January 14

by Michael Granados

What Is The High Income Copywriter AND how can you predictably make recurring income from writing gigs No one knows about?

The High-Income Copywriter is a copywriting training course created by Digital Entrepreneur Dan Lok designed to help you earn predictable, recurring retainers as a stay at home copywriter with simple yet lucrative writing gigs no one knows about. Rather than going to a freelancing site to spot up a gig where you’re treated as a commodity and are forced to earn less than you deserve, that won’t happen with this course(supposedly).

There’s no surprise the Digital Age is BOOMING with people flooding the internet to find a way to make more money and to start a home-based business but what if I asked you what the #1 Skill you must have to Propel your business exponentially is, you’d say?

Likely Facebook Ads, looking like a Rockstar on Instagram or flaunting your looks like the Next Kardashian, you’d be mistaken...It’s actually Copywriting!

So is the High-Income Copywriter legit? Umm...NOPE! Listen, Dan Lok is in a way a scammer, not 100% but it’s there and he’s been playing MILLIONS of people into buying his courses, follow him on YouTube, and even call him “Sifu” like he’s some God(wrote a dan lok review here for you)…

The guys obviously very high on producing motivational free value yet many newbies fall for his free content because they don’t know better and I “Michael Granados” a copywriter and business owner myself will be uncovering Dan’s High Income Copywriter training course as well show you the pros and cons, alternatives and so much more.

But if you want to get on with it and check out my #1 recommended copywriting training that is legit, click here.

Alright, let’s power on with this high income copywriter review.

Going Inside High Income Copywriter

On the home page you’ll see this:

high income copywriter in demand training

At the top of the image above you’ll see it reads this is a free on-demand training, there are no costs but this will be available only for 48-hour only(the guy and his team forget the “s” at the end of hours)...

When in reality there is no expiration date. This is only to get you to act faster, it’s scarcity and fear of missing out tactic, don’t be alarmed, okay?

In the background, you’ll see Dan Lok at his computer and at a Rental apartment he uses in just about all his YouTube videos showing you some penthouse to “sell” you the vision when in fact it’s not even his he owns!

Anyways, His headline reads as-is:

“How To Earn Predictable, Recurring Retainers As A Stay-At-Home Copywriter With These Simple, Lucrative Writing Gigs That No One Knows About…

Without going to another freelance site where you’re treated as a commodity and are forced to earn less than you deserve!”

Dan Lok // High Income Copywriter

Very catchy, right? 

The point Dan is trying to make is he see freelancers on places like Upwork may charge a handful or less and still are not getting paid what they’re worth and believes you can do better by locking in high paying business owners who are willing to pay $1,000’s+ more, but that’s the catch Dan wants you to believe.

I do believe from what I’ve heard from others(in the video above), his high ticket copywriting course is great for people who have an existing idea/vision where they already have a foot in the door and know exactly what they want.

If we scroll down a little you’ll be able to sign up for the free training class and I'll show you that in a bit but here’s what you’ll learn on this free on-demand training:

free in demand training

  • How to avoid the big bad 3 - the 3 global trends that will wipe out 50-90% of jobs and retirement plans - and how to profit from these trends TODAY and for decades to come
  • The World’s Simplest way to double your income without doubling your work - you’ll be “shocked” at how few people are talking about this sneaky methodology
  • How to create “Windfall income” on command - so one-off paychecks of $5k to $10k a time.
  • And more as you can see from the image above.

A Little Bit About Dan Lok….

about dan lok

So before I break into the webinar here’s a quick segment on who Dan Lok is...He’s a Chinese-Canadian business magnate and the founder of Copywriters.com

Dan has helped millions of people from 150+ wastely spend their money on him OH Excuse me, I meant to say he’s helped develop high-income skills for them, unlock true financial confidence and master their financial destinies.

Now let’s look inside the training class

High-Income Copywriter Training Class

First, you’ll be asked to register your email when you click the “Claim your free pass” button.

high income copywriter register

Then you’ll see this page:

high income copywriting training

Dan appears in this video and first shows you “proof” of who he is and just gimmicky looking and feeling stuff like his Karta bits, and then forwards into this:

dan lok training

“Why companies are writing large monthly checks to anyone with this NEW High In-Demand Skill…

That they don’t want to do themselves, Can’t be automated away with AI, Or Outsourced Overseas!”

Keep in mind you can also read the transcript to the right of the video and you’ll see this page:


Time Stamps…

In this video the 11-time stamps are as follow:

dan lok time stamps

High-Income Job Vs A High-Income Skill

high income job vs high income skill

In the transcript version, Dan reveals the concepts of having a high income job vs a high-income skill and shows you the 8 benefits of learning a high-income skill and they are:

  1. Low Cost Of Entry
  2. Set Your Own Schedule
  3. Work From Anywhere
  4. No Product Creation, No Inventory, And No Service Delivery
  5. You Can Get Results Fast
  6. How good would it be to have no ceiling on your income?
  7. Stack on your success
  8. Become a better version of yourself

What Other People Are Saying…

high income copywriter reviews
high income copywriter results
high income copywriting result

How Much Does High Income Copywriter Cost?

The original price of High Income Copywriter is $2,997 but you won’t have to pay that, you’ll end up paying $2,497 OR 3 payments of $997 each.

how much does high income copywriter cost

Dan reminds you again of what you’re getting:

  • The Complete High-Income Copywriter Certification Program Delivered over 7 weeks.

As well as 3 bonus gifts:

  • FREE Gift #1: Dan’s personal #250 Million Dollar Swipe File($5,000 Value)
  • FREE Gift #2: 11 Breakdowns of the Most Successful Ads and Emails from some of the most profitable product launches in the world($1,100 Value)
  • FREE Gift #3: Fill In The Blank Headline Templates($300 Value)
  • FREE GIft #4: Instant Subject Lines($100 Value)
  • FREE Gift #5 Exclusive Access To the High-Income Copywriter Community(Priceless)
  • FREE Gift #6: The Complete Compliance Checklist to scale without getting your ads shut down($499 Value)
  • FREE Gift #7: The Top Secret sales letter checklist of Million Dollar Copywriters($799 Value)
  • FREE Gift #8: 175 Power Words that motivate people to buy($175 Value)
  • FREE Gift #9: The 10 Original Sales Letters of Dan’s first copywriter mentor, Alan Jacques($2,499 Value)

DON’T BE FOOLED! Although there are a lot of bonuses, most of it is fluff just like his main copywriting course.

Who Is High Income Copywriter For?

There's a very small demographic, and if I had to take an “appropriate analysis”, it would be a mix for 9-5 workers, people who want to develop a high-ticket income skill that’ll pay you the big bucks so you can be better off financially, have a business you can be proud of and live life on your own terms, and have over $10,000 to spend on how to find clients.

Here's more who Dan is targeting:

  • Beginners who don’t want to be a “commodity” on Freelancing websites and want to get paid what they are worth...
  • But it’s really not for beginners, there’s too many high costs to justify it.
  • Intermediates and experts who’ve either tried and failed and want to try another way or experts who want to sharpen and grow their toolbox of skill sets
  • Intermediates and experts who already have an idea/vision and they will do Everything it takes no matter what.

Who’s It Not For?

  • Beginners
  • People who don’t want to pay a lot and yet not get enough material on how to find clients unless you spend A LOT more.
  • People who don’t want to give up their hard-earned money
  • Smart People
  • People who want a more trustworthy  mentor

Pros And Cons


  • High-income skill so you can keep earning money without having to worry about losing your place which means you’ll never be left high and dry without any cash.
  • Professional looking course so you have a clean and organized material to look at which means you’ll feel cleaner and better to act on what you learn


  • The course is full of insight but not enough until you pay for thousands more.
  • Overpriced course to get smaller paying customers first and then the higher ones
  • Dan has way too many ex students with opposing views.

As you can see, there are fewer pros then there are cons and that’s because Dan is someone who’s been know you steal other legit digital entrepreneurs material(I wrote about one person specifically inside the Dan Lok Review post here) and his courses are just there to waste your time and money.


There are DEFINITELY far better alternatives than Dan Lok and his High-Income Copywriter course and they are:

If you’re still looking to develop your copywriting skills and get paid as either a freelancer or as apart of a different business model, then check out the Copywriting playbook which will show you how to create award-winning ads, emails, posts and so much more with step-by-step video training from a REAL expert.

What I Liked Most About High-Income Copywriter

Nothing really, but as a marketer looking at another “marketer”, what Dan has done well(not ethically thought) is use copywriting to persuade you to “think” he’s this GOD or person who knows what they’re doing…

And you see that in his:

  • Videos
  • Sales Pages
  • Posts
  • Events
  • And so much more

This is something you have to be careful of NOT only Dan but every other “make money online” guru because they are fluent in copywriting and can put ANYTHING in front of you and you’ll likely take the bait if you don’t know any better.

Luckily for me, I can spot the differences, so I’m here to make sure you don’t fall for the lies and deception.

What I Liked Least

EVERYTHING. From Dan to his courses, it's cringing me just thinking about it.

Final Thoughts And Next Level Steps

I’d ask you what you liked most about High-Income Copywriter but I’ll take a different approach and asked you what you hated most?

There’s so much expert Copywriting in all of Dan’s messaging and whether he came up with it all himself or he had his team do it, Dan is still a loser. His High-Income Copywriter course is nothing more than a charade and his information lacks the conviction to not only take action but help you make money…

In fact, most of his students don’t make money learning anything inside rather they’ve made more promoting the course to other students as an affiliate and have made money that way. It’s like a pyramid scheme except theirs a product…

And people do this all the freaking time with affiliate marketing and it’s annoying. So if you’d rather save your money, time, and energy and actually spend it on a project more meaningful and one that’ll get you RESULTS without friction…

Then I highly recommend checking out the Copywriters Playbook by clicking the button down below..

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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