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Setting Measurable Realistic Expectations in your journey is EVERYTHING, so listen to this video...

STEP 2: Watch the video:

I'm not trying to be the bad guy here, just understand that YOU NEED to have realistic expectations about this affiliate marketing vehicle you are on. Like anything else online where you can legitimately make it a full time automated business, you should treat it like one.

Your Assignment:

Come up with some tangible "money goals" answering these 3 questions:

Q1:  Are you wanting to do this part time or full-time?

Q2: How much money would be excited making Per Month?

Q3: How Much Time are YOU Willing to INVEST to achieve goals 1 and 2 from above?

Be Realistic, shoot for the stars at all times but please stay away from saying you want to "make it" and be successful in the next day, week, month and even year monetarily wise...and never let your dreams down because with the right strategy/tactics/mindset, you WILL get there! So here's what to do next...

Write your goals down on a piece of paper or document online and keep it close by. Also, you can share your goals down below in the comment section( if open) or inside our official Course by clicking here, so we can all help one another out in this journey!

All the best,

Michael Granados

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