New Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels – The Ultimate Software Face Off

I'm sitting deep into my chair as I'm writing this piece of content to you and I'm thinking to myself - Do You Really Want to see what's so special about the New Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels?

In all honesty, are you sitting somewhere, or are you standing but at least will push in the time to spend the new minutes with me as I not only review to you the comparison between Kajabi and Clickfunnels but the New Kajabi everyones raving about?

If so, you're going to get a HUGE kick and awakening when I reveal to you what's so unique about the two hottest softwares in the market can do for your life!

And I mean that in every way, as an internet marketer, digital strategist, affiliate, agency worker, home-based business owner, wait until you hear this.

What are ClickFunnels and Kajabi?

Promise that you'll take me serious when I tell you this one thing.

What is Clickfunnels not?!

Clickfunnels boosts itself as the T-rex or all webpage or landing page softwares as its' maiden name is known, and can LITERALLY do just about everything you want it to.

There's no limit to the cool projects you can produce from:

  • Building websites(Yes, websites!)
  • High Converting Lead page funnels
  • Webinars
  • Membership sites
  • Courses
  • Sales funnels

and so much more! It wouldn't be fair for me to tell you in the great name of MC Hammer:

"Can't Touch this", especially at the beginning of this review, but come in a little closer so I can whisper this in your ear...

"It's true".

Clickfunnels takes the I out of team and creates for you the most pleasurable experience when It comes to wipping up a simple optin page to what it's known for most: Sales funnels!

It's like having a stack of car salesman walking up to you pitching you an offer, but it's not at the same time, hear me out here.

For example, wheren you go to a car dealership, you get a guy named "Joe" who walks up to you and asks what you're looking for. You tell Joe you'd like a nice BMW with a black exterior and 4 doors.

Right this way Joe says. Your eyes light up as Tony deliberately tells you the car of your dreams is going to be yours at a great deal.

Into the office you go to fill out paperwork to work out a deal. Then Tony offers you the leasse version, as well the extra additions like a heated car seat.

YES! Well it'll be a different story for me, I'm not flashy, but you know you want it.

That's exactly what Clickfunnels does in it's most Pure and profitable form! You can take anyone elses product(doesn't have to be yours) or your own, and use the highly convertable sales page templates to craft up your:

  • Hook
  • Story 
  • Offer

What I just demod you was like a higher end cost, but you can do this with any low cost product as well. Imagine walking into a costco(or any retailer) and you're looking for TV's, and you get offered a Nice 4K samsung TV...

And then the employee tells you that you'll need a sterio system, and then a niche room setup, and so on.

So what's happening?

You're automating your sales process with Clickfunnels. Set them up once, and they can work for you overnight, morning, afternoon, and evenings!

Make money in your sleep if you will...24/7

Why I Choose Clickfunnels

What Is Kajabi?

Did we both think the same thing?

It sounds like an asain made company right?

Well it is, and Kajabi in its own respect is a software tool that stands on its own two feet. Similar to Clickfunnels in certain aspects, they call themselves the "Only knowelsge platform Today"

Like Clickfunnels, Kajabi has High-converting sales funnel templates ready to convert your cold buyers into buyers, which is a great thing because converting cold leads into buyers can pose as a challenge.

Let's take a look inside:

With Kajabi, you'll get a variety of different landing page templates and funnels to work with like:

  • drag and drop landers
  • webinars
  • online courses 
  • quizes
  • surveys
  • membership sites

and many more. And like Clickfunnels, Kajabi has its own built-in shopping cart making it easy for you to sell your own physical or digital products with the touch of a button.

So what's the difference in Cost?

Clickfunnels is MUCH MUCH cheaper.

I know when I first started picking out a landing page builder that not only had sales page capabilities but offered other popular templates, I looked at the price as a main factor, as you would to I assume.

With the basic Clickfunnels plan(other than the free 14-day trial) you can get on a $19/Month share funnel plan. This means that when someone shares a Clickfunnels funnel with you and they or you sign up, you'll get the 19/Month plan.

The catch to this is that you only get 3 funnels total, and you can't customize them or add more. Now how about the next plan?

At the basic plan you have $97/Month, and the etison suite at $297/mo. Check it out:

On the other hand Kajabi offers theit lowest Tier-1 plan at $129 per month. WOW, did I say that a bit out load?

Your budget might be different than mine, and you might want to spend some more so that price tage might appeal to you more when I show you in a bit why it's worth so much.

But like most subscription based companies and software services, you can lower that number down by going on the annual plan - which still is a bit of a burden for any beginner and new entreprenur.

Then there's the second tier-2 plan, which is the "pro" plan at $389 Per month. And yes, my eyes kind of lit up as I wrote that down.

For you non-math majors, calculating this on my ti-89 calcluator, I get a savings of $384!

That's a chunk of change that you can be using for other areas of your business. With that extra savings, you can use it for SEO, PPC, ads, creative work, traffic, and so much more!

Michael Granados

Hi my name is Michael Granados, and I am an online home business owner with years of experience learning and moderating the online world. I’ve managed to build my online credentials, and I would like nothing more than to help others achieve the same desires.