February 4

by Michael Granados

Welcome to my up close and personal Jarvee Review 2019!

Look, I’ve personally tested out over 25 social media growth software/services, and After Years of testing, The complete trial and error, I’ve finally come back to give you the REAL truth about Jarvee in this review.

Can I say that it is my favorite Social Media growth tool?

I thought it was, but that flame only lasted for a few 3 months, and Ofcourse, I’m going to share with you why, and where did I go thereafter.

The Real Plus that I loved about Jarvee has to be it was able to grow my Instagram by more than 200% within only a short month’s time, without having to buy followers, likes, or any of that nonsense.

Listen, I hate to be the one to tell you this but if you haven’t heard, Instagram has shut down Automation due to the unskilled spammers and people who didn’t know how to use automation properly. What does that have to do with Jarvee?

It’s become EXTREMELY difficult to automate your follow/unfollow and get the reach you wanted to no thanks to the Instagram Algorithms. With that said, there’s still a way but you have to be skillful and good at troubleshooting. I’ll still go through this review, but know that It has changed, and I’ll leave you with an alternative solution.

Jarvee Review

Product Name: Jarvee(Click Here to Join)

Product Type: Social Media growth software

Price: $19.95/ month, $49.95/month or $69.95/month

Training: 8/10

Level of Use: Moderate to Difficult(at first)

Best for: Entrepreneurs, bloggers, internet marketing, digital marketers, affiliate marketers, & anyone who wants to grow their social media accounts in general

Summary: Jarvy has to be the second-best social media management service I’ve ever used after testing other growth tools(Followlikers, AlphaReady, WorkMarco, and many more).

Rating: 93/100

Recommended: Yes

What Is Jarvee?

Simply Stated, Jarvee is a Social Media Automation Service Software that allows you to share your content all across just about any social media platform(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus), all from an easy to flow dashboard.

And this is all done with automated bot actions. The two major features and benefits of using Jarvee have to be:

1. You Can Setup a posting schedule on any of your social media account all at a time

2. Automated Bot actions on all your accounts

JARVEE UPDATE And Instagram Automation

As I stated earlier in the article, Instagram has put a block on Automation software and I wanted to show you a video of a friend who has an update for you:

As you can see, Jarvee is not going to be easy to operate as it once used to, but if you want to stick with it, you can check out “The Tattooed Entrepreneur” since he puts out more update and has a course on how to make Jarvee work.

But if you’re like me, and you don’t want to spend money on a course for this, and don’t want to take the time to get technical and remove all the hassle and headaches, then you can check out my alternative option where you can still gain a great following, but this time through your DM.

If you want to see what tool I’m talking about, you can go HERE to see more.

NOTE: Now, if you decided to click on the link above, make sure to read the headline where I put “UPDATE”, which will show you how that automation tool can help you increase leads and more follows at the same time with a special technique of mine.

Let’s take a short look at this video that introduces you everything Jarvee is all about:

What Are The Pros and Cons?

I’m really happy to say that Jarvee has many upsides that are hard to overlook. Let’s take a look:

  • You can fully customize bot actions. Within your dashboard, you can select options for Auto Follow/Unfollow, Comments, Likes and send One auto direct Message.
  • As a user, you can setup your automation to specifiy the targeted group of users or audience so that you get the highest return on people to follow you back
  • You can fully optimize the rate at which you send your automated likes, comments, direct message, and for how long you want your bot to run for. You can specifiy if you want to get more followers for like 24 hours, 10 hours, send automated comments for 25 minutes, etc.
  • It’s a reasonable price, and most worthy for people just starting in Social Media Management services

Ofcourse, with the good has to come the good. Throughout my 3 months of getting the full taste of Jarvee, I found many drawbacks that made me take steps back.

  • It’s Only Available on Windows OS
  • Your Computer literally has to run 24/7 if you want Jarve to operate the full 24/7
  • It can be very complicated if you don’t like to do the whole self automation yourself, and continuously having to check up your account, make time changes, comment changes, etc.
  • No Community of  engaged Support for better strategies

However, back to the Windows OS part, you can run Jarvee on Macbooks by just installing Windows Virtual Machine.

Furthermore, Jarvee can still operate if you have it in sleep mode, and I guess a plus is that you can run the software in the background so it doesn’t drain your computer battery.

How Does Jarvee Compare To Other Softwares?

It’s no surprise by now that there are many(and I mean MANY) other social media growth services in the market, and it’s exploding with more every year. It can be confusing, I totally get your position, but there are many of them that I deem as “junk”, and I won’t get too deep into that but as a short rundown…

Services charge your per like, comments, Direct Messages, followers, etc, and there’s the possibility of running into fake bots that can ruin your Instagram account along with with your other social media accounts because of the algorithms these days. 

Now the good thing about Jarvee is that it’s safe and compliant with most social media algorithms, and at the moment is so with Instagram. So, let’s see how Jarvee Compares to other competitors.

I’kll be comparing Jarvee to Followlikers, Alpha Ready, and WorkMarco

First Lets start with the pricing:


  • Jarvee: USD $19.95/month
  • AlphaReady: USD $39/month
  • WorkMarco: USD $59.month
  • Followlikers: USD 97.99/one time payment + 5.99/month thereafter

Why Is Jarvee Much Better than These Among many other of its competitors?

Clearly, apart from the pricing comparative advantage; Jarvee allows you to manage your account locally from your computer, instead of letting an external agency do it for you. To clear that up, many people prefer to have someone else manage their social media account(as I do so now), but for many others, they like to have complete control and access to their own account at any time without having to email their service team.

Another thing is that Jarvee is an ALL IN ONE social media growth software, while many other competitors specialize or only have offers for Instagram Growth services.

Some companies will charge you money for using more than one account at a time, And I think a better advantage is that you can join them for free, and you can even promote their service without having to subscribe to them. Many other competitors have you subscribe before you can promote their service.

Many People tend to join these automated service tools to just use the affiliate program to promote them and forget all about why they should be using it in the first place, which is to grow their page, and get more eyes to their page and more leads to their business.

But that’s just a matter of preference, it’s really not a big deal, since in the world of affiliate marketing as I know already, this is what many companies already do. So if you choose to promote Jarvee you could so do so, and still, focus on posting out your content and getting the job done accurately.

Jarvee is a Great Starting Place, And Here are my extra two cents

Overall, I think Jarvee is an awesome social media growth tool that will give you an all in one automated bot service capability at a lower price than most of its competitors. There is an upside to having control over your account vs having a social media management team doing it for you, but where does it go wrong?

There’s really nothing “bad” about Jarvee, it’s just that I think it can be risky dealing with a self-automated system that might not be 100% compliant with the Instagram algorithms or any other social media platform, and it will get very annoying and complicated to understand how and why you should be increasing your followers per day, should you drop the amount of people you follow per day, do I unfollow now, should I send a certain amount of likes, and many more integrated little details.

You can just choose to leave it in one sitting, and demographics but at a point, you’ll find yourself playing around with it trying to figure out what the best placement is for you. If you’d like to understand how that works and you want the full experience of doing it yourself, then why not. But after some time, it can feel a bit of a dull experience to have to leave the computer on, keep making changes, and do X amount of things.

At a point, having a social media management team do the hard work for you is an acceptable route to take. What I learned from this different model is that there’s not much of a difference in terms of sending out your own Direct Message, Comments, and targeting an audience, but you get two things back in your life:

1. More time to do the things you want. If you have a business to run as I do, I can’t maintain my social media account by doing it all myself, I’m busy creating content and helping others in my industry.

2. More Expert Help. I’ve realized that on the management service team is that you get things like a facebook group with a community of like-minded individuals with 24/7 help, and that you even get ready to go templates for everything, like how to talk with business owners, people who want to use it as an affiliate program, or for page growth. And here are some more of the many:

  • The right comments to send out to your audience
  • hashtags to reach your audience
  • Direct Messages that are proven to work
  • and many more!

But you have to be careful. Not many social media management teams give you so much added support or any at all. I’ve found the one that actually offers all this help I just mentioned with over 500 followers per month, 1200 comments sent out per week, over 300 direct messages sent out, and many other nice benefits.

The service that offers all this is called FueledLeads. They are fairly new, coming out around march of 2018, but already it’s making moves and carrying loud attention. The price might be a bit higher, but I promise that you’ll find it to be a successful use. In fact, I have a review that tells you all you need to know about it, and Fueledleads Benefits. If you’d like to see why FueledLeads works for my business and how I’ve already helped hundreds of people move their growth in their account and business, then see here.

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Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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