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STEP 1: Watch the video:


STEP 2: Research On "Answer The Public"

There's a website called "Answer The Public" where you can enter ANY word or phrase on a topic/category and generate Keywords on things people are searching for. Here's an example:

First enter your niche/product name:


Then check out the results generated. You'll get questions, prepositions, and a lot more.

results answer

Keep researching if necessary...


There's an alphabetical section to sort by at the bottom.

joint alpha

If you haven't yet, I'll show you later on how to use Answer The Public with your blog/website and using Keyword Research to it's best.


  • Research on Answer The Public...

>>Click here to check out Answer The Public

Extra Resource:

  • Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo will show you the content that performs the best. Yes, this can be used well for blogging/websites, but you can also generate ideas on what people are liking, sharing, and buzzing about...So you can use this information to create content around these areas.

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