March 24

by Michael Granados

Would you like to make money with your passion, interest, or hobby and turn it into a part-time and even Full-time home-based business?

What about seeing an ALL-IN-ONE educational course and otherEntre Institute Reviews?

For your sanity, ENTRE IS Not a scam(this Entre Institute Review will prove it). Listen, we're living in unprecedented times - your 9-5 job isn't enough any more, the scary thought that you might not wake up to a job the next day, and having financial security by the time you retire...forget about it!

Hey, my name is Michael Granados a digital entrepreneur nomad with 5+ years navigating the Online Entrepreneur and marketing world having made well over $1,000's+ online with ENTRE(I'll show you later) and other high-ticket commission programs(as well low commission) and I get where you’re coming from…

You’re frustrated because their are WAY to many courses trying to teach you online business, entrepreneurship, how to profit from the comfort of your own home, they’re costly, everyone is trying to do the same thing, and at the end of it you never end up using that knowledge!

Don’t worry though, this won’t be another course about a “Guru” teaching you something that doesn’t work, not another Done-For-You CRAP System like David Dekels or others that always gets saturated and not filled with skill learning, or a beginner selling a course on how to sell a course, or none of that fluff..

Entre Institute delivers! If you want to get on with it and see the ENTRE Blueprint reviews section, click here. 

In this review you’re going to see a first-hand view from someone who's actually purchased the program, not some fake review or from a person who's NEVER used the program for themselves and writes a Review talking about how they have some "better" #1 recommendation like this:

entre blueprint summary 1

They have a #1 recommendation button under neath and here's what alarming...

The creator of ENTRE Institute doesn't even focus on Dropshipping! That says dropshipping above. And another:


Yep, be careful, because other "internet marketers" will try to use an angle on you to try something else that could be good for you but is it best for YOU? I actually come from a transparent place where later on I'll reveal to you the alternatives and you can make the call for yourself(but trust me you won't want to).

ENTRE Institute Overview 

Product Name: ENTRE Institute

Founder: Jeff Lerner

Product Type: Digital Marketing, Personal Development, Productivity, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Agency, Course Creation

Price: $39(to start)

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own business, Beginners, Expert, People who want a passive income business.

entre video

Summary: ENTRE is the premier internet course on digital marketing that will help you build a highly profitable and sustainable online business with your passion, interest, or hobby with any of the 3 business models you wish - affiliate marketing, digital agency, Course Creation, and there's more too you'll get like Personal Development lessons, Productivity hacks, and a "holistic" approach unlike anywhere else! You will get mindset with the 3 p's of excellence, mentorship from 8-figure earners, and so much more! This is by far the BEST training you're going to get that's beyond just learning how to make an income online.

Let me save your valuable time and weeks, months, and even years of making mistakes scouring through Udemy courses, Skillshare, Masterclass, Coursera And whatever other Digital education platform there is - Honestly, those courses are usually soft and don't off enough in-depth AND up to date education on what's working today like ENTRE does.

PLUS: You can tap into the ENTRE Institute high-ticket affiliate program that can pay you over $16,000 PER Referral, which I can talk about later in the ENTRE Affiliate Program Overview

Rating: 99/100

Recommended: Yes

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I'm also offering some amazing ENTRE Blueprint bonuses for everyone that purchases the training through my link, which you can find at the bottom of this review.

What Is Entre Institute?

what is entre institute

Entre Institute is a digital training institution where you can get a digital education so you can become an online business owner in this new economy. More importantly it is the premier online community of entrepreneurs, lifelong learners, and awesome life livers created by Jeff Lerner.

Who Is Jeff Lerner?


Jeff Is a 2x 8 Figure CEO/Founder along with:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Speaker
  • Investor
  • Influencer
  • Creative
  • Trainer

He's trained over 150,000 awesome lie seekers...How nuts. ENTRE focuses on three types of businesses:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Digital Courses
  3. Digital Agency.

I won't go too in-depth in this review on who Jeff is but I made a seperate post review on him that covers ALL the specific details in this Jeff Lerner Review post you can see.

Here's Jeff talking about how Digital Real Estate is HUGE and why you should invest in it.

And I'll go into these a little bit later in today's presentation, but here's how Jeff is different and differentiates himself from everyone else...

I’m sure you want an awesome life right?

One where you are in control of your finances, and where you can be your own BOSS, which requires a strategic plan.

The Entre Blueprint breaks it down into the “3 P’s:

  • Personal 
  • Professional 
  • Physical 
Entre Institute Reviews

Basically what creator of Entre Institute Jeff Lerner is trying to say is that to get a great cash flow and sustainable business you MUST work on your mental part of the equation…

Building a strong mindset so that you can achieve any goal you set out. I’m all too familiar with this framework after 5+ years of affiliate marketing, and handling clients, the mental part is ALL too important to neglect.

So, you’ll be getting:

  • Relationships and self-mastery(Personal Experience)
  • Professional Experience(Finances and World Impact)
  • Wellness and Energy(Physical Excellence)

Entre Institute will teach you online business and how to use it as a springboard for excellence in the “3 P’s” of life I just explained.

Plus here's a video where Jeff Explains The 3 P's:

Realted Post: Is Jeffer Lerner Legitimate?

Jeff is Unlike any other Digital Entrepreneur that can show you how to build a highly profitable online business on the fact that he takes the "holistic" approach...

Jeff can show you how to make Loads of money online but he approaches it from a "holistic" first approach by showing you how to:

  • Live a more balanced lifestyle
  • Become healthier
  • Build greater relationships
  • Become a Leader
  • Develop stronger communication skills
  • and so much more!

Going Inside Entre Institute

Diving Head first into the abundant water of Entre Institute, I found some pretty jaw-dropping answers to my question of whether this program was worth the hype or not.

There is a 3 part formula to it:

entre institute 3 part formula
  • Online Education and Training. You’ll get all of the resources needed to launch a new internet business from scratch or if you have an existing business you can scale it.
  • Live Events and Workshops. This is all about networking, building connections with other like-minded individuals, students, instructors, and just all around life seekers.
  • Coaching and Personal Development. Get 1-1 coaching to help you detect blind spots that are not so obvious so you can achieve your goals. Plus you’ll be getting a robust life development curriculum(the ENTRE Blueprint) taught and led by Jeff.

Inside the image from right above you can click through the “Blue Button” to see more. From left to right, this is what you’ll see on the other page:

Online Education and Training(ENTRE Product Line)

the entre blueprint

The Entre Blueprint Course has a 6 step Video training for creating a WILDLY profitable Online business. Here are the lessons you get:

LESSON #1: The “3 P’s” Of An Awesome Life

LESSON #2:  The ‘3 Legs’ Of Successful Action

LESSON #3: The ‘3 Phases’ Of Building Your Legacy

LESSON #4: Affiliate Marketing: The “Lazy Person’s” Online Business Model

LESSON #5:  Digital Agency: You can help businesses get more people into their business.

LESSON #6:  Course Creation: Converting Online Skills Into Predictable, Bankable, & Sellable Cash Flow

Inside Look To ENTRE Blueprint

At the base of Jeff's products is his entry program ENTRE Blueprint, where like I had mentioned earlier, you will get a great blueprint, community and vast amount of resources, and here's how it looks like once you get it:

entre nation inside look

As you can see, you'll get:

  • An intro video
  • Step 1-Step 6
  • Business plan

You'll follow along step by step listening into Jeff Lerner on what he says and shows you in this part of your journey. After you watch each video, you'll have some notes underneath and a couple of buttons for

  • Joining the Facebook group ENTRE Nation if you haven't yet(more on the group later below)
  • Downloading the ENTRE Core beliefs document
jeff watch

Thereafter, you can scroll down and find the next steps:

next steps

Here you should contact your business advisor immidietely "as stated". Once you sign up with an advisor who will help keep you acountable, you will see them shown on the side of your screen. Obviously, my screen will vary from yours.

Whitney is my advisor:

Whitney advisor

Followed up by a cool side note from Jeff at the bottom:

entre note

At the end of the steps you will come to a webinar or this workshop where you will see how to get into the Affiliate marketing industry which is promoting other people's products/services without EVER having to own your own!

I made a full in-depth review of the ENTRE Blueprint on this page:

Inside of the ENTRE Blueprint Training Course(In case you didn't watch the video right above), there are three blueprints you can get in lessons:

  • STEP 4: Affiliate Marketing Blueprint(I have a section below dedicated to showing you this later below).
  • STEP 5: Agency Business Blueprint
  • STEP 6: Course Business Blueprint.

(by the way, if you were wondering "is entre blueprint free", it's not, there's a small no risk investment to make that I cover in the how much entre cost section later below, but you can jump to check it out by clicking here


affiliate blueprint 1

Here you'll see that affiliate marketing is your gateway to building digital Real Estate:

affiliate way

What you'll see inside is this:

  • The ONLY two things you'll need that you likely already have or can easily get(pg.6)
  • 4 Simple Affiliate Marketing Steps(pg.7)
  • A Behind the scenes look at Affiliate Marketing(pg.13)
  • The Key thing to remember about Affiliate Marketing(pg.17)
  • The Ultimate 'Jump Start' For Successful Affiliate Marketing(pg.18)
  • And More!

Check out the Affiliate Marketing section below for a more in-depth look inside.


agency business blueprint

Jeff will show you how to get businesses to become clients of your digital agency:

digital agency

Here's what you'll get inside:

  • How creating a Digital Agency is a building block to growing Predictable "Real Estate"(pg.3)
  • What is a Digital Agency and how to make real money with it(pg.5)
  • How to get businesses to become clients of Your Digital Agency(pg.9)
  • Tried and Tested Digital Agency Targeting Practice(pg.16)
  • Targeting Clients between $250,000 - 5 MILLION(pg.19)
  • And Way More!

STEP 6: Course Business Blueprint

course business blueprint

Jeff shares with you his FOOLPROOF Formula for creating successful digital courses with ZERO Risk(The VCA Formula).

creating successful courses

Inside you'll get:

  • The knowledge economy and its power to Maximize Your New Digital Real Estate(pg. 4)
  • The ONE Fundamental shift happening Today in Education(pg.6)
  • Insider Secret: In the knowledge business knowledge by itself is not enough!(pg.7)
  • What the digital landscape looks like(pg. 8)
  • The FOOLPROOF Formula for creating successful Digital Courses with Zero Risk(the VCA Formula) (pg. 14)
  • And more!

At the end of the 6 steps you'll get a chance to then build your business plan and watch a webinar like video:

entre business

And Jeff will then give you 48 hours to take him on his Digital Millionaire Accelerator Course Bundle:

digital course bundle

It's the Once In A Lifetime offer Jeff is gifting you at the end of his 6 steps where you will get ALL of ENTRE's courses(3 Top businesses and more) at a HUGE discount where you'll get:

That's not even the half of it...

Here's altogether what you're getting:

  • Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator($5,982.00 Value)
  • Agency Millionaire Accelerator($$4,985.00 Value)
  • ENTRE Super Affiliate Bonus Package($3,997.00 Value)
  • Agency Tools Bonus Package($$4,991.00 Value)
  • Course Millionaire Accelerator($4,985.00 Value)
  • Course Automation Tools Bonus($4,988.00 Value)
  • 2 Week Implementation Bootcamp($997.00 Value)
  • ENTRE Ad Traffic Skills Training($3,997.00)
  • 2 Week dedicated implementation specialist($3,997.00 Value)
  • Elite Support Group Access($497.00 Value)
  • Business Setup Consultation($497.00 Value)

Total Value: $39,913.00

You can get it all for a HUGE 90% off!

All For $4K!

If you got all of it separately, that would be over half of that...

Here's how I look at it...

You can either waste A LOT of time, more money, and energy on other courses that'll likely teach you "fluff" and "theory" with tons of different upsells at over $10,000...

OR you can get the course bundle which comes with ALL the ENTRE courses and support you'll need for life and not need to worry about having bits and pieces everywehere else.

With the Entre Blueprint you’ll also get for FREE:

The Awesome Life Challenge

At the start of your training you will then unlock for free the "Awesome Life Challenge"

the awesome life challenge
Here, you'll get 20 video Lessons(YES 20!) about how to better your life within the 3 p's of excellence, and Jeff really challenges you to think outside of the box and challenge yourself in becoming a "whole" person.

Here are the 20 lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Welcome
  • Lesson 2: Your Awesome life number
  • Lesson 3: Your Perfect Day
  • Lesson 4: Quieting the monkey mind
  • Lesson 5: Optimizing your reading
  • Lesson 6: Auditing Our Habits
  • Lesson 7: You're only as successful as you act
  • Lesson 8: Becoming(& staying) Legacy focused
  • Lesson 9: Defining your mission(s)
  • Lesson 10: The most important skill in life
  • Lesson 11: Butt breathing, lion face, and the flickering candle
  • Lesson 12: Your morning routine
  • Lesson 13: Quote thyself to know thyself
  • Lesson 14: Scheduling excellence
  • Lesson 15: Getting rich with technology
  • Lesson 16: Document the struggle
  • Lesson 17: One small thing
  • Lesson 18: Makers and managers/knowing your mind
  • Lesson 19: The identity of wanting
  • Lesson 20: Psycho-social self-assessment 
awesome life challenge first
awsome life challenge 2

Here's what people are commenting:

awesome life

Want to see a close ENTRE Blueprint Alternative? Click here.

With ENTRE Blueprint you also get the BONUS ENTRE Nation Facebook group:

entre nation

With the Entre Nation product you will get access to an awesome community inside of a Facebook Group where you can interact with fellow ENTRE Nation members along with ALL of the Entre Institute trainers and course creators so you're never alone and you can get the help you need.

You will also get access to a private library of courses called "The Marketplace" with new courses being added to it regularly. And if you're still wondering if this whole"entre nation scam" thing is true...IT IS NOT.

entre nation elite

Entre Nation Elite is a members-only business training group within the ENTRE Nation where you'll get founder Jeff Lerner, along with his awesome team of expert advisors and Rolodex of 7-10 figure business owners that will train you on how to build an elite-level business so you can create the freedom, flexibility, and quality of life you've been searching for all this time.

  • Entire Digital
entre digital

This is Entre Institute's flagship training product which is a comprehensive online program that will dissect the three most lucrative areas of the online business world, including live mentoring from an assigned Business adviser. The mechanics, economics and the marketing strategies are laid out for each person so that you can decide which is the right fit for both professional and personally. These businesses have HUGE upsides too.

  • Entire Results
entre results

Entre Results is Entre's one-on-one coaching program that offers "Fast Track" coaching packages designed to give you faster results in your business and life. The team is led by a professional coaching team of Jared and Amy Polak and includes coaches who are trained in traditional business coaching, life coaching, and Internet Marketing which is a rare combination not easily found in today's market.

  • Entire Inner Circle
entre inner circle

You're looking at the pinnacle membership witin ENTRE. It's an annual Mastermind and Coaching program for both Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who are ready to "Next Level" their professional and professional life. This is built around the "5 Pillars Of Entrepreneurship"

  • Entire Mastery 
entre mastery

Entre Mastery is designed for established professionals or entrepreneurs who are wanting to go from good to great. It allows members to work directly with the ENTRE founder and CEO Jeff Lerner on developing and implementing a comprehensive plan for excellence across their whole life and business.

How awesome is all that?

Jeff has over-delivered in A LOT of extra resources to ensure you can get your feet planted and moving in the right direction without having to make the costly mistakes a newbie will when they come into the online space.

Not only that, but when you click on the “Order Now” button from the page I was showing you the Entre Blueprint lessons, you will be taken to a Private Video Training…

entre institute private training

This is the training class with Jeff page, and You can access this EXACT private training by clicking here on this link...and

You'll see something like this:

jeff lerner class

This is the class with jeff video page where you'll watch a short video to learn the fastest way to become a millionaire

ENTRE 3 Core Courses

Earlier I talked about the 3 core business model products Entre has which were:

  • Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator
  • Agency Millionaire Accelerator
  • Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator

Jeff partnered up with 8-figure earners online like Jesse Singh to give you amazing courses after the ENTRE Blueprint...

And now I want to show what's inside of each training starting with the Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator

Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator

affiliate millionaire accelerator
affiliate accelerator

Affiliate Business Accelerator REVAMPED!

So ENTRE has added to and adjusted parts of the Affiliate course, so here's the process now:

  • Module 1: Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Module 2: Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Module 3: Copywriting 101
  • Module 4: Digital Assets and Funnel Design 101
  • Module 5: Traffic 101
  • Module 6: Follow Up 101
  • Module 7: The Consultative Sales Approach
  • Module 8: Putting It All Together

The Affiliate Marketing course is top class, you'll get EVERYTHING inside to be able to build a highly profitable affiliate business...

From top to bottom:

Jesse made this course and here's what he had to say

jesse singh affiliate marketing accelerator

I started in the blogging space many year ago with a Health and Wellness one in the back pain space promoting other people's physical and digital products with affiliate networks like:


Related: 20+ List of Best Affiliate Programs

I've been able to NOT Only turn my health and wellness blog into a 4-figure+ one but This one you're on as well! And I don't say this to brag but to humbly let you know the same is possible for you.

Sales Funnels:

The good thing about ENTRE's Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator course is that you'll learn what a sales funnel is, why to use one, and how to use them to BLOW up your income...

Of those types of software's is:

And if you're questioning what this will cost, I'll reveal it in the next section so hold in there with me...

For Agency Millionaire Accelerator:

Agency Millionaire Accelerator 1
 Agency Millionaire Accelerator 2
Agency Millionaire Accelerator 3

Agency Business Accelerator REVAMPED!

Along with the Affiliate course, the Agency course has been added to and mad more effective with modules like:

  • Module 1: Introduction To Agency Ownership
  • Module 2: Introduction To Digital Services
  • Module 3: Creating A Business
  • Module 4: Understanding Digital Marketing
  • Module 5: The Launch
  • Module 6: Becoming A Consultant
  • Module 7: Onboarding A New Client
  • Module 8: The Agency Advantage

For Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator:

Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator
Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator 1

For ENTRE Nation Elite (Membership):

ENTRE Nation Elite (Membership)

For ENTRE Results Coaching ($29,997 per year)

ENTRE Results Coaching ($29,997 per year)

For ENTRE Inner Circle ($39,997 per year)

ENTRE Inner Circle ($39,997 per year)

ENTRE Events Trilogy

You'll get a chance to get into an event that is a series of a complete transformational journey that takes you and all the attendants and shapes you into the leader you were born to be. It's this life-changing experience divided into 3 main events:

  • Insight
  • Impact
  • Influence 

ENTRE Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator

Earlier in the "what ENTRE is section" I mentioned one of the three products ENTRE focuses on is Affiliate Marketing which is where you don't have to own your own product/service to make money!

And in the ENTRE Blueprint you can get access to these free downloads...

entre affiliate blueprint

Imagine promoting other people's products and services with having any:

  • Inventory
  • Fulfilling on customer support
  • Product

And you promote a product and earn $1,000 off just one? It's very possible, and it's the main business model how I earn too. I'll show you some screen shots of what I've made but first let me give you a sneak peek inside Jeff's Affiliate Business Blueprint:

affiliate business blueprint

This is what it will look like inside of lesson 4 of the ENTRE Blueprint for affiliate marketing.

Once you click to download the Affiliate Business Blueprint here's what you'll see:

affiliate blueprint

There are 21 pages total. After scrolling through you're going to get the 4 steps to affiliate marketing.

4 steps to affiliate marketing

This starts on page six and here are those 4 steps:

  1. Select your niche
  2. Find Offers
  3. Create Lists
  4. Generate Traffic

Here are some earning reports from myself:

affiliate earnings

This was made from one Week in June - almost $600! How? From a person clicking on a link on my YouTube video and also going through my email list to purchase from me. Insane right?

Here's more:

affiliate earnings
affiliate commissions
affiliate earnings part

Keep in mind I'm only showing you a sample, right now I'm earning way more than where I started and here's the best part...

YOU can do the same too!

Thanks to Affiliate Marketing I've been able to build the life I want and Freedom I can have just by promoting other people's products I DO NOT OWN. Plus, I also went on to create my own courses and the best blogging challenge you're going to see(truly not being biased here).

By the way, here's a video where Jeff talks about how you can get started with one of the most lucrative businesses online called affiliate marketing:

ENTRE Institute Affiliate Program

Would you like to recoup your ENTRE Institute costs of joining all while being able to earn LOADS of high-ticket commissions of up to $10,000?

entre affiliate program

Yep, you're not dreaming, you can become an affiliate of ENTRE and earn very well commissions, but listen...

That shouldn't JUST be your motivator. Don't just join the program to promote ENTRE, actually get through the higher end courses and put in the time to build yourself a legitimate online business through your passion, hobby, and or interest, got it?

Anyways, Jeff Show you what the ENTRE affiliate program is about in this video.

>>Click here to sign up for the ENTRE Affiliate Program

PLUS: If you'd like to grab my 6-figure+ affiliate marketing funnel you can clone and use for yourself, click the button below...

How To Make Money With ENTRE Institute?

In case you're still pondering that question right above, you can earn with ENTRE in a couple of ways like:

  1. Taking your passion, interest and or hobby and monetizing it with Affiliate Marketing and Digital Courses as well Digital Agency
  2.  Promoting their Affiliate program with their suite of products.

1-1 Mentorship

In case you find yourself asking "Well, what about 1-1 mentorship Michael", don't worry...

I revealed earlier the ENTRE Coaching program and how you'd get it in the ENTRE Blueprint with your advisor but as far as coaching at a "cheaper" price goes and on-going support, you will get it in a few ways:

  1. Kameron George (Chief Strategy Officer - CSO). With Kameron you will get help in what's called an "Implementation Bootcamp" where you will set up strategy sessions and find the right path for your needs BEFORE you go into the main ENTRE Accelerator courses.
  2. From ENTRE Nation Elite Group. This is more about a "one to many" but it has the feel like you're being helped by the members only group where you get access to weekly lives, Q and A's, tutorials and so much more.
  3. Me (Michael). I'm always going to be there for you, in fact, I have a dedicated group I mentor, I do LIVES, answer questions, get on calls and so much more.

What Others Say About ENTRE...

entre institute reviews
entre institute reviews 1
entre reviews

Entre Blueprint Training Reviews

Want to see an amazing entre blueprint review? How about more than one?!

Here's some testimonials and jeff's video training reviews from people that went through the ENTRE Blueprint and for the Entre Nation Reviews:

car mechanic

There are over 10,000 positive reviews!


Entre Institute Success Stories

Watch this very helpful video:

How Much Doe