How To Make $100 A Day With Affiliate Marketing – Without A Website?

An alarm sounded off in the wake of dawn on a Saturday morning on one of the hottest days of the summer and I could remember a tear hanging to the side of my right eye and then it happened.

My eyes were so watered in a matter of seconds with these horrendous beautiful tear of joy, it was like nothing I'd ever experienced, and from that day forward I knew I had cracked "the code" onhow to make 100 a day with affiliate marketing...and without a website!

Ding, Ding over and over again my instant Facebook messenger, and Instagram sounded off like it was my mom trying to call me over and over again checking up on her baby...

BLASTED with notifications I can't even exaggerate here, I was getting messaged:

"Hey how are you doing it man?" "What the way for me to get started making real affiliate money?"

Outrageously humbled I was, But I was still a human, nothing special like everyone else, and I want to show you what I've show you can do when you put your mind in the right place...are you with me?

Good! Before I get into it, I want to tell you one thing first...

Did you read my article about how to make a proper living with affiliate marketing? It's the type of read that'll prepare you for what affiliate marketing is from a beginners stand point, and it'll give you a clear visual as to what it really takes.

Anyways, let's get to it shall we?!

$100 Days Or $0.10 Ones?

Promise not to laugh at me when I ask you this ridiculous question I'm about to type in shock OK?

Am I dumb for asking you whether you'd prefer to make $100 days as an affiliate marketer or $0.10?

To you maybe, but let me tell you the magic behind that question and what you're missing hidden behind those lines.

If you haven't made your first $1 or even read up on what the definition of what affiliate marketing is and why so many fail, then it can be a bit overwhelming to you. But if you've been around the block a few times, you'll find that "Aha" moment you've been waiting for.

Let's breakdown some simple affiliate marketing numbers now. There are two worlds to affiliate marketing that come in pairs...

The ethical, the unethical, and the low commissions vs high commissions. What do these mean to you?

I run an amazon niche website in the health and wellness space for lower back pain, I've been doing that for some years now and I have had my $100 days, my $1,000 Days, as well my $10 Days, but why?

Low ticket commissions are holding me and you back! With the constant google algorithms finding a way to de-rank my site means a loss in traffic, a loss in commissions and the worst...Sleeping with an eye open at nigh not knowing what the next day would bring.

For a $30 product sold at a 4% commission is less than a dollar, just think about how many of these $1-$100 products you'd have to sell to make $100/day...and faster?

Now what if instead we focused on products in the higher ticket commission range of like $100+ and you were able to make a monthly recurring income?

Did a light bulb just zap in your head? Or did a fuse that's been sitting cold in the dark shine bright just now?


You see, I'm not telling you not to start an amazon niche site or with any other low ticket commission products because they can be done, but why spend all your energy right now trying to get one-off sales vs the long term recurring value of a customer?

A $100 Product at 40% commissions can earn you about $40, but what if you can make 100% commissions off a $100 product?


I know of many ways you can make $100 in affiliate marketing, but there's one weird and very lucrative product that not only will earn you 100% commissions off a $100 product but even $38, $118 and higher in recurring income!

The One Funnel Away Challenge

I'm ready to let it all out, are you ready to hear my $100/day and veery popular product?

It's called the One Funnel Away Challenge.

One funnel away challenge

What is it? It's a 30 day challenge that'll walk you and your audience/customers through their journey of creating a sustainable and long lasting online business in any area imaginable:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • network marketers
  • Agencies
  • B2B
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Ecommerce
  • And so many more!

That's not even the half of it...

If it weren't for this one product, I would have NEVER been able to get my consistent $100 a day, Keyword being consistent.

If you're ready to find out a strategic plan on how to use the One funnel away challenge, let me tell you a couple things on how to get started.

Here's what I want you to do before I send you to my One funnel away challenge article:

  1. Go through the challenge yourself. Yes, if you want your audience/customers to engage with you and build up trust with you, it's always best to understand the product you're presenting to them. It's senseless trying to promote a product like this one that you haven't tried for yourself. People buy from people they trust and the more relate-able you can be, the better off you'll be.
  2. Not an expert? No worries! The very first thing I did to build up trust and expertise was to document my journey. I'd film myself talking about what I learned and how my world changed every day of the challenge.This will give your audience more emotional meaning and evidence that they too can change. Video works best, but you can do images, written.
  3. Take action! Ultimately, you're here to build your affiliate marketing business, so use it to build your empire too. Don't lose sight of the fact that you're building your business too. 
  4. Share your journey/transformation with others on social media. For this purpose, I use Instagram straight out the gate and then there are others, but focusing on one at a time is key. I go over this strategy more inside of my free course when you join the OFA(One Funnel Away) under my link on the following link...

Heck, I was going to wait to show you my #1 strategy as a beginner or expert to start inside of my free course, but I'd like to show you it right now!

Brief Summary of the video above:

In the video I cover how you can find people on Instagram who want and are in need of the One Funnel Away Challenge and whenever they sign up under you, you get the $100 commission. Now here's another thing you can do that is still Clickfunnels Related....

Clickfunnels Strategy #2:

Other than trying to get people directly to sign up with you through the One Funnel Away Challenge you can do one of my favorite strategies which is still to reach out to people who are:

  1. Your dream target audience 
  2. Go fishing On Instagram and DM'ing people
  3. Get them to reach back out to you

But this time you're going to use what are called "Share funnels" which are basically this unique URL refrence link with your affiliate link and there's a share funnel associated to it that you can share with people. And when they click the link, you can get them to sign up under you.

But what do you say to your target customers?

You use an automated script provided by me and one of my mentors where it goes like so:

Script #1:

Hi there! I was looking at the things you do and I realized that I could help you build a proper sales process. 

Would you be interested if I build you the sales process for free so you can test it out and see if it helps you get more leads and returning customers? 



Script #2:

Hey man! I’ve been checking out your stuff and I can see that you are training tough and you are selling supplements but you don’t have a sales process!

I actually built you a sales process would you like to see how this sales process looks like?

Free of charge!

That's it! You just do the following:

  1. Know your target/dream customers
  2. Search them on Instagram with a hashtag for example: #cbdbusiness or #fitnessowner and then
  3. You check out their profile, see what they need first.
  4. Send them a DM with the automated messages from up above.

There are many businesses you can approach and the more you get to focus on just one, the better you will be at knowing what they want and need!

You can signup as A Clickfunnels Affiliate by first completing the One Funnel Away Challenge so you get a greater idea how funnels and share funnels work all together to grow your business.

There are many ways to script your message and I have others but even Super Affiliate Peng Joon speaks about it in his video:

(sure this is $1,000 a month, but you can also turn this into $100/day)

NOTE: I also have others like Facebook OFA Mastery but that'll be for another time. It's about focusing on one traffic source at a time, and if you're not using Instagram right now...you're massively missing out!

OH YEAH! I didn't want to forget a very key detail when you get the one funnel away challenge on this page, as a bonus, you'll get a 30 day Book by Russell Brunson that'll show you what two comma club winners(millionaires) would do if they suddenly lost EVERYTHING...

What would they do from day 1 to day 30 to save themselves, and how you can use these situations and model them for your own case. Here's that book:

30 days summit book from clickfunnels

Here's why that'll really matter to you though...

Among all the 30 different people that will share with you their own specific strategy that you can follow and relate with, there's one in there where you can do it without a website and with Instagram!

There's a person by the name of Alison J Prince(Ecommerce Funnels) and Raoul Plickat who will literally show and tell you what they would do on a Channel like Instagram to grow as well connect with influencers in their space.

Alison J Prince
Raoul Plickat 30 day challenge

You'll be able to access these 30 day summit videos for free when you signup for your one funnel away challenge.

Amazing right? And it's not just Instagram you can leverage, you have detailed plans from people in high ticket affiliate marketing, YouTube, and so many more!

Imagine Automating and Earning Passive Income 

I want you to imagine waking up one morning and realizing you made an extra $200-$300 and then another that same afternoon, in the evening, at night and then the next day once again...

  • Would that excite you? 

This is what you can achieve in passive income and more! Plus, that doesn't even factor the fact of financial freedom where you can finally leave your 9-5 rat race or if you have already - how to supplement your income.

Most people want it, but not everyone WANTS it and is put off by the fear that they're not good enough or that they will get rejected/turned down. But that changes today...

Look, I started like you, on social media trying to find a way to reach out to people with no concrete blueprint, and even when I later moved into blogging/SEO and just focused on that, I still needed a complementary social media plan of attack...

Blogging is my main gig now but you still need to market your blog and use social media to your advantage if you have any chance to get to the $3,000-$4,000+ a month.

With the Instagram strategy I showed you in the video up above, you will focus on that one strategy, get good at it, and then meanwhile or a bit later on, you can't start to streamline other traffic sources like Facebook, SEO - blogs, YouTube, Podcast...

And then get better at automating your systems so that you can have TRUE passive income. How does that sound?

If you're still reading this, you know you want it, but do you really WANT it?

Next Steps

In this next step, you need to sign up for the challenge yourself...

I get it, you want to promote the OFA with no cost, but if you truly want to help other people out, it's better that you've gone through it yourself, and you can promote it during your challenge. To promote the OFA you need to do this:

STEP 1: Sign up at whatsyourdreamcar.com

If you haven't signed up for the Clickfunnels affiliate program, you have to submit your application to become an affiliate on this page:

whats your dream car clickfunnels affiliate sign up

Sign up as a clickfunnels affiliate HERE. You'll wait until your application gets approved, which can sometimes take a week or two, be patient.

NOTE: By October 31st, 2019 if you haven't made at least $100 with the Clickfunnels affiliate program, you will drop down to 30% on all their products. And if you make $100, you'll stay at 40%...So get in there right now!

Do not make the mistake of missing out on the best affiliate program online and the one that's created 6+ dream car winners. 

STEP 2: Get your Affiliate Link

Once you're approved, you'll go into your affiliate dashboard, and here's a short video on that:

STEP 3: Select your One funnel away link

As you saw on the video up above, you'll see all your clickfunnels affiliate products, and at the very bottom you'll see your One funnel away link:

one funnel away affiliate link

Click on "Affiliate tools - Get my links!" and you'll come to the following page:

ofa access link

And there's your link you can promote. The rest is following the script for Instagram.

So, go apply if you haven't already, and then you can come back to this page and follow the next set of instructions.

You've signed up as an affiliate or you've already been one, and now you need to go through the One funnel away challenge for yourself...

it's time to head over to my one funnel away challenge article and do this...

  1. Read the article
  2. Press the getting started button
  3. Sign up
  4. I'll send you your Bonuses

Ready, set....

$100 Per Day Alternative

For some reason you're not ready to dive into the one funnel away challenge with clickfunnel's affilaite program then here's my other lucrative alternative:

Basically, you have two different legitimate systems that I've used to make well over $100 per day:

I started at Wealthy Affiliate creating a health and wellness niche website and then also was able to promote their high-ticket affiliate program where you get like 20% commissions as a free member and 40% as a premium member.

For the 12 Minute Affiliate, I've made well over the $100 mark per day and it's a done-for-you ready to go business where you can start pocketing in commissions much faster...as fast as clicking one button and sending traffic(people) to your offer.

I left the links hyperlinked up above for the two bullet points, check it out.

Final Thoughts

As you saw here today, there are many systems/products you can use to make well over $100 per day as a career in affiliate marketing, from the One funnel away challenge that earns you 100% commissions, to 12 minute affiliate's done for you easy to pocket commissions, and Wealthy Affiliate's website/blog platform that helps you rank on Google...

All of these are legitimate and have helped me make $100's in affiliate marketing every day.

Do you have any questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to leave me a comment down below and I'll get back to you straight away!

OH! Don't forget to share this post with people who need the help.

Michael Granados

Hi my name is Michael Granados, and I am an online home business owner with years of experience learning and moderating the online world in the digital marketing and affiliate marketing space. I went from struggling to earn a legitimate passive income online to achieving it full-time. I'll help you generate more leads, make more sales, & build your own personal brand. If you want quicker results, check out my latest FREE training HERE

  • Cl says:

    WOW, who would not be interested. sign me up. Are their any option with little to no money up front?

    • Hey Cl,

      Yeah, earning a $100 dollar day and $100/days are an amazing feeling to have. The Clickfunnels affiliate program is free in itself, you just have to go through the whatsyourdream car application which is standard for a great program to have. And then, to promote the One funnel away challenge, you don’t have to pay to promote it but remember this…

      Your audience/future customers buy from people they know, like and trust so it’s always best to practice what you preach, in other words be a practitioner. It’s best to go through the One funnel away and you can click the link HERE to get started and meanwhile, you can share it with others. Or you can reach out to people and say something like: “Hey I found this awesome challenge where you can build your business in the next 30 days or save it, and I’d be really cool if we both did it together, what do you say?”

      The investment is $100 and let me tell you, it’s the best investment you will EVER make, that’s a promise from me to you. Otherwise, at the moment, go through the What’s your dream car application link for Clickfunnels if you haven’t already(link is up above), get registered and you can promote Clickfunnels abundance of products without having to have a paid account. And again, it’s always best to have the software because you’ll understand and be able to help your people better.

      Hope that helped. Let me know if you need more help.

      Thank you,

  • Ivan says:

    Thanks for sharing this article, Micheal. $100 a day sounds much better 🙂 I heard about the One Funnel Away Challenge before, but somehow I skipped to take a more serious look into it. You made it sound interesting. I’ll take another look now. Thanks! Ivan

    • Hey Ivan,

      You are very welcome! Doesn’t it? It’s a reachable goal for anyone, all it takes is just working smarter not harder, and the willingness to invest in yourself. No way? Yeah, the one funnel away challenge is unbelievably life changing and that’s an understatement. What I liked most about it was that you get an actionable day to day steps and the ability to really grow or launch your fist business off the ground and start earning with it during the challenge and after.

      Yes, take a good look into it and let me know if you have any questions, I can send you my information your way.

      Thank you,

  • Hi Michael,

    I’ve signed up to the one funnel away challenge, but I never really gotten around to giving the time it deserves…

    I now see my folly in neglecting to go through this challenge, what really hurts is that Russell would be sending me E-mails daily of tasks I was supposed to perform, but alas I never went through it!

    This challenge sounds totally epic that I’m now really willing to go through it, but I heard that once you miss a lesson, you’ll never get a chance to watch it again, is that true?


    • Hey Khanya,

      I’m glad that you signed up for the One Funnel Away Challenge but yeah, showing up is part 1, part 2 is consuming the amazing knowledge and part 3 is taking that knowledge and putting into action. I know there are many things in life that get in the way like time, our fears and thoughts, beliefs, as will many other factors but it’s important to make the time and know what our priorities are.

      What was stopping you if you don’t mind me asking? Yeah, Russell will do that…he makes sure that you stay on top of your lessons and really its up to us to take responsibility to do it. Not really, that’s true when it comes to the Clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp(videos run out after 24 hours) but with the OFA, you have your membership area where you can access the videos even if you missed a day. You can come back to it during the 30 days.

      Hope that helped clear things up. Let me know if you have further questions.


  • Daniel says:

    I am honestly glad I came across this post. I am a newbie affiliate marketer myself, so the info contained in this post were of great help to me. I think we are both on the same page when it comes to focusing more on high ticket products. One will honestly have to sell a very high volume to make any meaningful impact when just promoting low ticket products.

    I’ll take my time and look into giving the ‘one funnel away challenge’ a go. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    • Hey Daniel,

      I’m happy that my post was able to help you out and open your eyes to the massive ocean of affiliate marketing. Yes, we are on the same page, and I’ll add that low-ticket products can help you reach your full-time goals but the reality of it these days is it’ll take you tons of time and you’re not guaranteed a stable income the next day or at the end of the month more like recurring income and high-ticket products/services will bring you.

      Sounds great. I’d get into it as soon as you can to grow your own business and if you choose to become an affiliate for the One funnel away and all the other Clickfunnels products, you can stay at 40% commissions if you make at least $100 before the end of October 31st, 2019.

      Let me know if there’s anything more I can do to help you.


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