April 24

by Michael Granados

Want to become apart of the World's Preferred Financial Newsletter for over 30,000 Investors?

I’ll cut to the chase and give you a more thorough answer to “What Is Capatilist Exploits”...

They are a professional group of money managers, who have worked across the world for some of the most reputable names in finance as well as managing private wealth.

These people walk the talk. This isn’t just any old newsletter that can help you make better financial investments, or from some journalist or analyst who got paid to turn into a mediocre publisher who do not face the consequences for making wrong calls and have no skin in the game.

I’m Michael Granados, a home business owner who’s made TONS of financial investments but nothing comes close to what Capitalist Exploits can SMARTLY make you do so at the end of the night when you’re laying their in bed you can say to yourself”

HOLY SMOKES, I made the right move”

Before I take you into this in-depth capitalist exploits review and reveal to you what you’ve been missing out on and by the time you leave here today you’ll have smile running across your face with the smile of an investment winner....

Let's answer the REAL question on your mind still - Is Capitalist Exploits Legit? 110% yes it is. However, the better question is this one...Are they right for you?

Let's find out now.

Going Inside Captlist Exploits

Using Capitalist Exploits for myself I’d like to show you the way inside and what you can expect to see upon arrival of the site.

what is capitalist exploits

As you can see, you can sign up to Capitalist Exploits Free investment newsletter from professional money managers by simply placing your email in the white box and pressing the button “Free Sign Up”

I HIGHLY recommend that you sign up so you can have top knowledge coming in from top people and you’ll be in the loop when it comes to making the proper investments which means you’ll make smart decisions and calculated ones that give you the best ROI(Return On Investment).

Scrolling down a few you’ll come across 4 Legitimate reasons that make Capitalist Exploits your preferred financial newsletter, check it out:

capitalist exploits professional money managers

And one more:

capitalist exploits theme based

From top to bottom here’s what you get:

  • High Quality Investment Analysis
  • Intellectually Sound, Not PC
  • Theme-based
  • Skin in the game

Once you scroll down a bit more you’ll land on the “Contributors” part:

chris macintosh capitalist exploit contributor

At the top is the head honcho Chris Macintosh who has founded and built several multi-million dollar businesses in the investment arena which includes overseeing the deployment of over $30 million into Venture Capital opportunities and advising family offices internationally. Prior to tall this, Chris built a career in Invesco Management, Lehman Brothers, JPMChase, and Robert Flemings.

Right underneath that you can read about Chris’s submissions and you’d come to a page like this:

news and articles from chris macintosh

Scroll a bit and you’ll see the image above. From here you can select on any of his work from:

  • Current affairs/Policies to 
  • Scott Baker

The list is literally endless. For example: I clicked on “Millennial's” and it brought me to this page:

chris blog

You can press the “Read More” button and it will take you to this:

chris article

You can now read this article.

Going back to the contributors section on the home page, after Chris Macintosh are more contributors like Jamie Keech.

jamie keech capitalist exploits contributor

Like in Chris’s example, you can do the same with Jamie and it’ll show you his work you can go more in depth on.

Other contributors that follow below are:

  • Bradley McFadden
  • Harris “Kuppy” Kupperman

SECTION #3: Investment Themes

Scroll down a bit and you’ll find yourself in the Investment themes portion of the home page.

investment themes

In the paragraph it basically states that Capitalist Exploits tracks capital flows and other trends to establish where the deep value lies. And they spend their time determining how to execute on their views.  How is this any different than other investors?

This takes them where other investors dare not to go, and is often how they achieve out sized returns.Keep going down this section and you’ll learn more about their themes in:

  • Natural Resources
  • Energy
  • The US Dollar
  • Japan
  • Shipping
  • Interest Rates
  • Greece 
  • Aussie Housing
  • Bitcoin

SECTION #4: Our Services 

capitalist exploits services

In this section you can see the services that Capitalist Exploits offer you like:

  • Insider. Working alongside Chris Macintosh and his team as a they identify the biggest investment opportunities globally and how to best execute on them. It’s open for investors of all experience levels and sophistication
  • Resource insider. Real-time deal flow service for accredited investors looking for a private investment opportunity in energy and natural resources. Jamie Keech leads this and he will evaluate hundreds of private investment opportunities and then sends members the research diligence he’s performed on the one’s he’s personally pursuing
  • Glenarchy Capital. Managed accounts service run by Chris and Brad for accredited investors who want exposure to the investment opportunities they provide, via a full managed accounts service.
  • BONUS: Paid Newsletter. How does getting Professional investment ideas delivered freshly into your inbox full of regular stock ideas, an idea database, rational analysis, education, guidance and what you won't get, sound to you?

On all these you can learn more by pressing the “Learn More” button as you can see from the image up above. I’ll take you through an example using the "Paid Newsletter first and then  “Insider” one.

For Insider Newsletter:

insider newsletter capitalist exploits

If you scroll down a little bit on this page, you'll be able to track the performance for an Asymmetric Gains Portfolio, check it out:

capitalist exploits daily newsletter

These are signifcant results and great performance over the inception period.

Again, what you get are:

  • Regular Stock Ideas...
  • Idea Database...
  • Rational Analysis...
  • Education...
  • Guidance...
  • What You Won't Get!

You can learn more about what you get and what other people are saying here:

For Insider Subscribers:

This again is Insider subscripton for members who want to participate in the same ideas as fund managers Chris Macintosh and Brad McFadden, and it was created to provide investors with a "do it yourself" hedge funding building service. All you would need is a decent online brokerage account, and you're good.

The home page might have changed but this was/is the proces to learning more about it from there...

STEP 1: Click on “Learn More”

capitalist exploits insider

STEP 2: Read About Chris Macintosh

insider capitalist exploits

STEP 3: Get signed up.

You then can Sign up for Free to get investment ideas targeting HUGE Returns

investment sign up

That’s it! 

NOTE: The page may have been updated since then and now it may look like this now:

capitalist exploits insider

Frmom here you'll see that you can get ALL the research and guidance on how to position your capital from professional money managers whos only objective is investing for 3x-100x the returns with miniaml risk in the years ahead

You'll get acces to:

  • Over 60 "Buy" Rated Investments
  • Over 12 Different Sectors
  • Targeting 300%+ Profit
  • Over 2,000 Happy Members
  • Ongoing Support and Guidance so you don't have to go at it alone

Capitalist Exploits Reviews

Underneath this page are testimonials and reviews you can check out from trust pilot. Here’s just a few of the many of what premium subscribers had to say:

capitalist exploits premium members
capitalist exploit reviews
capitalist exploits reviews

How Much Does Capitalist Exploits Cost?

There are different prices to Capitalist exploits one of those being the $1 Insider Newsletter where you'll get exceptional and professional freshly made investment ideas into your inbox for $1 for a 30-day trial and then it's $35 a month thereafter.

There's also the Insider Member Subscriotuon at The original cost of $2,499 annually with a 100% money back guarantee.

If you don’t want to start there, you can begin with the Insider Weekly Newsletter for $1 by clicking here.

You can view example trades on this page for the insider weekly newsletter if you’d like. Also, the Retirement Investments insider is an all access pass to professional money managers who are navigating the current financial crisis brought to you by COVID-19, led by Chris Macintosh.

Chris will tell you what he is doing with his money every single step of the way, including what to buy and what NOT to buy, and provide you with access to his personal team of analysts and traders that manage his own, as well client funds.

If you'd like to check out the Insider Subscription that'll help you build generational wealth and get access to personal investments of hedge fund managers looking to protect their capital and profit during these extraordinary times and long into the future while getting this...

All the reasearch, and guidance on how to psoition YOUR capital from professional money managers whose only objective is investing for 3x-100x + returns with minimal risk, in the years ahead...

Then click the button to learn more about how and what it entails and to get started.

Who’s Capitalist Exploits For?

There are many types of people who will benefit from joining Capitalist Exploits such as:

  • Beginners who haven’t dipped their toes in investing or at least properly and want to hit the ground running with a PROVEN system and team of people who will make sure you don’t make mistakes.
  • Expert Investors who want to challenge themselves or get more out of their investments and are curious how to make better retirement financial investments from the best of the best.
  • People who want ACTUAL professional money managers who have worked around the world for reputable financial names, as well managing your wealth. I know how tiring it can be learning from people who don’t have skin in the game and are basically frauds, Capitalist Exploits is not that.
  • Small Business Owners who want to add more into their retirement savings and allocate their money in different financial areas.
  • Entrepreneurs who want another flow of income stream to help them secure themselves during their retirement years.

Pros and Cons


  • You get TOP notch Mentorship and Leadership from PROVEN and experienced veterans like Chris Macintosh, Jamie Keech, Bradley McFadden, and more who will help you navigate through money managing at it’s best which means you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong information and investing in the wrong places.
  • High Quality investment analysis so you can have greater returns on your investments much faster which means you’ll earn more in a shorter amount of time and have the money and time to live your best life.
  • First protect, then profit mindset, strategies, and tactics so you don’t have to worry about losing money over the next weeks and months. You’ll get the best knowledge on which assets you need to own NOW, to bullet proof your portfolio.
  • You can manage your money best in any season imaginable, especially through times like the Corona Virus, so you’ll get an understanding of where money flows which will ensure you not only save but make more money in times of a crisis.


  • There weren’t many cons, but one I’d point out is the price, but even at that it’s reasonable and makes sense to get access to greatness.


You get a free newsletter to join, you can get more of it for just $1, and the retirement investment Insider which you will pay more for is ALL well worth it. There are more pros than cons, and I'm not being biased.

What I Liked Most About Capitalist Exploits

I liked so much I wouldn’t know where to start so I’ll give you my most favorite thing about Capitalist Exploits. And that’s the level of professionalism!

I’m in so much amazement and blown away at how Chris and the rest of the team behave, how they act towards you and they don’t play around…

They make sure you make the BEST decisions for yourself at the end of the day. They all want you to financially invest your money wisely and make money but they also do their best to help you save more, avoid the effort of trying to do this yourself, save time, and avoid the mental and physical pain that can come with making the right financial investment.

You will ALWAYS have guidance no matter what.

Final Thoughts

Capitalist Exploits gives you EVERYTHING you need to make stable financial investments that will not only make you more money for many years to come, but save you money, especially in times of crisis. You get only the best professional money managers who walk the talk and are not sitting around letting you do all the heavy lifting.

After making investments and searching for better professional managers and a team to rely on, I’m happy that I came across Capitalist Exploits in my search for a better prosperous life, and I believe you will find it the same if not more...

You're going to flourish when you get access to the same ideas as the fund managers in both Chris and Brad, this way you can move forward with 110% confidence and certainty you will make the right investment decisions and make HUGE ROI's which means you'll be able to make even greater and smarter gains without the costly expenses others go through themselves.

Besides that, you get the Insider Newsletter you can start off with so you can get exceptionally professionally put together investment ideas delivered straight to your inbox when and where you need them most.

If you're ready to get the edge and get started today, then click the button below to see the insider newsletter or you can see right under the button to get started with the Insider Subscribers service.

P.S. If you want to cut to the chase and check out the Insider Subscribers, then click here to see the Larger Capitalist Exploits service

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