August 6

by Michael Granados

I'm sitting deep into my chair as I'm writing this piece of content to you and I'm thinking to myself - Do You Really Want to see what's so special about the New Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels?

In all honesty, are you sitting somewhere, or are you standing but at least will push in the time to spend the new minutes with me as I not only review to you the comparison between Kajabi and Clickfunnels but the New Kajabi everyone's raving about?

If so, you're going to get a HUGE kick and awakening when I reveal to you what's so unique about the two hottest software's in the market can do for your life!

And I mean that in every way, as an internet marketer, digital strategist, affiliate, agency worker, home-based business owner, wait until you hear this.

New Kajabi and Clickfunnels Overview

Product Name: Kajabi and Clickfunnels

Founder: Travis Rosser and Kenny Rueter(Kjabi). Russell Brunson(Clickfunnels).

Product Type: software for hosting funnels, webinars, courses, membership sites, blogs, etc.

Price: $149/mo, $199/mo, $399/mo(Kjabi). $19/Month share funnel, $97/mo, $297/mo(Clickfunnels)

Best for: Starting your own business, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, side-hustle, full-time, people wanting to leave their 9-5, and so many more!

kjabi and clickfunnels face off

Summary: Kjabi and Clickfunnels are both powerful software tools that will allow you to grow your online and offline business, brand yourself, scale your business, and where you can market your products, or if you don't have your own, you can use them as well. You'll be able to generate higher quality leads, and grow your income much faster with these tools at your disposal.

This Unique Kjabi vs Clickfunnels review will help shine the light on what I'm talking about and give you a clear idea of which software is best for you and your business.

Rating: 95(Kjabi) 99(Clickfunnels).

Recommended: Yes!

What Are ClickFunnels and Kajabi?

Do you remember being a kid going to his first theme park and you were in kjust complete shock at how Big that moment was and your excitement levels telling you "Lets do this!?"

Well kind of like a theme park, Clickfunnels and Kajabi are HUGE and Bring down the house with excitement for the following reasons...

Clickfunnels boosts itself as the T-Rex or all web-page or landing page software's as its' maiden name is known, and can LITERALLY do just about everything you want it to.

There's no limit to the cool projects you can produce from:

  • Building websites(Yes, websites!)
  • High Converting Lead page funnels
  • Webinars
  • Membership sites
  • Courses
  • Sales funnels

and so much more! It wouldn't be fair for me to tell you in the great name of MC Hammer:

"Can't Touch this", especially at the beginning of this review, but come in a little closer so I can whisper this in your ear...

"It's true".

Click funnels takes the I out of team and creates for you the most pleasurable experience when It comes to wiping up a simple optin page to what it's known for most: Sales funnels!

Check how fast you can go out there and create one:

clickfunnels landing page and sales funnel builder process

What you're seeing up above is a fast process you can use to create any type of sales funnel and everything in between from webinars, courses, etc, which we will get to later down below. Plus, I made a video verion of how to create a hyper profitable sales funnel for you:

It's like having a stack of car salesman walking up to you pitching you an offer, but it's not at the same time, hear me out here.

For example, when you go to a car dealership, you get a guy named "Joe" who walks up to you and asks what you're looking for. You tell Joe you'd like a nice BMW with a black exterior and 4 doors.

Right this way Joe says. Your eyes light up as Tony deliberately tells you the car of your dreams is going to be yours at a great deal.

Into the office you go to fill out paperwork to work out a deal. Then Tony offers you the lease version, as well the extra additions like a heated car seat.

YES! Well it'll be a different story for me, I'm not flashy, but you know you want it.

That's exactly what Clickfunnels does in it's most Pure and profitable form! You can take anyone else's product(doesn't have to be yours) or your own, and use the highly convertible sales page templates to craft up your:

  • Hook
  • Story 
  • Offer

What I just demoed  for you was like a higher end cost, but you can do this with any low cost product as well. Imagine walking into a Costco(or any retailer) and you're looking for TV's, and you get offered a Nice 4K Samsung TV...

And then the employee tells you that you'll need a stereo system, and then a niche room setup, and so on.

So what's happening?

You're automating your sales process with Clickfunnels. Set them up once, and they can work for you overnight, morning, afternoon, and evenings!

Make money in your sleep if you will...24/7. By the way, in case you're still like "Why are sales funnels important to me and why should I care"...See this video:

What Is Kajabi?

You wouldn't think you could top off what you just heard about Clickfunnels, But WAIT!!

(Theatrics music playing in the background)...

Kajabi Boasts itself as being the All-In-One platform for not only building your first, next, or current business, but running it inside a proven system that has all the tools you need for:

  • Creating Online Courses
  • Launch Marketing Campaigns
  • Build Landing Pages
  • And Design the perfect website...

All this without having to buy another piece of software ever again! That's according to Kajabi. And you can see that here:

kajabi mission statement

Like Clickfunnels, you can host your courses, Launch your marketing campaigns, and build out a sweet and professional looking landing page that so you can focus on attracting quality prospects, get HIGHER sales conversions, and you can have a consistent and meaningful business for many years to come!

I know you're asking...What about websites? Does Clickfunnels allow that?

Clickfunnels is not a website provider like WordPress, but you do get Website funnel templates that you can use as your home page. I've used these with Clickfunnels and they not only look amazing, but they have the same feel of a static page website.

One other thing that Kajabi is well known for is allowing you to not only create a digital product, but market it,and sell your digital products easily without feeling like you'd get stuck getting it out to the market faster.

Well it is, and Kajabi in its own respect is a software tool that stands on its own two feet. Similar to Clickfunnels in certain aspects, they call themselves the "Only knowledge platform Today"

Like Clickfunnels, Kajabi has High-converting sales funnel templates ready to convert your cold buyers into buyers, which is a great thing because converting cold leads into buyers can pose as a challenge.

Let's take a look inside:

With Kajabi, you'll get a variety of different landing page templates and funnels to work with like:

  • drag and drop lander
  • webinars
  • online courses 
  • quizzes
  • surveys
  • membership sites

and many more. And like Clickfunnels, Kajabi has its own built-in shopping cart making it easy for you to sell your own physical or digital products with the touch of a button.

Cost Differences

Clickfunnels is MUCH MUCH cheaper.

I know when I first started picking out a landing page builder that not only had sales page capabilities but offered other popular templates, I looked at the price as a main factor, as you would to I assume.

With the basic Clickfunnels plan(other than the free 14-day trial) you can get on a $19/Month share funnel plan. This means that when someone shares a Clickfunnels funnel with you and they or you sign up, you'll get the 19/Month plan.

The catch to this is that you only get 3 funnels total, and you can't customize them or add more. Now how about the next plan?

At the basic plan you have $97/Month, and the Etison suite at $297/mo. Check it out:

On the other hand Kajabi offers their lowest Tier-1 plan at $129 per month. WOW, did I say that a bit out load?

Your budget might be different than mine, and you might want to spend some more so that price tag might appeal to you more when I show you in a bit why it's worth so much.

But like most subscription based companies and software services, you can lower that number down by going on the annual plan - which still is a bit of a burden for any beginner and new entrepreneur.

Then there's the second tier-2 plan, which is the "pro" plan at $389 Per month. And yes, my eyes kind of lit up as I wrote that down.

For you non-math majors, calculating this on my ti-89 calculator, I get a savings of $384!

That's a chunk of change that you can be using for other areas of your business. With that extra savings, you can use it for SEO, PPC, ads, creative work, traffic, and so much more!

Trial Comparisons

It would be lovely if you could have either a Kajabi or Clickfunnels account all for free, but how would the companies make money?

The great thing though is that both at least give you a free to start option unlike many other companies who ask you for a couple dollars upfront, and it's not fun...

But a way to cut ties with people who will not be serious. Here's the trial similarities and differences:

For Clickfunnels:

  • Free 14-day trial, and then either $19 or $97 thereafter

For New Kajabi:

  • Free 14-day trial, and then $129 thereafter

I know what you're thinking, Clickfunnels has to win this one, but it's not always about price, rather what features and benefits come inside. If we're basing this off numbers, then yes Clickfunnels is the winner by the price that comes after the free trial ends.

Let's get into the best part next.

Why I Choose Clickfunnels

I'm not here to give you a biased answer, quite in fact I've used both softwares so this will be short, simple, and the opposite.

At the end of the day, I had to sway with Clickfunnels over Kajabi simply because Clickfunnels was able to scale and automate the sales process for my business.

There's no better feeling(at least to me) than getting in front of your targeted dream customers much more easily, speak to them directly, build a stronger relationship than you ever could with a website and so much more when it comes down to it.

Both Kajabi and Clickfunnels have great features which I'll get to here soon, but you have to ask yourself: "Which Platform do I connect with more?"

I felt like I could connect with Kajabi but not for long, instead I stuck to my own WordPress hosting platform for my blog, and decided that to create a deeper impact in my niche, Sales funnels were going to allow me to do that.

Plus, another upside is that if you don't own your own product(s), Clickfunnels has an amazing Affiliate platform where the owner Russell Brunson himself does great marketing for you. So if you ever want to make a passive income, then no other software platform compares.

Clickfunnels Features And Benefits

Up till this point I talked about what the two software company are, their prices, and now it's time to get into the meat of the review...the moment you've been waiting for.

I'm going to start off by listing what you get for both Free plans and then I'll move into the paid plans.

For both free 14-day trials you get:

  • 1 free domain
  • webinars
  • ready to use templates
  • affiliate program
  • automation

Email Integrations

With Kajabi you get unlimited marketing emails and 10,000 contacts, as opposed to Clickfunnels where you have to spend on the higher $297/month Actionetics package that comes with their own built in email autoresponder.

Websites, Blogs, Courses, Membership

Let's get one thing straight, If you're into websites, blogging, and selling and promiting just 1 course with a nice membership theme, then Kajabi is your software. Kajabi has a stronger membership platform that allows you to share your lessons with other people more smoothly.

Here are just some of the features of the many you'd expect to see:

kajabi features and benefits

But if you're looking for more Sales Funnels, webinars, High Ticket products and more of the marketing...

Then Clickfunnels is your software. I'm a blogger at heart, so Kajabi would be go to, but After a while of using Kajabi, I switched over to just using my Thrive Themes Theme and Moved over to Clickfunnels so I could market better, communicate with my audience much more closely and reach a massive amount of people in my audience.

Training Resources

When it comes to who has the stronger training tutorials, I would say Clickfunnels does a very good job in this area because you get video walk-through, and more resources if you have a questions about literally anything.

Live Support/Chat

One of the major differences between Kajabi and Clickfunnels is the customer support end, and surely you must be thinking they have to be superior since they are very expensive products right?

Well, think again!

Kajabi has 24/7 all around the clock live support access, and they claim to be the best in the industry, which In my opinion after have used Kajabi for a while, I'd have to agree.

On the other hand, Clickfunnels doesn't have Live chat/support, In fact, you have to submit a ticket if you have a question, problems, and so forth. But, there are times when you submit a ticket, a representative will get back to you fast and hop on a live chat with you if they are available. 

I'll have to add though, that Clickfunnels support can be a bit slow to get back to you at times, with sometimes waiting days on end to hear back. This leaves room for improvement.

Clickfunnels vs Kajabi Membership Sites

One extraordinary benefit of using either Clickfunnels or Kajabi is their membership site builder which will let you easily build a membership site so you can share your content with your audience and have it all in one place.

They both are distinct and have amazing up and downsides so I went ahead and created two separate posts, one for Clickfunnels membership sites, and the other for Kajabi Membership sites you can click on below:

What I Like About Kajabi And Clickfunnels

There's so much that I love about Both Clickfunnels and Kajabi that it would be a crime for me to just point out one thing, so I choose a couple.

Starting with Kajabi, In my perspective as a blogger, I was able to transition into using there interface and tools that aligned with my site and only enhanced my ability to distribute my products out to my audience via courses and just the blogging aspect.

Thing is though, I didn't stick with them for long as I felt like I didn't always want to give all my control to one software service, Ultimately, WordPress was something I stuck to and connected with that much more instead. 

Eventually, I used Thrive Themes, and then combined Clickfunnels for the power of their courses as well and the ability to use HIGHLY converting landing page and sales funnel templates to get in front of a huge audience much faster.

When it comes to Clickfunnels, what I like the most is the sales funnels, bar none there's nothing greater out there where you can directly speak to your audience, connect with them faster, give out more value and make lump sums of money!

Just Imagine setting up a course with Clickfunnels, using a highly converting done-for-you sales funnel template to promote it, and after someone buys from you, you take them up an up sell worth hundreds of extra dollars...

Nothing beats that. The way i look at it as a blogger and Now YouTuber is like this...

Your marketing channels can only do so much, and you don't have a business until you get a fully automated system that can help you generate the income you need to stay running..

You need a funnel to automate the selling process for you. It's like having a salesman, but your funnel works for you 24/7, All day, every day, morning to night.

Final Verdict: And The Winner Is...


Say what?? You read all this to hear that answer? What a joke, or is it?

Both software's are amazing in their own rights but it comes down to one thing...

Which one best suit your needs and what will compliment your brand and business?

You have to look past the pricing points and ask yourself: "What do I need right now to advance?"

At first you might choose one over the other, and then you'll probably switch, and that's okay because it's called evolving. I evolved from WordPress to combining sales funnels and then I started using other platforms to compliment my needs.

At the moment I'm a WordPress and Clickfunnels user, and If you'd like to learn more about how Clickfunnels can work for you, I made a full review you can head on over to check out below, and if you'd like you free ready to go funnel template that I showed up above inside the "How to create a profitable sales funnel" video, look below...

Get Your Free Sales Funnel Template.

Is there anything more you'd like to know about? Maybe I missed something, or you have something in addition you'd like to add, if so, make sure that you let me hear it down below in the comments!

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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