October 25

by Michael Granados

Would you like to get the business funding of a lifetime and like no other without having to go through the hassle to get it?

Welcome into this Quick Capital Funding Review where you’re about to find out if the above sentence holds true and even better is this…

You’re going to hear it from a business owner like yourself as well as a long-time Expert business loan broker in myself (Michael) as you get a breakdown of the HARD Truths no one else is sharing with you, the pros and cons, alternatives and so much so you can finally get the funding you need to build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight inch but first…

Let’s take control and answer the question on your mind - “Is Quick Capital Funding Legit?” 100% They are, HOWEVER (Listen carefully to this party), that doesn’t mean they are best for YOU!

So you’ll want to find out for yourself if they are or not and see how to get up to $2,000,000+ Incredibly fast funding without hard credit checks, no collateral, lower documentation, and even bad credit is fine.

Alright, let’s dive inside.

What Is Quick Capital Funding?

what is quick capital funding

Quick Capital Funding is a lending platform that’s partnered with leading investors to come up with an all-around solution to small businesses in the challenge of getting traditional financing and any other. They have cutting-edge technology to evaluate your business based on your actual performance, not your personal credit.

Why Quick Capital Funding?

The difference between Quick Capital Funding and other lending platforms is their business line of credit which is one of the most sought-after small business loans for business owners. They have speed and flexibility that is unparalleled as well as this...

Their processes are designed to make the most of those advantages, allowing you access to cash when you need it most.

why quick capital funding

Going Inside Quick Capital Funding

Before I get into the products/services, Quick Capital Funding has funding partners with credentials of these:

quick capital funding partners

On top of that, here’s a quick stat look:

quick capital funding by the numbers

Quick Capital Funding Services

You can get access to a variety of funding products and they are:

  • Equipment Financing
  • Working Capital
  • Term Loan
  • SBA Loan
  • Invoice Financing
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Business Line Of Credit

Let’s start off with their Line of Credit product because they say this is what separates them apart:

Business Line Of Credit

In case you don’t know what or how exactly a Business Line of Credit works, this is a revolving line of credit where you can get access to a credit line where you only pay interest on what you use, for example:

IF you were to get approved for $100k but don’t want to use it all at once, you can decide to take out like $20k and you will only pay interest on that amount as well as a withdrawal fee and once you pay it off, it goes back into the original $100k.

You can withdraw multiple times, and the interest just shifts accordingly to it. Unlike a “Term Loan” and or Merchant Cash Advance “Limp sum” where you can default since paying it back you have a set repayment coming out each time…

The line of credit helps you and can be better for your cash flow in a lot of cases, but some disadvantages are:

  • Not enough of a limit to start
  • They are harder to get
  • You can’t get increases as fast and more to begin

Here are more benefits with Quick Capital Funding


Here are some details:

  • You can get between 12-24 months, but in some cases, the term can be longer
  • On average it takes 3-5 days to get the line of credit

Merchant Cash Advances:

Another commonly known and one of the highest approved services for business owners is the Merchant Cash Advance where you get advanced funding based on your future receivables and you pay back a portion to the lender on a percentage of your sales or a fixed daily or weekly amount…

NOTE: These products and services do have medium/high rates because it’s unsecured financing meaning you don’t have to put any collateral and have more flexibility. You have to look at it for more than the rates and type of repayment and instead focus on trying to get a longer-term if you can and your repayment.

Related: MCA With same-day instant approval Up To $35,000+

While not everyone will “Have to” get a Merchant Cash Advance, it’s one a lot of people end up having to start with or you use it as “bridge” funding while you’re waiting to get an SBA 7a loan and or Employee Retention Credit or you may need it first to then consolidate and restructure it.

Quick Capital Funding Application Process…

When you get started you’ll see the Quiz like a Questionnaire form:

quick capital funding application

You’ll select from a few questions like:

  • How much capital do you need?
  • How Is your credit?
  • Check all that apply
  • Enter Business Information
  • Some personal information
  • And getting started

Quick Capital Funding Reviews

Here’s what other people are saying about Quick Capital Funding:

quick capital funding reviews
quick capital funding google reviews
quick capital funding google reviewed

Quick Capital Funding BBB

You will see a A rating on the better business buerau, and here's what other people are saying that also have quick capital funding complaints:

quick capital funding bbb
quick capital funding complaints

How Much Does Quick Capital Funding Cost?

There is no cost to start and IF there happens to be an application fee here or anywhere else…RUN, and Run fast. You shouldn’t have to go through an application fee and I haven’t yet seen that.

The only costs you endure are origination/lending closing fees and those can be a few hundred dollars to about $4,000 or so and it can even be waived off by the lender with good details that you have.

Besides that, the other costs are your energy and time - If you don’t believe this is best and or you won’t qualify, it’s better not to even get started.

Who Is Quick Capital Funding For?

Quick Capital Funding is made for business owners who are non-startups (not for startups) who wanted a variety of loans and advances all in one place Here’s more:

  • You’re looking for fast, easy, and reliable funding
  • You want a streamlined application process
  • You have a strong need for funding

Who’s It Not For?

  • Those who don’t potentially want to be called over and over
  • Those who want other options with more flexibility
  • You want a strategic partnership and roadmap for longer-term success
  • You want information without having to call someone about it to find out more about each service

Pros And Cons


  • Fast Funding with multiple services
  • They have credit built
  • You get a hassle-free application process


  • Controversial reviews
  • Not too sure about all products specific details without going through an application/call
  • Unsure about each lender


There are definitely alternative funding programs and even better ones out there where you could put your trust and reliability on and where I’ve had experience with and they are:

Above all, Bitty Advance is one of my favorites based on the fact that you can get up to $25k or $35k same-day instant approval and there’s even a faster service up to $2,000,000+ incredibly fast funding without hard credit checks, no collateral, bad credit is acceptable, and lower documented needed to supply...

And I made a specific in-depth review of Bitty Advance you can learn more about it here:

What I Liked Most About Quick Capital Funding

I Do like that there are multiple services so you’re not limited to just seeing one, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll qualify for all or will more than one be a good fit.

So for what it’s worth, you get multiple services you can then perhaps move into. There are also fast funding services.

What I Liked Least

I don’t like how there’s not too much in-depth information about the services and what the bigger expectations are as well as the underwriting - you’d have to go through an application and or phone call…

You also have to be careful about just giving up your information to anyone and everybody because you don’t know how they’ll use it.

I didn’t like the reviews either and the experiences people have had with Quick Capital Funding and whether they are true or not, it’s risky.

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about quick capital funding? How about your least favorite?

Aside from the “credentials” stated with Quick Capital Funding and all the noise with having access to multiple services at your fingertips ther’s this to look at…

Will YOU get the BEST from the rest? It’s harder to tell, and you’ll want to be careful about just giving up your information without knowing exactly “WHO” their lending partners are and how they use your info…

Rather it’s best for you to get access to the most vetted and trustworthy lenders possible and have a chance to get fast and flexible funding up to $2,000,000 without a hassle, and if you’d like to see how with my #1 recommended alternative lender and lenders…

Please click the following button to learn more:

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