August 8

by Michael Granados

Have you seen what they do to you at an Actual Military Bootcamp?

I have, and it's nuts! It almost makes me think about the Clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp in the same light, except for one thing.

You're not put physically working yourself to the bone - at least in the most "virtual" sense. Are you bootstrapped in? Do you have your bootcamp attitude on?

I'm going to need you to be because in a moment the ULTIMATE truth will be revlead around "Is the affiliate bootcamp a scam?"

No no, the affiliate bootcamp is NOT a scam let's get that out the way, and yes, this is the most comprehensive review you will be reading all over the web as I've been a Long time member and follower of Clickfunnels and owner Russell Brunson's work, and straight out I can say that I'm always left with a surprised feeling of just how amazing they deliver and if you stick with me until the end...

I will show you not only how you can start for Free, but get UNLIMITED Access to all the free videos for life!

Affiliate Bootcamp Summary

Product Name: Affiliate Bootcamp

Founder: Russell Brunson

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing, Home Business.

Price: Free

Best for:  Beginners, 9-5 employees, Affiliate Marketers, Entrepreneurs, future home-based business owners, and anyone else wanting to start an online business.

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp review

Summary: The Affiliate Bootcamp is a 3 Day Video Training made of 15 Super Affiliate Interviews for FREE where they reveal to you their #1 Strategy to making $1,000's+ Online with affiliate marketing and show you their 100-day action plans. You're going to learn from Industry leaders like Spencer Mecham, Stephen Larson, Peng Joon, Jacob Caris and many more how to implement and take PROPER action.

Russell could be(and really should be) charging $2,000 which would easily sell for but he want to overdeliver and bring you the best content for Free you can't get anywhere else!

By the way, The first affiliate bootcamp was amazing and now in the new updated version you're going to get a lot more value. You'll be kicking yourself by not proceeding with this bootcamp training for sure.

Also this isn't an out of date affiliate bootcamp review 2019 or any other previous time, this is the most up to date one.

Rating: 99/100

Recommended: Yes

What Is The Affiliate Bootcamp?

Now a days everyone wants to become Super man, Oh wait!

I mean A Super affiliate. Same thing, but it's more important that you can identify with what it takes to become one.

Welcome to the party glad you could join, take a seat and listen up to the next few sentences I need to get off my chest first.

Affiliate marketing seems to be the thing, make a $100, $200, $3,000, $10,000, go and travel, live the laptop life...

That's the life. Just give me it all, Okay, but you're missing something...

Where's your effort?

It's not easy to be a super affiliate let alone do affiliate marketing. If you hear someone telling you how they will make you $10,000 if you press a button, or if "this is the next big thing", run the other way fast!

Also, you should have realistic expectations about when you are telling yourself "how much time it will take you to earn", or "how much can I make", rather ask yourself this:

"What do I need to do to get to where I want to be?"

That's the frame of mind you need to be in, and that's the shocking truth you will not only be hearing from me but each and every experienced and Super affiliate.

I've gone on a ramble, not let me show you what the affiliate bootcamp is ALL about.

For years Clikfunnels has had it's world online famous Affiliate bootcamp, and not too long ago(middle of 2019), Clickfunnels gave the Affiliate bootcamp an entire makeover and released it back to the public with even more powerful knowledge.

Basically, this bootcamp will teach you how to promote the Clickfunnels products, as well others in any industry of your choosing. The way to follow it to a Tee is to APPLY YOURSELF and TAKE ACTION as you're learning. Forget about the super affiliate part and put yourself in a state of mind where YOU will hold yourself accountable to take action.

Otherwise this whole experience could be nothing but a hit and a miss.Onto the how...

Wait until you see how the Affiliate bootcamp is formatted, its' unbelievable. Imagine if you had to feed your family with nothing but solely relying on your affiliate commissions...

and you had 100 days to turn your passion, interest, or a hobby into a full time career, what would you do for the next 100 days until you could make it your full-time career?

I don't know about you but that gets me excited as hell! If you didn't come into this article with an "I'm going to crush whatever affiliate marketing brings me attitude", I need you there with me right now, as we go into part 2.

No BS, no fluff, you're going to get that messaged delivered to you int he most rawest form by over 20+ Super affiliates!

Yes, you're getting more than just Russell himself, you get the whole boat and crew. Let's take a look at that now.

Going Inside The Affiliate Bootcamp

Can you believe we haven't even reached the best part of  what I'm supposed to tell you?

I'm getting goosebumps as I think about the bootcamp at this moment and what I'm about to show you, so hang in there with me and don't get too excited just yet.

In the re-designed and new affiliate bootcamp you're going to get 4 days of over the shoulder exposed truth and actionable steps by the best of the best. Well why is it called 100 Days?

Most people get confused and think that they will get 100 videos, so let me clear that up by saying that after 4 days of mouth watering training, you NEED to apply yourself. That's called being an accountable affiliate.

There's no theories here, and the following people will help you see that:

For starters, how does getting the top 3 super affiliates sound? Have a look:

clcifkunnels affiliate bootcamp review of super affiliates

Steve Larsen is or I should say was one of the most respectable members - He is now on his own building his own business. Here's more on the rest of the crew:

affiliate bootcamp su[er affiliates
clcifkunnels affiliate bootcamp super affiliates
clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp super affiliates
clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp super affiliates

You get these 15 amazingly knowledgeable and action takers to lean from and implement what they do for the next 100 days. But here's the catch...

You only get these videos for 24 hours! One day you'll get a video released with 3-4 super affiliates, and then when the time is up, the next email will arrive to your email inbox which you used to register with and the process repeats itself for another 24 hours until the 4 days are reached.

These videos will disappear. so before you even register for free, make sure that you will have the time to either sit down, stand up, or when it is you find the time for your break or when you're at home relaxing, then do it.

Otherwise you'll be procrastinating and kicking yourself, I've seen this done with many others.

It's an amazing feeling nonetheless to know you have just 4 days to watch these jaw dropping jam packed videos before they go away. It's a way of saying...

"Are you going to take this serious"? These peoples time are precious, and for some of them I bet they had to go out of their way to make this video for you. At the end of the day, no one likes their time wasted, so don't waste yours!

Hold on a second though. What if you could watch these interviews at any time, and and place you liked?

Well you can do just that! Luckily Russell is giving you:

  • LIFETIME access to ALL the bootcamp interviews Plus bonus clips
  • Behind the scenes access where each of these super affiliates will show you their EXCLUSIVE and real funnels.
  • The affiliate bootcamp eBook where they outline the key steps to their own strategy

All you have to do is upgrade to the One Funnel Away Challenge for $100, which is a funnel hackers course where in 30 days you'll have your first funnel or next funnel u with the clarity of how to run your own online business in any industry/niche.

How Will You Make Money With The Affiliate Bootcamp?

This is one question that I get asked on repeat now a days and I can respect that as opposed to someone asking...

"How long will it take me to make money"? "How much can I earn?"

If you're in that mindset, affiliate marketing is really not for you least right now.

You will get there in time, but don't try to make your first $1,000 if you haven't made your first $100. So how will you make money?

  1. Take CONSISTENT ACTION. It's not enough to just take in the knowledge from these super affiliates, but to apply it. Don't think or speak theories, go and do what's already been tested and proven to work.
  2. You can promote the affiliate bootcamp as an affiliate which I show you how in this amazing article.
  3. You can use the afifliate bootcamp as a way to help you out with your existing business or other online ventures.

The key to all this is #1. You have to put it upon yourself that you will be actionable, and accountable. If not, you will likely fail.

Affiliate Bootcamp Reviews

Here's what other people are saying about the challenge:

affiliate bootcamp reviews
clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp reviews

Who Is The Affiliate Bootcamp For?

This is the BIG one. I'm going to spend the next few minutes educating you appropriately about the affiliate bootcamp, so listen in.

I didn't start with Clickfunnels or the affiliate bootcamp, I began with another platform that I actually recommend every beginner affiliate begin, and you'll know why in a second.

What I started doing was with a blog. I create content for people searching through search engines just like you might have landed here. And the great thing about blogging with affiliate marketing is if you get in connection with the right platform, you can choose any niche you'd like!

When people go directly from the affiliate bootcamp into the Clickfunnels world, they usually get stuck in the Make money online niche. Nothing wrong with that, it can be done with the right system, but its better to pursue something you are interested in, have experience with and are passionate about.

I see WAY to many beginners get into the Clickfunnels world to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate and get lost fast. They get burned out quickly and drop out like a fly.

That's why the retention rate can be so low if you don't have somewhat of an experience with digital online marketing, you have your own list, and know how to market properly.

One other thing:

You get the free 14-day trial to start but after that you'll be in the $97/Month plan, and for you as a beginner that may seem like a lot. I know it was for me. I honestly think that being an affiliate of Clickfunnels and actively promoting it works 10x better for those who have an actual business already.

Like for me, I have a health and wellness business in the lower back pain space, and I wanted to use Clickfunnels for building out a nice sales funnel around my own digital products and other peoples too.

The good thing about the bootcamp is that you can take the offer on the one funnel away challenge where it's basically a college education in business and marketing in just 30 days!

So I'd go from the bootcamp into the one funnel away if I were you. 

Pros And Cons Of The Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp


  • An Overwhelmingly amazing educational experience. The way the bootcamp is setup could easily be worth over $2,000, but Russell has been so kind enough to provide super affiliates and everything revealed for zero cost.
  • Different and unique strategies. Each super affiliate comes from a different background and they each have their own skill sets that they focus on most. This will help you relate with one or more better than others and stick to that game plan.
  • The Affiliate bootcamp presented by Julie Stoan. If you go the Bootcamp route and decide to join the One funnel away, the eBook that comes inside has a nice length intro where Julie Stoan uncovers how to choose the right product, to choosing the right niche and is a partner of the One funnel away challenge.
  • 15 amazing super affiliates who show you over there shoulder what they would do day-by-day, week-by-week and it's all step-by-step!
  • You'll save on boatloads of time once you get your head into the strategies. This is good if you have less hours on the day, it'll ensure you get what you need to get your affiliate sales much more faster.
  • The exact game plan if you want to become Russell's next two-coma club and dream car winner.
  • The mistakes you need to avoid that can and will kill your affiliate dreams.
  • The ways to write out your copy, what to look for in an email sequence, and how to build out your hooks, stories, offers.


Ofcourse, along with the good must come the bad.

  • 4 days of action packed videos can go by fast. Due to a small window of watch time(24 hours until the videos disappear), you really have to be on your horses here. 
  • Watch through every video to find your game plan. Like i mentioned earlier, you should pick one plan from the 15 super affiliates and stick with it, but you have to stick throughout the 4 days, watch all the interviews, and implement those strategies first.
  • You have to take fast notes. Unluckily, the bootcamp videos don't have a rewind button so it forces you to take your notes right there and then. Yes, you can restart the video but do you really want to start over? Luckily though, the upgraded version comes with the book that will outline all of the 15 affiliates game plans for you.
  • The order of presentation is off. There is no logical order in which the videos are laid out. At the beginning you get Stephen Larsen who hits you with more advanced strategies for a beginner to understand, but hey it's called the affiliate boorcamp for a reason, can't hate on that.
  • There is not one ideal one-fits-all strategy solution, it's honestly up to you to put the pieces together and for a beginner that image can look a bit blurry - unless you go for the One funnel away challenge which really helps with that.


The Affiliate Bootcamp is as good as it gets but in case you were curious of what else is out there, here's my top list:

Another great Challenge to take is the 15 day online business builder challenge where David Sharpe who's the creator of Legendary Marketer will walk you through building a "High-Ticket" Affiliate Marketing Business where you can make $1,000's+ in Commissions...From just one sale!

You can go to them directly or go through the Affiliate Bootcamp first and then go through the challenge because it's not Free($7 to start). 

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What I Liked About The Affiliate Bootcamp

This should be called what I "Love" about the affiliate bootcamp. And what I love about it is all the knowledge you're getting from these super affiliates. With the affiliate space getting competitive, and ways to get traffic, each one has their own way to go about it, and they mention special ways to get that traffic thoroughly.

What I Didn't Like About The Affiliate Bootcamp

There's nothing to dislike about the affiliate bootcamp but If I had to choose, it would be that the videos could be longer than 24 hours, maybe a couple days?

And there could be a couple of videos where the affiliates talk about why its beginner friendly, why its not and things like that. 

Another thing I didn't like about the bootcamp was that you can't rewind the videos in case you missed something or you somehow got distracted and couldn't get back to it. 

Is The Affiliate Bootcamp Worth Your Time?

Do you want to make money online with affiliate marketing or any other way?

If you said yes, then 100% it is worth your time. And if you value your time over wasting your hard earned money, absolutely!

The affiliate bootcamp by Russell Brunson is a legitimate opportunity and chance for you to have a deep look into what each of these 15 amazon super affiliates bring to the table, how they have a unique selling proposition and most importantly how it can help you relate with them.

No one started affiliate marketing or their online business without hardships, neither did I, so you'll get to see the Raw uncut footage's of these affiliates as well.

The One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses

Alright, you've heard me bring up the one funnel away challenge multiple times already, so now I want to focus your attention on what that is and how it can help you succeed much faster and smoothly.

When you take part in the One funnel away challenge for only $100, you'll be automatically upgraded to the sweet bonuses. These bonuses were so helpful that I couldn't even put them down, seriously. Here have a look:

  • Behind the scenes videos where each super affiliate actually shows you their process and funnels. Some of these affiliates were a bit against showing you their award winning funnels, but they were nice enough to do so.
  • Lifetime access to each and every bootcamp video.
  • The affiliate bootcamp eBook. This eBook will show you the behind the scenes and step-by-step word documented process on what each super affiliate is doing.

Here's a closer look inside:

affiliate bootcamp by russell brunson for Clickfunnels

This is the top of the fold once you create your new affiliate bootcamp account. Immediately you'll be presented with the first video which is Russell Brunson's. And the amazing thing about how this is setup a bit different is that Russell keeps it super simple...

And he even lets you know that in the beginning!

Bonus #1: Behind The Scenes Access:

If I click on any ove the super affiliates to the left, I will see two videos.

greg jeffries affiliate bootcamp by clickfunnels video
greg jeffries behind the scenes access affiliate bootcamp video on clickfunnels affiliate

As you can see here, this is Greg Jeffries affiliate bootcamp summit video and underneath is the behind the scenes video I was talking about. I choose Greg Jeffries because I can relate with him.

He is an SEO which is short for Search Engine Optimization. He produces blog posts that rank on the first page of google as well does YouTube Videos. It's a easy process once you get the hang of it and it pays the most dividends long term.

Bonus #2 Affiliate Bootcamp Ebook

affiliate bootcamp ebook

And if I press the "Download The eBook" Button I get this:

affiliate bootcamp videos by russell brunson ebook

Oh yeah! A whopping 186 pages!

Final Verdict and How To Get Started

Is Affiliate Bootcamp A Scam? Nope!

The affiliate bootcamp is really a blessing in disguise, and it'll help you see the bigger picture of what affiliate marketing is and what it takes to become one of the super affiliates.

With so many online make money opportunities and training platforms you can fund yourself asking "What should I do!?" And I know the feeling you go through when you think this way. It can feel like a lonely road, but trust me when I say this...

The affiliate bootcamp is your way out. You can get started for Free by clicking through the link here, and then get started watching your videos for the next 4 days.

And if you wanted to gain access to the One funnel away challenge, it'll show you after you sign up for the affiliate bootcamp.

Just remember, that if you want to become not just good but great at affiliate marketing, you have to take CONSISTENT ACTION.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp And One Funnel Away Bonuses ($6,742)

Here's what I offer my affiliates who join the affiliate bootcamp and One funnel away challenge under neath my link:

First, Here's what you'll get From Russell:

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp and one funnel away challenge bonuses

Total Value: $3,223

Here's What You Get From Michael Anthony Granados (Me):

  • Bonus #1: My EXACT Affiliate Bootcamp Funnel($497 Value). I've made over $3,000 In The Past Five Months Using This Funnel.. This 6-Page Funnel You're Sitting In Cost me A bunch of time to build. For You It's Free When You Sign Up For Affiliate Bootcamp Below And Then Join The One Funnel Away Challenge.
  • My A-Z Affiliate Marketing For Entrepreneurs Academy Course($1097 Value)This complete affiliate marketing course will show you EVERYTHING you need on your journey and to become a great affiliate marketer. It's my step-by-step video and resource course where I talk about how to start a website, different affiliate networks, hosting, domains, landing pages, traffic, and everything affiliate marketing! If you want to consume the right affiliate marketing knowledge from someone who has been there and done that, this is the course to turn to. So I'm not holding back and I'm LITERALLY showing you my two profitable businesses, and what I would do to be successful much faster.
  • My Complete Landing Page, Sales Funnel Course($997 Value)

    Funnels are going to 10x your online affiliate marketing business, and inside this exclusive course, you will see the #1 tool I use to make a full-time income without a website! Sounds crazy, but I'm going to literally show you how you can create amazing landing pages, sales funnels where people will buy from you over and over time and time again.

    Go behind the scenes on how to get setup and being successful in less than 15 days.

  • One Funnel Away Funnel That Earns Me $100 A Day($597 Value).The difference between an average affiliate funnel and one that is well thought out is the difference between a part time and full-time income. You'll get my exact One funnel away template driving me sales every day, as well the other variations of it for different groups and audiences.

  • My Super Affiliate Blueprint Guide($37 Value).  Get my written guide on how to become a super affiliate with one secret step that can BOOST your sales. This guide has helped me make my first $100 dollars online, and I'm going to show you why it's so valuable.

  • Free Access To My Secret Sauce To Becoming A Super Affiliate Video Series($197 Value)Some can walk their talk but many can't, and when I tell you that I'll be giving you restricted access to an affiliate who's been in the game 16+ years building niche websites, you have to see it to believe it! There's a man by the name of Kyle who I give all my credit too for establishing a long term content strategy, and I want to share with you the 7 steps to affiliate success secret sauce.Once you see this, you wouldn't believe how easy it really is!

  • An Exclusive Free Access To My Facebook Group($97 Value)
    Get exclusive access inside my secret funnel group, where you'll learn how to use funnels, be a better affiliate, and have a sustainable long term business. I go behind the scenes of my funnels, how to create irresistible offers, How to hook people into your business, the best methods to get traffic and so much more!

    This is a community of like minded individuals that are there to help one another out, and have a desire to become a greater affiliate. I go live every week, and I'll give you free gifts and so much value.

Value From Russell: $3.223

Value From Michael A Granados: $3,519

Total Value: $6,742

Today: $100

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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