January 29

by Michael Granados

Would you like just 15-20 minutes of work per day and make $1,000+ per day?

Is Commission Plan X A Scam AND get instant access to a $477/Day account? I’ll cut right to the chase, Commission Plan X IS NOT Entirely A Scam but it's not as easy to make money with as they claim and you'll waste a lot of time. and you’ll want to see the disturbing red flags, but first…

My fingers glided over my emails and Clicked to open what was a “Personal Message” thanking me, and with a confused look on my face(the kind you make when you thought you had an answer right) I pressed the link in the email and behold is this page that reads:

“This “Weird Commission Plan Made An Easy $1,500,000...Without using Facebook, Google, List Building or Anything Confusing…

Couldn’t be true, so I had to investigate deeper and that led me to make this review where I “Michael Granados” pull back the curtains and reveal to you the shocking claims, the secrets Commission Plan X doesn’t want you to know, the pros and cons, alternatives and much more so by the time you leave here today you’ll be saying to yourself…

“I now know what I need to move forward with so I can finally have more financial freedom, more time to do more of what I love, and to live life on your own terms!

Very quickly though, I reviewed another system called the 20 Minute Cash System that is EXACTLY the same program but with a different speaker.

So let’s get started.

Commission Plan X Overview

Product Name: Commission Plan X

Founder: Unknown

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $47

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own business, Beginners, Experts, People who want a passive income business.

is commission plan x a scam

Summary: Commission Plan X is "supposedly" a done-for-you or "Turn-key" affiliate marketing system where you just have to press a few buttons and you'll start making between $100-$1,000+ per day....And you don't have to know how to sell, or have any kind of experience. That's a red flag!

Anybody telling you that you don't need to know how to sell or market is completely in la la land. This system is made to help you promote Clickbank marketplace products but when you get into the back office members area, the material is full of fluff, outdated material that doesn't even perform well. So if you'd like to save yourself time and money, and actually make money with a real system, click the button just below...

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No

What Is Commission Plan X?

Commission Plan X is “supposed” to be this turnkey commission plan system that helps you crush making money online with affiliate marketing with making hundreds of dollars per day by promoting a Clickbank product with just a few clicks of a button.

The main part of this system accounts for 92 percent of how internet millionaires generate income online and within a click of a button you can “supposedly” manipulate and direct traffic(people) from 99% of websites online to any commission website of your choosing.

Sounds freaking awesome but trust me, this DOESN’T WORK! Why not? There’s no such thing as pressing a few buttons to run a business, yes, you can press a button to pay for Solo Ad traffic but this system also talks about how you can make $1,000’s+ per day just doing this…

Which is absurd for the average person and even more experienced affiliate marketers. Let’s go deeper inside.

Going Inside Commission Plan X

When I opened my email to see that I was rewarded a prize, I was like No way?!

I actually felt like I was rewarded a prize, but I wasn’t sure what I did to earn it? Anyway, I landed on the official Commissionplanx video, and Here’s what you’ll see on the home page:

what is commission plan x

As you can see, the headline reads This “Weird” Commission Plan Made An Easy $1,500,000...Without Using Facebook, Google, List Building, or Anything Confusing.

The video underneath the headline goes over a few key points:

  • Why this is the opportunity of a lifetime
  • How there are Only 45 spots open(not the truth, false scarcity)
  • Ensures you that the person has made money
  • The transactions
commission x presentation

David’s team is growing really quickly and wants you to become a part of it so you can help him earn but you will also earn at the same time.

One other thing David says is he’s made 9 payments to the people that watched this exact video last week…

commission plan x 9 payments

Underneath the video will be the sign-up form:

commission plan x register

Supposedly the registration is closing Thursday, January 21st, 2021 which it’s really not, this is just a false scarcity tactic to get you to act now.

After you enter your name and email and click submit, you’ll come to this page:

commission plan x account

Dylan will present you with congratulations and he’s taken one Commission X Account and set it aside for you and giving you your $477/Day Account. So watching this presentation will walk you through your orientation and cover areas like:

  • The 9 people who joined him last week all made money with the same exact system
  • Commission X takes average people every day to make over $1,000 per day
  • How Commission Plan X Works

How Commission Plan X Works

Dylan says how this system has produced over 92% of the successful online millionaires 

commission plan x 92

With the click of a few buttons, it gives anyone the ability to manipulate traffic from any place online and send it to any website so you can make commissions

commission plan x child

The problem I have is when Dylan makes his Commission Plan X system sound so great by telling you there’s no need to put any work in

commission plan x no skill
commission plan x makes money
commission plan x traffic

That is far from the truth! I’ve been around the block a few thousand times and I know in fact you can’t just sit behind your computer and click a few buttons and expect to get results…

You stand a greater chance at finding a genie in a bottle and asking for your 3 wishes. Another component is getting your own coach:

commission plan x team traffic

Your coach will be on the phone with you and help you with anything you need. According to customer feedback:

commission plan x customer feedback

So if you’re not selling, marketing or doing anything else, then what are you doing?

All you have to do is gather your links to commission sites, which you’ll find in the private member's area. Just find a few links and share them, for 10-15 minutes a day of work, is it really that easy?

Yeah Right! 

Here’s probably the biggest catch of them all...Dylan says he had to invest in the greatest technology and serves to power up his system which would make the average person then think “Dang, this must be super powerful and worthy”...

But don’t be fooled, this is a gimmick and a way to feed you the “Emotional Selling” of the system so you can see how legitimate it is.

A couple of things you’re getting in the system are:

  • A Personal Coach to help you through the setup process
  • The tools to drive free traffic

Plus, here's a commission report that I don't believe is even real:

commission plan x earnings 1

Commission Plan X Benefits:

There are four benefits Dylan Claims Commission Plan X will help you benefit in:

  • Low Cost
  • Easily Start Your Online Business
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant Product Access
commission plan x benefits

What Other People Are Saying…

commission plan x reviews

How Much Does Commission Plan X Cost?

Commission Plan X will redirect you to a website called “Clickbetter.com(link)” where you’ll see the checkout page for the product at $47 PER Month. But you can also get it for $30 for a one-time discount, and you can find this by trying to exit the page and you'll get a pop up.

commission plan x discount

You’re paying for a membership, not a one-time payment which is even more Ludacris! If you want your money back, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Who’s Commission Plan X For?

Honestly, for nobody, but if I had to come up with a list, I’d say:

  • People who want to make money online with affiliate marketing who’ve had no success
  • More experienced affiliates who don’t have a subconscious and just want to recruit people to make money off of

Who’s It Not For?

  • Smart people who don’t want to waste their time and hard-earned money
  • People who don’t want to rely on a “Done-For-You” System
  • People who actually want to learn the SKILLS like Marketing and Sales

Pros And Cons


  • Smart Copywriting tactics to feed you the emotional side of things


  • Terrible system that requires more work then 15-20 minute per day
  • Turn key and done-for-you systems don't work as well as projected
  • You're not learning any skills
  • Suspicious pages
  • Fluff in the back office members area training.


There are definitely better alternatives and they are:

These are my top 3 favorite programs online(of course there are more but these are best) and my favorite being ENTRE Institute, why?

You get to learn from a PROVEN 2X-8 Figure Digital Entrepreneur in Jeff Lerner who went from over $400,000 in debt to making over $40 MILLION online and has built his business around the 3 top business models:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Agency
  • Course Creation

And now he’s showing you how to do the same in all these areas by literally COPYING him and his Millions. If you’d like to learn more about ENTRE Institute and how to walk away with a free guide called “The Millionaire Shortcut”, click the button below…

What I Liked Most About Commission Plan X

NOTHING. In all seriousness here, the program does do a good job at using Copywriting to get you ‘Emotional” sold on the system but other than that I don’t like anything about it and I’ll tell you the one thing I disliked most next…

What I Didn’t Like

I absolutely 100% didn’t like that there were fake testimonials AND the fact that this is a done-for-you system where you just have to click a few buttons...That just doesn’t exist!

It’s better you hear it from me and now than to go somewhere else and waste all your time and money, you don’t want to waste months and years not making anything, right?

Final Verdict: Is Commission Plan X A Real Scam?

I wouldn’t say 100% but it certainly does have shady parts and A LOT of red flags that would put this system in the category of a scam. Don’t learn the hard way…

Try to jump into a “Done-For-You” affiliate marketing system where you just have to press a few buttons like paying for solo ad traffic and that’s it because you’re relying on a system to do all the work for you without you building a brand by learning the SKILLS…

The only way to make it online is to really build yourself an audience and authority in a space where you don’t rely on a system to do all the work for you and If you’d like to learn how to build yourself a legitimate long-term business this way, then click the button below right now…

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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