December 16

by Michael Granados


FueledLeads has been shut down! Instagram's latest algorithm changes has made it impossible for such done-for-you service companies like this and Jarvee to work. What's the alternative solution?

Become a master or just learn to do it organically. Route #2 is the best way(unless you're a wizard), and I made for you a the most in-depth an most unique TOP 5+ Best ways to get more Instagram traffic + tips and tricks to boost your online presence and business that you can check out below:

What would an extra 1,000-2500 Super targeted Organic followers and at least 600 Direct Messages do for you? Or is the better question to ask...

Are you about to witness the BEST(No If's and Or But's About it) social media growth tool Yet?

I know what I'd do, I'd have more leads, more outreach, and best of all, more sales Baby!

What If I shared with you something that will really make you go Viral? I know you have so many questions that you'd like the answers to, such as:

Who? and What? But more likely Who? than anything. I have some very eager information I have to share with you about this company that's taking the social media marketing, and social media world by a storm, and it comes with a powerful name- "FueledLeads".

This Could either be the Most Horrendous Scam, Or It's Legitimately the Best Social Media Tool, and the one you've never heard of...

FueledLeads has entered the Internet scene by heavy waves, but we're yet to see a storm take over, and that's mainly because it's new to the game.

Fortunately, I have written an honest first hand experience FueledLeads review 2020 that will answer all your questions and concerns, and filter out the secret truths about this new upcoming social media management company.

But before I go any further I want you to look closer at a grammatical error...

I know you want to think it's spelled "Fueled Leads: but in fact it's one word all together. Just wanted to clear that up, now onto the meat of today.

FueledLeads Review Summary

Name: FueledLeads(Click here to join)

Owner: Chris Rodgers

Website URL:

Training: 9.9/10

Support(Management): 10/10

Community Support: 10/10

Type of service: 100% Organic/Real and Automated

Targeting: 9.9/10

Growth Speed: 9.8/10

Affiliate Program: 10/10

Accessibility: Very easy to use interface & templates

Price: 3 day $3 Trial, $38/month, $58/month, $98/month(on select packages)

My Free Live Webinar: 9.8/10

My Support: All Free

Best For: Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers & anyone who wants to grow their social media accounts

My Bonuses: 10/10, Super Juicy(read Bonus 3 of 5 very CAREFULLY)

Summary: FueledLeads is the Best social media growth service after testing four other popular tools (Jarvee, WorkMarco FollowLikers & AlphaReady). It's the most cost-effective because it offers the most service at the cheapest and most time for freedom costs.

Overall Rating: 9.9 out of 10 Stars

Recommended: Yes

What Is FueledLeads? 

The real question isn't "What Is FueledLeads", rather what is it not?

I don't like to assume what your thoughts are but what many people are thinking is fueled leads scam! Hold on there, you have to see the rest of this spectacular review before you have any of those thoughts conclude. So without further a do...

Basically, FueledLeads is a social media account management that helps grow Business social media accounts, and will bring them more customers, focusing on accurately pursuing targeted leads, and helping them convert at the highest chance possible...all organically! 

That means:

  • Organic leads
  • Organic conversations
  • Organic Messaging

But don't just take my word for it, see it for yourself:

FueledLeads works with over 250 business in one month, having access to over 30 countries and has been managing accounts since this year of 2018. That number is expected to grow exponentially by 2019 and 2020.

What Social Media Platforms Does FueledLeads Operate On?

It's no surprise that many companies operate across just about every social media platform to cover a wide variety of potential leads, and FueledLeads is no different. So what separates them among-st other "similar" programs?

Although they offer many services like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, There most popular social platform has to be Instagram, so I'll only be talking about fueled leads instagram In this review. 

FueledLeads is a great service for people who want to:

  • Make money. With Instagram's service, you can ensure that you will make money much soon rather than later, and that's because of the laser focused targeting. If you're a marketer, or in business, you'll love how targeted they can reach your market.
  • Make More Money. The way you make more money is by their account managers can help you like, comment follow/unfollow, and send Direct Messages(DM's) all based on your targeted niche-location, gender, hobbies, hashtags, groups, etc. The followers you are getting are all legit leads, no bots, no BS, all straight to the point real identities. Plus, they can send from 600-900 DM's each month and over 1200 comments to your targeted niche., creating more exposure of your page to potential customers and you know you'll have interested customers when you get them to comment or DM you.
  • Grow their Business. You can bring in more real targeted customers looking to buy your product or service right away.
  • Help Grow Other Businesses. You can inform people about the opportunity FueldLeads presents for others, and helping them grow their pages effectively


If you're not aware about the latest Instagram algorithm, Instagram has made it extremely hard and impossible for any social media management system/platform to help you get followers. even if it were organic like FueledLeads.

You can't get follows and unfollows any longer, and that goes for ALL these types of tools. So instead, what FueledLeads has done is focused on your Direct Message Inbox(DM)...

Now, instead of getting just 600 Direct Messages per month, you will get from 900-1,500 DM's sent every month, and these are:

  • Customized Targeted DM's
  • Personalized New Follower DM's
  • Customized Follow Up DM's

And yes these are REAL organic targeted active leads you're getting. This is just for the standard Instagram package, and there are more of them, I'll be going over it later down below in the pricing section. But If you wanted to take a peek at this new release among the other services(that didn't get affected) you can do so on the pricing page HERE.

SIDE NOTE: Between you and Me, I know you want more followers and to get the most exposure possible, which is something you'll have to workout with your Hashtags(which I help you with in my bonuses below), but let's be real...

A following is great, but even better is closing someone inside a DM! I know you can post up your pictures all day, get on Instagram stories and IGTV, but it's always a good habit to use your Direct Message Inbox to:

  1. Build a relationship and trust
  2. Solve problems/pain of your audience/customer
  3. Questions they are having
  4. Roadblocks they might have
  5. Results they want(Desires)

Exposure is great, but if you're not using your DM(like I'll explain more down below), you're missing out, and using Instagram to sell, for affiliate marketing, or any other vehicle, will take you double the amount of time and energy.

Here's the update:

Why I Joined FueledLeads

The BEST is yet to come, but I want to spend a minute telling you why I exactly joined FueledLeads (you can keep scrolling down to read the rest if you'd like to keep moving).

At the very beginning of 2017, March I believe it was, and I had just opened up my Instagram Social Media App on my iPhone with a Huge smile on my face.

I was ready to post up a picture of a "home" - It was from a blog article I had written about 2 weeks prior, and I hopped back on Instagram to post it up, until I was distracted...

After 1 year of having my account up and running I only had reached 120+ Followers, Less than about 15 likes per post, no comments really reached the right people I needed to connect with, and that wasn't even the worst!

I had no responses back, and I had NO ONE reaching me through my direct message box. I was broke at the time, I had no money to spend on these influencer's, social media manager platforms, or to pay a friend to manage my account better. So I turned to the internet for research...

In the middle of my searches, I learned about more than one social media tool that at no expense I could not only use but reach over 10k followers in just months, Dead Serious! What I learned was that there were social media tools where I can have full control over my account and decide how many people to:

  • Follow
  • Un-follow
  • Like
  • Comment on

And I could do all this from just a click of a couple buttons. So I partnered up with these tools and my account and business began to soar 360 degrees the opposite way...

So I created more content for my Health and Wellness business and I was able to make more post without the struggle of finding people who would be interested in my brand and what I had to offer.

I wanted to do this to support myself and to make a difference in the lives of millions of people who were struggling to relieve their back pain, and so they wouldn't have to worry about finding the right form of relief. So everything you'd think would be fine right? Not so much...

I was only getting a handful of post engagements, 20+ more likes, and about 4-5 more direct messages...and at the time that was Okay, but not measurable and not enough to spend most of my time setting up an account and managing it myself every day - wasting Awful hours of my time on it.

I really felt embarrassed because instead of helping my audience out, I was spending more time on my own things trying to get them to look neat, and perfect. I was supposed to be educating and informing people about my business and me, but I felt like a failure as a business owner.

The problem was that Instagram and many other Social Media Platforms changed their algorithms and increased their "bot" awareness.

Instagram doesn't like account who have a bot running through their platform, it only causes problems and devalues the owners account, showing it less and less to people, until you're stuck in a spot where you're back to where you started.

I met a friend who showed me about a couple other Social Media Tools to automate my account that had a management team behind it, and I thought "Why Not?" After all, how could I end up in worse shape then where I was?

By getting a management team to automate his account, he was able to just send a couple of instructions to the management team on things like:

  • Who to target - hashtags
  • Comments to send out
  • Followers to Follow
  • And direct messages to send

Sign Me Up! Yes, I didn't think about it too much, especially if I was going to be getting up to 5,000 followers for the following month. By Following his methods, he was able to follow, un-follow people, and engagement skyrocketed by over 65%!

I learned that bots were not the answer, and that paying for likes, and followers was. So I found a couple other networks after signing up, and realized everyone else was doing this, so it must be great.

After Posting more content on my page, I received interactions with more comments, and more people appearing in my Direct Message box responding back to where I had left them comments on(their posts).

That's when I realized the secret to making money online, whilst growing a social media page was eventually through Social Media Automation.

My plan was to start creating more accounts, grow their organically without an automation tool first, see how many people I can reach and grow without it, then transition over to more automation, and at this point I needed it because I could have more control over reaching people, and I'd have more time to do the things my business needed and what I loved doing in life which was playing soccer.

Each New Account I created and With my starting account took minutes to grow, but I was spending TOO MUCH MONEY!!

Yes there was a management team on the back end don't get me wrong, But I was ending up paying over $300 a month for just one account.

This was because every Social Media Automation Tool comes with a Freaking Catch, and that's two words "Per Package".

This means that I was being charged per likes, per comments, per direct messages sent out, per post, etc! It took me sometime to figure out that Paying for individual packages were not only really expensive but Not worth the effort to not see a great return on:

  • Proper Engagement
  • Targeted Leads

It was all like a popularity contest, which Is what you should never go for. I ended up getting so frustrated with this that I decided just not to use any more social media automation tools. I canceled my packages and I just let my own Instagram Account rot basically.

At around this time a year and a half had passed and it was 2018. One day everything changed...

I received a message in my Direct Message Box from a really great friend now names Nic - a fellow soccer enthusiast too(what a coincidence). Nic informed me of a new social media tool that was going to be far superior to anything else out there, and that no other competitors would reach and surpass it.

So I'm here thinking, YEAH FREAKING RIGHT! I smelled A Scam. Come to know, this platform did things differently by:

  • Super targeted growth
  • Targeted following & un-following
  • Targeted Direct Messaging
  • Access to An Affiliate Program
  • And many more cool features

I was stubborn to accept it for weeks, but then a bell sounded off in my head...

If something could work so fast and well without bots and paying for individual packages, and to have a management team behind taking care of my account(s), and it would keep me happy, then I'd have to try it out.

After just one month of Using this tool called FueledLeads, I reached over hundreds of people in a day. I can now save time, get back to building my business, and I can participate in their affiliate program if I ever feel the need too.

What used to take me hours on end keeping up with my accounts and paying for horrendous packages , this one time fee package was Significantly better.

I then started to let other entrepreneurs and Individuals apart of the digital marketing community use FueledLeads. Within just 1 year, FueledLeads has reached over 250 Business to work with each month, and covering over 30 countries in just one year.

After Joining FueledLeads, I was not only able to let my account automate itself safely, I was able to reach my Audience in the health and wellness space, and I didn't have to feel like a complete embarrassment anymore.

I've also been able to spend a lot less time working, because FueledLeads can create everything so quickly. I'm now able to enjoy my family, and never miss the highlights of helping those around me.

Creating an online experience for my patients and customers is now what I do best, and I wanted to not only find a way to drive more targeted traffic to my site, but I wanted to help other businesses grow in the same manner that I have been able to, and thanks to FueledLeads I can now focus on giving people the same Return on Investment(ROI) that I've received.

Being apart of FueledLeads Shocking growth so far has allowed me to tap into my niche like I couldn't do before, and now I'm seeing how useful it is to interact with people on social media.

FueledLeads Training Programs Offered

If this isn't your first "rodeo" around social media automation you'd know how much power it can have on your Brand, and more eyeballs(attention) to your work. But if you didn't don't worry, I'm going to cover why Fueledleads can grow your company, help grow someone elses or let you earn more income as an affiliate! 

First I'm going to show you the what social media services you can use and then in the later part of the article, you'll learn the pricing strategies for each. So let's get to it...

With FueledLeads you can choose between:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
fueledleads services

Whether you're a complete newbie to the online world or if you've tried social media automation tools and they haven't worked in the past, let me tell you a little secret.

You need to be pro-active. Be a go-getter and you will succeed. The first part is setting up your account, the next part is following up with people, via comments or direct messages, and I'll help you out with that if you keep reading to the very bottom.

Where To Start?

Each platform has its unique features to benefits, but one thing always stays the same...

Where is your audience congregating and what are your goals? For example:

If I wanted to help more entrepreneurs grow their business online and get more leads, any one of these platforms are helpful, but there are two that work very well for that:

  1. Instagram 
  2. Facebook

Twitter works well, but that's for getting into contact with people that are in the same niche as you and collaborating. So If you want more leads for your own business, Twitter is great. But even better is still Instagram and Facebook for that. I personally use Instagram for my social media automation because it's booming and so many people use the Direct Message feature where everything is...Well "Popping" sort of speak

You'll learn more about it as you read, and you can make a decision if Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter is where you want to head into. Important note though for all you who already have what's working:

If you already focused on growing more followers and traffic on one social media account, then use FueledLeads for that one, and watch how your engagement with not only your brand but products/services grow!

Laser Focused FueledLeads Targeting

Are you wondering where the targeting begins, and how it really works?

Other than FueledLeads self automating so many DM's and Comments every month, it doesn't mean that you need to use them all.

Actually, there are some people that complain that this service is ruining their account because they weren't specific about telling their manager what to do.

Just the other day I was talking to a referral of mine, and he said that he was losing followers, and I asked him if he knew what he was doing when telling his managers what to do.

His response: "I think so."

I think so can be the difference between gaining a new follower and losing one, just like that. The account managing service is very flexible, and customization, so if you ever feel like you sent out your manager the wrong targeting, you can always change it.

I'm always willing to help out as well which is apart of the bonus I'll get to later. So far fore me, there account management service has been treating me well, no complaints, or changes.

If you feel like scaling down on your messages sent out from like 40 to 20, just tell your manager, and he'll be able to sort you out.

Here's a look at how setting up your targeting is done upon receiving an email:

If you want more Business or better affiliate earnings(which I will get to in the latter part), then super targeted leads are going to be a must for you. Each and every bit of this information you send out to your manager will help you get more engagement on your posts, more followers, likes, and the best of them all...

Direct Messages.

The power of Direct Messages are SO SO Powerful in Instagram and any other social media service, and that's where you should be paying attention to, and here is why.

You will earn the highest return on Investment by talking to:

  • Future Leads
  • Future Buyers
  • Building Rapport
  • Networking
  • Making Connections
  • Providing Tremendous Value

What would at least 600 Direct Messages Per Month to target your specific audience do for your business, your Instagram page or Affiliate commissions? That'

If you're a business owner or maybe you just want to grow your page or earn affiliate commissions, I can't stress enough how useful your Direct Message inbox will play a vital role in getting people to not only trust you, but get to know you better so that you can get them over to your:

  • Email list
  • Website
  • Products/services

I use Instagram to shuffle my followers over to things like Facebook groups, to my opt-in forms, but above all, I give them value - Meaning what exactly?...

I provide them with my free content as a content marketer/SEO. Now, you might not be a blogger like I am, but if you have content to provide people with, give them your value first before trying to sell them on anything...

And I teach that in my ways to get more instagram traffic article. Its safe to say that you will get a POOL of Direct Messages and this is great because now you can have more leverage and get people to follow your work, and if you try to squeeze them into your offer or email list, you're going to have a greater success rate.

Hey Look, When I mean you REALLY get Direct Messages, I'm not even kidding, and so much so that sometimes I can't keep up with the flood of traffic. Here's an example to just show you that:

direct messages

That's just the tip of the ice berg! In fact, I actually had to scroll down just to show you that, imagine what is right above.

For more examples on how to talk to people and send them the right messages you can find that out in my Instagram and social media article here.

Every Day FueledLeads Access

One of the blended parts I've come to love about FueledLeads is that unlike many other services that "that will soon try to replicate FueledLeads" Is that you as the user still can have all the access to your account!

Many people at first tend to think that if the FueledLeads management is going to automate everything, doesn't that mean that I never have to touch a single thing? Like it would post for me and do all the self-promoting right?

Nope... That would be a huge squeeze, how would it know what types of post to place for you? And think about it, if they self-automated a response to every potential target it would like something like this "FueledLeads is awesome, come join us in growing your business". That's:

  • Plain
  • Bot targeting
  • Instagram's algorithms would hate you

...And not to mention, it would be one message across the board from all other people pushing on FueledLeads, so the competition would be stiff, to say the least.

So what makes it great is that I can still use my account to:

  • Post my pictures
  • Put my captions
  • Hashtag my own content

...All while at the same time, your management is sending out the information highlighted in the email above. This can double the rate at which you get more leads to your business.

Super Targeted Organic Followers

Now I know what you're thinking, how many followers will I get per month?

In the time that I've been with FueledLeads growing one of my Instagram accounts, I can tell you for a fact that you'd get 1,000 - 2,500 followers per month! 

The great thing about this too is if you wanted to be an Instagram Influencer, you could get closer to that much faster, or even selling your page. And just to do the math...

Getting 1,000-2,500 followers per month will make your account worth between $10-$25, so if your end goal is to sell your account, you would be easily able to do so and recover the cost of your FueledLeads payments.

Just in case I hadn't "nailed the head on the coffin" yet sort of speak...FueledLeads has an amazing outreach that you wouldn't begin to believe even If you heard it from me!

At the end of the day you want followers and I get it, no one want's to sit with a blank nor disturbed look on their face when they see something like this:

I remember those days far too well! And even when I gained traction growing it organically by doing everything from sliding in people's direct message box to commenting on everyone in my own geographical area, to following my friends followers. While there is nothing wrong with that(I advise you try to grow organically this way if you are a starter), I traded too much of my time and sweat equity.

After I grew a decent following, I knew I needed more so I could:

  • Target more people in my industry who wanted what I ACTUALLY had to offer
  • Get more exposure so people could trust me, and believe me
  • Want to get more sales at the end of the day

That's what happened when FueledLeads showed up, and rather than the beat up 0, or 100-500 followers that stayed that way for months and months,the Calvary arrived...

I grew from around 680 followers I believe it was at the end of November 2018 for one of my accounts(partly un-used at the time) to about 1,500 followers in less than a 1.5 months.

I know that's not 10k, but where it was in a month to that above, pretty impressing! I'm on the road to getting there, and I couldn't be any happier taking it one step at a time, and huge leaps with FueledLeads. Even more surprising...

I was using FueledLeads most basic Instagram package! Imagine using their higher packages that offer 4x-10x the growth. In other words, your account could grow so much quicker than the one I had above, and also get:

  • hundreds of more likes
  • More brand exposure
  • More eyeballs on your page
  • and so much more

Which brings me to my next point...

Getting "Likes" Like Never Before

Why do people buy likes? It's such a shame to me that people go out there and spend hundreds of dollars a month to just get likes. They are not as significant as people think they are, but they do help you grow, and build trust with your audience nonetheless.

To see where I once was to where my likes are now, check it out:



This is a total of 118 likes! And that's only one of my post that I showed you, there are many others in the 200's and above. In a bit, I'll let you know how to get these types of numbers and go beyond, but first, affiliate commissions...

Affiliate Marketing Commissions

The awesome part about FueledLeads other than there targeting has to be that it's not only for businesses or marketers, but many people are using it to get full access to their highly lucrative affiliate program.

So much so, you can actually earn a few extra dollar per month and as much as a home based business like I do.

As an affiliate marketer the nice thing is that you don't have to have a product to promote, which is where the beauty of FueledLeads affiliate program comes in...

You can use the account management services to have FueledLeads promote itself all why you earn a Stacked re-occurring income!

Think about what a few or as much as hundreds and thousands of dollars would do for you...

  • You could take your family on vacation
  • Use the extra money for gas, groceries, a night out, the bills, etc.

And my favorite that I till this day get goosebumps thinking about is how I've added FueledLeads to my business and have made it scale even higher. Being a Fueled Leads affiliate right now is a gold mine...

Don't worry if you don't know how to start or how you can make a living with it, or if you don't know a thing about affiliate marketing because I will help you will all of that in this article, but for now, let's get back to FueldLeads...

Check Out The Affiliate account dashboard:

And If I wanted to grab my links(yes there's more targeting than one), just click the "Assets" button the left like so:

Thereafter, you'll see this page:

In this page, you'll notice all the different links that you are enabled to use. 

How Much Can You Earn?:

If you're marketing someone else's products, how much of a percentage are you making? 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%? Some of these are rare, while others are likely to low, but with FueledLeads affiliate program you have the chance to earn 50% on commissions!

That's insane right? Listen to this:

You can get paid $20, $30, or $50 on monthly reoccurring commissions,depending on which package they buy($38, $58, $98 respectively) and I'll explain more about the pricing later on.

And as for me? If you were to sign up under me, depending on which package($38,$58, $98), I'll get paid 15% of whatever sales you make-a second tier commission.

Here's one of my payout just this month(April 2019):

This is one of many! If you choose to promote FueledLeads by itself as a beginner with no experience, or someone who already knows how "to get the job done" can benefit in the same way, and I'm going to hold myself accountable for it, making sure you do well.

Is that A Pyramid Scheme?

Many people will not hesitate to point fingers and say, AHA! Pyramid Scheme. When quite actually this is how most affiliate marketing systems are based off on, not on a pyramid scheme.

NOTE: If you're ready to Promote FueledLeads The Correct Way, I HIGHLY recommend that you check out how I place a front end product/service in front and make the FueledLeads commissions in the middle of my funnel, and how you can also make HUGE backend commissions at the same time with my one page sales funnel that converts really well. Here's the program to check out in combination with FueledLeads that I use.

Join FueledLeads Today and Get My Free Master Class Cheat Sheet!

Keep Reading Below...

As a Business owner first, affiliate second, I know how much work in can take to get leads, drive more people to your site, and so I've done over 90% of the work already for you...

I'll reveal more of this In my Bonus Section at the bottom, but for a limited time only, I'm not only going to follow up with my cheat sheet, you're going to get my 3 secret Business That has maximized more results with FueledLeads then anything I've trial in the past.

Just to show that I do follow up with you, here's an email I message my joinees:

Those two attachements(Word and PDF format) are everything you're getting in my bonuses(Detailed below), plus the one business that you can start today for Free. Plus you get my 3 secrets to Making a Living Online with affiliate marketing when you join in.

How To Get Leads The Right Way

Instead of asking for more leads, have you asked yourself "If I'm getting leads the right way?"

I've seen it time and time again how many people are either losing quality leads, not getting enough leads, or don't even know where and how to start! What if I helped you understand your audience with a 3-step formula video presentation? 

That's what I just did...It maybe about a 20 minute video but you will understand how to get leads as a beginner, more as an expert, and how to get your message across correctly.

FueledLeads For Business and BOOST

FueledLeads has an engagement boost tool that will help your post go viral, and they do this by giving you:


...On your new posts!

If you have ever tried to but likes, you probably encountered the enormous amount of fake likes and or expensive packages promising you to buy just so you can get a "bot" to like your post(which they of course will not tell you). But guess who blows all that out the water?

FueledLeads does. FueledLeads is blowing out its competitors, leaving them completely destroyed.

So if you were worried about getting fake likes don't be, FueledLeads will send you real likes at a surprisingly low and cheap rate, way cheaper than fake likes.

How does it EXACTLY work?

It sounds great and all, but how do you receive these likes the way you need to? There's a step-by-step process to it all, and this is it right here:

STEP 1: Your account manager will put your Instagram username in a "pool" if you will, which consists of lots of REAL accounts.

STEP 2: When you go to post(you know that center + button on your screen), the system will quickly detect that and so forth will send out real likes to your post within at least 30 minutes! Plus, there are always different/various accounts looking at your post and liking them so you have a better chance to rank on your hashtags and explore page.

This is a big deal, because it can potentially scale your business or affiliate commissions in the short and long term.

The thing that bothers me, and sadly this has to be the reality; many companies are selling "likes" based on how many post you want to be liked.This will get VERY expensive if you want to get your posts liked every time you go to post.

This is why FueledLeads Impresses me greatly, they're selling packages as monthly subscriptions enable you to post as many posts as you wish and still get likes every time, consistently, and the subscription fee is nowhere close to being expensive for all that.

Why Should You Choose FueledLeads?

This is easy affiliate marketing and internet marketing 101, hear me out.

In order to sell online or offline, you will need traffic to your site. Perhaps you're someone who already has a massive social media following and ranking on page 1 of google...

but for the most of us we still need to have a "crack" at making money online, and in affiliate marketing and any other business model on the online space.

So if you're not getting traffic and getting your dream customers, most people will just get up and leave their pursuit for a passive online income with a home-based name attached to it at the end..

I've never had to answer a question with just two words "why not", but I understand that this is not sufficient enough of an answer, and more so a numbing let me kick your butt response, so I will tread carefully 🙂

FueledLeads believe it or not is the best affiliate product you can promote on Instagram( all I'll explain further below in my comparisons). Think of it like this, Business need what to succeed at the very base of it? Solving problems. FueledLeads solves 5 of the BIGGEST problems people are having on Instagram:

  1. Money
  2. Fame
  3. Growth
  4. Time
  5. Leverage

Like the saying I strongly stand by goes:

“Cash rules everything around me. C.R.E.A.M. get the money— dollar dollar bill, yo.”
—Wu-Tang Clan

An art of words from a prolific group, and although they were less known for their financial acumen, they really knew what they were saying, the TRUTH.

You Need Cash-flow first to be able to have leverage, but you also need a source of cash-flow coming in to support your venture, business, or what ever it is your believe in.

FueledLeads allows you to happily achieve these measures on the fact that you will be able to create re-occurring income at a high rate(if you so choose to use the affiliate program), many people need it.

 And once you begin to understand how to use the service as a business growth and furthermore to help others at the same time grow, you will get more leverage to get people to trust you.

Anyways, I know I went on a tangent, but that was just an image I wanted to briefly draw into your head of the possibilities of drawing a mass movement for helping yourself, and learning how to BEST serve others looking for what you have to offer them.

Many people trying to promote their affiliate program tend to fail at first, but it's not because they are bad at it, it's more so about their content not being relevant to their audience. People think they have to "sell" right away to people. so their selling approach gets mixed up with their message they create.

Note: This is where most social media marketing influencers, affiliates, and even business people get it wrong.

FueledLeads will help grow your business or someone else's along with their Instagram page, and don't forget about the engagement boost-that will also help greatly if utilized.

What FueledLeads do so well to give back to you, and as I Briefly mentioned earlier are:

  • More time. Top of the Art integrated Social Media Targeting prevents you from spending hours with a laptop or your smartphone device attached to your face. All you need to do is do more of the things you love, and let FL do its' job and I can assure you that buy your next break or next phone and computer watch, you're going to see how many followers, and attention your account is getting.
  • More money. With precision targeted leads, you will solve the problem of not having enough customers really fast. You'll get a following, commenting and DM's from people who actually give A DAMN. You have to love that.

I can finally enjoy more time outside of work to do this hobby of mine:

Playing a game of soccer on Sundays with the local guys, and not having to worry about constantly looking for followers, leads, and seeing if my business , or page is growing the way I need it to.

OH YEAH, I did help bring home a championship not too long ago 🙂

Check out these sweet testimonials of why people have to have it:

And here are people with success and payouts:

Can you EVEN call it competition?

Other than FL having an immediate need for businesses worldwide, and it's LEGIT testimonials, you have to see how it can't even be talked about having competition.

FueledLeads is really in its' own category from the rest. Whether you know a thing or do know enough about Social Media Management, the one thing to always learn is in which ways are you growing? Is it:

  • Slow but cheap?
  • Fast But expensive?

The problem with other social media growth tools is that they are flat out expensive! Like how am I supposed to buy a package for followers, and then I have to buy one for likes, and now for comments, the list goes on, and it just never stops.

These companies are like an upsell, every time you get your package BOOM there's more if you want to grow more efficiently. And don't even get me started on automated Bots. Just take a look at programs like the one below:

BY first look, you're probably thinking Wow, I get all that in one. But doing some fishing through it, each one has its' own separate link, and that means its' own price per package.

And then you run into things like this once you click:

To me its a load of BULL. It's just funny to me that there are so many packages and if you want to have the best likes, it'll cost you $99?

That's just "one of the best" Instagram and social media management tools for any social media platform, and to me it's outrageous, but there are people who fall for this because maybe it's:

  • more known
  • your friends know about it
  • You can spend less per package

Tired of Failing Social Media Software, No following and No Business? Check out my #1 Recommendation HERE!

Whichever way you look at it, these justifications are nowhere comparable with FueledLeads operations.

And I'll tell you more about the prices in less than a minute here(in the next section), but adding the math for each section that I took into account for likes, followers, automatic likes, views, it will cost you about:

$9(3) + 7 = $34, and that's for the most lowest of the packages. And If you want to get to the next page of 15, now you're going over $50 on average. And the plans are below par for the price. But let's get back to the extra advantage of why FL is on another level before I give you the pricing of FueledLeads.

If you're not using FuedLeads to help your business or for page growth, you can absolutely see it as a make money online program. In fact, many people I know are using it to make money on Instagram, and it's much much cheaper than other Make Money Online programs.

Not to mention that many that you promote tend to be total scams, seriously!!

Think about what you're promoting before going into it, and ask yourself if it feels right. And lastly, here's a food for thought...

If there products were good, why are the owners continuously having to update and throw out new Make money online programs if the first was one "already good"?

Your suspicious to believe that their first product was not good enough is right.With FueledlLeads you'll be able to feel good about letting others know about it, and it's going to be the most cheapest tool to do what it does.

I started 3 days ago on 12/12, and after the second day I made my first affiliate commission, $19, check it out:

I had to black out my PayPal information for security reasons, but as you can see this went right into my email upon sale. And if you're wondering about how you can get paid, here's more on that:

 How You Get Paid

You can choose to receive payments via PayPal or direct deposit which is great, because many affiliate programs like to do the PayPal thing only.

And as far as when you get paid, the information above states it, but just to make it clear, you will get paid as stated word for word:

"Your commission will be approved between the 21st-28th of each month, but if you make a referral after the 28th, it will roller over to the next month until the 28th of that month"

 What Do you Have To Pay? UPDATED 2019

Up till this point I've talked over and we've seen what some of the cost are, and now I would like to show you what you can have with each and every package.

 Here are the plans:
pricing page

Here's a close look at the bonus package:

bonus package

FueledLeads 3 day Trial:

3 day trial

Engagement Boost Pricing:

engagement boost
engagement boost
engagement boost

Twitter package:

twitter package

Facebook Package:

facebook package
For the standard packages you'd pay ($35, $53, $90) depending on the service you choose with on top of that a $7 VAT fee. Just recently what happened was - since FueledLeads is a UK based company, they had a VAT applied where the prices slightly increased to compensate for the fact that FueledLeads was making a LOT of money(which is a great thing).

So you will get added an extra $7 for the VAT which for example the instagram package, you'd pay a total of $42. I don't see much of a difference for the fact that you get so much more added bonuses(which I will get to in a second) and the best valued social media tool out there. If you're a business overseas, then you can claim the $7 back as long as you are registered into the VAT.

But one of the best parts is now you get extra features! You'll get to setup a follow up Direct Message. So if someone doesn't follow up with you on day 1, you can send out another message in like 2-3 days. This is so powerful for you because you can get more opt-in rates, and sales rates. And even more...

You'll be getting more personalized templates to your niche to make you more sales too! The 3 day trial is great if you just want to give FueledLeads a try, but it's not enough to see Traction or you can't participate in the affiliate program.

Instagram is the most overwhelmingly popular package with Fueled Leads but the others are very well designed and made as well, and have more than enough to get you highly qualified leads, page growth, and more affiliate commissions.

With a referral program that pays 50% in commissions( yes you heard that right!). With so many competitors online, its a great way to stand out from the rest, and we don't know how long they will keep it up.

But I'm really glad we have a chance to participate the way it is right now.

I know it would cost a bit on your end, but think about how you can get your money back right away...

If for example you signed up under the basic Instagram package for $35, all you would need are 2-3 sales to cover your cost. And with a second tier commission program of 15%, anyone that you sign up, they sign up someone under them, you'll get 15% of that.

Although this is for the Instagram package, as you can see, if I were to click the others, I can see those as well. If you'd like to see the pricing plans more closely, check them out here.

 FueledLeads Side-By-Side Comparison

There will always be a competitive aspect, and that's not to be ignored because at the end of the day, you want to walk away with the greater and better program, so I'm about to reveal the similarities and differences with other social media tools...

First, I've already given you a slight insight into how other tools perform - with trying to charge you horrendous amounts of money for just one package, like likes without comments and so forth.

I've decided to just use four different social media growth tools for this demonstration(there are plenty more, but these are the main ones I've used and more common)..

Social Stteeze
Web Based and Mobile Friendly
Web Based
Web Based
Web Based
Web Based
Web Based
Typical Customers
Small Business
Mid-Size Business
Affiliate Marketers


Small Business
Mid-Size Business
Affiliate Marketers
Small Business
Mid-Size Business
Small Business
Mid-Size Business
Small Business
Mid-Size Business
Small Business
Mid-Size Business
affiliate marketers
Online Support
Video Tutorials
Facebook Group
Owner Support
Online Support - by email
Video Tutorials
Online Support
Online Support
Online Support
Online Support
Priority Support
3 day $3 trial, $38/month
USD $19.95/month
USD $39/month
USD $59.month
USD 97.99/one time payment + 5.99/month therafeter
USD $15/Weekly or $25/Weekly
Overall Rating: 98
Ease Of Use: 4 Stars
Value For Money: 4 Stars
Customer Support: 5 Stars
Overall Rating: 89
Ease Of Use: 3 Stars
Value For Money: 4 Stars
Customer Support: 3 Stars
Overall Rating: 75
Ease Of Use: 3 Stars
Value For Money: 2 Stars
Customer Support: 3 Stars
Overall Rating: 78
Ease Of Use: 3 Stars
Value For Money: 2 Stars
Customer Support: 3 Stars
Overall Rating: 72
Ease Of Use: 3 Stars
Value For Money: 2 Stars
Customer Support: 2 Stars
Overall Rating: 90
Ease Of Use: 4 Stars
Value For Money: 4 Stars
Customer Support: 4 Stars
-2X faster growth than competition - for one account managed
- Account management on one social media account.

-(About 600-900 leads each month)

- An opportunity to earn monthly recurring income! 

- Personal one on one training with one of the owners and your sponsor! 

- A skill set you can apply to any business online! 

- A chance to grow your online network! 

- Access to FL's training programs, (IG Training, FB Training, Affiliate Training etc...)

- Worth $20!

- Access to Templates that explain

- FueledLeads for you!

- Access to multiple landing pages that are known to work and make sales! (This is one of them) 

- Access to our Facebook group with weekly live videos from the owners on sales tactics! 

- One on one help closing leads from the owner and your sponsor (through three way groupchats) 

- Automatically entered into our weekly bonus program! 

- 200 luxury plain images you can use for quotes or post yourself on any platform! 

- A family of entrepreneurs working closely together in our FB group with over 200 members! 

-Instagram Automation

-Facebook Automation

-Twitter Automation

-Direct Message Traffic X10

-100% control over your own account

Posts Scheduling

Google+ Automation

Pinterest Automation

LinkedIn Automation

Tumblr Automation

Youtube Automation

Instagram Automation

Facebook Automation

Twitter Automation

-Full Control

-Social Media Management Team

-Affiliate Program

-Instagram Automation

-Audience Targeting

-AI Powered Robots

-Set It and Forget It

-Instagram Automation

-Twitter Automation

-Instagram Automation

- Pinterest Automation

-Tumblr Automation

-Instagram Automation

-Affiliate Program

100% Safe - no bots
Low Bot Risk
100% safe

We all know, You and I know, that there are a heavy number of other social media growth service in the market, and it is growing every single year.

I understand how that sounds, and it can be very exhausting just burning out thinking about which direction to go, let alone now make a decision. Here's how these platforms stack up Pricing wise...


  • Jarvee: USD $19.95/month
  • FueledLeads: USD $35/month
  • Alpha Ready: USD $39/month
  • WorkMarco: USD $59/MONTH
  • FollowLikers: USD $97.99/one time payment + $5.99 per month thereafter

Now, I understand how that looks, and you're probably thinking, "HMM" There's a much cheaper option on the table, and allow me to explain why.

The value you put into your account goes far beyond a smaller rate, and that's because at a point in your journey as a beginner, you might just want to get your feet wet with automating everything yourself each and every day, and that's what something like Jarvee does.

I started there personally, but I got REALLY tired of the basic features and rigorously use having to leave my computer on just so it would work 24/7.

Although its attracting as a beginner, and I'd recommend so, but after time I found out what generally works better is something more self automated with an Expert management team like the unmatched support and service management team that FueledLeads has.

They will do all the hard work for you, and you don't have to mess with all the posting times and all that. Remember, you want the best return on your investment and that entails:

  1. Your time
  2. Freedom

Both In which FueledLeads will give you back as its proven to do for me.

As you can see there are many similarities and differences(cost + more) between all the different social media growth tools, and another thing that stands out which I didn't mention was that FueledLeads is still brand new(March 2018), and the other services are further established...

But that doesn't mean the more established services are better. You can run into the chance of:

  • Using Bots - Which are bad with Instagram and other services
  • Spend more money than you make money
  • Only 1 social media service
  • Not targeted Traffic
  • Not Organic growth
  • and many more

I'm not going to try to put FueledLeads up on a much higher pedi-stool than I likely already have but its incredibly superior to the other services.

Yes, you might spend a bit more, but they are very efficient and reliable for the long run. And working with a management team is better because it eliminates the burden of having to dig through your account and constantly update it -

Spending more time and losing precious time on your own work.

FueledLeads Training, One Of A Kind

Everyone that buys FueledLeads will have full access to not only their Instagram training, but the affiliate training as well. The Instagram training teaches:

  • How To Make A Good Instagram page
  • Creating A Good Username
  • Creating A Good Bio
  • Instagram Content
  • How To Make The Content
  • How to Post Stories Effectively
  • Using The Best Hashtags For Your Niche

Take A look:

It's only a sneak peek, but there is way more value down below it.

Anyone who purchases their Instagram package or any other social media management service, gets immediate access to their full affiliate training included. This is a very POWERFUL training that  will include:

  • Lessons. Setting up, gauging leads, closing leads, Retaining your leads
  • Templates. Whether your targeting people that have a business, people looking to utilize the affiliate and make money online program, or for growth, you get all of that
  • Tips. How to do all the little things
  • Assets.Calculator, photos, proofs, recurring checker
  • Videos. A video to teach you how to get things done

Depending on the people you want to target to join FueledLeads or want to talk to about your business, you have templates that will help you for:

  • Business
  • Income
  • Growth

And since just about 99.99% of the work is done for you( and I add my free help for no cost too), it'll ensure that you can connect with people quicker and more efficiently.

I know that for me it can sometimes be difficult talking with people, but since I started using FueledLeads ready made templates, I've had really great success.

FueledLeads Superb Community

Having an engaging community is a very useful additional resource, and that's what makes me really LOVE FueledLeads-their community. All of the affiliates get invited to their office Facebook group page, and inside you'll see everything from:

  • People engaging in questions
  • Commenting on each others post
  • Weekly Live Q&A sessions

Live Q&A:

Daniel who you see above you is the founder of FueledLeads and his help is so undervalued. He goes the extra length to respond to people in the FueledLeads Facebook Group along with things like:

  • Streaming Live Videos
  • Posting regularly about updates
  • offering 1-1 help.

He lends you so much 1-1 help that take a look at this:

fueledleads help

Yes Yes! That's a win for you. How much better can it get then getting more affiliate sales for yourself and or others with the help of Daniel?

You can also ask any question at anytime, as the CEO is very nice to offer a hand out. You'll also see that they share new updated and tips to us.

Here he is if you were wondering how the man Chris Rodger himself looks like:

Other than the weekly Q&A sessions, and community engagement, FueledLeads has weekly referral bonuses for every weekend. If you can hit the referral goal for that weekend, you can get the bonuses, and get this, they will sometimes even give you the whole 100% commission as there bonus! 

WOW right?

The other great advantage to using their community is that FueledLeads has a system that will invite you to joint the team who referred you to FueledLeads. Here are a couple options that people take to grow their team:

Option 1: Building their team directly on Instagram by Direct messaging each other through group chat

Option 2: Build their team directly on Facebook messenger group chat.

Usually people find that it's easier to join the facebook group chat.There's also an invitation where you can join your sponsor's team, where they'll give you proven to work every time templates, and the right strategies to get sales, and they don't do this in days, they get it done right away! It's helped me get my first sale just the other day. 

FueledLeads MAJOR Updates 2019

As if it couldn't get any better, FueledLeads is not doing what you're every day social media automation software and team is doing...

Sitting back, collecting people into their program and just leaving them on their own, rather FueledLeads actually does the opposite!

FueledLeads is always updating and adding TREMENDOUS more content to software, and their leaders are always looking out for you and I.

Here are some of the things that are going on:

  • Facebook Free Sample training
  • Instagram basic, intermediate, and advanced training
  • Content management.
  • and so much more!

Here have a look:

facebook training

 This is given out to everyone, whether you are a paid user for the Facebook automation or not! You can get free resources from professionals as to how to set up your:

  • Getting Leads
  • FB Pages
  • Content
  • FB Groups

You can reach so many people for your business on Facebook or if you're wanting to use FueledLeads as an affiliate, you get people coming to you instead of you reaching out to them.(although as a beginner, I always recommend getting into the habit first of manually doing it yourself and then move with a Facebook tool like this if you so choose to).

Here's the Instagram content and future trainings coming out that are even more advanced:

instagram training

And then there is one option that can give you MUCH more time freedom than you are already getting with the Content Management Feature that the management team will posts for you!

If that's not sexy, I don't know what is. Yes, there will be an additional charge for it, and that's normal - since you're asking more than the already fantastic help, and engagement you're getting on your social media account.

content management update
content management page

Here's the pricing for having your content managed:

content management pricing

I'm not saying you should go for this feature from the very beginning because it's always good to get a handle for what you are capable of doing, and knowing what actually works, hashtag and everything. But I've helped out small Business and Big Companies when they go through this selection without thinking too much about it.

The content feature is awesome and It's on my future agenda.

FueledLeads Conclusion + My Free Help & Free BONUSES!

So is FueledLeads going to work for you? If you haven't been reading and listening in, then you missed out on the parts that confirm that as a big fat YES. There are some pointers that I want to share before I reveal to you my Bonuses over $1,000...

If you're just opening up a social media account or accounts, then it's always best to grow your account without a too so you know what actually works well, and then once you see that you don't get the engagement, leads, sales, and much more, then give FueledLeads ago. I made an article for that where you can get more Instagram Traffic.

Honestly, I'll say that FueledLeads is a very legitimate service and not a scam, no matter how you look at it, it will always be truthful to you, and to the people you are helping. And the final verdict on this fueled leads scam can be put to rest.

Many people are finding it difficult to make money online, let alone Instagram or any other social media management service, and to add on, they don't know what to promote, well here's the answer, why not Instagram?

Sometimes people focus on many programs before their first one actually works, and 95% of the time will fall short of their passive income and success online.

For everyone who's willing to by an account service management service and start making money like today, days in, and in the long term, I want to kindly invite you to join my team.

My Exclusive Bonuses($19,979 Value)

If you're willing to join under me, You're going to be getting the most Amazing bonuses(some of which you will never see elsewhere). I'm thinking about taking one particular bonus away HINT HINT: #3, so act quickly!

Bonus #1:($1,997 Value) I'm going to give you pre-made Instagram templates, Facebook Templates, and other social media service templates, along with how to design your word use in your post, many that have helped me get attention and convert.

Bonus #2:($997 Value) I'll be guiding you step-by-step how to close your deal, and if need be, you can send me what you are conversationally having with your prospect, so I can send you information back.

Bonus #3:($797 Value) If you ever decide you want to do landing page creation to run ads, or to get people back to your site, I will show you exactly every step you need to take from managing FB ads, Google ads, Bing Ads, Solo Ads, and I will make sure to give you tips and tricks, and if you so choose to, I will give you funnels that I've created to help me take my marketing a step farther in the:

  • The health service industry
  • Affiliate Marketing niche
  • Webinar applications
  • Sales Funnels
  • Opt Ins
  • And so much more!

Note to self: You can use landing page software's like Clickfunnels(paid), Leadpages(paid), Elementor(free), Thrive Themes, Builderall(paid) Etc. I personally started with Elementor , and now have gravitated to Clickfunnels. Now you don't have to, which I will explain in just a second why. But You can sign up for them as a 14 day Free trial if you would like to(not forcing you here).

Beginners professional note: If you're trying to promote FueledLeads- rather than just using it for business, and you're a beginner to Affiliate Marketing or your business model, my advice would be to build your content out naturally first, by via website, or social media channel, use Elementor if you have a website-to attract your traffic back to your opt in page-

Start with FueledLeads without paid software, and then down the road play around with potentially paid landing page software's like Clickfunnels. Or option #2...

If you're in it solely for affiliate marketing, and you want to start using Clickfunnels straight out the gate, you can, and what that will do is enable you to use the affiliate program from CF as well, So now you're maximizing two different affiliate programs, which is quite awesome!

Moderate to Experts note: If you're someone who has experience and has a decent to great audience built up already, and you want to take your ads to the next level, with scaling, and reaching a greater audience, it would seem more likely to get started with Paid software.

Double Bang! A Plot Twist For Passive Income Seekers:

Bonus #4:($14,997 Value) Get this, if you want to get into another affiliate program other than FueledLeads, you can do so in conjunction with my Exclusive Clickfunnels' Viral Affiliate Business IN A Box.

What this does is allows you to get your ready made to go business, promotes Clickfunnels with FueledLeads, Aweber(ready made emails), and So much more that you need for a passive and online home-based business!

 And this is great If you're focusing on an area of affiliate marketing like the Make Money Online Space, you can actually promote CF, and FueledLeads as a Packaged Whole! You get TONS of different Funnels Inside too!

Who's this for?

People in the affiliate marketing space, focusing in the make money online niche. Or someone ready to expand their streams of income.

I've used the Business In A Box method before with CF, and it ties into FueledLeads, and it'll ensure when you promote the Box that people sign up with FueledLeads(as you see when you opt in below), which is a greater incentive for people to join and speeds up the learning process, so people stay with you which is crucial.

So now you have two affiliate networks. You can look at FueledLeads as getting more of an audience to see your Business IN A Box. How cool is that?

Here's the best option:

>>Click Here To See Your Viral Affiliate Business In A Box 

Either way is a great option, it just depends on what your goals are. Like for me, I'm focusing on growing out my health service niche, so I can't always dedicated the time to the Business In A Box model(not to say it doesn't convert). But you can join either one, and I'll have everything setup for you.

Now what?

After you join, you're still going to want some funnels right? Ofcourse, you do. When you join clickfunnels under me, I will get an email updating me that you joined, and I will send you my CF affiliate link in case you didn't join, and all my shared funnels.

Note: I keep it private this way because I want to make sure I'm helping the people who sign up under me in the most genuine and proper way. Later on, I might start leaving my linked funnels in this article, but for now this is how it stays. Here's a confirmation so you know I'm being serious.

This was someone thanking me for acknowledging them for joining under me, and then I responded back with every bonus they were going to get.

There's more written underneath with full of links, but I want to keep that between you and I when you join.

Bonus #5($597 Value)*My social media marketing training expertise. Heck, you know what I want to do to make sure you get the most success?

I will help you for FREE, from setting up the right messages, hashtags, comments, how to target your audience, how to utilize FueledLeads best for your business/venture...

I'll even help run the campaigns for your ads, for NOTHING! I want to ensure you have an abundance of success like I am currently having. But really, Like why would I help you to start and continue giving you an abundance of continuous support?

It can be stated in a simple formula:

Your Success = My Success. Not My success = your success. Two very important distinctions!

I've setup my campaigns to run automatically for me, and I will guide you each step of the way to set your campaign(s), if you choose to go with paid ads. But If you don't and you have a website, I'll show you exactly what you can do to get the traffic you need to see it.

Bonus #6($497 Value) Instagram is a great place to share your stories and videos now, and I'm going to ensure I give away my free eBook that will help you with that. Plus:

  • The best practices for growing your business through Instagram
  • Learn how to use Instagram for fun and when it's time for business
  • How to nurture your following
  • How to attach Instagram Videos on your websites or blogs
  • Following back as many followers as you can

...And so much more!

Bonus #7($97 Value) Updates to anything I find that is working and converting.

If you're willing to do the steps up to just about 100%, I can guarantee that you will grow, and be able to expand your income as fast as I have been able to do so.

I can't promise that I will leave it up for a long time. because It wouldn't be easy for me to let just about everyone replicate my exact strategies. Again, the reasons why I love FueledLeads are because:

  • Very focused targeted prevents the entry of any fake bots or you losing out on a "big hitter". You won't have to worry about reaching your targeted audience because of this.
  • Once you get your system setup, in a matter of an hour, you'll start to see your followers increase by almost 20-30 followers per day, comments sent out, and Direct Messages in your Inbox.
  • The templates are very reliable and easy to use. If you ever have any trouble trying to talk to people, the training is so well designed that you can't fail! I promise that.
  • This company also has a very supportive community that will engage with you about anything you want to talk about. This is just another reason why it's so trustworthy and manageable.

There is a link that I have left below, if you want to be apart of my team you will need to simply click and sign up. After, I'll get notified, and I can send you a reply through email, or if you'd like to send me a message on Instagram Direct Message, that is fine too.

==>Come Join My Team, Be Apart, And Get Ready To Start Making A Better Living With FueledLeads in 2019!<==

If you have any questions, concerns, opinions, or if there is something you would like to share with me, please don't hesitate to reach out to me, you can leave me a comment down below, or get at me on my Instagram page @viral_michael. Thank you 🙂

P.S. Please leave me a comment below If you need help with anything, and I Mean Anything! I've gone out of my way to help many that are not even signed up under me too.

And if you still want to Take a Look At my Up and Close personal webinar training where you can grow your account for business or if you want to be an affiliate and do it the right way - that will reveal the top 3 secrets to social media marketing with and without FueledLeads, please see here.

Are you ready for your hot "fueled leads?"

P.S. FueledLeads  Special Webinar

Would you rather right now watch a webinar with me up close and personal instead?... For a limited time only, I'm holding an exclusive webinar to a few that will teach you al about How Social Media Marketing works, how to quickly increase your sales, generate more clients, and get advanced training supplemental to what you will see here today. If so, please see the following like below:

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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