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by Michael Granados

Are you struggling to find and get the BEST funding out on the market guaranteed without impacting your credit or continuously getting bombarded with email after emails from who knows who?

What about boarding the party train of savvy business owners who are building their own businesses by referring others to get funding?

Welcome into this Unique 7 Figures Funding Review where I “Michael” a Multiple business owner and expert business loan broker (with Viral Funding Solutions), will be uncovering the TRUTHS and perspectives no one else is sharing with you, along with the pros and cons, alternatives, and much more so you can get the unfair advantage and make the best decision but first…

How about we answer that question playing around in your mind - “Is 7 Figures Funding Legit? In 3, 2, 1, Yes! They are 100% legit, HOWEVER (listen carefully), that doesn’t mean they are best for YOU. So you’ll want to find out for yourself.

Let’s get into it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully indpendent review and I am not affiliated with 7 Figures Funding and the owner in any shape or form whatsoever

What Is 7 Figures Funding?

what is 7 figures funding

7 Figures Funding is an alternative financing platform helping businesses and business owners reach their full potential by acquiring the right financing to get their business off the ground and more as well as offer a partner program where you can refer businesses and get compensated for it as a business loan broker/agent. The founder of 7 Figures Funding is Leo Kanell who is a serial entrepreneur who faced similar challenges getting funding like many people do and through his experiences wanted to help others achieve their goals.

The company offers 0% credit lines and no collateral (as one of the services) to give your business essentially “free money” for an introductory of around 6-18 months or so to use as you best see fit anywhere in the U.S.

Why 7 Figures Funding?

Let me list a few reasons why:

  • The benefit of having the best funding guaranteed (as they say at least)
  • They will help you save your money by moving high-interest debts to new 0% accounts
  • You can get funding anywhere in the U.S.
  • You’ll get a pre-approval which won’t hurt your credit 
  • You gain access to the comprehensive credit education program

P.S. If you came here for the “partner program” part of this equation then you can scroll down to the “7 Figures Funding Partner Opportunity”.

Let’s go deeper inside now.

Going Inside 7 Figures Funding

Starting with the funding options, you will get access to the proven funding marketplace with over 100+ lenders and these products are:

  • Startup Funding with 0% Business Credit Card Stacking. You get a chance to secure multiple 0% accounts to launch your business. There’s cash accessibility at 0% revolving credit lines/cards.
    • Amounts: Up to $150k
    • Time Frame: 2-3 Weeks to receive your funds
    • Rates are 0% up to 20 months
    • Payment/Term Example at $10k balance = $200/month
  • Startup Funding Personal Loans. These allow you to get a 5-year loan (usually between 1-5 years you see) that can also be used to pay down credit card balances, raise your score, and qualify for 0% funds
    • Amount: Up to $250k
    • Time frame: 3-10 days
    • Rate: from 5.99+
    • Payment/Term: 5-year terms
    • Example: $20,000 at $450/Month
  •  Business Line Of Credit. This is a revolving line of credit for funds you need and you only pay interest on what you use.
    • Amount: Up to $500k
    • Time Frame: As soon as 3 days
    • Rate: As low as 8%
    • Payment/Term: Variable terms with 1-3 years
  • Short-Term Business Loan (MCA). You get to access funds very quickly for any business expenses and more for like growing and expanding your business.
    • Amount: up to $500k
    • Time Frame: As soon as 24 hours
    • Rate: 1.20 factor rate (usually you see between 1.19-1.69 or so)
    • Payment/Term: Daily and Weekly 6-24 months
  • Long-Term Business Loan. This is a more traditional process with a longer term which means you get a lower repayment.
    • Amount: Up To $1M
    • Time Frame: 1 to 3 weeks
    • Rate: as low as 6%
    • Payment/Term: Monthly Payments
  • SBA Loan. These are programs like the SBA 7a, the 504, and SBA Expres and for business acquisitions.
    • Amount: Up to $5M
    • Time Frame: 1 to 3 Months
    • Rate: as low as 8%
    • Payment/Term: Up To 25 years
  • Equipment Funding. These are used for all types of equipment for most industries etc. Including Air Planes. 
    • Amount: Up to $50M
    • Time Frame: 1-3 weeks
    • Rate: As low as 7.99%
    • Payment/Term: Up to 5 years
  • Commercial Real Estate. These are used for all types of Commercial Real Estate. The key is cash of 20% to 30% into the deal.
    • Amount: Up to $100M
    • Time Frame: 1 to 3 months
    • Rate: As low as 4%
    • Payment/Term: Up to 30 years

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3 Ways To Qualify…

You can qualify for funding if you have ANY of these:

  1. Personal Credit: If you have a 680 or better credit score, you have on-time payments, and at least a decent size credit card, you can qualify for $15k to $150k in 0% Business/Personal credit lines/cards at 0% for up to 18 months.
  2. Income: You must have a 650+ FICO score and verifiable income (W2 if employed, your last 2 years of taxes if self-employed) and you have manageable personal debts, then you can qualify for 5 year, no collateral loans up to $100k.
  3. Business Financials: With a 660 FICO score and business bank statements deposits of $15,000 per month average over the last 90 days there are business loan options and with 2 years of profitable business/personal tax returns there are funding options up to $1 Million.

How It Works (In 3 Simple Steps)...

  • STEP 1: You will apply for funding (I’ll show you the part of the app sequence below). Within minutes you can access the best funding options available on the entire funding marketplace.
  • STEP 2: Pre-approval. You will receive a Free pre-approval with a soft pull that will NOT hurt your credit
  • STEP 3: Get The Required Funds For You and Your Business. You can receive your funds in as little as 24-72 hours.

Getting Pre-Qualified…

When you click the “blue” Get Pre-Qualified Now button or similar, you’ll come to this page:

7 figures funding application

Here you will input your personal information as well as business information underneath (optional)

7 figure funding application

There was a page once where you'd select the type of funding use and then you'd be asked how much you would like to borrow but it looks like that has changed. The rest of the pages were these:

  • When were you born?
  • Your Name: First and Last name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • And so forth

So you’ll just go through a series of pages (or however it looks if changed) and input your personal information and thereafter through an application when needed, enter business information like any type of process when looking for funding.

7 Figures Accelerator

Leo even put together this 7 Figures Business Accelerator course with simple videos explaining what being an Entrepreneur is all about along with:

  • Launching your business
  • How The Course Works
  • Entity Mastery - Having the right entity
    • Having a business plan set up
    • And More
  • Growth Accelerator - Defining your busines, the market you are serving and so forth
    • Marketing Funnels
    • Pages
    • CRM and more
  • Credit College - How your personal credit score is calculated and building a strong credit history
  • Establishing Business Credit
  • Tax Assasin - Showing you how to save as much as 15% on your taxes and so forth
  • Estate planning and asset protection

7 Figures Funding Reviews

Here’s what others are saying on these 7 Figure Funding Reviews:

7 figures funding reviews
7 figures funding google reviews
7 figures funding testimonials

7 Figures Funding bbb

According to the better business bueraus, 7 Figures Funding has a score of 4.27/5 stars with a BBB Rating and Accredidation of an A+

7 Figures Funding Complaints

7 figures funding complaints

How Much Does 7 Figures Funding Cost?

As a client looking for funding, there are no upfront application costs or hidden fees, it’s only when you get funded that there are things like origination fees, success fees and so forth that are very common and natural to have - And these come of the total funded amount. Now, if you are wanting to partner with 7 Figure Funding then there’s a free membership but there are also costs associated with the Funding Partners program which is a $1 set-up fee to test drive the training portal offer and bonuses for 3 days then you’re billed $97-$197 a month depending on the offer you select.

There are four levels in total for the partner program and they are:

  • The Funding Partner Accelerator offer at $37 which is fully refundable.
  • The $197 one-time offer including a one year of monthly training that is NOT refundable.
  • The $388 for 12 months program that includes 12 months of the Funding Partner Accelerator Program for the price of just 4 months is also NOT refundable.
  • The 7 Figures Executive Partners Program is $997-$1,997. This does come with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. All cancelations must be made to be emailed to partners@7figures.com.
    • The 7 Figures Funding CEO Program $497 app fee to be accepted into their Funding CEO Academy is though refundable until you accept your enrollment into the Funding CEO Academy and happens as soon as you make your Full payment or partial payment of your Funding CEO Academy tuition there are NO refunds at that point which includes the $497 app that goes towards your tuition.
  • Funding CEO Academy has offers ranging from $2,997 to $5,997 and has a 3-day business day right of recession and then it carries a NO refund unless expressly agreed to in writing by 7 Figures Funding.

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Who Is 7 Figures Funding For?

7 Figures Funding Is Designed For startup and even Non-Startup businesses as well as those who want to start a lucrative business loan broker/agent business, and here’s more:

  • Beginners who have no experience receiving funding or who have tried time and time again without any success
  • Non-Beginners (non-startups) who are looking for a marketplace of funding options and want to get multiple products and services
  • People looking for a streamlined application process
  • People wanting to start a business and offer loan products of different kinds

Who’s It Not For:

  • Tire Kickers
  • No Effort seekers
  • You want a professional expert broker to help you
  • You don’t just want to give your information to another organization only to get the information you may not want

Pros And Cons:


  • Many different funding options for startups and non-startups and marketplace to match you with the right solution if necessary
  • Simple and straight forward application process
  • Proven System
  • Partner opportunity


  • Not clear on the exact qualifications for the servics until you apply
  • You may need more specific focused Real Estate property funding and may not get all that
  • Partner program can be costly


There are Definitely plenty of alternatives and ones I actually recommend first whether you’re looking for funding or you want to be the person helping others get funding, so starting with the funding services…

By Far, the best one is Bitty Advance and that link above you can click on because you’ll also get A LOT of other options to view that are on the cash-flow (revenue-based) service, credit, and collateral and with Bitty and similar providers you’ll learn about…

You can get up to $25k or $35k same-day and even up to $2,000,000+ without collateral, no hard credit checks and bad credit is acceptable as well as with lower documentation. If you’d like to learn more about Bitty and more resources, click the button below.

7 Figures Funding Partners Opportunity...

Whether you came here today looking for the partner program with 7 Figures Funding or not, you can eithe build your own funding empire and or offer funding to your clients as an affiliate...

And starting with the "Building your empire par", you can pick up a free guide on getting started and you'll hear from the owner about building a recession proof funding empire with a 6-7 figure empire with a laptop and or a cell phone.

I already went over the costs, so just in case you need a refresher, please refer to the "Costs" section up above on the partner program (There's a low entry level and costs as you move up).

For the "Affiliate Side", ths is best suited for:

  • Business coaches
  • Consultants
  • CPA's
  • Accountants
  • Marketing or lead gen groups
  • Network marketing firms
  • Commercial Bankers
  • Mortgage or Real Estate Brokers
  • Ecommerce or Amazon coaches
  • Online business trainers
  • Podcasters
  • YouTubers with a business focus
  • Social media influencers
  • real estate investor trainers

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What I Liked Most About 7 Figures Funding

If I had to choose that ONE thing, I would say the marketplace of different products and services. But that can also be a negative because having more doesn’t mean better and it doesn’t always mean better lender and it’s right for you.

But regardless, you have multiple options.

What I Liked The Least

I’m not a big fan of not displaying certain qualifications and there’s not much of that under certain services. I want more transparency and to know the parameter of certain qualifications for different products and services.

I also am not a big fan of paying your way up in the partner side, I’ve done this without having to pay and I can say you don’t need to buy in like that. But each to their own.

Final Thoughts And Next Steps…

What was your favorite part about 7 Figures Funding? Did you have a least favorite part?

With all the funding options in the marketplace, 7 Figures funding allows you to get choices but at the same time it can be confusing because of this…

You’re unsure about the Exact qualifications for that service and you may or may not get the best lender for you in your industry, so what should you do?

The good thing is there are alternative funding methods and services where you can still get fast funding but with a much more focused network and community of experts (with my team and I) to help you grow your business longer term more strategically and with a more impactful roadmap so you can finally take your business to the next level…

And so you can also take time away to enjoy your life without always working in your business and more working on it, meaning you’ll take more time for yourself and your health and to build your relationships.

So if you’re interested in seeing what my #1 Recommendation is for funding where you can get up to $2,00,0000+ without collateral, no hard credit checks, bad credit is acceptable and with lower documentation (as well as vise versa), then click the button below to see more.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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