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by Michael Granados

Hey My name is Michael Granados, a full-time home based online business owner, and thank you for being here today as I'm going reveal to you one of if not best books you will ever pick up and can highly likely change the course of your life if you keep this in mind...

You not only consume the knowledge in this Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Reviews but you'll go out there, read it, and take massive action.

If you've been circling around trying to figure out your financial place in life, to prepare yourself for your financial future, to understand why the poor stay poor and rich get rich, or because you heard about your friends and family speaking highly about it...

by the time that you leave here today, you'll finally have the part of the equation you've been so desperately needing in your life.

Listen, you've been taught all your life to live by what society preaches as the standard norm in this logical sequence of events:

  1. Go to school.
  2. Get a good job
  3. Work for a corporation
  4. Make money
  5. Start a family
  6. Buy a house

How Rich Dad Poor Dad Changed MY Life Completely

Rich dad poor dad book

This is the life at least the poor and middle class are living right now, and the reality is there's no shortage of it. Your parents/guardians as well friends and family have programmed you to believe that school is the path to prosperity, and to live this caged life where you have a safe job and play by the governments rules.

Hey I get it! I grew in the middle class as a Latino to two beautiful parents, my mom: Mexican/American, and my dad: Salvadorian. I have to thank them for raising my younger brother and myself here in the Orange County, CA, where they helped us see that we too can have the American dream.

Technically my mom was from Fresno, but My dad migrated to the US from El Salvador in his early childhood. Anyways, point being..

my brother and I were taught hard values of being nice to others, go to school, get a college degree, and find a secure job where it's filled with promotions, raises, 4O1k, benefits, the whole sha-bang.

Fast forward in life and I've had 3.5 years of college done with and I had entered the workforce once again, in a logistics role as a material coordinator. This was the one I thought, finally I'd be secure, move up, and "play it safe" with a company.

After months had passed, the momentum slowly died down, I quickly realized how under-valued, underpaid, underappreciated I was with this role/company and that my ex hardware engineer supervisor would not step down so I can take over his role. It FREAKING sucked!

I knew that I needed to stay to rack up more stability but the physical and mental strain was like when theirs a clog in a drain and the water starts leaking out little by little until the volume of the water breaks through and releases the pressure.

During this time was when I had my best breakthrough though. If it was not for being in such a difficult situation at work, feeling like I had to enter school again or get additional certifications, and from the hurt I had in a Love relationship...

I felt really down on myself. You probably know the feeling of waking up every single damn day to do the same thing over and over again:

  1. Push the alarm, get up, go to work
  2. Go through your job wit employees you can't stand
  3. Go through your motions
  4. Come home late or when you're tired
  5. Grab the remote, watch your soap opera or favorite TV show
  6. Eat, watch more TV
  7. Go to sleep
  8. Wake up and do it all again.

Now what I'm not saying is that school's not important but it's obsolete. Robert Kyosaki in his poor dad, rich dad books make this a point. His poor dad always valued an education and to do what society constricted everyone else to do, but most people who go to school and work for money are not financially educated to know any better.

Robert makes it simple by saying that there are major differences in how poor vs rich people think, to list a few:

Poor People thinking:

  • Base their decisions off two emotions, fear and desire. Poor people will use fear and desire against them in circumstances like stay in school and get good grades so you can find a safe, and secure job. A Education and job will not handle your fear. The same fear that gets you to wake up in the morning to earn a few bucks is the same feat that causes you to be so consumed with going to school.
  • Are afraid to make money. Poor people are taught how to work for money while the rick learn to make money work for them. You don't get taught that in school. therefore you'll end up in an employee mindset.
  • Work every day for the same company for 40+ years, get a nice pension and social security income. 
  • Education ends after school. The same ignorance and fear that drives people to make irrational decisions is the one that causes people to stop learning while the rich keep improving and educating themselves. School always is the end and never the beginning for the poor thinking.
  • Work hard for money. You'll get a higher paying job, that means more expenses and liabilities, more taxes.
  • Blame the rich and government for why they are taxed so much.

Rich People thinking:

  • Delay reactions and think. All of us will always have emotions of fear and greed but it's important to use these emotions to your advantage for the long term to not let your emotions control your thinking.
  • Self-education continues throughout every day, month and years of your life. School is only the beginning, and the rich know that self-education always needs to be present for growth.
  • The rich put more money in their pockets through cash-flow assets like Real estate, intellectual property, bonds, stocks, anything that adds more income.
  • Financially literate. Understand finances like income statements and balance sheets.

There are plenty more but these are just some of the most important ones. And with all this knowledge that I gained from this book and many others, I went into building my own passive income online business with models like:

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Going Inside Rich Dad Poor Dad

Taking a deeper dive inside Rich dad poor dad, it's very clear to say it's a general book on mindset.

You'll learn the concepts and everything about mindset but you don't actually get to see how you can go out there and implement it. There's nothing wrong with that, as too many people want to be spoon fed like a baby...

So what does that mean for you?

You have to take it upon yourself to do your due diligence! Or you can take my advice since I'm already earning a passive income stream, I've built multiple assets and earning a full-time income from home...

Here's a video on What Robert Speaks in great volumes:

Stories Upon Stories

One of the things you'll see over and over are the stories Robert Kyosaki shares about his life growing up and how he grew to respect the two fathers in his life but how he eventually started his teaching with his Rich dad.

From the beginning, Robert hits you with the most powerful story of how his poor dad thought it was foolish not to go to school, get his degree and work at a 9-5 job moving up the corporate ladder, especially the one thing he found out his rich dad was doing.

Robert learned a hard lesson at a young age when he started working under his rich dad for literally nothing, $.10 to be exact. Robert was utterly disgusted, questioned this madness, but it made sense to him soon enough.

His dad was teaching him how fear, anger, desire and all his emotions worked against him and how he would act not receiving a paycheck. Instead of working for money, he found the core values that he needed money to work for him.

Who's Rich Dad Poor Dad For?

Do you want not only to be rich but a rich thinker?

How about financially literate and earnings yourself assets and not building up liabilities and expenses?

If you answered yes to these questions, Poor Dad Rich Dad Is the right book for you. Quite honestly, everyone needs this book at one point or another. It's not just for you if you're working 9-5, but for many of us like myself who want to develop assets, understand how to make money work for us among a greater endeavor like...

Earning passive income streams. All my life I wanted to work from home, and that dream has come true, but it would not have been possible without Rich dad poor dad, among the other books that I took on.

Every Entrepreneur, student, the retired, moms, dads would benefit from having this book.

I think that we don't teach our kids enough about being financially literate and we need to do more of that.

Rich Dad Summit - 7 Ways To Create A Sustainable Passive Income

Robert is also the creator of Rich Dad Summit where he shows you the 7 ways to create a sustainable passive income for you can work less, Earn More and finally Escape The Rat Race.

You can get access to his 2 days of training for only $1 Here.

How I Used Rich Dad Poor Dad Right Now

There's not a day that goes by where I'm not grateful for the mindset that I have, for the books that I've read, and people who have changed my life for the better, but all of that wouldn't be possible if I didn't take action.

Read this book all you want, but at the end of the day you're just reading and consuming knowledge that's just going to sit logged in your brain. Or you can do what I am doing and that's building my passive income stream...

And there's one very popular way that you can use that'll help you escape the rate race, build your own business and produce a more financially literate lifestyle...

What did you think about my rich dad poor dad reviews? Is there something more you would like to know about that I didn't cover?

Feel free to leave me a comment down below and I will get back to you straight away!

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