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Do you want to be a millionaire one day?

Welcome to my Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar Script review, where you're going to see all things Clickfunnels and how you can build a FASTER income with just one webinar!

My name is Michael Granados and I've been making a full time passive income from the comfort of my home, quite in fact, I'm sitting at my dinner table as I'm writing to you. Would you like to be in this position or growing your own digital empire one day?

Good, that's how great minds think...without hesitation, and strength.

What I'm about to share with you inside this review is exclusive(you can't find this anywhere else), and I'm going to go deep inside how to build out your perfect webinar with Russell Brunson's script, and if you stick reading this through the end, I'll reveal to you how you can get the Perfect webinar script, video, funnel, and resources all for Free! Plus A Video Walk-Through On How To Get Setup!

And I'm not talking shipping and handling. What I mean here is actual membership access with my link!

Perfect Webinar Script Summary

Product Name: Perfect Webinar Script

Founder: RussellBrunson

Product Type: Video Marketing/affiliate marketing/Work at home opportunity

Price:  Free + shipping -$4.95. But I'll show you how to get it for ALL free!

Best for: Affiliate Marketers, Entrepreneurs, home-based business owners, off line and online businesses, every day life.

clickfunnels perfect webinar script review

Summary: The Perfect Webinar Script is all about helping change your audiences false beliefs, get them onto your vehicle and offer them a great package to join you or buy from you. This script is amazing and it will literally be your go to for everything that you do. It's the difference between making just a couple $100 to $10,000!

Rating: 99/100

Recommended: Yes

At any time if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment down below and If you have seen enough and want to skip the article, you can get the perfect webinar template HERE.

What Is The Perfect Webinar Script?

Did you know that the real name behind it is "The Perfect Webinar Secret?" Hmm...

Puzzled there I was sitting sunk into my office chair one day as I was asking myself:

"A Secret?" OH NO! Not "A" Secret, but multiple ones. Chances are that you want a better way to connect with your audience, to sell them on your opportunity, or to just make yourself known to your marketplace. Whichever one it is, you have to know one thing.

The perfect webinar script can make you a butt load of Cha Ching! Also Known as Money. Before I go into the "How", let me give you the BOLD statements my owner of Clickfunnels Russell Brunson himself:

One piece of paper made Russell a Millionaire. What is it already Michael!?

I have my own copy sitting right in front of me so let me show you that piece of paper.

From Beginning to end you have:

  1. Intro
  2. Content
  3. Let me ask you a question
  4. Stack 
  5. Close

This one Script is ALL you need to get to your first $100, $1,000, your first million. In a a matter of a day you can build out your own perfect webinar and launch it to the whole online world...Well maybe not the whole online world but your audience.

By the way, Russell goes into detail what this script is all about and in his other format called the "Invisible funnel webinar" inside of his free DotCom Secrets book that I show you in video here.

Why You Need A Webinar In Your Business

You have infinite potential to set a fire inside someone, to electrify them first and then at the end provide them with a solution.Here's the sad thing about the state of a business...

Most people that should buy your product don't, because they don't see the true benefit of your product/service, they just understand what they see on the surface, and what you offer at that level is no different than anyone else.

Mediocre products are beating you, eating your lunch, and these products that come with tricks and gimmicks beat you to your end consumers.

If people only could see:

  • Who you really were
  • What you really stood for
  • What you represented

...That's when you'll get people who go "Well, why didn't you tell me that years ago?"

The realization that a webinar brings is electric and it creates the most impact in a simple setting. Don't you want the best version of yourself, to be better than the competition?

Webinars educate but also sell, and that's why they are extremely useful and a must have.

People say "I could do a webinar, but I could use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat", whatever platform that is to post a quick post, that doesn't compare to the power the perfect webinar will bring you.

When you take the time to create a webinar, you're telling your audience and showing them that you care about them and their success on a level no one else is willing to go through.

Why The Perfect Webinar Matters To Me...

Not to go far back into my Backstory, I was like any person who was fed up with their 9-5 being a slave to a company that didn't give a damn about me, and from working my butt off in college to not reaping the benefits...

I knew I needed a change. Without wasting time, I turned to the internet and I found out how people were making a living by simply selling other peoples proven products. Hey! I want to do that. So what did I do?

I did what most people do, Researched. After about my third month in with no success in this "affiliate marketing" game, I partnered up with an actual training platform that taught me everything about how to rank in google, how to network with people on social media, how to run ads, and so on.

Little did I know that my health and wellness business website would blow up to what it is now. I knew I had something, I was blogging, producing YouTube Videos around it and making money in the process, but I was ready to do more.

It wasn't until I partnered up with Russell Brunsons Clickfunnels program that I decided it was time to sell my own Book, and that made me realize that hey, what If I tried doing a webinar?

I already felt comfortable producing my own YouTube videos, blogging, doing power point presentations, so why not give it a go?

At the time I had just joined a platform called FueledLeads - a social media automation tool, and I thought to myself "This is the time".

The time to throw up a webinar. So there I was practicing in front of the mirror, putting on the perfect webinar secret face like I know somethings you don't, and I put up a presentation that I thought was worthy. 

Can you believe me when I say I bombed it? Yes I did. Where did it go wrong?

I didn't practice and I only modeled what other people were doing and not actually taking the script, studying it and seeing how to make it my own. It was that exact day that I decided to invest in the Perfect Webinar script.

A week later, I gave my FueledLeads presentation another shot - I just updated the old powerpoint presntation with everything I had learned to do better, and then launched it again.

I had one signup after the next, one basic Instagram and More advanced bonus package purchases after another, BINGO!

Here's that exact webinar in a YouTube Video that I have now:

Perfect Webinar Skill Sets

If you haven't seen the power of what the Perfect webinar secret script can do for you, let me break it down even more with this image and then show you more:

perfect webinar script from clickfunnels


intro to perfect webinar script

At the beginning of your webinar you have your intro. During this part of your presentation, you're going to start by Hooking your audience in with like a catchy headline, for example:

"How To Become A Social Media Expert Without Having To Chase Around Influencers Or People."

Part 2 would be to giving your audience a reason to stay until the very end like: "If you stay until the very end, I'm going to give you all the slides to this presentation and you'll get my free eBook.

Qualify Yourself: Give your listener a reason to believe in you and why you're qualified to do this. An example of this would be:

"I'm a high ticket closer"

"I have 5+ years of digital marketing skills.

And then there is the future pace. Put your audience in a position to imagine where they can be in a day from now, a week, a month and so forth. Give them a reason to believe that they too can become successful but only through your system.

The 3 Secrets

3 secrets to the perfect webinar script

This has to be my favorite part and the one that is like your make or break if people will stay throughout the presentation. Here, you need to focus on breaking your audiences belief and then rebuilding it. For example:

If someone thinks they have to be a "techy" or have years of experience doing what you do, they something like "how it doesn't take any technical experience and any beginner can do it" is a good way to go.

The 3 secrets allow you to break down false beliefs that your audience might have and then rebuild them with your new experience. Once you get this part down, the rest is just about adding your offer which I will get to in a minute.

Having just 3 secrets will help make your webinars much more thrilling, curious, and you'll be able to have more to engage your audience with during the webinar.

The Stack Slide

stack slide perfect webinar script from clickfunnels

If you're going to be a successful internet marketer or if you want sell any product/service at a low and high ticket cost, you better get familiar with the concept of the "Bonus Stack".

When you're asking your audience, people for anything, you are not telling them what's in it for "You", more so what's in it for them. So, you have to create your offer around what will benefit your consumer. Up to this point we've delivered the Hook, your Story that is relevant to your audience, and now you have to create your irresistible offer!

And if you haven't learned how to create your story 100% You really need to check out Russell Brunsons Expert Secrets. You'll see how to break down false beliefs, experiences, stories, and create your offer. Also, you get to see the stack slide.

Anyways, how long should you spend on this part? A great time to shoot for is about 7 minutes. Let me show you an example of what not to do first:

When you meet someone for the first time, should you ask them to marry you? 

A BIG FAT NO! Unless your goal is to actually get a slap to your face, you should. Otherwise, if you want to get to the sell, you have to first start with an irrestiable foundation offer. What do I mean?

Rather than asking someone to marry you, why not say this instead step by-step:

STEP 1: First, this is what we're going to do. We will go get sushi.

STEP 2: Then we'll go and check out this concert right after, or we can go to the one tomorrow.

STEP 3: Now, we'll go out to a party with friends and family. 

Boom! Do you see how this translates to creating an irresistible offer around your physical or digital product?

You've taken away the barrier of discomfort and instead you've added value with trust, a relationship and now it'll be easier to sell your partner onto marriage.

How To Close The Deal

perfect webinar script close

The grand finally will come to closing the sale. You've hit on the stack slide, but you still need to speak back out to your crowd, but how?

At the end you'll learn how to explain to your attendees how to have a shift in their thinking that what you're handing out to them they can't get elsewhere. You're audience will see how they can brake their old habits and how you are creating a better ecosystem for them.

Going Inside The Perfect Webinar

You've already seen me break down the skill sets of the perfect webinar script but what If I took that an extra Level higher?

I have the perfect webinar script that I took my wallet out, grabbed my credit card and payed for that was free + shipping. Have a look at what to expect inside:

 from clickfunnels

Here is the dashboard when I log in with Russell Brunson introducing the perfect webinar script.

STEP 2: Click on "The Perfect Webinar(Script & Training) 

perfect webinar script for clickfunnels lesson videos

and then here is the second video with a button you can press to get the funnel hacks funnel into your account.

perfect webinar script

Cool right?

Stick with me because I h