March 9

by Michael Granados

Do you want to make LOADS of passive income to the point where you can replace your entire 9-5 income?

Before I show you exactly how to get your foot in the door, you need to hear this first:

According to Mediakik, in 2016, U.S reatailers had spent $4.7 BILLION on affiliate marketing. And shockingly, by 2020 U.S. affiliate marketing spend is supposed to rise to $6.8 BILLION!

Just check out the trend I pulled out from Google:

affiliate trend

HOLY MACRO right? Let me ask you, are you ready to be in the statistic of people contributing to helping people buy a product from you or would you rather be the statistic that didn't dive fully in?

Basically, Affiliate Marketing is where you can promote other people's proven products and services that you don't own in exchange for a commission!

In this article, I'm going to show you EXACTLY step-by-step how to make a living with affiliate marketing so that by the time you reach the end you're going to think "My goodness, get me started!"

Or something along those lines 🙂

Before I get started, why should you listen to me? I've been doing this for years and have been making consistent money every day, but rather than just tell you, let me show you some of my results:

clickbank daily commissions

And yes this is me - my last name is "Granados":

clickbank sale
clickfunnels affiliate earnings report

Enough of the data, enough anticipation, let's get it going!

Table of Contents

Living With Meaning and Commitment, Is That You?

Before I can tell you how to make a living with affiliate marketing with the 4-step process, can I ask you ONE serious question?

Are you ready to make a commitment? Most of the people I work with never seem to get it straight, they think that with one piece of effort, that they can become the next online success...Well you know what I tell them?

Things don't happen overnight buddy. The one thing I want you to get into your head right now is that affiliate marketing is not a sprint, it's a marathon, and If you're looking for a quick way in to your freedom, financial stress, and more time for your family friends, then get out right now.

But If you're committed to learning, and evolving overtime, then you're in the right place to capture that. I teach people that you need to have a mindset, and focus on what you want to do online, that it's always about the journey, hardly ever about the destination...

You'll have times where you wish you were not doing this, but TRUST ME, It will workout for you in the end, whether its:

  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • 2 years
  • 3 years

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

It's very simple, no need to complicate things, this is how affiliate marketing begins:

4-step process

step 1

Pick a passion, interest, or hobby. Known as a niche.

For ex: I have another affiliate business in the health space, so that would be the market. I can go another layer down and do nutrition. And go micro-niche, Nutritional brain supplements for adults in pain

step 2

Create a website/non-website or funnel. Different forms to start but nothing beats starting a website blog where you'll rank in googles search engines.

Having a website/blog is the greatest asset you can have as an affiliate, and many people will ask me if they need one...YES!

step 3

Traffic is "code" for people. As an affiliate marketer you can drive people to your product/offer from the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo over to your blog, YouTube channel, etc.

Traffic is "code" for people. As an affiliate marketer you can drive people to your product/offer from the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo over to your blog, YouTube channel, etc.

step 4
  •  get paid commissions! Each retailer has a different payout.
  • You have a selection over 100's of affiliate networks to choose from, some physical products, other more digital and software. I made for you a list of the best fortune 500 companies that have affiliate programs you can check out here.

    That's it! Now it sounds very simple on paper but what most people do is complicate it by over-analyzing, picking up an "affiliate link" and spamming every Facebook Group, Instagram Inbox, YouTube Channel, Website or whatever!

    Do you think I'd be here telling you how to do Affiliate Marketing the RIGHT way If I myself didn't stand behind that?

    Of course not, a protagonist gains knowledge and applies, while an active and "hopeful" seeker just keeps well...Seeking.

    In affiliate marketing, there are different sub-business models within them, you have:

    1.  Ecommerce
    2. Shopify
    3. Agency
    4. Affiliate Marketing

    And if you haven't learned about these yet, I won't go into full in-depth as you can see that here, but you have eCommerce and Shopify where you sell more products in bulk in exchange for a commission.

    Then there is Affiliate Marketing, which in my opinion is above waters than anything else I've ever experienced online.

    2+ Mistakes To Avoid As An Affiliate Marketer

    Mistake #1: You do have to be a bit careful if you don't want to get stuck making a penny after every sale, and not getting a great return on investment(ROI), both with your sweat equity and money spent to acquire your customers...

    This is the one of trade between you and the retailer, where you send a person to a product, in exchange for a commission, and you never here from the person who bought through your link, and now the retailer can upsell them on just about anything.

    Mistake #2 Not doing your research. Many times I encountered trying to pick a niche where I was competing with thousands of other websites, so I was never going to rank in google, let alone make long term sales through paid ads.

    What you want is a re-occurring income(residual income as its known too). After spending almost 2 wasted months online trying to learn affiliate marketing on my own, and thinking that just making a sale would make me riches, I was delusional, but come to think of it, I woke up.

    A bad nightmare, just trying to sell to people on social media, throwing them my affiliate links like a every rookie would do, trying to run paid ads to my offer, and even then trying to get people to buy Higher priced items, but guess what?

    It all failed. After that second month I found not only a way to do affiliate marketing the right way, I learned how to make a residual income with it. Every Millionaire, every great affiliate marketer has one thing in common...

    They can resell to their existing customers, or get paid on a residual income over and over again....You've basically provided Results for your audience and that is the Lifetime Value(LTV)

    I then Remember wanting to make an information product so that I could do what's called selling on the front end, making that initial free or sale, and then getting more people to the back-end of my funnel which is where your business will really take off.

    But great, Not everyone can do this, and you shouldn't have to rely on making a product, and I'll show you what you can do instead.

    What If you could combine a front end sale, with back end sales, and make a residual income at the same time? Now there is the jackpot!

    Leveraging Affiliate Marketing Skills Not Opportunities 

    Remember how I mentioned one of the key aspects is having a website/website blog?

    I know you like to spend your time on social media and while you can leverage that into you affiliate marketing strategy, yo should also make the smart move every affiliate makes by having their own site...

    because in affiliate marketing you'll have to LEARN Skills NOT Opportunities! Every affiliate I run into who is a complete beginner will run into another shiny object, get scammed, lose out on tons of money and come back to ask me "Michael, this didn't work!"

    Well, I would hate to be the one who said I told you so...But.

    As an affiliate, my goal is to make sure you know how to market! PERIOD! Get this one thing out of your head...

    It's not about the product, it's about YOU! Marketing yourself will make people logically and emotionally invest into you and buy from you. So what do you need?

    The SKILLS of:

    and so many more that we will get into. ALL I ask from you is that you trust me, and I will guide you to what your goals are. 

    Now let's look at the different affiliate marketing models...

    Affiliate Marketing Models - 3+ Ones

    Have you heard of the saying: "Not every business is created equally?"

    Me neither, but it's a very eye opening statement once you understand what that actually means for the online internet marketing space...

    As an affiliate you're going to run into what are called "frontend and backend" process, hear me out.

    Let's imagine you are picking a product from Amazon to promote, you have your website up, someone lands on your blog article and that person clicks on your affiliate link, they go over to the merchant and make a purchase off your product and you make the commissions. Can you guess what takes place after that?

    Amazon will up-sell your customer and sell them on even more complementary products and make $100's if not $1,000's more off just off that one person, and how much do you get compensated for?

    NOTHING! You ONLY make money on the front end product your offered your customers. This is one model of affiliate marketing that as a beginner it's not so bad especially to get your foot in the door getting used to affiliate marketing, but when it comes to make more higher-ticket commissions off just promoting one product and the company handles the rest of the back-end selling for you, it's amazing!

    Before I show you the following video, if you want to know how to do amazon affiliate marketing, see my other blog post...

    Now, Check out this video about the differences between one off sales vs many.

    3 Types Of Affiliate Model Products

    Aside from the amazon associates programs and others like it that pay you a one off sale, you have others that could be of interest one of which is high ticket(and I'll get to that in a bit), but let me break down the start to finish.

    1. Courses. You can promote course type products that can be found on places like Clickbank. Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace where you can find TONS of courses, and training's in literally any niche imaginable.
    1. Recurring Software. These are products like Email software, Funnel Software, and many others. You will earn money every month from each customer as long as they stay as a user.
    2. High Ticket Products. As I mentioned earlier, this way you can promote products over $1,000 for a commission and you only have to sell a couple of these products to meet your monthly goal(s). One of my favorite programs to do this with is ENTRE Institute.

    No Product? No Problem!

    Most people think they need to have their own product to make it big in affiliate marketing, but you don't! How so?

    Well, as a beginner, you can start off by just selling someone else's product and make a killing at it. But you have to do your market research, and select the right industry to promote in - as I mentioned earlier about picking your niche, product and so forth.

    Thereafter, if you decide you want to create your own, I actually highly encourage you do. But what you might be thinking could surprise you!

    Rather than creating your own physical product which can be over cost and if it doesn't sell, your cost would just be out the roof. So why not do this instead...

    Create a digital product? This is:

    • faster to distribute across the web
    • No overhead cost on your behalf
    • You can create one and charge for it by modeling what others are doing.

    So, without going to deep into creating your own product, yes you can go that route. But at the beginning, just focus on creating your affiliate marketing assets, and then with your experience, when the time comes, you'll know what to do.

    How To Get People To Your Offers...Fast

    Thus far, I've shown you the concepts of making a living in affiliate marketing with the 4 steps from picking a niche to driving traffic, but I'm sure you want to know how do you exactly get people to see your offers right?

    Although I mentioned starting a site, writing content so that search engines can pick up on your work, I didn't mention enough about the strategies. So give me your attention the next couple of minutes on that matter.

    Remember this statement as we move forward:

    "All roads lead to publishing content"

    I started with a blog website because I was attracted to the idea of ranking blog posts on page 1 of Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo for these reasons:

    List of Steps

    Step 1

    Ranking high in searching engines brings you people(traffic) to your posts/site and you can understand the intent of what they're looking for much easier. Many people have problems, they want to find out about a product, or are ready to buy, and you could know what they want and give it to them. You do this by seeing what words/phrases or "keywords" as we call it in our world and you write a post around it.

    Step 2

    You become the hunted not the hunter. Imagine posting an article and it gets quality search traffic and when people read your post, they click on a link to either go purchase your amazon product(or any merchant) or that can simply mean an email optin so you can build a relationship with people faster and more effectively.

    Step 3

    The opportunity to develop a real skill. I've always enjoyed a challenge, and writing blogs was never something I thought about doing but until I focused and disciplined myself to get better at this skill, EVERYTHING is so much more easier.

    Step 4

    Search engine content is long-term. When you post something on the web, it will last there literally forever. This is great for you because you will always have people coming to your content, which means more sales, more conversions, and more awareness to your brand.

    There are many more reasons I started in this area, but these are the main ones.

    YouTube Marketing

    Another great strategy is using YouTube to publish content but in the video and visual form. Affiliate marketing principles are always the same - the more your publish and add value to someones life, the farther you will go.

    And YouTube has been the fast growing way to attract a great crowd of people who need their problems to be solved. People connect with people and not the product, and they love to see people in video.

    Just like blogging, you can create blog posts around things that people are searching for on YouTube. And it's a search engine so you can rank videos on YouTube and in Google.


    Have you thought about podcasting? A podcast will enable you to connect with people on an audio level, and it seems like podcasting is the new blogging according to Pat Flyn in his Ask Pat 2.0 Podcast with Ben in episode 1085.

    Social Media Marketing

    A popular form of reaching an audience base is through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so many more. This is an area that I see many beginners and even experts start in. Either it's because they don't know much about how to reach other people through the platforms I mentioned before social media up above or that they for some reason feel like people are already there, so they are more prone to buy right?

    Not exactly. It's called social media for a reason...People are not necessarily looking for intent like you would through search engines, rather, they are there to be social with family and friends. The most important thing you need to realize if you do social media is to build a fan base first. You NEED to build an audience of people that want to follow you, and then ONLY after you will build a customer acquisition base. 

    Most newbies and even experts get it ALL WRONG. You wouldn't imagine how many times I see people screw it up on social media. I used to be that person who wanted to talk to people about my product, I didn't know how to create content, how to attract my audience and so on.

    The key to selling more products is to build trust and relationships there and in anywhere else. It's always good to pair social media with a long-form content strategy like Blogging, YouTube, and Or Podcasts. 

    Email Marketing

    One thing I wish I did early on was build an email list. You need to be collecting people's email addresses for a couple reasons:

    1. Build a relationship with trust
    2. Sell more

    You'll hear the phrase tossed around often: "The money is in the list", and what that basically means is that most of the money or good money you'll make as an affiliate marketer is from your email subscribers. But don't think it's just about getting someone on your email list and immediately selling them...there is a strategic way I will help you out with.

    Of all, it'll help you build a relationship with people, because like I said, people buy from people. You'll get better at this game as you go along and focus on skills not opportunities okay?


    I could have mentioned this a bit earlier, but Pinterest is like Google and YouTube, a search engine. You can post up nice graphics for your audience and then get people to click through and land on your blog, YouTube Channel, Podcast, a landing page for an email, and so much more.

    Is One Product All You Need?

    Would you believe me if I told you that all you needed was one product to promote to make a full-time affiliate marketing living with?

    Sounds too good to be true I'll admit but this is very possible, let me tell you how.

    It's always true that you should focus on one specific product to promote, whether you're an amazon associate, with Clickbank, or any other channel. Overtime, that can change and or you'll start picking out more products to add to the collection so you don't spread yourself thin.

    Your goal should actually be to promote a variety of products but always focus on one at a time and make it work first. So you can grow to your first $4,000+ with just one product and you can master it, but you should also have backups.

    How do you know what to pick?

    I'll tell you more about that down below in the 8 growth hacks, but you should think of things like a carousel where you have a variety of products to promote and also one that you can continue promoting.

    Think of it by networks...

    1. Clickbank. If you don't know what clickbank is, it's basically an affiliate marketplace where you can select form tons of different products from Health and wellness, to making money online, and others. I have a clickbank account myself but I don't promote much of the products here anymore, I've moved onto other projects. Plus, the products can come off to be a bit on the scammier side and somewhat less of a trust. But it's a hit and a miss. You can focus on one product at a time and earn a good commission and even recurring commission. I have a video I made about Clickbank over on YouTube that you can checkout and I'll point you to a system that's working today. Go HERE to view the Clickbank video.
    2. Amazon Associates. One of the true and tried ways for every newbies to get their foot in the affiliate marketing world is with Amazon. With Amazon, you have TONS of proven products and a trusted retailer with lots of traffic, so you know people are already buying. There are other networks you'll come across like Shareasale, JvZoo, Commision Junction, Impact, and other too, but I'll use Amazon for this example. At first, I started with a pain relief cream called Penetrex on my Remove Back Pain site, focused on producing blogging content around it, made it my main offer, and then later learned how to add other affiliate products. So this is the single and carousel technique.
    3. Digital Information/Software Companies. What I love about this is that you can distribute these products/services faster to someone. You can refer people to buy digital information that they can access immediately once they purchase. Or if someone wants to download digital information, in no less than seconds it's made accessible. On the other hand, you have Software Companies or SAAS as it's known, and here you can get paid by referring people to email marketing companies, blogging platforms, domain and hosting, funnel software, courses, GDPR, and so many more. These can be high-ticket one off sale products or recurring. I'll refer you to one that is software with the title below labeled "100 days to a full-time career".

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    How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing? 3 Tips

    I'll cut to the chase. Stop asking "How Long" Ok?

    3 Tips For Affiliate Marketing Success.

    TIP #1: Change Your Employee Mindset

    It doesn't matter if it's for affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, Ecommerce, or whichever model it is online, if you're asking how long, this is coming from an Employee mindset.

    TIP #2: Stop consuming content!

    Focus on creating content, and not stupid shit scrolling on social media reading news feed after news feed. By that time, you will be tired as hell.

    TIP #3: Invest in yourself

    Spend money to make money. Invest the least amount of money, and you will be scrambling all around the web like I once did. Be real. Why would someone who has spent years of their time and hard sweat equity to be where they are, give you EVERYTHING FOR FREE?

    It's stupid, and it just doesn't make sense.

    TIP #4: Be fine feeling overwhelmed

    There are two types of overwhelmed, by consuming other peoples dumb shit, and the other from problem solving your affiliate marketing company and journey. That second one is the one I want to be apart of, do you?

    Be open to learning from the right people, get a mentor or more than one, and if you want to get ahead with affiliate marketing, stop spending your money on dumb shit like:

    • Beer
    • Partying
    • Cars

    On materialistic things, and items that you don't need. I don't want you to wake up one day and say "Damn, I should have listened to this guy named Michael that time I was reading his post, and watching the video just below...

    Want the fast track to success? Grab my 5 boring steps to building a $1,000+ per month affiliate business by clicking the image below:

    affiliate success

    Here's what I want you to do to change your mindset:

    Start thinking about what do I have to do to develop my skills?

    Because you have to get through some of these concepts in the process:

    • Customer acquisition strategy
    • Lead generation game
    • Driving people(traffic) to your offers
    • Building relationships and trust

    If you can't take the time to understand that, you will fall hard. But I'm trying to help you because most people don't tell you this. That's why you're also wondering how long does it take to make money with affiliate marketing?

    Rather say to yourself this:

    "I'm going to do whatever it takes until I make money"

    That's the difference between being successful and another wannabe.

    There's just times in my day where I still get frustrated, but If I listened to the thoughts in my head, I would quit like every employee. But I take the time to settle, go do another activity...

    And the next time or day, I'm refreshed an ready to get it!

    So, focus on the process to reach your journey which is the event, your success. Learn to become a stronger version of yourself, and then you'll get what you want ok? Just here to share with you my tough love 🙂


    There are plenty of alternative business models but before I reveal them to you, keep in mind this...

    The majority of these take A LOT more money to invest in, more time spent with little results, and require a lot of fulfillment like inventory, customer support, vendors, and more.

    Here they are:

    Again, Affiliate Marketing is your best bet here and you can do it more passively, especially when you're doing things like high ticket affiliate marketing.

    Done-For-You Systems Vs Build It Yourself(Your Brand)

    Did you know you can save time by tapping into a don-for-you affiliate marketing system and make money faster?

    Yep, it's true. You don't have to learn:

    • Copywriting
    • Websites/blogs
    • YouTube channels
    • Email Marketing
    • Sales Funnels
    • Etc

    You can jump onto a platform that has all this and more done-for-you so all you need to do is get people to your offer(s), how?

    Usually it's a matter of spending money on ads, specifically solo ads. You spend money to get people on other people's email list to your landing pages where you can collect their email and follow up with them to make a sale on the backend. Is it beginner friendly?

    Somewhat. Listen, no one else is telling you this but if you go the paid route, you should be prepared to:

    • Spend at least a maximum of $200-$215 for month for the platform membership, your email marketing automation system, and the ads. Or:
    • $500+ per month so you can run traffic(people) like twice a week, where you order that traffic twice a week, thus speeding up your results.

    Now, when you build a brand, you're really not going for these done-for-you systems(well, at some point you can), and you focus on building an authority in a niche serving that audience of people as best you can. I prefer this route, and even if takes more time, it's highly sustainable and you can profit in passive income without paying for your traffic for many years to come. 

    Here's a video I did about the two:

    Some done for you systems worth mentioning:

    Some brand building organic content programs worth mentioning:

    3 False Beliefs About Affiliate Marketing 


    Every newbie affiliate marketer will have a few misbeliefs about starting an affiliate marketing business and I wanted to cover them here.

    #1: You Need An Audience

    Most people and you might be thinking this to, that in order to be good at Affiliate Marketing, you need an audience. What If I told you that wasn't 100% true?

    Yes, that's right, you don't need to spend costless hours on social media networking and posting until your eyes fall off, or going to every persons account and personally adding them. I mean, at a point having an audience that follows you is what you want, but it's not needed at the beginning to sell.

    #2: You Need A List

    Have you heard of people say the "money is in the list?" If not, it's basically getting people onto your email list so you can build a relationship and eventually get people to purchase from you. I advise to have a list because that's usually where the money comes in, but you can make it happen without getting people to sign up for things.

    #3: You Need to speak with friends and family 

    The old school tactics of talking to your friends and friends is dying! You need not worry about speaking to your friends and family to join your opportunity and or sell them a product/service. 

    One of my favorite ways to avoid all of this at the beginning is to start a Blog or a YouTube channel and even a podcast.

    In fact, I have a 30 day blogging challenge that yo can check out HERE if you'd like to.

    8 Growth Hacks To Master Affiliate Marketing Fast

    Along my career in affiliate marketing I've seen a TON of information out there and it can be really hard to trust anyone maybe even me at the moment, but If you give me a second, I can change all that.

    First, I want you to know that there is not just one simple push button or one way to succeed as an affiliate marketer, so what does that tell you?

    You need to FOCUS! It's great to have desire and even discipline from the beginning but if you don't focus on ONE thing at a time, you are quickly going to go down like quicksand.

    Luckily, I have the solution. Quite easily for me to say now with the wealth of knowledge and action that I've put in, you NEED to learn from those that resonate with you and and you can get results from.

    Here are 8 Growth Hack Tips I've put together for you:

    1. Learn from the right people. Like I said before it's really important that you learn from the right person or people and more preferably those who have what you are after, success, freedom, more money, or the same program. When I started, I was a complete mess, following one next person to the other without any "know-how" to do affiliate marketing correctly. It wasn't until I learned from 2 prestigious and proven top affiliates in Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate.
    2. Take Action Now. Who cares how much you know if you can't share it with anyone. Your audience is out there waiting for you to help them out, so don't wait, there are people out there that need your knowledge, get to it.The best way to take action is to know your training and put your niche into action.
    3. Fail and Fail Again. I should have started that with "be prepared to fail" but I wanted to lay it on thick. Most affiliate marketers at the beginning will fail in one way or another, and about 95% of them are always there complaining and then they run into the thought that it won't work for them, they are DOOMED. But really? If I stopped trying after the first, the second, the third and beyond do you think I'd be where I am now? When you fall, keep rising.
    4. Spend money not time. This is not one I was familiar with for months because even though I wasn't wasting my time making and growing an online business, I wasn't growing it quick enough. There are organic growth strategies like SEO and Social media that are free, but just because they are free doesn't mean they are completely free...You'll be trading more time for money at this stage, which there is nothing wrong with(I started this way and if it weren't for it, I wouldn't have quite the following I do). You can and should spend money on ads if you have the capital.
    5. Promote low-ticket offers. Many starting affiliates go at it the wrong way trying to promote high-ticket offers rather than a product/service on the low end. The trick is to use high-converting sales funnels so that you can get those 15-25 clicks. Some of these low-ticket offers come from merchants like JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, and Shareasale.
    6. Dive Deep Not Wide. One of my biggest mistakes as I told you was going from one blog post to the next, and mentor to the next, so I had no success at all, seriously. Instead of trying to pick off every single mentor or "proclaimed guru" stick to one or two at first, immerse yourself deeply with them and get as much you can. Realize that the results will come when you stick to one chosen strategy to begin, that's where you will find the money, and go with it. For example, when I starting learning from the right people, I focused all on Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and "piggy backing" off what was working.
    7. Hack Your Mentor. I've stressed the importance of following the right mentor(s) but what's also important is to "piggy back" off of what they do. What I mean by this is to model them and make it into your own unique way. As an example: If someone has a membership course with x,y, and z videos or tutorials, try to replicate the same thing.
    8. Be Mindful. I think the most important component and the one you need of them all is to be mindful and have clarity in what you are doing. Don't just do things because you see others doing things and or finding success, do it because you can see yourself making an impact in other peoples lives and in this world. We don't need another fake, to put it harshly.

    Here's an extra video I laid out for you in how to fasten your success with affiliate marketing and make it passive:

    Still confused On Which Affiliate Marketing Model Is Best For You?

    "Take my Free affiliate marketing quiz that will help you determine your niche and system to use."

    100 Days To Turn Your Hobby Into Your Full-Time Career!

    What if I said there was an affiliate program full of 15 super affiliates who came together and shared with you their PERFECT strategy to become an affiliate in 100 days and retire?

    You'll get to see the EXACT strategies these unique super affiliates will go through to build their business back up again and share with you everything from:

    • Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Blogging/YouTube.
    • Sales Funnels
    • How to engage with people
    • How to solve peoples problems and drive them results

    Among so much more! If that's what you feel like checking out before you start a blog or even after, you can learn more about it inside my affiliate bootcamp article HERE.

    20+ Best Affiliate Marketing Programs To Join In 2020+

    I made a list of the best affiliate marketing programs you should heavily consider joining and I've split these up into different categories:

    • Physical Products
    • Digital Products
      • Software's, Information

    But Before I show you, I made a separate post with a list of 40+ Affiliate programs you can join here if you'd like to check it out as well the fortune 500 ones here.

    1. Amazon
    2. Shareasale
    3. Clickbank
    4. Maxbounty
    5. eBay Partners
    6. Target
    7. Clickfunnels
    8. Bluehost
    9. Aweber
    10. Hubspot
    11. SEMRush
    12. Fiverr
    13. Constant Contact
    14. Teachable
    15. Coursera
    16. Kajabi
    17. Kartra
    18. Wealthy Affiliate
    19. ENTRE Institute
    20. Market Health

    10+ People To Follow In Affiliate Marketing

    russell brunson
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    Why I Started Affiliate Marketing

    Stunned, and confused there I was just a couple years ago(2017) sitting in front of my laptop screen as I was laying in my bed at 12:45 am on a Cold February night.

    Hmm....If Only I could figure out where to start with affiliate marketing, then all my problems would begin to evaporate away, or so I could only imagine.

    If you asked me If I ever thought that I'd be running my own online affiliate marketing blog business, I would have pinched you and then told you to pinch me or drop a bucket of water over the top of my head to wake me up from a fantasy world... but It turned out that I was the one with the last laugh.

    Those time were difficult, I had just heard the bad news at work that work was beginning to slow down, and without being said, that on the back of my mind raised red alarm bells of "Job Security". I almost bleeped out the words S%$(*(We'll assume you know where I'm going with that, but if you didn't...

    The Big "S" word. I had it all, I was in a field of work where I had stability for a great year and a half, and in the matter of moments, I was in desperation to save my job, let alone I was already getting under-payed!

    Not to mention that I fell out of a deep love relationship, and it hurt my where the sun don't shine and the heart of what I thought was a Lion behind it. So, I said, this was going to be my moment...

    I'd learn all I could about affiliate marketing and do whatever it took to get me to making a full time income, and now 2 years after, Here I am to tell you my story, and how I can turn you into a Super Affiliate Marketer. 

    You can always learn more about me on my "About Me" page HERE.

    My Final Thoughts + Free Access To My #1 System

    It's not really much of a question "can I make money with affiliate marketing" or  if "can you really make money with affiliate marketing", but more about first...

    WHO is my audience and 2. How To drive traffic. Then you can start considering making a living with affiliate marketing.

    The journey started on a rocky road for me, I was working one job, going to school at the same time and trying to learn affiliate marketing all at once. Yikes?

    When I began to put my focus and attention on learning from the right mentors and pick up on the Skills not opportunities, the road became clear. There were still going to be bumps here and there but that's normal for anyone doing affiliate marketing and anything in life.

    If you're here to make cash in one day and you want something "get rick quick" this is really not for you(made a video for it here.). But if you are willing to get in, go without pay for sometime and then start seeing the rewards, I'm all on board for working with you.

    Also, the 8 growth hacks are useful and many affiliate marketers I know and work with use them, as well there are others who are not worried about money and focus on organic methods(which is where I started).

    If you found this post helpful, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could share it with others so that they can get the help they need and it would really help my blog post grow too. But only if you enjoyed it 🙂

    Use the share buttons down below.

    How did I do? Let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns in the comment box below and I will get back to you ASAP.

    Recommendations:  Want to start a free 100 day affiliate bootcamp and retire in 100 days?

    >>Proceed Forward Here!<<

    For all other resources, see below.

    Michael Granados

    Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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