May 23

by Michael Granados

Haven't you heard how other people are making a Million dollar living learning how to make money selling other peoples products online?

Yeah that's right, a $1,000,000, and it doesn't end there!

Everyday people like you and me(Yes I'm no different than you) are opening up their computer or smartphone screens, and seeing how Fast and how many people are spending time on the interent looking fro products:

time spent on internet

Does that excite you?! If that doesn't elevate you off your seat or cause you to jump off your standing feet, than go ahead and do me a favor...

click on that nice little "x" or back arrow of your screen and politely exit out.

OK Great! I got you're full attention and I hope to have you 110% on board by the end of this in-depth article. You're about to learn how you can start selling other peoples PROVEN products online and how you can get started today!

Is This Beginner Friendly?

In the name of my old self not too long ago, selling other peoples products are a VERY newbie friendly, other words "beginner friendly. Did you know that even my dog can do this?

And he has Paws, WHOA!

I'm sitting here laughing too, HAHA, but let's get serious about a "dog trying to sell products"...

The reality is that there's no better newbie or in this case dog friendly way to make money from the comfort of your home and with just 3 easy steps, start letting the wrath of CHA-CHING roll on in.

If my dog Gizmo wanted to sell other peoples products, he doesn't need to:

  • Understand coding
  • Be technically savvy
  • Have years of experience
  • Know a thing about selling

That last point is my favorite one and the reason why I started all of this in the first place...

Who me? Say what? These were the words I bit my lips to when I heard I'd be "selling" online. You mean I have to be a Salesmen? I guess the apple doesn't fall to far from the automotive dealership...

Not to say automotive salesmen are wrong, but I don't like their approach. With the online world you don't have to be good at talking to people with a "For $14.99 and free shipping and handling you can get a neck massaging pillow with awesome heat features, and a nice firm feel...

Crickets Crickets. It's really a DEAD BEAT and Cold world if you try to sell people on the price and just features of a product. In a moment I'll teach you what you should do instead, but first why sell other peoples products?

BAM! That's how I feel everyday I wake up and I know I'll be sitting at my desk or if I'm on vacation, I'll open up my laptop on the nice beach of California(Where I'll be visiting soon, and so happens to be my home town).

You don't know how great it feels YET to not have to work my 9-5, or have every employee, supervisor, manager or big BOSS leaning over my shoulder...

"Hey what are you doing?" Are your reports done? Come to my office. GEEZ, will it ever end!?

That's how I felt at my last job but I had the added pressure of not being:

  • appreciated
  • valued
  • cared for

If you know anything about me, you'd know that I had a job "serving" HP Hewlett Packard, under a contractor company. After 3 and a half years of a college education I thought this would be an amazing chance to move my way up into HP...

I had a material coordinator role, moving boxes, stocking shelves, data management, riding a forklift from time to time, and making decisions on how to spend the budget on what shipment to send in and out.

Was a minimum wage job going to get me to glory? Maybe small victories, but even that felt like a leap...

Fast forward 2 years with them, bending my back and putting up with this job so I can gain more experience, I was burned out. Enough was enough!

Look, I made a vow that things were going to change, and that I was NOT going to go through this hamster wheel all over again. I'd be happy at one job and then find ways to dislike it, so I made a change...

Grasping for air as I think about it now, I remember spending one whole day on "downtime" at work and started researching ways to making money online.

All these "Gurus" were out there for a quick out buck trying to sell you the latest "Gizmos", oh yes more than one!

After I researched just what you are on right now on stealth mode at work and feeling I was off the grid, I found different answers:

  • You don't need your own products
  • You don't have to hold inventory
  • You can sell anything
  • You can make money from your couch
  • You can take a break when you want to
  • You could get mentorship

...But none of these answers compare to the one I missed...

You get to help people. The greatest luxury of this game that I've learned and gratefully will walk away from when I retire is that I helped more than Millions of people change their:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth

Now that's the type of Millions I want, rather than the $1,00,000 everyone so DESPERATELY wants. Look, it's good for many people but I'm just an ordinary guy who just happens to be really skilled at what he does but knows his boundaries and has a set goal.

Setting your goals will help you achieve the monetary value you are after, and you can't do that blind.

Sit straight, focus in because I'm about to let you in on one word and one secret...TRAINING.

Yes, whether you're selling your own socks or someone else's(I know that sounds boring), your training could turn any boring old XL sock and make it your best selling product. Hear me out.

I'll share with you the REAL training behind all of this, but first...

I can turn any single old boring product into gold because I have the RIGHT skills. Look at this:

Right Training + Work Ethics = Skills to pay the bills baby.

Now let's check out the 3 best ways you can sell other peoples products and at the end I'll show you how you can sell even yours!

3 Best Ways To Sell Products Online

Although I made a video for you, I promised myself that I would write this out for you like any other blogger in their right mind would. It goes a little something like this...

#1. Dropshipping/Shopify.


One of the very common ways of people selling products online is through drop-shipping. This is where someone can setup an online shop with a website and fulfill the orders that a customer wants without holding anything in stock.Rather, when the store sells a product, it'll purchase the item from a third party and has it directly shipped to the end consumer. This way the merchant never sees or handles the product.

So what's the biggest difference between your standard retail model and drop-shipping? The merchant doesn't own any stock or inventory, instead the merchant will purchase the product from a wholesaler manufacturer to fulfill the orders.

This is a great way to sell products without having to deal with customer support or if you like versatility. I say that because with dropshipping, you usually are not tied down to once Industry, otherwise what is known as a niche. It's great for some people, but not for me, since I think it's best to focus on one specific niche.

#2 Amazon FBA

amazon fba

This second method has been growing rapidly in popularity, and although it's been around for sometime, just recently in 2019 have we seen a growth spurth. This is one of the hottest and most popular choices amongst online sellers.Amazon FBA stands for: "Fulfillment By Amazon"

Here's how it works step-by-step:

  1. You'd ship your packaged goods to Amazons Warehouse
  2. You list your selected products on the Amazon Marketplace
  3. A customer will order on Amazon
  4. Amazon will handle the storage, fulfillment and all customer support

This is an attractive way to sell goods online since like Dropshipping, you don't have to deal with really ANYTHING, and you have the vast amount of products to select from on Amazon. Yet again, you'd be dealing with different Niches, and if that's what you like, you can surely get it done.

A disadvantage I see is that you're only tied down to Amazon, and the commissions are rather small like 2%-10%, and the fact that Amazon can up-sell your customer means they get more of the profit share. And people might not recognize you as a brand.

#3 Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Did I save the best for last? I think so!

My favorite and I believe to be the easiest and long term best way to make money selling other peoples products online is with the Affiliate marketing model. It's not different than the other two above in regards that you are the middleman between the people(traffic) and the retailer(merchant), and you're sending that traffic on over to the merchant so someone can buy, and you get paid out a commission.

What I LOVE about this model is that you can choose the Niche you want to focus on and make a living with Affiliate Marketing knowing that you choose your hobby, passion and or interest. For example:

When I first started, I built my first business empire in the health and wellness space - Lower back pain. I was so interested in helping people fix, and get rid of their lower back pain so bad that I focused on it, became good at it, and started making great money at it.

This is a GIVE and TAKE industry where you provide your audience with Value upfront and then promote your products to them. I've seen many people fail because they don't understand that it's a first give much more than you receive concept. Which brings me to my next Point:

Why Most People Fail With Affiliate Marketing

Do I want you to fail? Ofcourse not! The reason I'm bringing this up is to show you the reality that you should 1. Treat it as a business and 2.What not do do.

I can remember back about 2 years ago(2017) when I looking for a way out of my job working for a contracting company serving Hewlett Packard(HP) being slaved an underappreciated. 3 years + of college and this is what I'm getting?

Anyways, I was using Snapchat(A social media tool) to talk to one of my friends on my downtime at work, and the conversation went from him owning a trucking business to selling peoples products online via affiliate marketing. AHA!

That's when it hit me. I spent the rest of that evening and night researching, and I learned what people were making $100's upon $Millions of dollars never even touching a single product. So I did what most beginners would do...

I watched one YouTube video after the next, one blog after another in search of how to get started, what I would need, how legitimate is this, and so on. That lead me to starting my FREE website for a matter of time before I realized I needed a hosting and domain package so I could use a WordPress database.

I turned over to Hostgator, I made my first ever domain called Remove Back Pain, and I got all the little setup details out of the way so I could begin posting up my content and products.

After the initial setup, It was time to throw up some content and products, and like that I'd have a flood of people coming to my site...

There I was thinking my life was about to greatly improve, I was going to give back to my parents who had helped me out so much, and that my finances wouldn't be a problem again. Although I didn't lack in the ambition and motivation compartment, I faced a dilemma...

I hadn't earned even a cent! Worse at that, I was lost. And even more, I felt embarrassed at times that I would rather save money than to spend it on a decent meal with my family. The fire inside was still lit and I wasn't going to let it burn out so I did what most people who fall and get up do...

Researched. On google I typed in things like "affiliate marketing training" "affiliate marketing success" and what I came up with were hundreds of listings with different programs. I read one review after the next, and heard how many were scams and that I shouldn't spend my time on them. One of them stood out the most...

It was called Wealthy Affiliate. OK, the program sounded too good to be true but I am of the mentality that "if you don't try, you'll never know". I found out that there was serious affiliate marketing training going on inside, and from what people were claiming to be "the best there is".

At first I took small steps, I built my FREE website(although I already had another domain), and I started to test out how well their training was, and to my surprise at the time, it was superior to anything else I'd come across before. Combined with the greatest community out there, support, and resources, I knew I had found a second home.

My goal was to turn my teeny tiny little back pain website into one of the largest in the industry and to become an authority. I started with selling the things I had the most experience and knowledge with:

  • Joint and muscle creams
  • Seat Cushions
  • Heating pads

Thereafter, the rest was history! I got so emerged into my niche that I knew what each and every person pain points, problems, and solutions were. So much so that I had created a large digital information product, which you can verify here.

The problem I had was selling my own product that I created. It took me days, weeks if not months to get at least 2 people to see my offer. What did I do?

I teamed up with a platform called Clickfunnels, a landing page software with proven lead capture templates, sales funnels, webinars, and what I wanted most, order forms. So after getting settled with Clickfunnels, I was able to sell my information product much more easily and smoother than had I just used my website alone.

This encouraged me to create my second business where as you can see now, I help people build their own online business selling other peoples products through affiliate marketing and if they want to create their own products to sell, I do that as well. And I made a video on how to create a digital product that can sell itself that here if you'd like to see that.

Key takeaways:

  1. Stay focused on one niche and project
  2. Learn from your mistakes
  3. Learn from mentors, people that have what you want
  4. Don't jump from one opportunity to the next

That last point is the HUGEST, and because so many people want results in a day, a week, month. You know that it took me up to 6 months before I say my first dollars?

Could I have shortened that time? Yes, but what I want you to know is that affiliate marketing is not an overnight thing. I actually took the time and energy to build my businesses with EFFORT. And that's what I ask of you too.

If you want get rich quick or make a few couple bucks today, this isn't for you.I even made blog post that shows who it's not for and how to make a living with it here.

How To Get Started

Now that I've thrown a couple of platforms out there already(Wealthy Affiliate and Clickfunnels), let me tell you what is the BEST way to start selling other peoples products as a beginner and expert.

We all went to make money I get it, but at the end of the day you need the right skills! Skills over opportunities, and that's the number 1 reason I see people who either have a blog or go for some form of paid advertising or social media fail...because they lack skills.

EVERY affiliate marketer needs to have content marketing abilities, no if's and or buts about it. This is how it should be done:

Website > Content marketing(blogging/YouTube) > Search Engine Optimization >  Selling your own product(if you'd like, and I highly recommend you do).

I've seen many people go straight for paying for ads who are impatient to blog or do any form of content marketing, and then years later realize that I was right all along. I've done this from the basic foundations up, and I can tell you that there is no better way than my #1 recommendation I'm going to reveal below:

Here's the Video format by the way on today's presentation:

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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