July 3

by Michael Granados

How does the sound of combining Total Body Health and wellness with an ALL-In One Marketing platform to make life-changing money at the same time go for you?

You’d want total control over every aspect of your life and business if you were handed the blue pill for it so it begs the question - Will this Now Lifestyle Review exposes the REAL truths? 

I “Michael Granados” a full-time home-based business owner will be pulling back the curtains to show you the UNTOLD truths about Now Lifestyle such as the evolution of it, the pros and cons, alternatives, and so much more you MUST know if you expect to make huge profits but first…

You're asking Is now lifestyle legit? Yes it is not and Like a bee buzzing for honey, you’ve been attracted to this opportunity because of how you can combine health with making money and while it’s a legit system, there’s a lot of complexity you’ll want to keep your eyes wide open to today…

So let’s get started with this nowlifestyle review.

What Is Now Lifestyle?

Now Lifestyle is a Multi-Level Marketing Multi-niche all-in-one marketing platform created by Joel Therien where you can benefit from selling his health and wellness products and or business automation tools.

If you’ve heard of or been a part of MLM’s you’d know they are ALL about recruiting (duplicating) a downline of people to make any significant money and how difficult that is but even more is earning any significant money.

But before I get into depth on MLM’s, let’s back up and learn about Joel.

Who Is Joel Therien?

who is joel therien

Now Lifestyle Joel Therien has launched and been a part of many network marketing companies successfully and he’s a seasoned veteran for over 18 years who knows his way in and out. Some of his previous companies have been:

  • 7 Minute Workout
  • Go Back Up
  • Pure Leverage
  • Host Then Profit

Along with that Joel is also the President and CEO of a company named Global Virtual Opportunities Inc. which happens to be about providing and promoting various tools to internet marketers such as:

It’s no surprise Joel has developed a great repertoire as an internet marketer but he’s also a Bodybuilder. This is where his passion for combining health and make money online products came together and how Now Lifestyle came about.

Going Inside Now Lifestyle

Let’s take this from the top of the home page and we’ll run into the product line.

now lifestyle products

If you scroll down you’ll see the All-In-One Marketing Platform tools You get:

  • Landing Page Builder 
  • Authority Website Builder
  • HD Video Sharing
  • Live Conference Room
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Affiliate Reseller Program
now lifestyle business tools

On top of these Make Money Online Business Tools you can use for yourself and to promote to other businesses, here are the health products:

Now Lifestyle Products For Health:

#1 The Now Body Health and Fitness Program

now lifestyle health products

This program will allow you and up to 4 more of your friends or family to achieve your health and fitness goals together through this high-intensity yet very short duration exercise you will do for about 7 to 10 minutes a day for 3 times a week.

#2 Nutritional Supplement Line

now lifestyle supplement

Joel has a protein powder (Dutch Chocolate Flavor) and is a delicious blend of three of the highest quality whey protein concentrates and isolates from all around the world:

  • Ultrafiltered
  • Microfiltered
  • Enzymatically Hydrolyzed

This blend is designed to maximize your amino acid absorption and Biological Value (BV)

#3 Protein Powder - Natural Vanilla Powder

#4 Elevate Energy Booster

now lifestyle elevate

This Energy booster is specifically formulated to supply the proper ingredients you need to promote sustained energy and production and mental alertness. You get a full complement of vitamin B and other factors such as:

  • Chromium
  • Magnesium Malate
  • Carnitine

#5 Eliminate Natural Fiber

now lifestyle fiber

These are all the Health programs you’ll be able to promote and Like I said earlier, you get the business automation tools to use for yourself and to share with others. Now let’s go into the compensation plan.

Now Lifestyle Compensation Plan

now lifestyle compensation plan

You get 3 different ways to get paid up to 100% Residual Commissions:

#1 Front End Commissions

  • You get 50% commission on all of your direct sales
  • 50% matching bonus on the earnings of your direct referrals

#2 Binary Residual Compensation Plan

On top of the Front end commissions you make for making direct and referral sales, you will also be able to cash in on the Now Lifestyle Binary Residual Compensation plan where:

  • All resellers in the program will earn the binary compensation plan
  • Each cycle will generate up to $20/cycle in residual commissions.
  • Binary commissions are generated from the $24.97/month autoresponder and marketing products

Here’s how you qualify for Binary Commissions:

  • Maintain monthly $24.95 marketing tools with your account in good standing…
  • Have a minimum of 2 direct referrals (1 placed in each leg-left and right)...
  • Create a cycle (4 on “power” leg and 2 on "weak” leg) to earn you binary residual commissions…
  • Bringing in another direct referral each month. And once you’ve referred 6 people, you will qualify for life-on commissions as long as those members stay active.

#3 Earn More With NowLifestyle Ascension Products

now lifestyle ascension

So the final way to be compensated is by reselling courses for email marketing, health, a seminar retreat, and the master's package. 

  • Email Marketing Mastery. 50% commissions, 1 tier = 5%.
now lifestyle email marketing mastery

  • Nowbody Certification. 50% commissions earned and 2 tier 5% each tier.
nowbody certification

  • Now Lifestyle Seminar Retreat. You get 50% commissions and 2 tier 5% each tier.
now lifestyle seminar retreat

  • Masters Package. Included all products, 50% commission earned, and 2 tier 5% each tier. 
now lifestyle master package

Now Lifestyle Reviews

Here are some Lifestyle now mentor reviews

now lifestyle reviews
now lifestyle testimonials
now lifestyle testimonials

Now Lifestyle BBB

There wasn't an "Exact" BBB information for this name but there was one for Lifestyle now bbb:

now lifestyle bbb

Lifestyle now is used as a landing page to then redirect people to now lifestyle.

How Much Does Now Lifestyle Cost?

There are a couple of memberships to choose from:

  • Gold - Monthly $49.0, yearly $441.00
  • Silver - Monthly $99.00, Yearly $891.00
  • Enterprise - Monthly $299.00, Yearly $2,691.00
now lifestyle cost

Who Is Now Lifestyle For?

Now Lifestyle is made for people who want to have more ways to earn in terms of niches such as health and wellness along with the make money online space and also don’t mind the whole Network Marketing setup. Here’s more:

  • Beginners who would like to get great at email marketing and learn from one of the best in Joel how to do it by promoting health and business tools.
  • Intermediates and experts who’ve tried to make money online but haven’t worked or would like to diversify their income streams.
  • Network Marketing enthusiasts who want a complex commission plan and don’t mind recruiting people to make money.
  • Moms and Dads
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • And many more

Who’s It Not For?

  • People who don’t want to do network marketing
  • People who don’t want a complex commission structure
  • People unsure what to focus on
  • Tire Kickers
  • Lazy People

Pros And Cons


  • Multi-niche based program so you can earn in more ways than one with health and wealth which means you'll double your income in less time
  • Joel Therien who has massive success in network marketing and email marketing so you can have the confidence following someone who practices what they preach which means you'll replicate similar successes.
  • All-In-One Marketing platform with a great suit of tools so you can have everything in one place as opposed to having third party tools all over the place that will cost more which means you'll save more of your time, energy, and money.
  • Decent compensation plan so you can get rewarded for promoting the products as well recruiting others.


  • Complex compensation plan and not knowing which niche/products you should focus on

Is Now Lifestyle Worth It?

I’ll start by saying this, it’s not a bad idea to combine health and wellness with a home business opportunity because you not only get the best of both worlds, you can find more ways to make money, but…

I for one am not a big fan of the compensation complexity, here’s what I mean. For one, there are many levels to be compensated that I found myself being confused and asking myself If this is really possible for me to achieve.

And while it is totally possible, I also had to factor in whether I’d be spending my time targeting an audience for health, for recruiting people into the system and or to focus on selling the tools to other business owners?

I’m sure you’d narrow it down, but it’s just too complex, I’d rather focus my time and energy on an alternative that would allow me to do either or. But hey, Joel has really put in a lot of effort and work behind designing this system so the more power to you if you feel like this is your thing.


There are Definitely more and greater alternatives out there and ones where you can get compensated very well with like:

My personal favorite is Healthy Affiliate and is most related to Now Lifestyle on the fact that you get to promote Health products through the Affiliate Marketing Business model and get a chance at making HUGE commissions without the complex commission structure, network marketing aspect, and being tied down to a company’s products…

I am the creator of this system and if promoting health products is something you’re interested in, then click the button below, otherwise check out a few of the other programs I listed above.

What I Liked Most About Now Lifestyle

I’d have to say it’s very clever to mix health and wellness with the make money online space made up of smart business tools any business owner would want. I really do appreciate how there are many done-for-you templates, scripts, and more to help you get started the fastest way possible.

Plus, it helps to have someone like Joel who has many years of making exceptional money promoting other people’s products.

What I Liked Least

I don’t like the Commission structure as it looks more enticing for people to recruit people rather than spending your time promoting the products, and sadly that’s just how most Network Marketing systems can be…

They put a big emphasis on recruiting. Also, I’m not sure how I would properly promote all these products without defining a clear message. I get you can bring in people to the tools and then send them to the health products, but it can be very complex.

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about Now Lifestyle? Was there a part you found displeasing?

There is no My lifestyle now scam as you were able to see and listen...Health is a big part of our lives and so is the well-being of our Wealth but who ever thought mixing the two programs would prove to be a colossal way to make money with?

Now Lifestyle is proving to do that but how well can YOU do with this system is the real question? Sure, you can find your way in, go out and promote the products but what I can’t get over (and you may not either) is “How” you’ll end up promoting all of this…

From the complexity of the commission structure to a system you’re dependent on for all the tools, I wouldn’t put my two feet into it. I’d rather put my eggs in a different basket where I can promote ANY health product or any other type of niche product for that matter, and have a more well-rounded platform to support all my needs…

And If you feel the same way too, I recommend you check out my #1 Recommended Affiliate marketing program below.

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