave your page. Take a look at good spacing:

As you can see, the paragraphs are separated and not in the 5 paragraph or more way that you were taught in school and in your English course. This will get your readers to read more, keep them interested, and wanting more!

3. Grammar and Spelling

We all want the support of google, or other forms of traffic, but not only will your User Experience decrease with bad grammar and spelling, so will your rankings in SEO. Here’s what I would step-by-step to make sure I have it together:

STEP 1: Write out your content. What I like to do is write out my content whether that be in WordPress or my content generator with WA, and when I’m done, I like to do a spell check. 

STEP 2: Double Check. It’s always best to do this before submitting your work, but if you need to come back to it after, please do so. I will always go over my work and see where I can fix some errors that I didn’t catch already. 

STEP 3: Re-read. If something sounds off, that’s probably because it is. What I like to do is re-read my content to see where something just skips over and or doesn’t make any sense. I’m not perfect, and from time to time I do need to make these adjustments. 

Here are some resources for checking your grammar and spelling:

4. Be Relevant

Are you living in the now and for the future? Do you wake up in the morning and are ready to take on what is to come whether you don’t know it? Writing your content out is all one in the same, you should be looking into the moment and what is to come into the future. The reason I say that is because people are constantly searching for what’s happening today, and what will take place tomorrow, weeks after, months later, and with the years coming by. 

Take this for example: If I opened up a blog on how to make a recipe about apple pie, and then I say another talking abut making apple pie with cleaner ingredients, I’d likely check out both, but what I would find in the second article would probably be:

  • Newer chemicals
  • A larger audience

There could be many possibilities, but the point is that it’s going to be more relevant to now, and it’ll have a more narrowed focus. 

5. Add Video

If you’re not using video, then you’re missing out on having an audience that stays on your page longer. If you;re doing it for SEO purposed like I am, a video will help keep your readers attention and have them stay on your page longer. This will make for better metrics and your on page SEO will increase, therefore causing you to rank even higher!

A video is another great way to help your reader see something visibly better rather than just seeing words. Many people have different learning styles, and video is actually a great way to enhance the experience. Videos and things like YouTube are gaining so much traffic these days, and in 2019 it will only get stronger! Make sure that you have at least one video on your page.

6. Add Images

An image will add more creativity, and help your readers see what you are talking and thinking about. Whenever I create my blog, I make sure to add plenty of images, you can never have too many, but make sure that they make sense. You don’t want to add a picture after, or before a paragraph and it has nothing to do with it. Remember, relevance is everything here. 

Here’s an example of what you can do step-by-step to ensure you do this best:

STEP 1: Image to the right at the beginning

STEP 2: Image in between sub topics

STEP 3: Images in options or list form

Now, you can place your images in the center or to the right, that’s totally up to you. I think that having your image in the center will help visually prepare the reader for what they will read, and I create my pictures after the sub-heading meaning. Or you can just add to to the right, since this will help people visualize what they will get as they read on.

Note: Never place your pictures to the left, this will not make your content flow, and it will be hard for your readers eyes. Usually people read from left to right, so the first thing you want them to see is that content.

7. Place Links Effectively

Are you just blogging without adding links or affiliate links on your blog post? Placing links will help you gain authority in your field because if you link to someone else, they can recognize you, and then start linking to you. Not to mention that for SEO it is a great practice. Google likes to see you sending outbound links to other companies, and it’ll help your reader find what they are looking for much easier and faster. 

STEP 1: Anytime you mention a company, place a link over it, like so:

STEP 2:  Make sure you’re not linking words like “right here”OR “check here”. You want to add more information to your reader, and explain to them where you are leading them. Something like: ” If you’d like to find out more on turmeric and curcumin read here.”

That would be much better, it’s concise, clear and effective!

STEP 3: Place suddle links

STEP 4: Want to go to a product?

STEP 5: Where to go after article

These linking strategies will help your SEO significantly, and instill this subconscious on people without even knowing it; that it will stick in their minds easier. 

8. Add social media buttons

Social Media Is HUGE, and if you’re not taking a fast and free way to get traffic to your blog, you’re missing out incredibly! What I like to do is make sure to post my social share buttons on my website, and inside my actual blog post. This will let your readers share your content amongst the social networks, and in result you’ll gain more exposure. 

You can place your social share buttons in different areas, just take a look:

1.On the side and bottom

9. Retweet/Repost Your Content

The fact is that their are many people on social media scrolling and are busy with their physical reality, and so they’ll miss out on your content the first time around. Make sure you are posting over and over again. I know that for me, I do it consistently, and I’ve learned to use a self automated tool that can do it as specific time and days. Here’s what I would use:

  1. Buffer

I like buffer, as it will help automate the time and type of delivery I want to send. For example, If I wanted to compost a message, I could just write just the same way way If I were to be on the social media platform itself. Here’s how that may look like step-by-step:

STEP 1: Locate your account(s) in your dashboard, and select one(if more than one)

STEP 2: Find your post bar

STEP 3: Write your post and select the drop down arrow next to “Add to The Que” and select “Schedule Post”

STEP 4: Select your date and time

And you are finished. You can set up and send more than one at a time for different social media platforms. To do this, just click on each social media platform to the left where we first started. Other great alternatives are:

  • Hootsuite
  • Cision
  • Sprinklr

According to Germination, there’s a HUGE reason why you need social media for your business and blogging goals, and that is because half of the worldwide population is using it! You can gain access to higher businesses my networking with them through:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

…Some of the biggest platforms to name a few. And there are people who will be looking for your own blog and page so having a social media presence is key.🔑

Two of the big 4 social platforms listed above is gaining more traction and attention than most, and in 2019 it will blow up. They are Pinterest and Instagram. It’s a smart idea to be operating on these two platforms. People are visual by nature and they tend to draw themselves more to images than anything.

I have an article on Instagram and how to get more traffic with easy steps. You can have a look at my Easy to follow Instagram traffic article here.

10. Guest Post

Go looking for other blogs in your niche that reach your target audience, and ask them if you can contribute to writing a blog post. If that site you are contributing for has a large audience, you’ll be able to engage with their audience, thus getting more traffic.

Why SEO Needs To Matter

Up to this point I mentioned little bites and pieces of SEO, but I want to talk more about why it matter for a minute. A blog can be all giggles, and even a way for you to just focus on a “hobby”, but if you’re writing for an audience and you want more people, you should be focusing your attention on getting “organic traffic”. Sure social media, and buying traffic is an option(although I HIGHLY advise against buying traffic), but the real joy comes from getting into the search engines of:

  • Bing
  • Yahoo

…And ofcourse, I couldn’t forget the Almighty King, GOOGLE! The big fella google is where you want to aim for. I’m actually till this day working to get more into google, but I’ve placed myself in many top #1 spot and page one on places like Bing and Yahoo. Here have a look:

Where To Go From Here? Paint The Landscape

It’s easy to read, but it’s another question of if you will implement it. If you have any questions, I want you to shout out to me by leaving me a message below, but if you’d like to take an approach from it yourself, that is also fine. I learned everything on my own to start, but after months of blogging on my own, I then later went into another system as so called “affiliate marketing”, and if you’d like to learn more about blogging and affiliate marketing, check it out here.