March 24

by Michael Granados

Would you like to make money with your passion, interest, or hobby and turn it into a part-time and even Full-time home-based business?

What about seeing an ALL-IN-ONE educational course and otherEntre Institute Reviews?

For your sanity, ENTRE IS Not a scam(this Entre Institute Review will prove it). Listen, we're living in unprecedented times - your 9-5 job isn't enough any more, the scary thought that you might not wake up to a job the next day, and having financial security by the time you retire...forget about it!

Hey, my name is Michael Granados a digital entrepreneur nomad with 5+ years navigating the Online Entrepreneur and marketing world having made well over $1,000's+ online with ENTRE(I'll show you later) and other high-ticket commission programs(as well low commission) and I get where you’re coming from…

You’re frustrated because their are WAY to many courses trying to teach you online business, entrepreneurship, how to profit from the comfort of your own home, they’re costly, everyone is trying to do the same thing, and at the end of it you never end up using that knowledge!

Don’t worry though, this won’t be another course about a “Guru” teaching you something that doesn’t work, not another Done-For-You CRAP System like David Dekels or others that always gets saturated and not filled with skill learning, or a beginner selling a course on how to sell a course, or none of that fluff..

Entre Institute delivers! If you want to get on with it and see the ENTRE Blueprint reviews section, click here. 

In this review you’re going to see a first-hand view from someone who's actually purchased the program, not some fake review or from a person who's NEVER used the program for themselves and writes a Review talking about how they have some "better" #1 recommendation like this:

entre blueprint summary 1

They have a #1 recommendation button under neath and here's what alarming...

The creator of ENTRE Institute doesn't even focus on Dropshipping! That says dropshipping above. And another:


Yep, be careful, because other "internet marketers" will try to use an angle on you to try something else that could be good for you but is it best for YOU? I actually come from a transparent place where later on I'll reveal to you the alternatives and you can make the call for yourself(but trust me you won't want to).

ENTRE Institute Overview 

Product Name: ENTRE Institute

Founder: Jeff Lerner

Product Type: Digital Marketing, Personal Development, Productivity, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Agency, Course Creation

Price: $39(to start)

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own business, Beginners, Expert, People who want a passive income business.

entre video

Summary: ENTRE is the premier internet course on digital marketing that will help you build a highly profitable and sustainable online business with your passion, interest, or hobby with any of the 3 business models you wish - affiliate marketing, digital agency, Course Creation, and there's more too you'll get like Personal Development lessons, Productivity hacks, and a "holistic" approach unlike anywhere else! You will get mindset with the 3 p's of excellence, mentorship from 8-figure earners, and so much more! This is by far the BEST training you're going to get that's beyond just learning how to make an income online.

Let me save your valuable time and weeks, months, and even years of making mistakes scouring through Udemy courses, Skillshare, Masterclass, Coursera And whatever other Digital education platform there is - Honestly, those courses are usually soft and don't off enough in-depth AND up to date education on what's working today like ENTRE does.

PLUS: You can tap into the ENTRE Institute high-ticket affiliate program that can pay you over $16,000 PER Referral, which I can talk about later in the ENTRE Affiliate Program Overview

Rating: 99/100

Recommended: Yes

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I'm also offering some amazing ENTRE Blueprint bonuses for everyone that purchases the training through my link, which you can find at the bottom of this review.

What Is Entre Institute?

what is entre institute

Entre Institute is a digital training institution where you can get a digital education so you can become an online business owner in this new economy. More importantly it is the premier online community of entrepreneurs, lifelong learners, and awesome life livers created by Jeff Lerner.

Who Is Jeff Lerner?


Jeff Is a 2x 8 Figure CEO/Founder along with:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Speaker
  • Investor
  • Influencer
  • Creative
  • Trainer

He's trained over 150,000 awesome lie seekers...How nuts. ENTRE focuses on three types of businesses:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Digital Courses
  3. Digital Agency.

I won't go too in-depth in this review on who Jeff is but I made a seperate post review on him that covers ALL the specific details in this Jeff Lerner Review post you can see.

Here's Jeff talking about how Digital Real Estate is HUGE and why you should invest in it.

And I'll go into these a little bit later in today's presentation, but here's how Jeff is different and differentiates himself from everyone else...

I’m sure you want an awesome life right?

One where you are in control of your finances, and where you can be your own BOSS, which requires a strategic plan.

The Entre Blueprint breaks it down into the “3 P’s:

  • Personal 
  • Professional 
  • Physical 
Entre Institute Reviews

Basically what creator of Entre Institute Jeff Lerner is trying to say is that to get a great cash flow and sustainable business you MUST work on your mental part of the equation…

Building a strong mindset so that you can achieve any goal you set out. I’m all too familiar with this framework after 5+ years of affiliate marketing, and handling clients, the mental part is ALL too important to neglect.

So, you’ll be getting:

  • Relationships and self-mastery(Personal Experience)
  • Professional Experience(Finances and World Impact)
  • Wellness and Energy(Physical Excellence)

Entre Institute will teach you online business and how to use it as a springboard for excellence in the “3 P’s” of life I just explained.

Plus here's a video where Jeff Explains The 3 P's:

Realted Post: Is Jeffer Lerner Legitimate?

Jeff is Unlike any other Digital Entrepreneur that can show you how to build a highly profitable online business on the fact that he takes the "holistic" approach...

Jeff can show you how to make Loads of money online but he approaches it from a "holistic" first approach by showing you how to:

  • Live a more balanced lifestyle
  • Become healthier
  • Build greater relationships
  • Become a Leader
  • Develop stronger communication skills
  • and so much more!

Going Inside Entre Institute

Diving Head first into the abundant water of Entre Institute, I found some pretty jaw-dropping answers to my question of whether this program was worth the hype or not.

There is a 3 part formula to it:

entre institute 3 part formula
  • Online Education and Training. You’ll get all of the resources needed to launch a new internet business from scratch or if you have an existing business you can scale it.
  • Live Events and Workshops. This is all about networking, building connections with other like-minded individuals, students, instructors, and just all around life seekers.
  • Coaching and Personal Development. Get 1-1 coaching to help you detect blind spots that are not so obvious so you can achieve your goals. Plus you’ll be getting a robust life development curriculum(the ENTRE Blueprint) taught and led by Jeff.

Inside the image from right above you can click through the “Blue Button” to see more. From left to right, this is what you’ll see on the other page:

Online Education and Training(ENTRE Product Line)

the entre blueprint

The Entre Blueprint Course has a 6 step Video training for creating a WILDLY profitable Online business. Here are the lessons you get:

LESSON #1: The “3 P’s” Of An Awesome Life

LESSON #2:  The ‘3 Legs’ Of Successful Action

LESSON #3: The ‘3 Phases’ Of Building Your Legacy

LESSON #4: Affiliate Marketing: The “Lazy Person’s” Online Business Model

LESSON #5:  Digital Agency: You can help businesses get more people into their business.

LESSON #6:  Course Creation: Converting Online Skills Into Predictable, Bankable, & Sellable Cash Flow

Inside Look To ENTRE Blueprint

At the base of Jeff's products is his entry program ENTRE Blueprint, where like I had mentioned earlier, you will get a great blueprint, community and vast amount of resources, and here's how it looks like once you get it:

entre nation inside look

As you can see, you'll get:

  • An intro video
  • Step 1-Step 6
  • Business plan

You'll follow along step by step listening into Jeff Lerner on what he says and shows you in this part of your journey. After you watch each video, you'll have some notes underneath and a couple of buttons for

  • Joining the Facebook group ENTRE Nation if you haven't yet(more on the group later below)
  • Downloading the ENTRE Core beliefs document
jeff watch

Thereafter, you can scroll down and find the next steps:

next steps

Here you should contact your business advisor immidietely "as stated". Once you sign up with an advisor who will help keep you acountable, you will see them shown on the side of your screen. Obviously, my screen will vary from yours.

Whitney is my advisor:

Whitney advisor

Followed up by a cool side note from Jeff at the bottom:

entre note

At the end of the steps you will come to a webinar or this workshop where you will see how to get into the Affiliate marketing industry which is promoting other people's products/services without EVER having to own your own!

I made a full in-depth review of the ENTRE Blueprint on this page:

Inside of the ENTRE Blueprint Training Course(In case you didn't watch the video right above), there are three blueprints you can get in lessons:

  • STEP 4: Affiliate Marketing Blueprint(I have a section below dedicated to showing you this later below).
  • STEP 5: Agency Business Blueprint
  • STEP 6: Course Business Blueprint.

(by the way, if you were wondering "is entre blueprint free", it's not, there's a small no risk investment to make that I cover in the how much entre cost section later below, but you can jump to check it out by clicking here


affiliate blueprint 1

Here you'll see that affiliate marketing is your gateway to building digital Real Estate:

affiliate way

What you'll see inside is this:

  • The ONLY two things you'll need that you likely already have or can easily get(pg.6)
  • 4 Simple Affiliate Marketing Steps(pg.7)
  • A Behind the scenes look at Affiliate Marketing(pg.13)
  • The Key thing to remember about Affiliate Marketing(pg.17)
  • The Ultimate 'Jump Start' For Successful Affiliate Marketing(pg.18)
  • And More!

Check out the Affiliate Marketing section below for a more in-depth look inside.


agency business blueprint

Jeff will show you how to get businesses to become clients of your digital agency:

digital agency

Here's what you'll get inside:

  • How creating a Digital Agency is a building block to growing Predictable "Real Estate"(pg.3)
  • What is a Digital Agency and how to make real money with it(pg.5)
  • How to get businesses to become clients of Your Digital Agency(pg.9)
  • Tried and Tested Digital Agency Targeting Practice(pg.16)
  • Targeting Clients between $250,000 - 5 MILLION(pg.19)
  • And Way More!

STEP 6: Course Business Blueprint

course business blueprint

Jeff shares with you his FOOLPROOF Formula for creating successful digital courses with ZERO Risk(The VCA Formula).

creating successful courses

Inside you'll get:

  • The knowledge economy and its power to Maximize Your New Digital Real Estate(pg. 4)
  • The ONE Fundamental shift happening Today in Education(pg.6)
  • Insider Secret: In the knowledge business knowledge by itself is not enough!(pg.7)
  • What the digital landscape looks like(pg. 8)
  • The FOOLPROOF Formula for creating successful Digital Courses with Zero Risk(the VCA Formula) (pg. 14)
  • And more!

At the end of the 6 steps you'll get a chance to then build your business plan and watch a webinar like video:

entre business

And Jeff will then give you 48 hours to take him on his Digital Millionaire Accelerator Course Bundle:

digital course bundle

It's the Once In A Lifetime offer Jeff is gifting you at the end of his 6 steps where you will get ALL of ENTRE's courses(3 Top businesses and more) at a HUGE discount where you'll get:

That's not even the half of it...

Here's altogether what you're getting:

  • Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator($5,982.00 Value)
  • Agency Millionaire Accelerator($$4,985.00 Value)
  • ENTRE Super Affiliate Bonus Package($3,997.00 Value)
  • Agency Tools Bonus Package($$4,991.00 Value)
  • Course Millionaire Accelerator($4,985.00 Value)
  • Course Automation Tools Bonus($4,988.00 Value)
  • 2 Week Implementation Bootcamp($997.00 Value)
  • ENTRE Ad Traffic Skills Training($3,997.00)
  • 2 Week dedicated implementation specialist($3,997.00 Value)
  • Elite Support Group Access($497.00 Value)
  • Business Setup Consultation($497.00 Value)

Total Value: $39,913.00

You can get it all for a HUGE 90% off!

All For $4K!

If you got all of it separately, that would be over half of that...

Here's how I look at it...

You can either waste A LOT of time, more money, and energy on other courses that'll likely teach you "fluff" and "theory" with tons of different upsells at over $10,000...

OR you can get the course bundle which comes with ALL the ENTRE courses and support you'll need for life and not need to worry about having bits and pieces everywehere else.

With the Entre Blueprint you’ll also get for FREE:

The Awesome Life Challenge

At the start of your training you will then unlock for free the "Awesome Life Challenge"

the awesome life challenge
Here, you'll get 20 video Lessons(YES 20!) about how to better your life within the 3 p's of excellence, and Jeff really challenges you to think outside of the box and challenge yourself in becoming a "whole" person.

Here are the 20 lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Welcome
  • Lesson 2: Your Awesome life number
  • Lesson 3: Your Perfect Day
  • Lesson 4: Quieting the monkey mind
  • Lesson 5: Optimizing your reading
  • Lesson 6: Auditing Our Habits
  • Lesson 7: You're only as successful as you act
  • Lesson 8: Becoming(& staying) Legacy focused
  • Lesson 9: Defining your mission(s)
  • Lesson 10: The most important skill in life
  • Lesson 11: Butt breathing, lion face, and the flickering candle
  • Lesson 12: Your morning routine
  • Lesson 13: Quote thyself to know thyself
  • Lesson 14: Scheduling excellence
  • Lesson 15: Getting rich with technology
  • Lesson 16: Document the struggle
  • Lesson 17: One small thing
  • Lesson 18: Makers and managers/knowing your mind
  • Lesson 19: The identity of wanting
  • Lesson 20: Psycho-social self-assessment 
awesome life challenge first
awsome life challenge 2

Here's what people are commenting:

awesome life

Want to see a close ENTRE Blueprint Alternative? Click here.

With ENTRE Blueprint you also get the BONUS ENTRE Nation Facebook group:

entre nation

With the Entre Nation product you will get access to an awesome community inside of a Facebook Group where you can interact with fellow ENTRE Nation members along with ALL of the Entre Institute trainers and course creators so you're never alone and you can get the help you need.

You will also get access to a private library of courses called "The Marketplace" with new courses being added to it regularly. And if you're still wondering if this whole"entre nation scam" thing is true...IT IS NOT.

entre nation elite

Entre Nation Elite is a members-only business training group within the ENTRE Nation where you'll get founder Jeff Lerner, along with his awesome team of expert advisors and Rolodex of 7-10 figure business owners that will train you on how to build an elite-level business so you can create the freedom, flexibility, and quality of life you've been searching for all this time.

  • Entire Digital
entre digital

This is Entre Institute's flagship training product which is a comprehensive online program that will dissect the three most lucrative areas of the online business world, including live mentoring from an assigned Business adviser. The mechanics, economics and the marketing strategies are laid out for each person so that you can decide which is the right fit for both professional and personally. These businesses have HUGE upsides too.

  • Entire Results
entre results

Entre Results is Entre's one-on-one coaching program that offers "Fast Track" coaching packages designed to give you faster results in your business and life. The team is led by a professional coaching team of Jared and Amy Polak and includes coaches who are trained in traditional business coaching, life coaching, and Internet Marketing which is a rare combination not easily found in today's market.

  • Entire Inner Circle
entre inner circle

You're looking at the pinnacle membership witin ENTRE. It's an annual Mastermind and Coaching program for both Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who are ready to "Next Level" their professional and professional life. This is built around the "5 Pillars Of Entrepreneurship"

  • Entire Mastery 
entre mastery

Entre Mastery is designed for established professionals or entrepreneurs who are wanting to go from good to great. It allows members to work directly with the ENTRE founder and CEO Jeff Lerner on developing and implementing a comprehensive plan for excellence across their whole life and business.

How awesome is all that?

Jeff has over-delivered in A LOT of extra resources to ensure you can get your feet planted and moving in the right direction without having to make the costly mistakes a newbie will when they come into the online space.

Not only that, but when you click on the “Order Now” button from the page I was showing you the Entre Blueprint lessons, you will be taken to a Private Video Training…

entre institute private training

This is the training class with Jeff page, and You can access this EXACT private training by clicking here on this link...and

You'll see something like this:

jeff lerner class

This is the class with jeff video page where you'll watch a short video to learn the fastest way to become a millionaire

ENTRE 3 Core Courses

Earlier I talked about the 3 core business model products Entre has which were:

  • Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator
  • Agency Millionaire Accelerator
  • Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator

Jeff partnered up with 8-figure earners online like Jesse Singh to give you amazing courses after the ENTRE Blueprint...

And now I want to show what's inside of each training starting with the Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator

Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator

affiliate millionaire accelerator
affiliate accelerator

Affiliate Business Accelerator REVAMPED!

So ENTRE has added to and adjusted parts of the Affiliate course, so here's the process now:

  • Module 1: Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Module 2: Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Module 3: Copywriting 101
  • Module 4: Digital Assets and Funnel Design 101
  • Module 5: Traffic 101
  • Module 6: Follow Up 101
  • Module 7: The Consultative Sales Approach
  • Module 8: Putting It All Together

The Affiliate Marketing course is top class, you'll get EVERYTHING inside to be able to build a highly profitable affiliate business...

From top to bottom:

Jesse made this course and here's what he had to say

jesse singh affiliate marketing accelerator

I started in the blogging space many year ago with a Health and Wellness one in the back pain space promoting other people's physical and digital products with affiliate networks like:


Related: 20+ List of Best Affiliate Programs

I've been able to NOT Only turn my health and wellness blog into a 4-figure+ one but This one you're on as well! And I don't say this to brag but to humbly let you know the same is possible for you.

Sales Funnels:

The good thing about ENTRE's Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator course is that you'll learn what a sales funnel is, why to use one, and how to use them to BLOW up your income...

Of those types of software's is:

And if you're questioning what this will cost, I'll reveal it in the next section so hold in there with me...

For Agency Millionaire Accelerator:

Agency Millionaire Accelerator 1
 Agency Millionaire Accelerator 2
Agency Millionaire Accelerator 3

Agency Business Accelerator REVAMPED!

Along with the Affiliate course, the Agency course has been added to and mad more effective with modules like:

  • Module 1: Introduction To Agency Ownership
  • Module 2: Introduction To Digital Services
  • Module 3: Creating A Business
  • Module 4: Understanding Digital Marketing
  • Module 5: The Launch
  • Module 6: Becoming A Consultant
  • Module 7: Onboarding A New Client
  • Module 8: The Agency Advantage

For Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator:

Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator
Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator 1

For ENTRE Nation Elite (Membership):

ENTRE Nation Elite (Membership)

For ENTRE Results Coaching ($29,997 per year)

ENTRE Results Coaching ($29,997 per year)

For ENTRE Inner Circle ($39,997 per year)

ENTRE Inner Circle ($39,997 per year)

ENTRE Events Trilogy

You'll get a chance to get into an event that is a series of a complete transformational journey that takes you and all the attendants and shapes you into the leader you were born to be. It's this life-changing experience divided into 3 main events:

  • Insight
  • Impact
  • Influence 

ENTRE Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator

Earlier in the "what ENTRE is section" I mentioned one of the three products ENTRE focuses on is Affiliate Marketing which is where you don't have to own your own product/service to make money!

And in the ENTRE Blueprint you can get access to these free downloads...

entre affiliate blueprint

Imagine promoting other people's products and services with having any:

  • Inventory
  • Fulfilling on customer support
  • Product

And you promote a product and earn $1,000 off just one? It's very possible, and it's the main business model how I earn too. I'll show you some screen shots of what I've made but first let me give you a sneak peek inside Jeff's Affiliate Business Blueprint:

affiliate business blueprint

This is what it will look like inside of lesson 4 of the ENTRE Blueprint for affiliate marketing.

Once you click to download the Affiliate Business Blueprint here's what you'll see:

affiliate blueprint

There are 21 pages total. After scrolling through you're going to get the 4 steps to affiliate marketing.

4 steps to affiliate marketing

This starts on page six and here are those 4 steps:

  1. Select your niche
  2. Find Offers
  3. Create Lists
  4. Generate Traffic

Here are some earning reports from myself:

affiliate earnings

This was made from one Week in June - almost $600! How? From a person clicking on a link on my YouTube video and also going through my email list to purchase from me. Insane right?

Here's more:

affiliate earnings
affiliate commissions
affiliate earnings part

Keep in mind I'm only showing you a sample, right now I'm earning way more than where I started and here's the best part...

YOU can do the same too!

Thanks to Affiliate Marketing I've been able to build the life I want and Freedom I can have just by promoting other people's products I DO NOT OWN. Plus, I also went on to create my own courses and the best blogging challenge you're going to see(truly not being biased here).

By the way, here's a video where Jeff talks about how you can get started with one of the most lucrative businesses online called affiliate marketing:

ENTRE Institute Affiliate Program

Would you like to recoup your ENTRE Institute costs of joining all while being able to earn LOADS of high-ticket commissions of up to $10,000?

entre affiliate program

Yep, you're not dreaming, you can become an affiliate of ENTRE and earn very well commissions, but listen...

That shouldn't JUST be your motivator. Don't just join the program to promote ENTRE, actually get through the higher end courses and put in the time to build yourself a legitimate online business through your passion, hobby, and or interest, got it?

Anyways, Jeff Show you what the ENTRE affiliate program is about in this video.

>>Click here to sign up for the ENTRE Affiliate Program

PLUS: If you'd like to grab my 6-figure+ affiliate marketing funnel you can clone and use for yourself, click the button below...

How To Make Money With ENTRE Institute?

In case you're still pondering that question right above, you can earn with ENTRE in a couple of ways like:

  1. Taking your passion, interest and or hobby and monetizing it with Affiliate Marketing and Digital Courses as well Digital Agency
  2.  Promoting their Affiliate program with their suite of products.

1-1 Mentorship

In case you find yourself asking "Well, what about 1-1 mentorship Michael", don't worry...

I revealed earlier the ENTRE Coaching program and how you'd get it in the ENTRE Blueprint with your advisor but as far as coaching at a "cheaper" price goes and on-going support, you will get it in a few ways:

  1. Kameron George (Chief Strategy Officer - CSO). With Kameron you will get help in what's called an "Implementation Bootcamp" where you will set up strategy sessions and find the right path for your needs BEFORE you go into the main ENTRE Accelerator courses.
  2. From ENTRE Nation Elite Group. This is more about a "one to many" but it has the feel like you're being helped by the members only group where you get access to weekly lives, Q and A's, tutorials and so much more.
  3. Me (Michael). I'm always going to be there for you, in fact, I have a dedicated group I mentor, I do LIVES, answer questions, get on calls and so much more.

What Others Say About ENTRE...

entre institute reviews
entre institute reviews 1
entre reviews

Entre Blueprint Training Reviews

Want to see an amazing entre blueprint review? How about more than one?!

Here's some testimonials and jeff's video training reviews from people that went through the ENTRE Blueprint and for the Entre Nation Reviews:

car mechanic

There are over 10,000 positive reviews!


Entre Institute Success Stories

Watch this very helpful video:

How Much Does Entre Institute Cost?

Listen to this section VERY carefully!

Entre Institute usually costs a total of $2,997 but you won't pay that amount when you start - You get it for $39 for the ENTRE Blueprint! The price will keep going up so you should act fast on it...

Keep in mind that when it comes to building the RIGHT online business that will stand the test of time(whether the storms), you NEED a solid plan. You need entrepreneurs who have been there done that, and you’ll without a doubt need mentoring…

Which you get all with Entre Institute. The Entre Blueprint itself usually cost $197 alone, but for a LIMITED TIME ONLY it’s being offered at a huge 80% discount for $39(click here).

Want to see my full ENTRE Blueprint Review post? Click the button below for more information on their frontend product:

NOTE: You don't want to miss out on this generous offer because by the next time you see it, I assure you it will be back to its original price of $2,997 and instead of paying the low cost of $39 it'll be hundreds thereafter.

Aside, here are the costs for all the ENTRE Product Lines:

  • Digital Millionaire Accelerator Bundle Course($3,997)

OR individually …

  • Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator ($1,997)
  • Agency Millionaire Accelerator ($1,997)
  • Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator ($1,997)
  • ENTRE Nation Elite (Membership):
    $175 Lifetime
  • ENTRE Foundations ($175)
  • ENTRE Productivity Secrets ($297)
  • ENTRE Results Coaching ($29,997 per year)
  • ENTRE Inner Circle ($39,997 per year)

here's a video showing you what I just mentioned:

You can get started with the blueprint first at no risk and then move into the products I just mentioned above.

Plus, you’ll get Jeff's $673 Bonus Bundle for Free when you act now, and my bonuses on top of that(which I’ll detail more down below at the bottom of this post(click here to see), you'll want to stick around for that. what if you can’t afford to spend a lot on Jeff’s course?

In all honesty(and Jeff does say this in one of his Facebook lives) if you're wanting to do Affiliate Marketing, get to lesson 4 of the ENTRE blueprint(which I showed You up above In the blueprint video and walk through) and at the bottom you can download the Affiliate marketing PDF Guide which allows you to find the affiliate program you want to focus on promoting...

And then you can build a YouTube channel and or blog and then promote products...

I’ll show you how to accomplish this once you get the blueprint with my FREE Bonus inside of my full course.

That goes the same for the digital agency and course creation training's.

This is only a limited time offer!

Why Is There A Cost?

Think of it this way...if there was no cost to get started and you had the quality of resource material to push you in the right direction, would you value it as much?

Maybe, but most likely not. That's the bottom truth, and I know because I've been there done that...

You get a free course/program and YOU do it whenever you "feel" like it and it like a task that is at the bottom of your list - keeps getting pushed to the side. Truth is, you will likely go back to another:

  • YouTube video
  • Blog Post
  • Forum
  • Social Media Channel

And look around, ask around, and you're back to where you started, and even worse you will fall victim to someone who may or may not be legit and sell you a $997 upfront course...

Of less quality, no help, and it's just regurgitated content from someone that does not know their stuff...people making courses to teach you about how to make money, yet they don't know how to make it for themselves.

Are There Additional Costs(Upsells)?

No to additional costs, but a yes to there being upsells. Listen, You don't have to buy the other products if you don't want to, upsells are a part of business and if anyone else tells you "Don't invest in the ENTRE Blueprint because of the upsells", they obviously haven't:

  1. Gone through the Blueprint AND courses themselves
  2. They don't get online business
  3. They aren't making money themselves and need to promote another course that "may" work but is not best for you. Here's a tip, sometimes the more you pay, the more you will get access to the BEST material and shortcut your way in less time which is what you get with ENTRE and all the courses.

I HIGHLY encourage you get these down the road but if you can't invest in them, then start with the blueprint first...

This will help you grow faster and mastermind with like-minded individuals. Here's a look inside after the ENTRE blueprint what you can get:

entre foundations
money secrets

This is the ENTRE Foundations course that replaced another "upsell" so I couldn't exactly show you what the Upsell page will look like but you're getting what's called ENTRE Foundations...

Which you'll learn:

  • Success Mindset Secrets
  • Lifestyle Secrets
  • Money Secrets

What used to be upsell 1 was the "ENTRE Nation Elite Members Only Group" which I show in the following image:

entre upsell

On this page you will get offered a Special ONE Time ONLY offer and you get to watch Jeff as he tells you about it, and he also shows you when you scroll down and see this:

entre 2

You can upgrade to Nation Elite and lock in the discounted price for $175 for lifetime access. As opposed to the normal $1,164 per year price.

entre nation elite 2

Above will show you what you get inside. Like:

  • Live Virtual Workshops
  • Mastermind with fellow Elite members and the ENTRE team via the private Elite Members only Facebook group
  • Monthly "What's working now" so you can always know the latest marketing and sales tactics so you make sales all the time
  • and so much more!

There's a frequently asked questions section at the end:

frequently asked questions
frequently asked 2

Now the ENTRE Nation Elite group has been moved to being a bonus when you get the Accelerator Course(s).

If you don't want it(which I don't know why you wouldn't), you can click on the "No thanks."

entre nation elite

If you say no, then you'll get the following pop up:

entre pop up

Basically, this is just reminding you on the sweet offer and deal you're missing out on and, you can get it for cheaper!

entre pop up 2

You can get locked in for 2 easy payments of $99! 

Now, what happens when you say no? I made a recording of that too:

step 2 customize downsell

You get the step 2: customize your order downsell with a special one time only offer.

step 2 customize video
step 2 customize video 2

Here you get the chance to get the Millionaire Productivity Secrets Training for 90% off the normal price of $997 for only $97 instead.

step 2 customize video 3
step 2 customize video 4

Let's say you say "No thanks", then you can see this pop up:

67 pop up

Here you can pay for access to Millionaire Productivity Habits for just $67. Whether you buy or not, once you move from this page, then you get to go over to your members area that will look something like this(keep in mind mine has been updated, but I'm just showing how it can look like for you to start!)...

entre back office

Now, you can click on the courses or course you unlocked, and you'd want to start with "The ENTRE Blurprint first." 

ENTRE Institute Refund

As far as refund for the products go, all ENTRE digital courses have a no refund policy. These are the likes of the Digital Agency, Affiliate Millionaire, and Course creation main courses, but keep reading for a work around.

You can actually request a refund on these higher cost courses with 1-3 days, that's it.

All ENTRE Results Coaching, ENTRE Inner Circle Mastermind, and ENTRE Mastery Coaching products have a no refund policy.

All ENTRE Live events have a no refund policy as all ticket sales will be final unless the event is cancelled by ENTRE.

For any purchases over $25, there is a 3-day cancellation policy. To see the rest of the refund policy and how to email customer support for any questions/help, click here.

Is ENTRE Worth The Money?

110%! Aside from the 6-10+ figure expert training you're getting, you get a FULL digital education platform with different business models, extra training and resources so you can tap into your Ultimate potential with:

  • Professionally
  • Physically
  • Personally

But don't just read it from me, listen to what I had to say in this video:

Pretty helpful, right?

FREE Millionaire Shortcut Guide(The Millionaire Shortcut Scam?)

Jeff created a FREE Downloadable guide where he reveals the ONE secret YOU need to make Millions of dollars online inside of his millionaire shortcut ebook and if you miss out on this you can suffer:

  • More Defeat
  • More Frustration
  • People trying to scam you
  • And you will likely quit

And no this guide is not a scam, it will actually show you The Fastest Way To Become A Millionaire and:

  • Why the amount of people becoming millionaires is increasing ever year
  • The Simple 'hack' Jeff used to become a millionaire and how you can start using it today
  • Plus a bonus video that brings it all together so you can move forward with 100% confidence 

Who’s Entre Institute For?

Honestly, Entre Institute is for anyone who wants to get into digital marketing, own their own business, and become a digital entrepreneur. Also it’s for people who are:

  • Beginners who want a difference career path and want to learn a new skill that will serve them for years to come.
  • Current business owners/Entrepreneurs/Experts who want to expand their skill sets and learn new tactics and strategies that they didn’t already know.
  • 9-5 Workers who know that corporate life or slaving away for someone else is not rewarding and you want to escape the rat race
  • People who want to create their own digital courses and sell them.
  • People who want to start a digital agency and help serve other people's businesses/
  • People who want to do affiliate marketing where they don't have to own a product/service, and get paid promoting other people's products and services!
  • Students who want to supplement their income or want to get away from the traditional go to college life
  • Soon to be college students who don't want to go down the traditional path and end up paying student debt all their lives
  • Moms and Dads
  • Retirees
  • And so much more!

I could have spent another 10 bullet points there but I think you get the point...right? Entre Institute is great for you if you want to make HUGE life changing actions that will turn you into a 6-figure, 7-figure and above earner as well below these figures…

It’s all up to your goals at the end of the day. Take a good look at this program because there is nothing else out there like it, it’s not just a program to slam a whole bunch of people to learn it all in 3 days…

And there are courses like that but this one is not that - which is good news for you. 

Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

  • Would you like to grow your business online, but you have NO IDEA where to start?
  • Do you have a company that's been successful, but for some reason you're feeling stuck now?
  • Are you trying to figure out a way to exponentially reach more people, or have a bigger impact on the world?
  • Are you convinced that you need an online business, but you aren't quite sure what steps to take?
  • Are you about to launch your next business, and want to make sure it's a huge freaking success!?

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then I Want To Invite You To Join The Exclusive ''ENTRE Video" And Change Your Business And Life Forever!

Who's ENTRE Not For

  • Tire Kickers
  • Done-for-you system seekers
  • Push button seekers
  • Fast money seekers
  • No effort seekers
  • Lazy people

Listen, ENTRE is not for people who are searching for these done-for-you push button systems that don't teach you a thing and you end up losing your money on eventually, like Profits Passports with David Dekel, 12-Minute Affiliate affiliate, 30 minute work day and more.

Don't just rely on buying into these done-for-you systems where all you have to do is send the traffic(usually buying it), it's not the best long-term strategy, trust me I know, I had to learn it the hard way.

Pros Vs Cons



  • Retail focused customer service based company which will show you how to communicate with your future audience so that you can easily engage, help, and educate people before they do business with you.
  • Best step-by-step training program so that you can have easy and fast to follow frameworks which means you’ll never feel lost and you can ensure you will get through the course sooner rather than later freeing up more time for you in your day
  • Jam packed Workshops and coaching programs so that you can have a very hands on experience which means you’re going to meet top of the notch entrepreneurs and get access to mentorship unlike anywhere else.
  • Access To Jeff Plus many other trainers and mentors.


  • Expesive $2,000+ course for evertything. It’s your choice if you want to spend on the higer products but it’s well worth it. Just make sure you’re financially putting yourself in a good place that you will be able to pay your bills. Plus you can get started for as little as $7(see conclusion below.


The Pro's heavily outweight the Cons of ENTRE Institute as you can tell and I'm not being biased. The great thing too is you can get started just for $39(Click here).

Other than that, there’s really not enough cons to say that Entre Institute wouldn’t be worth it. You get EVERYTHING you’ll need to sustain an online business here remember that.

Entre Alternatives 

If I could give you any alternatives to Entre Institute there wouldn't be many on the list on the fact that Entre is so unique and unlike any other training out there, but here are a few:

People like Anik Singal have free and paid courses with places like Lurn, Billy Gene releases free material online and has paid courses on how to advertise with video, the KB Blueprint is run by Tony Robins and Dean Graziozi where they show you how to share your expertise with the world...

Legendary Marketer is made by Dave Sharpe who can help out with coaching, consulting, digital agency courses, build your affiliate marketing business and you can do this inside of his 15-day Online Business Challenge that will show you:

  • The #1 High-Ticket Business Model To Launch Online(Newbie Friendly)
  • Why Low-Ticket Business Models are keeping you broke(see the Math)
  • Download ALL of David's High Ticket Templates, Scripts and Funnels
legendary marketer vs entre institute

Legendary Marketer Video

>>Click here to see the 15-day online business challenge

The 12 minute affiliate is a done-for-you business in a box system in affiliate marketing, and Wealthy Affiliate will show you a segment of digital marketing known as affiliate marketing.

"Your Free System" is actually quickly becoming my favorite and go to, it's the one I strongly recommmend starting with - In this one, you get a System people can join for free and helps you promote the "Nexus Rewards" cashback, savings, and refferal program for residual commissions.

Wealthy Affiliate  is an amazing training that'll show you how to build a wildly profitable blog website to monetize with affiliate marketing, and it's where I first started...

They center it around Website Blogging to rank your posts on the first page of Google so you get Organic FREE People coming to you rather than paying for ads.

PLUS: If that interests you, I reveal how to bridge Facebook Messenger with it, So I primarily focus on blogging to get Organic Google search engine traffic, and then I can convert my visitors into sales or for high-ticket products/services into leads and then close them on Facebook Messenger...

And If that's something you're interested in doing, then check out my #1 Recommendation for that below.

ENTRE Institute Vs Legendary Marketer

This will be a battle for many years to come so I want to set it straight in this section, listen closely.

ENTRE Has everything you need like Legendary Marketer but here are the differences starting with ENTRE...

  • ENTRE takes on a "holistic" first approach with the ENTRE Blueprint, and then leads you into making money which I Believe is best since this will develop your mindset.
    • You get Robust Personal Development courses 
    • You get Productivity courses
    • You get 3 Different business models to choose from
    • You get an unmatched community
    • Access to 8-figure earners
    • High ticket courses that teach you how to sell high ticket products
    • Events and workshops
    • Coaching and consulting
  • Legendary Marketer takes you into learning about High Ticket Affiliate Marketing(bigger commissions) straight out the gate with their 15 day online business challenge.
    • You get Marketing and advertising resources like:
      • Marketers Club: Live weekly training webinars, Exclusive interviews, What to do and say to sell more stuff, and more
      • Omni branding formula
      • Traffic University
      • Affiliate Marketing eBook
    • Business Blueprints:
      • Live trainings
      • Affiliate Marketing
      • Digital Products
      • Events and Masterminds
      • Coaching and Consulting
    • Live Experiences:
      • Legendary Marketer Mastermind

Which one is best for you?

For the fastest ROI(return on investment) and if you want to get rolling without consuming free content(because we all know that doesn't take you as far), Entre is still the way to go in my opinion. I say this based on the fact that it's beginner and expert friendly and you'll be turned into a digital nomad with a business you can be happy about for the price. In other words, you get a bang for your buck!

Plus, Jeff will show you the fastest way to become a millionaire, and he proves it inside this video.

Otherwise, If you want to learn from an affiliate marketing lesson straight out the gates then check out Legendary Marketer here, OR what I specialize in which is Blogging with Facebook, then Click the button below.

What I Liked Most About ENTRE

If there was one thing I had to say I like most about ENTRE other than there PROVEN and superiors Program, it's Jeff Lerner. Why?

Jeff has gone out of his way to ENSURE you will have all the material you need to succeed within his progroam so much so that he was coaches and himself to help you along the way if you ever get stuck or you just need to reach out.

You will never be left alone and forgotten like many other online digital entrepreneurship courses where you pay for a course and you're just another statistic. I can truly say Jeff has taught me and opened my eyes to everything digital marketing has to offer in terms of mindset, training and a community of like minded-individuals who want the same thing I do.

Here's the ENTRE Nation Community:

ENTRE Facebook group

People are joining every day and it's very active:

active 1

And you also have Jeff who is active helping others and sharing success with them:

active 2

Entre Institute Affiliate Program

One other cool feature of Entre is the amazing Affiliate program Jeff put together where you can earn by referring people into the program!

Which by the way is one of the Highest paying affiliate programs on the internet, and you can promote a product you can feel great about and confident with.

This is termed as a "high value affiliate program" by Jeff where it's very specific, meaning, can your business...

  • Get more customers?
  • Get repeat customers?
  • Get high value customers?

If you can answer yes to all those questions, then you have a high value affiliate program and business...which is very rare these days in the affiliate marketing space.

Want to learn more? Check out the Entre affiliate program video here.

My Story - In A Short Few Minutes


The lights were dark, glaring down and breathing down my neck almost as if speaking to me and saying the ONE thing that shook me to my core...

You are ALL alone, tired, stuck and sunk in a pile of you know who. I couldn't breathe, the 4 feet walls around my work desk were ever so pinching in closer and closer kind of like out of one of Quinton Tarantino's scenes where you were just trying to get through the hour but you couldn't!

In my mind I had it! Enough was enough, I needed to better my work situation where I was earning measles but being overworked like a $50/hour worker, the heck?!

Once work ended I literally drove home like a maniac, shoved the door open like a man living in a jungle for years finally returning home, I walk into the kitchen, look to my right is sitting comfortably my laptop...

I painfully grab it knowing what's about to happen next, sit down on the dinning table, open it and BANG!

My strength weakens, my feet shake as I'm staring at my emails, not even having to scroll I see a steady flow of notifcation emails:

  1. Your Bill is due
  2. Your car payment will be processed
  3. You have another $10,000+ in student loans still to pay
  4. and the list is endless!

On top of that I felt useless not being able to have money left over for meals with the family, going out on a much needed vacation, having my family "own me" when it came to supporting me.

Could I make it through another month? Yeah maybe, but by the smallest thread like pushing a needle through a hole as small as an atom.

With no more energy left to give, I mustered up as a man and started searching online for alternatives, better income streams, ways to earn a passive income...

The RIGHT way this time, no bullshit surveys or "tests" or "out of date make money online" strategies which is where my last checkpoint was...only to be an abandoned project.

Hmmm...1,2,3, nothing yet. So the day passed, and next day came fast and I was at work again having lunch when out of the blue(literally), I heard from an old friend of mine through my Snapchat social media app and he told me that there was a faster and more effective way I could build a LEGITIMATE business with a passive income online business...

There's this guy named Jeff Lerner who is an 8-figure earner and has been through everything and has a mentoring program where I could painlessly build a long-term business that wouldn't leave me depending on a boss, a paycheck, an uncertain future in unprecedented times...

One hour turned to two and then three, can this work day end already I said?! As soon as the time struck 5, I jumped up and zoomed out the building faster than you could say "hurry", got in my car and drove straight home...

This time rushing through the door like a man with a plan. I open my laptop sitting on the kitchen table again, and get into research mode...

I type into google's search engine "ENTRE Institute". I get the course, and not even a second into it, my energy peaks, I'm all of a sudden in a state of super focus...

As I then say "Now's my time." I buy the ENTRE Blueprint and get to work. My plan is to just make my first $1,000+ with the program and then another $1,000 because if I could get my first $1,000, then I could duplicate what's already working to another $1,000 - obvious enough, right?

I still faced this problem where I didn't have enough time in the day like others did so I devised a schedule to fit in a few hours in the morning before work and when I got home, I'd put in another 2-4 hours.

Before you know it, I've hit my goals! $1,000, $2,000 in the next few months follow. Then at $5,000+ PER MONTH.

I'm on cloud 9, feeling grateful more humbler, appreciative, and hungrier than I had ever been! I could finally provide for my family, pay the bills, feel comfortable for paying for meals when we went out, going to events, family get together's with more confidence and certainty. Finally taking that trip to Laguna Beach with my brother, Mother, and many more family members...

Actually being able to start out into the horizon without a worry on my mind that when I got back to reality, things would be chaos.


As you can see, it's not a matter of asking "is entre institute legit" but asking yourself if these people can do it why can't I?

P.S.Each one of these entre nation review testimonials are by actual real Entre Blueprint people.

Final Thoughts(And FREE Bonuses)

What did you think about this entre review?

You've seen all you needed to inside this comprehensive Entre Institute Review, Entre Institute is an all-well rounded program that will shape you into a digital entrepreneur and give you ALL the advanced skills to predictably and effectively market ANY product you wish online.

If you had any shadow of a doubt like others out there thinking "entre institute scam", well it's far from you can now see.

I’ve yet to run into a complete course that will show you from the ground level up how to master one topic at a time and get to a level where you could have online imagined.

Here's Where You Are Right Now...

Right now you have "gurus" trying to sell you courses that don't work. You're worried that you'll pay for a digital course and you won't get your return on investment, maybe even never make a dime. You might keep searching for "free" or courses that charge you thousands to get started. Or you might never have the belief to think you can do it.

Even see how bad the economy is suffering, we're in a pandemic, you can or maybe already have lost your job or if you haven't, times are un-predictable!

Before you know it you're complaining, stuck because everyone around you keeps talking about "another stimulus check or from where the next paycheck is coming in" meanwhile...other people are taking action! They aren't worried about falling behind because they are starting their own online business with ENTRE.

Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like If You Can Do What I've Already Done

Now, Imagine what your online digital business life would be like if your business was increasing with highly qualified people wanting you to do business with them. You have unlimited sources of traffic to get people to see your business so you can get all the leads and sales you want. You can cherry-pick the best people to help, and never have to worry about whether you will earn enough in the month to cover your bills, debt, your family and yourself.

You make sales effortlessly without "selling", over and over again. Now you’re making $5,000, $10,000+ per month off a total program that cost you about $2,000+. You recovered your costs and you just gave yourself more time freedom to do what it is you want with who you want to.

The Solution:

With ENTRE, You'll finally be able let your business work for you instead of the other way around, earn more money in a month than you ever could at your 9-5 job, and give yourself and your family a break from slaving each and every day just to wake up and do it again to put food on the table and in people's mouth.

I give Entre Institute a 5/5 and If you’d like to get started, here are not only the entre institute bonus but multiple bonuses I’m going to give you for joining...

ENTRE Bonuses($12,683 Yours Free)

First, here are all the bonuses you will get from Jeff:

80% off: The ENTRE Blueprint Training - This will break down step-by-step how to transform your life personally, physically, and professionally. This took me from $400K in debt to building a $40M business!  ($199 Value)

FREE Bonus #1: A 1-On-1 Business Advisor that will walk you through the training and help create a game plan that's right for you. ($299 Value!)

FREE Bonus #2: The Awesome Life Challenge that includes daily lessons that will help you improve ALL aspects of your life. ($199 Value!)

FREE Bonus #3: The ENTRE Nation Community that is going to provide you with all the support you need on your journey to success. ($175 Value!)

30 Day 'Keep It All' Money Back Guarantee we're so confident that this training will change your life that if you're not satisfied within 30 days, we'll refund your money and let your keep the $673 worth of bonuses free as our gift to you.

Now Here are all the bonuses you will get from Me(Michael Granados)

BONUS #1: My Affiliate Marketing For Entrepreneurs Academy Min-Course($497 Value). Jeff will show you what affiliate marketing is in one of the lessons, and I’m an expert in this field with many years doing it. My course will show you video training and tutorials from the ground level up, from making offers, messages, websites, funnels, email, copywriting, lead generation, traffic, ads, organic traffic, and so much more! This is not just any Mini-Course, this is a whole course in of itself for beginners and experts, plus, when you get Jeff's Full Affiliate Marketing Course OR any of the others, I will throw in my $2,097 FULL Affiliate Marketing Course For FREE!

BONUS #2: Exclusive access to my High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing For Entrepreneurs Academy Course($397). There are many levels of affiliate marketing and high-ticket affiliate marketing is one of the best that will help you earn $1,000's+ in commissions having to sell less products! You'll be shown the direct-route to making more commissions in less time with my material, and offers so you can hit the ground running as fast as possible with my help.(PLUS, Bonus #9 below will show you one of the ways to my 6-figure funnel!)

BONUS #3: Email Marketing Secret Hacks Course ($297 Value). Every business owner MUST have have and grow their email list if they want to make a lot of sales and with thus email marketing special course you'll be shown how to communicate with your leads and close TONS of sales by just sending out an email to your audience!

BONUS #4: 180 Done-For-You Emails by a professional Copywriting($6,097 Value). These done-for-you emails are no joke, a professional copywriter has made sure to give you the best internet marketing emails you can get...anywhere! These will last you about 6 months+. Just put them into your email autoresponder, sit back and relax.

BONUS #5: Viral SEO Secret Hacks($397 Value). I’m going to give you my COMPLETE Search Engine Optimization(SEO) course where you will be able to effortlessly get your website as well YouTube and Pinterest ready.

Bonus #6: Facebook Accelerator Course($297 Value). Don’t worry about how to maximize your engagement on Facebook anymore with my video training course which will show you step-by-step how to get maximum exposure to your products/services.

Bonus #7: Special Access To ALL My Social Media and Extra Guides So you can have a greater way to make an impact and income on channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Email Marketing which means you're going to crush it and make more money in the long-run($197 Value),

Bonus #8: Discover Your Niche Mastery Blueprint Guide($197) You're getting in your hand my prized niche mastery blueprint where you can nail down your Niche and dominate your marketplace NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS! This blueprint uncovers the step-by-step process to selecting the RIGHT niche so you don't have to worry about making money in it at all times or having to try again from scratch. There are videos in this blueprint I pulled from my Affiliate Marketing that would be worth $100's each and you'll see the 5 crucial steps before choosing a niche right away!

BONUS #9: Cliff Notes PDF and Checklist of the 6 step ENTRE Blueprint Course($17) so you can get a quicker recap of what you learned in each step/video and day by day so you don't get lost and can refer to more resources like my videos to help you along the way with precision help.

Bonus #10: My 6-Figure High Ticket Affiliate Funnel($597). I'm going to show you how to hit the ground running making high ticket affiliate commissions with my done-for-you 6-figure funnel in the Make Money Online niche if you decide you want to go into this space and start seeing some commissions coming in without a hassle. Plus, I'm giving you all my email templates, and material so you can have the highest conversions!

Bonus #11: Free Access To My Private Facebook Group with 1-1 Coaching($127 + Value). I have a group for like minded individuals who are growing their business and want to become or are digital entrepreneurs. You’re also going to get full access to 1-1 Zoom calls with me!

Is it OK if I over-deliver?

Special Bonus #1: You'll get my fast action Storytelling for business scripts so you can "sell" without selling($97 Value) which means you won't have to feel like a salesman, rather you can use stories to get your point across and make the sale.

Special Bonus #2: My Full Sales Funnel Domination Course($997 Value) so you don't have to worry about how to use a sales funnel or even create one from scratch! Yep, that's right, I have FREE templates I give away so you can start generating revenue right away which means you'll free up more of your time.

Special Bonus #3: My One Blog Post Away Challenge($2,097 Value). You will get my very popular, life-changing 30 day blog challenge unlike no other on the market where you will be able to build a highly profitable blog in 90 days or less! Most people just show and tell you to get a domain and hosting and then get a website, but this is not that - I've reverse engineered the whole process and made it effective and efficient of your time so you can know EVERYTHING from getting leads, to sales, copywriting and so much more! 

PLUS: I always throw in extra bonuses - you have to see to believe.

Total Value:


P.S. below's the video version of me going over your bonuses.

Do you have any questions or need more help on anything? Feel free to leave me a comment down below and I will get back to you ASAP.

P.P.S. want the #1 alternative high ticket program? Click here to see legendary marketer

Frequently Asked Questions

IS ENTRE Institute Better Than Udemy, Skillshare, Etc?

Absolutely is, how? With ENTRE you get step-by-step UP TO DATE Digital Education you can apply now and in the future and you get lessons from top experts in their field that are 7-10+ figure earners so you can model and replicate what they're doing Right Now...

And the fact that you get higher levels of coaching to expedite your results and get you to your outcomes much faster to save you time, money and even energy, ENTRE is worth it all.

Unlike other digital education platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Masterlcass,  Coursera, will get older information, you won't get up to date information, the courses lack proper branding of a mentor to follow, not enough strategies and tactics, coaching and support to be honest.

Is The ENTRE Blueprint Enough To Make Me Money?

This is like the most common question I get asked and here's what I have to say...

You get enough step-by-step frameworks with phase 2 of the training and the free downloads in those lessons to give you the right direction to get started and rolling to make starting money as I'd call it, but as far as the "In-Depth" strategy and tactics go, that's what the courses are for.

The cool thing is I give away a Free Min-Affiliate Marketing Course and a bit of content in some of the other areas too for free as part of my bonuses which can help.

Is The Digital Millionaire Accelerator Course Bundle Worth It?

100% yes! You can get each course separately if your wish to for half that price, but the bundle just gives you everything so you can get to your desired results much faster and it'll help when you have all the right tools. What course were you interested in is what you have to ask yourself.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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