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by Michael Granados

expert secrets

Would you like to see how ONE epiphany can change the course of your entire life?

Even better yet, are you ready to take what you are passionate about or have an interest for and share it with the world so you can change people's lives and make a substantial income at the same time?

Hey my name is Michael Granados, a digital marketing and affiliate marketing business owner and in this review I'm going to show how YOU can create 3 things in this Expert Secrets Book Review:

  1. An Attractive Leader
  2. A Culture
  3. A Massive Movement

Without these three steps, you will not make the RIGHT impact you need to help people and build a steady flow of income, and listen...

This book alone has sent shock-waves from my head down to my spine and to my feet, and for why you ask?

Let's just say that without it, I wouldn't have impacted the lives of millions of people, would of had ANY influence, and shifted beliefs needed to make the big bucks.

Let me ask you...if you could get payed to share your knowledge with someone else, would you think twice about it? Of course not, unless building a business online and offline is not your thing, then this book might not be for you - And at this point you can leave the post.

Here are the problems I see from people trying to start, grow, and keep their business consistently running...

The Problem:

Right now you're "trying" to thrive in your current business or you're in the start of your journey and you have a TON of other people trying to sell you information that is too damn expensive or you're just sucking up the wrong info from the wrong people. You'll continue going down this overwhelming spiral of information overload and it will cause you to question yourself and if your business will ever take off.

The Solution:

Expert Secrets is the solution to guiding you step-by-step how to use your superpower to influence people and get them to pay you easily. No one wants an improvement offer, we're looking for new opportunities and with Expert Secrets you'll learn how with all the scripts and templates to blow up your business.

Expert Secrets Summary

Product Name: Expert Secrets

Founder: Russell Brunson

Product Type: Business, Entrepreneurship, marketing, sales

Best for: digital marketers, coaches, consultants, course creators, people wanting to build an online business, traditional brick and mortar businesses, for freedom seekers, leave their 9-5-ers, Entrepreneurs, and many more!

expert secrets book

Summary: Expert Secrets is a book that will show you how to create a mass movement of people who will pay you for your advice. You have unique abilities, talents, ideas, and these can all be brought out from you to help serve an audience that needs your help.

Rating: 100/100

Recommended: Yes!

(Best book you'll read on online business)

What Is Expert Secrets?

Expert Secrets is like the Messiah - it's biblical in its own sense on the fact that if you weren't a believer in starting your own online business or how to change the course of the one you have at the moment...

Your whole perspective will change within a split second! In Expert Secrets, you'll discover how to get people to pay you for your advice, and in 3 steps:

  1. Find your message
  2. Build a tribe
  3. Change the world

In better English, Expert secrets is your road-map that will show you how to turn your specialized knowledge, talents and abilities into a business that will in the end work for you! It's one of the shortcuts of the new Rich as stated by Robert Kyosaki.

what is expert secrets book

I made you a video review just in case you were in a hurry or you wanted to see it more visually.

Going Inside Expert Secrets

UPDATE: Creator of Expert Secrets Russell Brunson made a trilogy version with added content inside, and here's the new look of the book:

expert secrets

Expert Secrets claims to help you:

  1. Find your voice so you can gain confidence and become the leader you need to be to move your tribe.
  2. Build a massive movement of people who's lives you can greatly affect
  3. And finally, make this calling your career, where people pay you for your advice.

Here is the table of contents:

expert secrets table of contents
expert secrets table of contents page 2
expert secrets table of contents
table of contents

After the table of contents here's the forward page:

expert secrets foreward

Section #1: Creating your mass movement

expert section 1

This section is all about how you can create true fans, and build a great following of people who will trust you, build a relationship with, and eventually you can sell them on your product(s) or services. Each person focuses on creating this culture that's almost CULT-like...As Russell Brunson puts it(he goes more in-depth in the book on this concept).

As shown in the image up above, you'll develop:

  1. The Charismatic Leader(Attractive character). You'll be shown how to grow from being the student to the expert who shares his/her knowledge with everyone else, and then some.
  2. The Cause(Your Cult-ure).You'll see how to bring people that you're called to serve up to a higher ground and where they can place their faith in.
  3. New Opportunity(The Vehicle Of Change). The last piece to the puzzle is creating your massive movement by not offering an improvement offer, but a new opportunity which means you'll end up in a prolific zone and set yourself apart from the competition, thus likely to increase your sales faster.

You can't create your mass movement without a topic. You have certain talents, ideas and unique abilities or as I like to call them "superpowers" that you were blessed and gifted with so you can share with others who need your help...

They are out there just waiting for yo to change their lives. Russell explains how you don't have to be certified to help people, or that:

  • You don't have a degree
  • I'm new to this

...And all sorts of things that are irrelevant. You don't have to be the most knowledgeable person in the world on your topic, you just have to be one chapter ahead of the people you're helping!

A perfect example of this is Tony Robbins  where he wanted to help people in NLP(Neuro linguistic programming) and he went out of his hotel room one night to go help people but he had critics telling him he can't do that because he didn't have a degree or certification.

Russell brings up tony in Expert Secrets as well other cases where YOU don't have to be certified or have a fancy degree to help people, you just have to be ONE chapter ahead of everyone else, makes sense?

So there are 3 core markets:

  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Relationships

Each one of these markets has a more specific market that's known as sub-markets.


Even in the sub-markets it can get crowded and congested so it's recommended to niche down even more and go super-niche. For example:

If you wanted to go in the wealth space and focus on the wealth niche you could go from wealth to online marketing and to niche even further, do email marketing automation for loan officers with Aweber. Point being is that getting narrower is the key so you're not competing, rather you're in this "Blue Ocean" where there are no sharks infesting and causing a "Red bloody water", see what I mean?

Very quickly, I started in the Health and Wellness space helping people with lower back pain get rid of it through natural holistic approaches, and to PROVE to you I'm not just another person writing this review and I actually practice what I preach, check it out, here's one of my videos in the space:

Not only do I show you how I help people in the video above, I also reveal my other website I made for helping people in this space.

Moving forward, once you've finished picking out your niche, then you can move onto the attractive character


Russell then goes into creating this "persona" where you'll become like-able so people will want to follow you from start to finish. He'll show you how not to be this boring person but a persuasive one. Once you have this down, you'll have a true following of fans who will want all you have to offer.

Developing your attractive character comes first becomes it'll make it easier for you to build a massive movement, and putting out content and offers will work better as well stronger. And I'm not talking about being attractive like this person below:


Attraction is not about looks, six pack abs, if you have the best smile, it's about your inner-self - what you can bring out of yourself as a person and reveal that to the people you've been called to serve upon, get it? I mean, I'll take a nice looking chest and abs but I'm not overly concerned about it and you shouldn't either!

Another chapter in the updated NEW book of Expert Secrets, Russell talks about "Teaching Your Frameworks" and how you're programmed to tell people about your new opportunity and or product and people just don't get it, they don't care enough. So here's what you do...

You give them a reason to care with telling a story first of how you learned it or earned it.

expert secrets teaching your frameworks
expert secrets how to teach frameworks
hook story offer framework expert secrets
frameworks expert secrets

After section one, it's on to section two.

Section #2: Creating Belief


This section is all about understanding what's going on inside of the mind of your future customers and how to deliver them your products/services in a way that makes them drool over what you have and basically beg you to take their money(no joke, It happens!). There are many parts in this section worth highlighting, but just picking one that's best is the Domino Effect.

Russell goes on to explain and show you that "One thing" aka The Big Domino Statement which is the one statement or thing you need to get people to believe that will knock down ALL objections.


Once you find "that thing", you'll forever change the way you see and do business. Next, Russell spends hist time talking about how to connect with your audience in the epiphany bridge script.

epiphany bridge

One of my favorites masterpieces in this book is the focus on how you can break false beliefs and re-create new beliefs in your audience is with stories, here's why.

Have you ever heard the saying: "Facts tell, stories sell?"

Fact of the matter is, Stories sell, facts tell and Russell does a great job at showing you how people think when they are either about to join an opportunity with you or what they think when they make a post purchase, let me show you what I mean with an example, Okay?

Let's imagine that I wanted to buy this Expert Secrets book but my false beliefs about it were this:

  • I've heard these books are nothing but to sell you on more
  • I once bought a book like this and it didn't work for me
  • I'll lose my family and friends if they find out I'm trying to learn online marketing.

On your end, you'll learn how to break these false beliefs with statements like:

  1. Well [their name], who have you gotten your information from and what types of books did they get? 
  2. I remember buying a book about online business too and the problem with that one was it fell sort because the writer had no experience, but with this one, you're getting first ad experience fro a 7 figure earner who's been where you were right now.
  3. You actually don't, your friends will love to see how much more knowledge you've gained so you can share it with them, and there's even tie for the audio version when you're on the go.

See? That's called Marketing. With Marketing you're creating these stories that will break down false beliefs people have and get them to ethically know that you're solution is different and that it's not what they think.

You've might have seen me talk about the Epiphany bridge script in my other articles. but you're using an epiphany bridge script to get people to get to the same epiphany you had and cross over.

Here's Secret #8: The Epiphany Bridge Script...


This section goes SO in-depth on how to use the epiphany script and after how to break down false beliefs.

Section #3: Your Moral Obligation

The last section of Expert Secrets is all about taking the last two sections and using them to converting it into sales.

Basically, this section is about understanding what the "Stack Slide" is and using it to increase the overall value of your product.

stack slide

Let me tell you from first-hand experience, having a stack slide is tremendously beneficial to your marketing, especially when you can place this script inside of a sales page or webinar. But can also be used on things like:

After you have your own unique stack slide, you can place it inside of a webinar which is the most utilized place to start. Why? For the fact that you can run multiple webinars a day and automate the process so they become automated webinars.

Automated webinars are a great way to go because it'll free you up time to do other projects/things in your business, can make you a BOAT LOAD of money(overnight too), and it's super engaging with your audience.

Russell has spent years doing webinars to finally perfect them for himself and you so you don't have to go through the trouble of figuring out how it works which means you can hit a home run on your first one! Once Russell got his formula down, he starting making sales and consistently too. He netted over millions.

This is what he went on to call the Perfect Webinar, and he goes on to show you the framework of how it works. You get to see how to go from introducing yourself, to build rapport, and getting people at the end to eventually beg you to take their money.

perfect webinar
perfect webinar

This section will show you step-by-step how to use the epiphany bridge script as well how to really go on to make 6-figures+ if you implement this in your business. There's so much more but I could only show so much or else we'd be here for hours!

How Much Is Expert Secrets?

There are a couple ways to grab Expert secrets, one of those being the paperback edition through amazon for $13.56 or you can get the kindle edition for $8.69.

However, if you want it for free, Russell Brunson is giving it away to you on his website for free..That's the truth! All you need to do is pay the shipping costs which for US is $7.95 and international $14.00

In all honesty, I recommend you go through his site because you'll see one of the most successful sales funnels out there, and you'll get first-hand experience what to expect from the book. Plus...

you'll be able to purchase the Expert Secrets Audiobook through his funnel if you prefer that medium as opposed to reading, or just want both. And I'm giving You bonuses worth $1,000's just from getting it through me that you can see here.

Extra info:

The book usually retails at about $19, and you can basically get it for free? That's a bargain if I've ever seen one. Just imagine having this book arrive at your door or mail, you pick it up, open it, look inside and there staring back at you is this smooth professional looking and feeling book cover...

You open it and BAM! You're already like "WOW" this is going to be good, and the fact that you'll finally be able to free up more time to have time with your friends and family, go out on a vacation and let your business work for you, rather than you working for it.

Do you ever just sit and think to yourself, what If I could help repair marriages, save families. change someones health, grow a company or more...

But if only there was a way to get it into the hands of people who's lives you were meant to change?

No other book out there on the market will show you how to leave the right message in the minds of MILLIONS at the right time.

Read that statement carefully once more. When people receive your message at the right time, that's when you will make the most impact in your business. I've found out that the difference between getting someone to purchase from me or take a certain action is all about one thing...

Timing. Like right now, is it your right time to get your hands on this Free book? I remember running into a review like this, a YouTube video, a recommendation from a friend and I didn't think twice to get my hands on it.

Expert Secrets Testimonials

Who's Expert Secrets For?

I'd be lying if I said this book wasn't for everyone, it really is for everyone! How?

Even if you're not going into business or you already are, you can learn so much from this book on how to become a stronger leader, how to use persuasion, and how to sell honestly anything!

When I got started, I had an existing business in the health and wellness space and I was wondering what I was missing...

I knew I needed to improve but how was the question. It turned out that all along I wasn't creating persuasion tactics in the minds of my audience/customers.

Here's who will benefit from expert secrets:

  • If you're a 9-5 worker who wants to leave the rate race and start an online business that will earn you a passive income.
  • You want a side hustle to supplement your full-time income.
  • You're an Entrepreneur who wants to make a greater impact in your business and to do it the RIGHT ways.
  • You run a traditional physical business and want to transition to the online world(or not) and find the edge to lifting your business.
  • Your a kid, a teenager, young adult, adults and want to start or continue an existing business.
  • You're in eCommerce, drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, amazon FBA, and more.

As you can see, this book is literally for anyone...wanting to change their lives that is. Really quickly, let me tell you what Expert Secrets has meant to me...

What Expert Secrets Means To Me

expert secrets

This brings me back to when I first started my online business and I was building a blog, going through tremendous training and I hit this wall where I couldn't quite build an authority in my niche...

And I kept on questioning myself "Is this it?" "Can I do more?"

The bills were stacking up, my family was waiting for me to get moving with this business thing that they couldn't understand why I was doing it in the first place, and so I felt in shambles trying to prove myself but nothing came about...

Until a close friend of mine who was already succeeding in his offline and online business told me about a book called Expert Secrets by this MEGA star known as Russell Brunson...

And he went on to say how it was "the book" that will show you how to persuade your audience, how to choose a niche, how to create this massive movement and get people to pay you for your expertise...

I was thinking no way, and not another book like that. But it wasn't until I finally decided to stick my debit card out and actually pay for a simple to nothing of a price(you're basically getting it free) and read the first chapter...

I was HOOKED! There were a lot of stories that made great points, scripts to use for gaining an authority, the perfect webinars, epiphany bridge scripts, and so much more. 

I've lost count how many times I've read the book, but ultimately I was able to take action and change the course of my business for the better, starting to earn $1,000's more.

Closing Thought And My Free Bonuses

So what did you think about this review of expert secrets? 

Pretty cool stuff right? I hope you enjoyed my expert secrets summary today and that you picked up some amazing details along your way. By developing a tribe of loyal fans, you're no longer at the mercy of platforms like Google or Facebook...

And what stands out most are all the frameworks, scripts, and jam-packed 22 secrets to build a long-term lucrative income. After all it, helped me build my own brand and following inside of my own Facebook Group: Affiliate With SEO Mastermind

I always tell people who are in business or looking to get into one that this book is a MUST read and whether they get it now or take forever to...

The one thing that always holds true is that it changed the course of their business for good. You have a calling and there's people out there who are suffering that could use your help, and all my question to you is this...

Will you step up to the plate and deliver? If you're ready to make a long-lasting ripple effect through the hearts and lives of the people you were put on this earth and this review to serve, then get your free copy of Expert Secrets below.

Expert Secrets Bonuses ($1,369 Value) - Yours FREE

Did this review get you interested and excited about getting your Free copy of Expert Secrets?

Why not take all of my extra help with HUGE Expert Secrets bonuses...

Here are all the 5 MEGA Bonuses that you will get

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    You'll finally have more time to automate your epiphany bridge script so it works for you 24/7, the sales will roll in because of it which means you'll spend more free time doing the things that are most important in your business and on your free time...
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    You'll get a free membership site from my mentors and I that will show you step-by-step videos so that will make everything much easier for you.

    I'm giving you my YouTube videos with walk throughs in creating more value for your audience, and how to get them up the step-by-step "Value Ladder". 

    You can spend less time worrying about reading dull information, and actually spending your valuable time seeing the process of how funnels, and earning commissions really work.

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    I go into affiliate marketing which is basically where you are the bridge between getting people to see your offer, and when they click on what you offer via an "affiliate link", they get taken over to the merchant, then make a purchase and you make a commission!
    I'll reveal to you the EXACT strategies I used to make a 6 figure income online(If you're interested).

*To get this Expert Secrets bonus offer, use the link just below and and then email me with your receipt by pressing the second link and I will send you the bonuses within 24 hours. * OR purchase through my link and I'll notice you did and send you the bonuses your way.

NOTE: These Bonuses could have gone up in value by the time you're seeing this so...

By grabbing my bonuses, you will save yourself so much time and provide a ton of extra value with a very minimal amount of effort on your part. 


Is there an Expert Secrets Download PDF Version?

No there is not. The only format accepted is in physical book copy or audio which you can get upon your purchase of Expert Secrets through Russell Brunson's site. The exception would be if someone made a quick summary and put in on PDF, otherwise it is copyright infringement.

Is there an Expert Secrets MP3 Version?

Yes there is. You can go through Russell's site to make your purchase of Expert Secrets and choose the bump order to add the audio mp3 version.

Is there a package that comes with Expert secrets?

Great question. When you order through Russell's website, he will take you to the next page which is the upsell and you can get the expert secrets black box which is basically all his expert secrets resources along with storytelling and more, which in my opinion is well worth it. But you don't need to buy it if you don't want!

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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