August 17

by Michael Granados

I fell feet and knees down to the hard concrete ground, one big BANG away from a crisis, and In a flash I could see my life speeding into a change.

One 75 pound box fell to the ground and you'd think a box full of HP media paper would be load but OH it was...and as I went down with it at the same time, my thoughts turned to my faith.

That was enough! I've had it, no more physically slaving away, mentally working hard to earn a penny, hanging on to a "possibility" that I would get promoted and get out of the hell whole.

Dramatic? Not even close. Some years ago(2016) I started a material coordinator position with every intention of pouring ALL my effort in, here goes 100%. As excited as I was finally getting out of the college scene to get back to work again...

There was the looming thought of "what if"....What if this job doesn't turn out the way I expect? What if my 3+ years(one at the University, two at community) wouldn't be put to good use?

Surely, this time was going to be different right?

WRONG. After about a year into my material coordinator role, I found out we were not getting raises, the outlook to move up became slimmer with job takeaways and company transitions, there I was a freaking little "piece of code" just one click from being deleted.

I had to prepare, I didn't deserve this, the:

  • underpaid
  • undervalued
  • underappreciated

This was how I was supposed to pay the bills? I stayed the duration of two years to gain stability, and at the end of it that's when my attitude shifted to something unorthodox.

A friend contacted me through the "Snapchat" app and asked me how I was doing, all the meanwhile I'm getting a 360 degree view of my cubicle and one hard look down as I was sunk into the belly of the chair.

Tyson and I chatted for about 15 minutes on my break. We caught up, he told me that his trucking business was doing well, and I said I was good too. Ofcourse, maybe the job wasn't but I'm always happy no matter what...and positive.

I told him how I was starting to look for alternaitve options of earning and he also went on to say a similar thing. He had researched this thing called "affiliate marekting" where you can earn from home, and literally anywhere. 

Travel everywhere? Be your own boss? UHH yes, but that sounded phony to me at the time.

So what did I do after our chat? Researched like any sane person would do. After work I got to my computer and did more extensive research as if I was an extensive scientific researcher for a chemistry or biology job.

What happened next was amazing. I read one blog post, saw one YouTube video after the next about people Literally "BLOWING" it up online. I had my guard up, and people fancing around in cash, showing their earnings was a bit too much to me.

I didn't come from that "show off" get on the interent and work from home type of deal. Us latinos were just not created that way...or equally? haha.

And here I am, the oldest of two(I have a younger brother),searching through the web to make money online, and as an affiliate. Moving forward...

I put up a weebly and Wix website and started placing products and some content on my blog site. Build it and they will come baby...

another WRONG. But this one hurt even more. I had been doing "my thing" absoultely the way everyone else does...

does it on their own, puts up something quick and think that people will come and buy. Learned that lesson the hard way. So I went back to research mode...


And this time I started researching new ways to start a website blog because that's what I heard was needed and best to start with so you can get people to trust you, and for affiliate newtorks to accept you.

Hold and behold, Wealthy Affiliate popped up on the first search. Ever since that time, I didn't look back.

Two words for you: "Real training". That's waht I was missing. No more "gurus" or these $997 courses or scams to bother me. The rest was just going through my own trial and errors like anyone else will and need to go through to figure out how to monetize as an affiliate, but the training was impecivble.

Here's my Unbiased Wealthy Affiliate Review:

I know you came here with the intention of getting an equal sided review so that's what I have in store for you. Although I am a wealthy affiliate partner, I have tried just about every other similar and affiliate related course that you can think of, and I explain more about these here:

Wealthy affiliate is a home for me, and over 10,000 active community members. I wrote another in-depth review on wealthy affiliate that talks about that too. But 

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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