September 21

by Michael Granados

I'm sitting on my bed on a gorgeous Saturday morning here in Vancouver, Washington and I couldn't get you off my mind for one reason.

The very position you are in right now, I was in not too long ago, questioning what is the best way to pay off student loan debt?

SHOCKER ALERT: If you search the web for blog posts, watch YouTube videos time and time again and you keep hearing this:

  1. Make more than the minimum payment
  2. Just split your payments "jimmy"
  3. Go sign up for auto pay
  4. Volunteer
  5. Re-fiance

...And all the bull-crap that is spread around the internet and from your friends and family...

It's got to stop NOW! Did you think this was going to be another one of those posts?

What you're about to read is going to LITERALLY blow your mind, listen...

What I'm about to tell and show can change the course of your life today. I'm dead serious. But here's where you factor into the equation...

If you leave here today with "just the knowledge", but you don't go out there and take any action at all, you will continue to Lose...I promise you.

#1 Recommended Way In 2020 and Beyond To Pay Off Student Debt

It was mid year of 2011 when everything came to an end.

My high school days were matched and right around the corner was looming my freshman year of being a University student. Like any young adult we follow the production line by our parents, guardians, teachers, etc...

  1. Go to school
  2. Get A Job
  3. Make Money
  4. Work hard
  5. Move Up The Corporate Ladder
  6. Buy A House
  7. Start A Family

With all that in mind I hit the ground running as an academic and Division 1 soccer athlete at the California State University Bakersfield, and then a year and a half later I ended up working only to realize that was not the route...

And from the year of 2014-2016, I was enrolled at my local Community college back here in Vancouver, WA. Here's where the plot twisted...

3 and half years of school, $15,000 later with a mediocre job working in logistics for a company that underpaid me, under-valued me, made fun of us...

And it doesn't stop there.

Next to my ears I had an Ex hardware engineer old man telling me to go back to school Michael, go get more certifications(on top of the many I already had), Go become a truck driver they make bank...

It never stopped and so didn't the flow of expenses every single month from:

  1. Bills
  2. Food
  3. Gas
  4. Student loans

and so forth. At this time I was really in a turmoil, I stayed at this job just go get some years of work stability under my belt, to save enough so that I could move out my parents, to see if this Ex Hardware engineer would step down and I could finally get the promotion I needed.

One afternoon on my lunch break, I grabbed my ham and cheese sandwich with salad and an orange out of the refrigerator, walked back over to my 10 foot by 10 foot cubicle where there were 4 corners filled with computer desktops, and I sat on mine. 

Not a couple minutes later that's when my life would never be the same.

an old friend who I hadn't hear from in about 5 months named Tyson sends me a Snapchat message. You know that Snapchat social media app?

the snapchat app

I was caught by surprise wondering why he was reaching out to me, but then it clicked...

He was responding to a meal I had for dinner the night before, I believe it was teriyaki, and you know Tyson is my Asian friend. not more needs to be said there haha.

He replied back to my meal and then he and I started a small conversation for the next 15 or so minutes..

Tyson asked me how I was, what I was up to those days, as did I. He owned a trucking company and I...

Well was this underpaid,undervalued employee with a crap-load of education and I'm talking about calculus 1-3, economics, statistics, the hard chemistry and organic chemistry classes, physics, and so on...

But that didn't matter, I wasn't even using my associates degree at this time, but I was using my "hardworking" skills.

Anyways, I told Tyson I was doing good, just working and wishing I could pay my student debt faster, earn more income on my spare time and eventually do something that pays me more where I can add to my assets column, not my liabilities(I'll get to that part soon)...

Tyson then told me how people were working from home on the internet, and No it wasn't:

  • Filling out surveys
  • PayPal earnings crap
  • Contracting work
  • Fast money schemes

And work of that nature, but something more meaningful for the time you put into it...

Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate who? Affiliate what? Hear me out...

Get this, People were making a living from their:

  1. Passion
  2. Hobby
  3. Interest

Sounds crazy right? But it wasn't that same afternoon when I rushed into my home door, threw my backpack that I took to work with me on the ground and began to research blog post after blog post, one YouTube video after the next...

Overwhelming but I kept hearing the same thing:

You can make a living sharing your knowledge/expertise and help out other people solve their pain points, problems, fears, desires, needs all through this affiliate marketing thing.

So what is it?

Affiliate marketing is basically where you're matching people with a product and then sending these people over to the merchant otherwise known as the retailer. And whenever these people make a purchase, you make the commission.

You're like the middleman who just sends people(traffic) over to your offer(product) and then they click on what's called an affiliate link and go over to the merchant to make a purchase, and every time they do, you get paid out a specific commission to that particular company.

What get's even more unbelievable was this...

You don't need to own your own product(but you can if you want)! Just use other peoples proven products and place these in front of an audience that needs it, and you will get paid.

For example: If someone has lower back pain, and you knew they needed a specific pain relief cream and Amazon had that product, you can send people over to Amazon, and when they make a purchase, you'll get paid.

There are also many other ways to do this with recurring monthly commissions that I talk about in my affiliate marketing getting started guide.

Like yourself, I was REALLY suspicious, but when I finally got this thing going, it took off, and I never looked back again. 

There are many affiliate marketing strategies, but the one that made me pay my student debt off was with a blog like this one you're on right now. 

One last thing to add before getting into the next thriller of a section, If you want to find lenders who can get you money for a short-term deal, even if you have bad credit or no credit at all, you can check out "Back To School Lend" for  a loan application here.

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A Rich Dad And A Poor Dad

Did that title make you think of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad?

If it did, good, but if it didn't and you have no clue who this guy with a last name that sounds like it could be a motorcycle, let me fill you in...

The greatest book about personal finance and how Entrepreneur Robert Kyosaki had two different dads growing up...

One who was school educated, had a hardworking career but was poor, and the other dad who was more self-taught educated, had a focus on capitalism and who didn't slave as an employee known as the rich dad.

This book literally made me cry when I realized that no matter how much knowledge you and I have, no matter how much freaking degrees we could have, we are shut off to knowing how to manage money...

Instead we let money manage us. For the longest time I had trouble adapting to the fact that the poor and middle class empty their pockets of money while the rich keep money coming in. 

They use this money for cash-flow assets like:

Meanwhile the poor endure expenses like:

  • Mortgages 
  • taxes
  • property takes
  • medical bills

and so forth. It's true, we were not fully taught how to manage money and make it work for us, rather we choose the life that everyone tells us out of fear...

To play it safe. Check this out:

Work All Your Life For A Paycheck?

One of the major questions I ask adults and students without employment like Robert Kyosaki Of Rich Dad Poor Dad does is:

"As a worker are you or will you be looking into the future for their next paycheck, never questioning where you are headed?"

I highly suggest taking a second look at your life, and if you're already working, to take a second job, and if you're a student fresh out of school to focus on skills that school can not teach you...

Often I recommend join an affiliate marketing opportunity or even network marketing where you'll learn marketing with sales and the most important is getting over your fear of failure and rejection...

The two main reasons people are unsuccessful. Your education will be more valuable than money in the long run. But here's what I hear when I say this:

"That's too much of a hassle", or "I only want to do what I have an interest in." And want to know what I say to that?

"So you would rather work all your life giving your 50% of what you earn to the government? Look at it this way for example:

If you told me "I only want to do what I'm interested in", I'll tell you this:

"I'm not interested in going to the gym to lift weights, but I go because I want to feel better and live longer."

In all, when you think "well sales and marketing are for the uneducated Michael, I went to school like you did, this is the limiting belief that's stopping you from changing and seeing that you don't have to be a "salesman or saleswoman"...

You just have to take step-by-step to increase your income and learn valuable skills that will allow you to sell yourself. 

Why Should You Care About Me?

I can totally understand of your skepticism about this affiliate marketing thing but even more so about this Michael guy and if he's being honest, and real. You can always learn more about me here, but just to say this...

I've never tried to steer people in the wrong direction in my life, I've always stayed humbled, grounded, and a mentor to many students and people who want to pay off their debt completely or a fraction, and I've also had many moments where I go out of my way to help those who want to live a life of:

  1. Time freedom
  2. Have more time with friends and family
  3. Save more money and put it into assets
  4. Escape the rate race
  5. Start their own business

I usually shoot for all these when I help someone but everyone is different, and like they say "Enjoy the journey , don't worry so much about getting to your destination today."

If you're ready to start paying off your student loan debt the best and most long-term strategy that will pen more doors in your path later on in your life, then begin by pressing the button below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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