Is One Funnel Away A Scam? – A Mind Blowing Discovery!

What if I told you that YOU were One Funnel Away From A Million Dollars??

You'd think I were crazy and that I'd be living under neath a rock all my life, but in essenece am I really wrong here?

While it's possible that you CAN earn a 1,000,000 Dollars with a funnel, that's not the message behind "being one funnel away". So what is it?

Being One funnel away can mean something different for everyone, for you it can mean you're one funnel away from making your first $100 online, one funnel away from getting more leads...

One funnel away from scaling your business to the next Level. The ULTIMATE destination you can reach with a funnel is a HUGE revenue generating stream but to get there you need to identify what having your first or next funnel means, and the goals you're trying to accomplish.

That's what I'm going to get into in this "Is One Funnel Away A Scam" and can YOU really make money with it?

One Funnel Away Overview

Product Name: One Funnel Away Challenge 

Founder: Russell Brunson

Product Type: Video Marketing/affiliate marketing/Work at home opportunity, digital agency, and everything in between!

Price: $100/one time payment

Best for: Starting your own business, want to leave your 9-5 job, who's into sales funnnels.

one funnel away challenge review and clickfunnels unboxing

Summary: Project Injector claims that you don't need to own a YouTube Channel to make money, rather you can place your affiliate links on millionaires channels, sit back and let the money roll in. Specifically, you'd place your affiliate link in their description within 5 minutes without having to search for weeks, all automated. You don't have to pay thousands of dollars in advertising too. But where are the testimonials? There is nothing here more than a man sitting on a table of cash telling you his hook,story, and offer. It's not a program you'd like to spend your time with period.

Rating: 100/100

Recommended: Yes.

Here are my two video reviews, one where I unbox, and the other just taking you through my back office, check it out...

What Is A Funnel?

First and foremost, have you heard of a funnel?

Let's start there. A funnel is basically a revenue generating "webpage" or otherwise known as a landing page where the goal is to capture your audeinces email and information in exchange for a freebie of high value.

This can be a PDF, Guide, Ebook, Roadmap, Video series, Course, and so much more, the options are LITERALLY endless. 

The point is that you can follow up with these people that opted into your free gift, and they are giving you permission to email them.

A Sales Funnel

I showed you the basic concept of a funnel, but where Clickfunnels seperates itself from any other software landing page service is that it has HIGHLY Conversion optimized and step-by-step processes to ascend your customer through the buyers journey. 

This is what I mean by that:

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge About?

Where does the One Funnel Away challenge come into all of this you might ask?

This is a 30 day challenge(as the name states) where you will be held by the hand and walked through the step-by-step process of building a profitable income generating funnel, and to have a funnel that can add value to your audience through breaking false beliefs(marketing) and then offering a product(sales).

The One Funnel Away Challenge will help ensure that you can create the ideal message to your audience and offer so they can't say no to you, and where you're their only options. 

You'll see how you can separate yourself from your competition by offer hacking and positioning your own Unique Selling Proposition statements with value and offers.

Going Inside One Funnel Away

Are you ready to see what type of engine is running underneath the hood?

ZOOM ZOOM, it barks loud and it's ferocious! Alright, enough analogies...

The one funnel away has a TON of different lessons that are so unbelievable that you have to pinch yourself and ask yourself "Am I awake?"

In all seriousness though, there are 4 weeks of jam packed modules that will start you with the basics of mindset to getting hands on with building your very first or next funnel.

Here's what you'll see when you get access inside your members account:

one funnel away challenge training

On the left hand side of your screen you'll see the different tabs that range from:

  • A warm welcoming
  • Mission Training. This is where you will go to watch your training for the day.
  • Bonus - 30 days summit. This will take you through the game plan of not only super affiliates but successful 2 comma club winners and more. They will have a game-plan designed for what they're good at, and you can follow along.
  • Affiliate bootcamp . You'll get UNLIMITED access to each and every affiliate bootcamp interview, plus a behind the scenes extra video for each person. Get to see their award winning funnel(s) and or strategies for websites.

Here is more about the Bonus 30-day summit interviews and how that looks:

Trey Lewelllen 30 day summit interview for clickfunnels

As you can see right under the video, you get exclusive access to Trey's 30 day plan!

This is very helpful because why would you want to go out there and create something completely new that you're unsure if your market will respond to it...

Instead model what someone else Like Trey is doing. The cool thing about all these interviews are how different they are. Each one has a different plan, and a different objective. So if I were you, pick one person you share similarities with and model them - NOT COPY.

Here's an extra behind the scenes video on Trey:

one funnel away challenge interviews

Going back to the left bar, you can pick anyone else and continue with the same process we just went over with Trey Lewellen's.

Whether you're an affiliate, in digital agency, a social media influencer, network marketer, or whichever one you are, there's one for you. One last thing I want to say before I move into the bootcamp...

I always get asked: "Hey Michael, I think these are cool, but I don't think they apply to me. That's Absurd!

Any of these can apply to what you're doing. It's not about if they apply to what your business is, or what business you're trying to start, these interviews will apply to you.

Inside Affiliate Bootcamp Access

Other than the 30 day summit interviews, you're also going to get the affiliate bootcamp videos with a behind the scene video for each affiliate where you can see their exclusive funnels, 2 comma award winning, and or their websites.

I selected one for this example, which is Greg Jeffries - He is someone that I model what I do which is Search Engine Optimization with blogs and video.

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp access

And then below the summit interview is behind the scenes at things like their funnels and strategies. For this particular one with Greg Jeffries, he'll show you what SEO(search engine optimization) will do for your affiliate business:

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp behind the scenes

That's what you'll get with just one super affiliate, imagine how much you have at your disposal for unlimited access to everyone else?

If you're an affiliate or at some point plan to be, the affiliate bootcamp is a great place to learn from. I also wrote an in-depth review on the affiliate bootcamp if you'd like to view it at any time.

Let's move on forward now and see how you can make money with the one funnel away challenge.

Before we jump ship to the next part, mind taking a fast, less than 1 minute survey so I can get to know you better?

This survey will help me understand your EXACT needs, and at the end, I'll send you my FREE and exciting reward! See it here:

Create your own user feedback survey

How Will You Make Money With One Funnnel Away Challenge?

I get that you want to make money after and during the one funnel away challenge, and for some reason you only see it a success if you earn from it. But there's something you need to know first before a dollar can be made...

Will you put your effort into it?

That's what you need to answer first because if you can add effort into the equation of focus and sheer determination, yes you will.

Like I emphasise to everyone I talk to about online business, your value is in direct proportion to how much you will make.

I've met a couple people as well helped that started their own:

  • Health and wellness business
  • Social media business
  • Digital agency
  • Construction
  • Oil filters(yeah!)
  • Dating and relationships
  • CBD 
  • Personal development
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Affiliate

And so much more! The objective here is that you understand how to create the sales message and your offer. Your offer will fufill on your sales message. 

If you can get those two things in line with your own business, you will succeed. It's all about moving your customer through your value ladder:

clickfunnels value ladder

Moving your consumer from the bait to the backend of your funnel through your messaging - that's the marketing part, and to your sales offer. And don't worry if you don't know how to get started, you'll learn inside.

OPTION 2: Become An Affiliate

Another way you can earn with the One Funnel Away Challenge is by promoting the challenge itself. This is something that I do and have become well at doing, and with a bit of a push in the right direction, you can too(if you wish).

For every person you refer, you'll get paid $100! How awesome is that?

It's a full 100% commission! And better yet is this...

The One funnel away will get your referral to more than likely sign up with their own Clickfunnels account by the third week when you really need it. And if they use your affiliate ID to the 14-day trial, you will get the recurring commision!

Just make sure you follow up with your referral to let them know to sign up under your link. I show how to promote clickfunnels as an affiliate in this review.

Can One Funnel Away Challenge Be Considered A Business Model?

Ofcourse! This was a question I struggled answering for myself, but when I figured that you can build your own affiliate business around it, and it more importantly has produces 1,000's upon 1,000's of full time home-based business owners just goes to show how it is.

Who is One Funnel Away Challenge for?

One word answer: EVERYONE! Seriously speaking, if you want to eventually leave your 9-5 job and or provide a stronger and better life for yourself, friends and or family, this is what you MUST look into.

Here's more:

  • Entrepreneurs. Both struggling and non-struggling entrepreneurs who want to get started making more money, and who are ready to scale.
  • Business owners. Any small and large businesses who need to transition online or build their online empire the right way.
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Dropshippers
  • Amazon FBA
  • Ecommerce
  • Digital Agency
  • Coaches
  • Consulting
  • Freelancers
  • Copywriters
  • Students
  • And so much more!

Funnels are increasing in popularity and they are better at serving for conversions than a website. If you have a website and you want to increase the visibility of your brand and or get more sales, a sales funnel will help take your buyer through the process much more smoothly and effortlessly. 

Let me ask you...Do you want to make sales while you sleep? A sales funnel is like having a sales team, but this is one that works Monday-Sunday, 24/7. 

If you've hit a ceiling with your current business and need more sales, Clickfunnels and the one funnel away challenge is perfect for you.

Can You Sell Anything With The One Funnel Away?

Seeing that the One Funnel Away for everyone, that begs the question...

"Can the One Funnel Away teach you to sell anything?" Here watch this video:

What I liked About One Funnel Away

No way can I give you just one favorite thing I liked about the OFA, but if I had to, I'd say that it taught me about how to break down my own belief as well break down others.

We fall into a hole sometimes we can't get out of because of our fears and beliefs and we don't think we're good enough when in fact, we just need someone or something to pick us back up and catipult us to a better perspective.

After you can get perspective, the rest is about building your assets which is the funnel, and the generating income stream that a funnel provides you. One amazing thing I learned by Stephen Larsons coaching call is that a funnel is not the business...

It's the generating income stream. If you focus on a funnel, from the sales message to the offer, then when traffic comes in, you'll convert.

What I Don’t Like about One Funnel Away

The least favorite thing I liked about the One Funnel Away was really nothing. Honestly, there's nothing to dislike about it, hate it or love that answer. I guess one thing I'd have to confess up to is that people keep drawing back or pushing themselves away from it. Why?

Like I stated earlier, people can't see how it would work for them. Let me clear that up again, YES IT WILL!

A funnel works for EVERYONE. It's not about if, but how you will get it done. Once you get your head around that, the rest becomes smooth sailing. I see this in the One funnel away group(that you get exclusive access to for signing up).

Is One Funnel Away Challenge a scam?

Drum Roll Please...No, the One funnel away challenge is not a scam! This one funnel away challenge scam post goes to prove it, plus I think you picked up on that by now...hopefully. There's nothing but positives I have to say about the challenge...

It brought me out of a place in fear and disbelief to growing my own health and wellness lower back pain business as well my affiliate one.

I can't thank Russell Brunson and the One funnel away challenge enough for proving us with this great Clickfunnels platform and the chance to take on a challenge so rewarding and eye opening. 

There's no better feeling then going into a battle with the right knowledge and skill sets online, and the best way to get them and mixed with funnels is through the One funnel away challenge.

When Is The Next One Funnel Away Challenge?

The dates change every 2 weeks, so it'll be different for everyone, but you can check out the times below...

If you're ready to get started, check the link out below and see all the Bonus I'll give you to get going...

Michael Granados

Hi my name is Michael Granados, and I am an online home business owner with years of experience learning and moderating the online world in the digital marketing and affiliate marketing space. I went from struggling to earn a legitimate passive income online to achieving it full-time. I'll help you generate more leads, make more sales, & build your own personal brand. If you want quicker results, check out my latest FREE training HERE

  • Anthony says:

    Hi Micheal, a very interesting read. As you said, everyone in the marketing sector keep on talking about these sales funnels but until I just read your article I didn’t really know what they were. So thanks for clearing that one up.

    100% of $100 dollars per sign up does sound awfully good! I have just one question. How do you get the traffic!? By the sounds of it, building a funnel is one thing but getting it in front of an audience is another?


    • Hey Anthony,

      Yeah these sales funnels are very popular and you hear then just about everywhere online and offline too. Most agencies, entrepreneurs, affiliates and so many others use it for their own products or without one. Sales funnels are at the meat of it just a sales message and an offer. It sounds simple but at it’s core it is once you get inside. Ofcourse man!

      That sounds really good, it almost sounded too good to me when I first started. I was like, what’s the catch? There’s no catch, just pure help and value to you and your audience who can benefit from getting into the one funnel away challenge. To answer your question on how to get traffic…

      You have different marketing channels like your Blog/Website, YouTube, Pinterest(all the organic SEO ways), and then you have social media like Facebook which is a great strategy to have in place. I created a Facebook profile and page funnel to the squeeze page(optin page) and also to my own Facebook group. There are other strategies like going live inside, offering value in groups. Along Facebook you can also use Instagram, Twitter, running ads, among many others.

      These sales funnels inside Clickfunnels are not like WordPress where you can create SEO based content and get people to come to you. Rather it’s more built to get your audience/customer to move up the value ladder and purchase from low front end products to higher end on the back. This is what a real online business is. A blog is great but you have to think of it as a marketing channel to help you move people up the “value ladder” and get to see your more frontend to middle, and backend offers.

      I hope that helped out.


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