10+ Ultimate Ways To Promote Legendary Marketer

  1. Share your journey through the 15 day online business builder challenge
  2. Be a traffic rolodex case study
  3. Create a case study affiliate group
  4. Promote using Google/Bing ads
  5. Do videos inside your Facebook Group
  6. Write a comparison post vs wealthy affiliate
  7. Create a YouTube channel around the content
  8. Promote Legendary as a value to add Clickfunnels
  9. Add LM to your lost of recommended products page
  10. Talk about it inside your email(email list)
  11. Go on TikTok
  12. Put a Pin on Pinterest

Final Thoughts

Legendary Marketer gives you an amazing opportunity to earn high-ticket commissions and their products are of high quality making it well worth your time promoting. You'll want to take the time to pick a platform and focus on being consistent at it over time if you want to see any tangible money making results.

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