June 17

by Michael Granados

Are you serious about building a membership site that can potentially make an IMPACT and earn you $100’s upon $100,000’s + per month in revenue?

Without answering that question I already know you are, why else would you be here looking for extraordinary Kajabi Membership site examples?

I “Michael Granados” a long-time Membership site owner as a digital entrepreneur will show you the power of owning of not just owning any type of membership site….but a Kajabi one, but first.

Over the years, membership sites have become increasingly popular, and how did that come about?

After advertising was a hit and a miss, bloggers, YouTuber's, podcasters, influencers and many more that followed realized they needed to harness their knowledge and share it with others if they wanted to make a great income...for free or paid.

There’s nothing wrong with giving away your tips, tricks, and secrets for free but if you want to charge for them, you can.

Enough wasting your time with history, let’s get into what a membership site is, how it can help you, and the 3+ examples, OK?

What Is A Membership Site?

kajabi membership site examples

I Like to think about membership sites like an online magazine, just like consumers will pay for a magazine subscription, they can pay you to read the content on your membership site.

You can decide what type of content and categories you’d like to publish, and in a way it’s kind of like a blog that grows over time - you start with one narrow category and as you grow in authority - you expand to other categories...except with a membership site you can add as much all at once.

Each time you update your membership site with new content, your subscribers get to consume it - they will get an individual username and password that grants them access to the membership part of your site as long as their subscription remains active.

Should you build a membership site?

Are you interested in creating a community around the content you build?

Then yes, go for it! With a membership site you can build:

  • Your authority
  • Relationship
  • Loyalty around your fans
  • And stay connected

Plus, you can do this faster than let’s say just sending them a new blog post every week for signing up to your newsletter(which is still great)...because the content is already there existing, your responsibility is to guide them day-by-day on what you want to teach them and drip out your lessons each and every day.

Other benefits of using a membership site is that you can offshoot other digital product, like:

  • Books and e-books
  • Free Videos
  • Online Courses
  • Social Media Content
  • Public blogging

7+ Added Benefits Of A Membership Site

There are plenty of benefits to having your own membership site regardless of the industry you are in and whether or not you charge for it or don’t, let’s look at them.

#1 Increasing Your Revenue

You might already be selling e-books, buying and re-selling on eBay, selling courses but you can always add another income revenue stream with a membership site   especially when you are an entrepreneur…

Diversification will matter greatly. It’s kind of like investing into real estate, if you put all your investments into one home, you are not sure if you will get positive gainsm, sometimes it takes a round or two to get the right renters, then you lose them, upkeep, etc.

Investing all your money in ne home brings you greater risk, but when you disperse your assets into more than one home and other revenue streams, you can incur a loss because you will still have greater gains.

I’ve had it happen to me where I was doing some Ecommerce work with investing too and I began to lose money and because I didn’t diversify in income streams, my loss was greater than any wins. Don’t make that mistake!

#2 You’ll Build Trust and Loyalty 10X Better

Most business owners and Entrepreneurs that use the internet seem to always want to push sales, sales, sales, but you can not do that, why?

While you depend on other people’s cash to put money in your pockets and fund your business/lifestyle, you can’t force nor should you have them do that - You have to build trust and loyalty.

It’s kind of like going to your favorite clothing store because it carries a certain type of branded clothing and you can relate with that store better, and you won’t go to another clothing store to shop(unless you really needed to). You’re loyal to this first store because you know what you’re getting and they haven’t let you down.

So the same holds for you as the entrepreneur and business owner - deliver trustworthy AND accurate information, this way they don’t need to go elsewhere. 

How does this relate with a membership site?

Well, when someone gives you their email address and or pays for access to your membership, you’re getting a small micro-commitment from them that says:

“I’m curious to know more about you and how you can help me solve my problems”

The rest your content will do the heavy lifting and ascend them to even purchasing higher end products if you have them.

#3 You Don’t Need A Physical Product

Can you believe you don’t need to hold any kind of inventory, or even create physical products for that matter to sell your membership site?

Yep, it’s true! It can be a chaos to hold inventory, communicate with your middleman wholesale provider, to make sure orders got processed correctly, that items where in stock, what happens if all that goes wrong?

Now you are nailed to your seat getting on phone calls, sending emails trying to get it all back together and by that time, your energy is gone and you wasted all your productivity.  And that’s just scratching the surface, don’t even get me going on more haha.

Your membership site isn’t physical, it’s virtual which means it will not take space on a shelf and stay there for years collecting dust and you can’t run out of it...ever!

There will always be an endless demand in the market for your product(s) and your content will always be there for your tribe to consume.

#4 You’ll Build Increased Authority

Do you want to become an authority in your niche? I sure hope so, otherwise you’re wasting your time, why?

Over the years the internet has evolved from spammy marketers and sales people trying to flash products in people’s faces “hey buy from me”, but that fire quickly burned out and they had to start focusing on bringing value first…

Where you really know what you’re talking about - Like being the expert. Consumers have a TON of online content being thrown at their face, bombarded with email after email(you know what I’m talking about), they don’t know where to look first.

Naturally us human beings are attracted to authority, it’s kind of like asking yourself “would you rather see a doctor for your panic attacks or a dentist or it?

Who’d have more authority? Of course, the doctor, right? People want to hear your claims and know you can back that up with facts, income reports, and when you have a membership site, you can safely present this information to your audience without any speculation. I do this all the time…

I’ll have a video or some type of resource and point my people to my facts, statistics, income claims and even testimonials...Which brings me to my next point.

I’ve exploded my own income and authority by asking for testimonials after my people get through the course, and I can now use that to erase any kind of skepticism from those wanting to join.

How many blog posts, social media posts, YouTube Videos, Podcasts are there out there right now? 1, 2, 300 hours later and we are still counting!

Just because someone can give you their free undivided attention DOESN’T mean they should! If you can remember just that statement, you will go on to crush it and succeed, I know that. 

#5 Enhance Perceived Value

Are you thinking value means money? It can mean that but not in this place, here’s what I mean.

When someone spends money with you it should ring a bell in your head that tells you “ Holy crap people want to buy, and they will most likely go through all of your content - not just some because they paid.

Think about it: If someone enters your membership site for free vs someone who pulled out their wallet, grabbed their credit card and paid, who will digest your information and take more action?

The first one, I’m just kidding - the second one of course. Most importantly, you can now start investing more of your time and energy into adding more to the course, updating old content, to make sure it really shines…

It’s kind of like using a spray to shine your wheels and exterior to give it that glossy look. Now, not necessarily does charging someone for your course mean it’s more valuable, it just means you can inject more value into it.

#6 Develop Strong Relationships

I can’t stress how important it is to develop your relationship with your consumers, if they don’t feel like they know you on a personal level guess what...they won’t stick around. Even if you didn’t charge them to join your membership site.

The people who do sign up to your course are likely devoted and dedicated just like you are right now and they WANT and thirst for your knowledge and the result of letting them in will create a stronger bond with you.

Remember that they are in pain, they have problems, values, desires, wants, needs, get to really know your customer avatar and figure out how you can best help solve their problems - if you can do this then you’ve WON.

#7 You Get TONS Of FREE Traffic

This is a crowd favorite, reason being is when you collect people’s information like name, email and in some cases phone, you now have a warm - hot market of buyers in your email list waiting to be marketed to for your other products and services(if you have some).

You can run soap opera campaigns to your customer base once you really figure out what it is they need. The amazing thing is that this leads to free traffic for your other platforms like a website, Podcast, etc. as well your membership site.

Email Marketing is really important, it’s how every online and offline business can make 6, 7+ figures businesses...basically, it’s the best way to make sale after sale without having to entirely focus your time on a cold market who doesn’t know you and are not sure if you can solve their problems.

3+ Membership Site Examples

The first membership site you’re going to look at is one by “Technology coaching” where you’ll be shown the inside of his course:

Want to know how to create your Kajabi Membership site in JUST one day?

theHAWZ will show you how to create your membership site without having to use multiple tools. 

There’s no better way to see how to build a Kajabi membership site then no other than Joe and Tony who are apart of the Kajabi Support team.

These two gentlemen streamed a Facebook Live and have posted the recording on the Kjabi Facebook Watch page, check it out:


Pros and Cons


  • You get an all in one solution so you can have full control in one location which means you don’t have to have all these third party apps and software's, making your life stress free. Your content, your marketing is all in one place, and it even can replace website builders like square space, Wix, WordPress
  • You can track sophisticated data so you can make smarter move which means you will always feel confident making the next move
  • Your membership site will be easier to maintain and produces recurring income much better and faster which means you’ll have long-lasting income from people who actually care about you and your business.
  • You will give your students more flexibility in how they consume your content - it can be in video, text, a combination of both and in a structured way you’d like.


  • Any membership site takes a long-term commitment, you can’t just put up a membership site and cal it good. It’ll take continuous improvements and ways to adapt with helping your audience reach their goals.
  • You’ll likely deal with bad monthly billing cycles because some people will be unhappy that they didn’t cancel their membership on time.


Kajabi offers amazing pros for their membership sites but also have downsides as you were able to see. Nonetheless, Kajabi is a great option to go with.

Kajabi Membership Alternatives

Wouldn’t it be selfish of me if I didn’t leave you any other options on the table? 

I don’t want to be like everyone else and show you just one option, at the end of the day you have your needs…

So here’s a couple different ones:

The one I use most often right now Is Clickfunnels and it’s perfect for what i need…

A combination of sales funnels and membership sites that deliver.

What I Liked Most About Kajabi’s Membership Sites

There’s so much I like about Kajabai, but if I had to pick just one thing I like most…

I’d say its that you can easily integrate your membership site with your other digital products while at the same time run ALL your online business with Kjabi.

Final Thoughts 

What did you think about these 3+ Kajabi Membership site full examples?

Kajabi offers you a sweet option for building the membership of your dreams and so you can Impact your audience as well make sales at the end of the day. 

The biggest takeaway here today is that you get an All-In-One solution so you don’t have to have many if it all any third party services and extra tools and services to get the job done.

Ready to get your Kajabi membership course?

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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