June 10

by Michael Granados

Do you want to write amazing copy that could generate you $1,000’s upon $100,000’s of dollars...off JUST one person?

Hi my Name is Michael Granados a copywriting enthusiast and I’m going to show you how to create copy that sells...without any effort!

How does that sound?

This Script Engage vs Funnel Scripts post is going to unlock the true powers of the two copywriting giants but most importantly by the time you leave here today you’ll know this one thing…

Copywriting is one of the most important elements in customer acquisition. My guess(and it’s an experienced on) is that you have a quality product but you know that will only Take you so far, am I right?

Quality Sales Copy? This is the single difference between YOU making 100’s, $1,000’s, $1,000,000’s of dollars, but you can’t go at it alone, and you can’t just throw up words and hope it’ll stick.

You don’t want to waste hours, energy, effort, money on a copywriter(that won’t solve anything) and while you want to learn the skills, it’s best that you have an automated software that can guide you, so let me show you how that can work for you.

What Is Script Engage?

Script Engage is an All-In-One sales copy solution for multiple products across numerous niche without the need to invest time and expense to learn copywriting, without having to pay thousands to experts, without buying multiple software’s just to get ONE product to market.

You get a simple click, copy and paste your way to the top producing sales copy in minutes. Script engage lets you:

  • Effortlessly generate ANY type of converting marketing material in minutes.
  • Maximize your sales, leads and profits from any campaign or promotion
  • Leverage PROVEN winning copy responsible for MILLIONS in sales to promote your products and services

Going Inside Script Engage

Founder and creator Jay Boyer for years made fortunes selling software’s and digital products online, but he didn’t have a clue when he started.

His first ever product launch was:

  • Invested over 20K into the development of a new software
  • Had everything in place and the product was proven by testers...but was writing the sales copy the day of the launch, literally had zero idea how important sales copy was, his result?
  • After having over 5,000 visitors in the 1st 3 hours. He made less than 1K
  • Some affiliates questioned if they knew what he was doing, others refused to promote

His next action was to pull the plug on the product and heavily invest into copywriting, and fast forward a couple years later and 50K plus invested in copywriting and training and now they are at a serious level:

script engage vs funnel scripts

Jay then goes on to say that Copywriting is one of, If not the most important elements in customer acquisitions and shows you in which areas:

  • Lead generation
  • Product sales page
  • Upsell page
  • Video sales letter scripts
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Thank-you and download pages
  • Advertising templates
  • Order form pages

One word in the wrong place can keep you poor, but one word in the right place can strike you rich! And that’s shown true in my own experiences…

Having to deal with losing money every single day because I didn’t have the right words put together in the right location, so don’t be like me(if you haven’t already been there).

The real cost of marketing online can be a lot...but for those who don’t have the right copy. Now a days advertising is not an option, it’s an absolute must, and if you’re going to invest your time in that area, it’s crucial that you focus on amazing copy….not just good or great.

4 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want Spectacular Copy

These four mistakes are ones you'll surely want to avoid, and it starts here:

Mistake #1(Option 1) You can go at it alone and write every single piece of sales copy. 

But you might have no idea where to start, right? This “DIY” approach has a lot of challenges:

  • You’ll spend thousands of hoursestudying and writing complex boring copywriting methods.
  • A LOT of money and training is required to JUST understand the basics. 
  • It can easily take you weeks to months for you to learn the skills to write your own copy.
  • Most “self-copy” converts poorly because it’s 100% objective for you to be about the products you create.
mistake 1

Mistake #2(Option 2) You can hire a specialist.

Most professionals are booked months in advance, so JUST finding someone for your project(s) is going to take a lot of time and energy. Consider the costs:

  • A Quality copywriter will charge somewhere between 1k to 5k more per SINGLE sales letter.
  • Email writers often charge you between $40-$90 per email.
  • Ad creation is one of the most expensive jobs you will ever outsource.
mistake 2

Mistake #3 (Option 3) You can automate it with software. Here’s what to know:

  • Some software’s will create sales pages, others create video letter scripts, and even others create advertising copy. None of them create them all.
  • Some of these software’s you’ll run into are VERY expensive, others very limited, and all of them require a lot of customization and time on your part.
  • If you wanted to create a full sales funnel using existing software, you’d need one tool for your sales copy, one for your email marketing, one for ad creation, and one more to create video sales letter scripts(4 software’s total).
mistake 3

Luckily you don’t have to deal with that and the solution is Script Engage. This All-in-One Sales copy solution will help you minimize your cost to put copy together, Write amazing sales copy faster, and make sure you profit from every word you write.

script engage picture

Script engage literally makes it easy for you to:

  • Click
  • Copy
  • And paste 

...your way to the top of producing quality copy.

click copy and paste

Script Engage Powerful Features

You’ll get some awesome features and benefits with Script engage which are:

  • Script Collaboration. You can instantly export to Google Docs where you can give your various team members editing permissions. Share as many scripts as you want 24/7 and make profits from the power of teamwork.
  • Video Sales Letter(VSL) Scripts. Usually these are sold as a stand alone product but with Script Engage they are included, and you can now create winning video scripts that will skyrocket your conversions on ANY campaign.
  • Webinar Scripts. You can leverage the power of webinars with Script Engage’s PROVEN to convert scripts to close more high ticket sales.
  • Phone Scripts. These are battle-tested phone scripts used to close high end clients. This is something you’d expect to pay thousands on private coaching to access custom scripts like these that will help you close more of your dream clients...with ease.
  • Complete Email Sequences. Would you like top converting email sequences made by experts in their fields? From cold prospecting to webinar sequences, welcome emails and eCommerce sales, you’re covered with the very best email templates available.
  • Advertising copy. Turn your Facebook ads, sponsored tweets and pay-per-click ads into conversion machines with professional ads customized to your products.
script engage

Pros vs Cons

  • All in one fully automated sales copy solution so you can keep everything in one place to run your business which means you’ll save more money, avoid the strenuous effort, save time, and make more money!
  • You don’t have to invest your time and expenses of learning how to write copy so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll make a mistake which means you will feel happier, more relaxed and confident about producing popular sales copy that’ll make you more money.
  • Create copy on demand so you don’t have to stress about what to write and what to say which means you’ll have more time to focus on other areas on your business that require your full attention.


  • Script Engage doesn't offer a free trial to get started or any kind of testing demo tool. 

What Are Other People Saying?

script engage testimonials


Script Engage Demo

Multiple Export Options

Do you have a certain file type in mind you’d like to export your sales copy to? You can export to places on your computer like:

  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint
  • PDF
  • Google Docs
script engage export

This will make it EXTREMELY simple for you to edit offline and give you better customization over your copy. You can easily convert your scripts into:

  • Lead magnets
  • eBooks
  • Presentations
  • And even videos!

Now let’s move into Funnel scripts.

What Is Funnel Scripts?

funnel scripts

Funnel scripts is an All-In-One Copywriting software that’ll help you get ALL of your sales letters, scripts and webinar slides, emails and ads written...In as little as 10 minutes WITHOUT hiring an expensive copywriter!

Kind of Like Script Engage, it’s an all-in-one sales copy solution but the difference is that it has more functionality and flexibility than Script Engage in terms of generating copy much faster. But does that matter?

Heck yes! Especially as an entrepreneur/bushiness owner who wants to get their copy out o the way so they can focus on other parts like product creations, getting targeted traffic, costs, outsourcing other projects and more.

Going Inside Funnel Scripts

Creator of Funnel Scripts is Jim Edwards who was a long-time worker in the Real Estate Industry and saw a necessity for producing quality copy in the newspaper articles at the time, and went on to create copy that converted over 500%!

By the way, he’s also the creator of Copywriting Secrets, his FREE book on how to write copy that sells of which I did a review on you can see - check out copywriting secrets here.

On the Funnel Script main page, Jim states there are 3 secrets you need to know to getting ALL of your scripts, sales letters, webinar slides, emails, and ads written in just MINUTES…

  • Secret #1: The #1 reason your funnel isn’t converting is your COPY…
  • Secret #2: You don’t have to HIRE a world class copywriter…
  • Secret #3: You don’t have to BECOME a world class Copywriter…
what is funnel scripts

There is only so much I can cover about Funnel Scripts in a side-by-side review like you’re seeing here today, so to make it better for you, I created an individual review on Funnel Scripts you can visit here.

Funnel Scripts Demo:

Pros vs Cons


  • An All-In One copywriting software so you can write all your scripts in one place which means you won’t have to be clicking all over the place from one tab to the next just to find and write your copy.
  • You have building blocks and scripts so you can have done-for-you templates that will be done in a couple of minutes, and you get free downloadable material to tell you exactly how to perfect your copy which means you don’t have to learn copy from scratch
  • Includes and exclusive monthly training so you can have the most up to date knowledge and best ways to take action which means you’ll always be making more money.
  • Funnel Scripts is based on Russell Brunson’s two books DotCom Secrets And Expert Secrets so you can have the best marketing material that any software can produce which means you’ll have the unfair advantage over your competition...every time!


  • There are not many cons(not because I’m being biased), one I’d say is that I didn’t use it sooner in my business.

Alternative "AI" Option

Times are shifting and the days of the robots are upon us where Artificial Intelligence can now write ALL the copy you want without the cost of hiring an expensive copywriter...

And even though "AI" writing copy is different than what Script Engage and Funnel Scripts focus on, you can use an AI Tool to:

  • Write Frameworks - AID Framework, PAS
  • Blog post topic ideas
  • Blog post Outline
  • Anything blog related
  • Facebook copy for posts, ads and more
  • LinkedIn copy
  • Google Ads
  • Amazon Products
  • YouTube
  • Headlines
  • Persuasive bullet points
  • And so much more!

If you'd like to know about this specific tool called Conversion.ai and a robot called Jarvis that can write all the copy for you, then click the button below to learn more.

Final Thoughts

Which Copywriting tool was your favorite? funnel scripts vs script engage delivered.. 

there’s a lot of valuable features and benefits to both Script Engage and Funnel Scripts, both are an all-in-one copywriting software so you don’t have to waste time, energy and money.

Some contrasts are that Funnel scripts can generate scripts much faster for you but not too much of a difference, I guess that’s one of my personal favorite things.

Which is the one I use most? Funnel Scripts for sure, why?

Jim Edwards has perfected his software and he also gives away Free books like copywriting secrets and content on places like YouTube with tutorials and other training's for copywriting, funnels and so much more! If you’d like to check out Funnel Script you can click below and watch the FREE webinar:

And if you would like to learn more about Script Engage, check it out below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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