Is Appen A Scam? – An Honest Tall Glass of Truth

Hi guys, my name Is Michael Granados, a legitimate work from home owner, and today I’m thankful you’ve showed up here today, as I have a highly raved review on an overwhelmingly researched work at home opportunity known as Appen to get to the bottom of.

But before I can show you my own personal experience, and most honest review, did you know that Appen wouldn’t be what it is today if it were not for the leading provider of search relevance services Leapforce? That’s right, Leapforce has put Appen on the map, and that’s mainly in part it coming on board.

As of November 29th 2017, Appen limited made the announcement that it would acquire Leapforces services, in plans to make it a mega blockbuster! Think about a superior artificial intelligence market and the word Appen could be flashing past your mind.

All prizes, and giggles set away, the real question of today is if working from home with Appen is a legitimate opportunity where you can earn money or is it one you’re here screaming and hoping it is not a scam.

  • Title: Is Appen A Scam
  • Name: Appen
  • Website: https://www.appen.com/
  • Price: $0(free to join)
  • Owner: Mark Brayan
  • Overall Rank: 81 out of 100 points

What Is Appen? – The Appen Overview, A Sea Of Artificial Intelligence…

I can’t hold it in any longer, I have to EXACTLY tell you what is appen.

This Almighty Heaven and rapidly adapting Appen you hear everyone talking about all the time is nothing more than a well know as global leader in taking our day to day human interactions, putting them into an interpreted data set for machine learning programs to act more human like.

This is accomplished by you(the contractor) using a search engine tool like Google, Bing or whatever “Yahoo”, and you’d perform tasks online by evaluating the search results and through social media word usage. We’ve advanced so far that now you can even speak into a microphone and artificial machine intelligence can pick off word by word.

If that’s not next generation evolution, please enlighten me on what is. Just to draw an image in your head so I’ve not lost you up to this point, think about robots, perhaps you’ve seen a movie by the name of EX-Machina? Allow me to elaborate.

Human Intelligence is based on the two core principles of speech:

  • emotions
  • ambiguity

When you use your words to spit it out, there’s usually intent on your emotions and for a larger meaning behind what you’re speaking. Most of this can be caught by human to human being interactions(unless you’re fairing off on the robotics side of the scale)…

but if you were to share the same expressive words with a robot, it would have a difficult time understanding how the words relate to one another, and what your message is trying to convey.

Here are two more example on that:

  • If you went to google and you typed in the word blackberry, are you meaning the type you eat, or the one you use as a phone?
  • What about if you typed in the word Android now? It’s likely that the machines will find the right query.

So… It’s all about you as the human being the big brother or sister, and having the machines observe what it is you’re doing, for them to become more human.

What is Good About Appen?

Now that we’ve had a full appetite of words about what Appen is and how it works, let’s get out of the futuristic portal for a little, and tackle the ones more realistic, the goods.

  • By far, the best thing I liked about Appen is that it gives me the freedom and flexibility to work whenever from wherever I please, and I’m able to work the number of hours I want. This is a big thing because you can choose the schedule that works best for you, and not from your management. Plus, you’re not tied to a regular 9-5 job!
  • The fact that Appen is an expert in more than 180 languages and dialects, doing work in more than 130 countries, and have over 1,000,000 skilled contractors, makes it a powerhouse in international work, and gives many people equal opportunities.
  • The more services the merrier, and that’s what Appen does so effectively. With everything from technology to finance, you’ll be sure to have a place to begin and never end.
  • It’s free to join, they do not offer memberships, upsells, or fees of that matter. You can do an instant search from their site on the “find flexible jobs” tab and find the right job for you.

The Bad Things About Appen

You guessed it, along with the good tags on the bad. There are somethings I’ve experienced with Appen that are not so good, and we’ll break that down right now.

  • One of the least things I like about working for Appen is the pay. You can get expected to pay on the project you’re assigned to work on, and the higher paying jobs are on average $11-$14, and as low as only $3/hr! And if that was not enough to catch your walk downhill, sometimes you don’t get paid at all. If you were only available to work for a couple hours out of the full time you are expected to, you will not see any of your money.
  • You’re the contractor not an employee. I’ve worked for a couple contracting companies online and offline that pay you for little services like taking a 30-minute lunch, bathroom breaks, etc, but at Appen something minute as sending an email to your manager and waiting for a reply will not get you paid. It’s not right to point the fingers, but I’ve seen employees get discouraged and losing productivity in their work, leading to exit the doors.
  • Another thing that I didn’t like about my short time stint with Appen is that its never clear when a project is done. When you go to email to your support team, you sometimes don’t hear back. You just have to keep working without notice, and you don’t get paid for the training, or if the tools are down. Imagine working on a new project but you didn’t have the proper training for it? You’re pulling the rope from the wrong end.
  • It doesn’t offer a career approach. I’d invest more time in learning how incredible the technology they use, than sitting their in awe and keep getting paid for. The hard part is trying to build up a consistency in your work, and expect to pay the bills.
  • You are not your own boss here, keep in mind that you’re working for a company. It’s the employee vs contractor mentality, and the accommodations are no where close on your side(as a contractor). Yes, you can decide when you want to work, but at the minimum, you are still working under someone else.

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Who is Appen For?

This is where it gets interesting, because Appen can fit the mold for any modern day worker. There’s pride and satisfaction that comes with completing a job no matter how small, large, bad or good, and Appen hits the target on all scales.

If you wanted to work a $50 position for approximately 4 hours at least and only 4 hours out of the weak, you can gladly decide to take it. Just don’t come into it with a “I want more of this pay” mentality. Are these hours worth your time, and go into it with understanding that your additional time is your responsibility and not theirs.

The life at Appen is about filtering the good jobs from the bad, the higher pay from the low. There is no guarantee that once you shoot them over your resume that you’ll get what you wanted. Your resume is your bond, and even though Appen will offer you different job results, the question comes down to:

“Will you want to take it”?

You’ll squeeze a few good bucks here and there, but are you willing to sacrifice your time for money online working for one client?

Work at home opportunities are a selective process because there are two ways to look at it:

  1. Is it just supplemental income
  2. or do you want to make it a full time business?

Regardless, if you’re looking to spice up your lifestyle, and have more flexibility and freedom when it comes to working, between jobs or if you’re a student, then Appen is for you.

Appen Tools And Training

So I’ve made it apparent that Appen provides training, but Let’s look at the specifics. I’m going to go uncut and cut to the chase…the training is lacking big time. You can be made to patiently wait for weeks to get started, and when you do, you’ll receive a large PDF article to study, along with a few modules to complete. Well, they should give you weeks, maybe months to learn it right? Not exactly.

They expect you to know it all within a matter of day in order to pass the final exam. And if you fail, you think you’d get to see where you went wrong. Another fat checkbox under “no”.

I highly criticize their training because I like to relate it to school exams. I know you can relate with me that when you were to do good, okay, or fail an exam, you’d get your results back. In forth, this would help you understand where you went wrong, and how to correct your mistake(s). Plus, If you decide to continue, you have to wait another week to retake.

We spoke about the pay some minutes ago in the latter sections above, and to further emphasize, you don’t get paid for your training. Let me clarify that not every job will pay you, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but when you don’t get paid for the full time, sending emails, and now the training, it’s an avalanche bound to happen.

I couldn’t go farther with it, and that’s because I’ve been the target of a no pay training job. In my last physical world job position, I not only didn’t receive pay for the orientation and training, I didn’t get paid to train the 50+ future employees coming through the ranks. Did I leave the job? no. But was it discouraging? Indeed.

So…don’t be afraid to say when enough is enough to you.

Appen Support Resources

Like any online make money scheme, there is either a community, forum, or personal support to be by your side. If I start on their home landing page, I can run my eyes from left to right and on the navigation I see the contact Us Page. Here’s what I see:

What you see on the outside is different from the inside though. If I have a general question regarding sales, and the Investors, I can contact them and hear back in a timely manner.

My first couple sessions with Appen contact support was fast to begin, and slowed down as continuing. The support team can better at communicating with you about changing projects. Some staff members are responsive, while others are just plain wrong in not saying one word back. Don’t expect for them to get back to you either.

Appen Pay and How You Make Money

In Appen, there are no fees to enter, no upsells, but their is more to draw you attention to the pricing levels. There are many similar and others that are different job types. The hourly rate varies substantially from very low, some reported $3/hour from average of $11-$14 an hour and as much as $50 per hour as like a data collector.

The other leverage is where you live. Depending on if you live in a city with higher demand for the job, you could expect to get compensated better.

Here have a look:

After sometime at Appen, I realized that the most common wanted title was a social media evaluator position. As a social media evaluator you will be active on social media sites evaluating the search engine relevance and producing word usages that machines online can learn from better.

Here are the qualifications:

  • You must be residing and be able to work out your tasks from the United States
  • Have access to a computer or smart phone that is less than 3 years old
  • High speed internet connection
  • Ability to read and write in English to precisely perform the tasks asked of you

Work Schedule:

  • You get a flexible, part-time schedule
  • Only requires you to work between 1 and 4 hours a day
  • And with your choice of 5 to 7 days a week up to 20 hours a week

Here are more job positions with their pay:

  • Data Analysis. Monitor, analyze and interpret data form the key performance metrics and make strategic reports, charts, and tables.
  • Project Coordinator. Responsible for monitoring and driving key performance metrics from a group of independent contractors.
  • Associate Project Manager. Is responsible for monitoring and driving key performance metrics for a roster or group of independent consultants doing search.

Is Appen A True Scam, or A Legitimate Opportunity?

At this point it’s not a question of “what is appen?” rather can it truly be a scam?

From what I’ve experienced, and what’s others in my position have to, I can say Appen is definitely not a scam. Yes, there are the negatives, and the cons might outweigh the pros, but any job you look at, has the same characteristics.

Appen has been in company since 1996 and earns on average $50 to $100 million(USD) per year, and for over 20 years, Appen has been equipping the freelance community with flexible home based opportunities all around the world.

Their long line of years proves that they are not just any business going out there and scamming people to work for them.

If that’s not enough, they work with companies like Google, which means you know they mean business.

My Final Opinion of Appen

Is Appen a company that I will recommend? No job is perfect, there will be bumps, smoother roads, jobs that no one wants to work, but one thing is all in the same, the element of a complaint.

If you’re really looking for a home-based opportunity that will give you everything from freedom to flexibility, and you can actually be your own boss, then Appen is not what you’re looking for.

Don’t take the negative reviews as a way to stay away, but you can see it as an opportunity to learn something magnificent in machine learning. Sure, you will not always earn what you want, or be unhappy with the fact that you don’t get payed unless you work the full hours you committed to, but you get freedom, and is that not what you want?

If you’re looking for a job that ensures you have flexibility, then give Appen a go, but if you’re looking for an online business, then swivel, and head for other options.

Final Verdict: 

How I Make Money Online

What do you think about this appen work from review so far? Did it rock your socks, and did you get what you came in here for? In my honest opinion, I think machine learning is amazing and it’s a great way to get your foot in the door if you’re new to online work but….

As I stated moments ago, there are better ways to make money online that don’t hold you back from earning more consistently and you can set your own hours, while doing something you really enjoy like I’m doing from the comfort of my sofa as I’m writing this review to you.

I have all the respect in the world for companies Like Appen but I have to say, there are better ways out there that can help you make a side-hustle income, part time, or a full-time home-based business, which brings up this next part.

In my further search for a home-based opportunity, I cam across a platform that showed me how to turn my passion, interest, or a hobby into a full-time online income. Like you, I was skeptical, I thought it would be another contracting position, but it turned out to surprise me.

If you’d like to see my favorite and I believe to be the best way to make money online, check out my #1 recommendation here.

In all, What did you think about my review? Is there something you are left wondering, have questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for? I’d like to hear them. Leave me a comment down below and I’ll get back to you in the next 24 hours!

Michael Granados

Hi my name is Michael Granados, and I am an online home business owner with years of experience learning and moderating the online world. I’ve managed to build my online credentials, and I would like nothing more than to help others achieve the same desires.

  • Vesna says:

    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for the great review! To be honest, I’ve never heard about Appen. Your review provides a realistic picture of this online business opportunity, with all the necessary info, its pros, and cons. And… it sounds interesting! I’m glad that it’s not (one more) scam.
    There are many people out there searching for such opportunities. Your honest review will definitely help them. And agree with you that there’s no “perfect”, i.e. “good” job. They all have Pros & Cons.

    Thanks again!

    • Michael says:

      Hi Vesna,

      You are welcome! Although it’s been around for some 20 years, it’s still up and coming with the latest addition of a company called Leapforce. So it’s expanding. The pros and cons are definitely there to help. Everyone’s looking for opportunities, and appen would not be a bad way to start the online world.

  • Helen says:

    Thanks for your review, I haven’t heard of Appen before reading this review. It is something that I would probably like to try but I don’t live in the US, however maybe one day they will expand worldwide.
    You have covered the business model very well and I found the information provided to be very informative and helpful. Thank you.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Helen,

      Actually you might be able to. Appen if offered in many places outside the US. If you would like to direct you to Appen to learn more I could, or you can tell me what country you’re in to help you from there. You are welcome.

      Thank you.

  • Kim Simmons says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for all the detailed information. I am contemplating on giving Appen a try. With all of your experience, can you recommend another company that may be a better route?

    • Hey Kim,

      You are very welcome! I think that Appen is a great starting online job. There’s always a new project to work on and many others that you can request for if you want a higher paying position vs a lower earning one. The application process is a bit long, and most of your trainers are going to be overseas so you’ll get an email message later in the nights. Like most online jobs, this will not pay you for your training which is alright because at the end of the day, you are working from home. Now as far as another company goes…

      Have you heard about Lionbridge? I actually used to work for them but not from my computer, I was actually at the job site. Otherwise…

      I do plenty of other things that you might be open to. But first let me ask you – what are you interested in? I.e: being on the phone, a passive income with affiliate marketing(which is what I do), market trading, and there are many others. Although Appen is an easy job, I do think there are better online jobs out there, and for me, the best has to be Affiliate Marketing. I can send you a video on this if you’re open to hearing about it?


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