Funnel Hacks Review – Best ClickFunnels Deal Ever Or A Scam?

Want to know what it's like to create and have an extra $1,000 in your pocket by just "hacking" a funnel?

You're here maybe because you've entered into the Clickfunnels world and you've heard all the buzz lately about this funnel hacks thing package, or it's your very first time walking the ropes in un-named territory, but either way, this will happen...

I'm not holding back today. In fact, the other day I was searching through my Clickfunnels dashboard and WALLAH!...There was a funnel hacker sitting inside my dashboard, and I was curious to take a deeper dive into it, and I discovered a few new surprising details.

What I'm about to do is show you and give you EVERYTHING you need to know about this program inside this funnel hacks review!

What Is Funnel Hacks?

In short, Funnel hacks is the upgraded offer that centers aroudn the $297/month Etison Suite Plan. The other being Funnel builder secrets.

This is the first time I'm going to start an answer like this one, are you ready?

What is Funnel Hacks Not?

What an answer, but it speaks on so many levels you have no idea yet how superior funnel hacks is to any other program out there, and I'll tell you why but first, what is it?

Funnel Hacks is a once in a lifetime offer that ClickFunnels owner and genius Ruselll Brunson has created for us to really master various trainings ALL in one place, such as:

  • Building your first funnel. It's essential that you learn how to build out your own funnels so you can adapt to anything on the fly.
  • What needs to go into your funnel. Every funnel is unique, so you won't have to worry about competing with other peoples funnels.
  • How to hack your competitors funnels. This is just another feature that makes sure you can outspend your competitors rather then them taking away all your potential earnings.
  • How to drive traffic to it. Traffic is at the heart of every online business, and with Funnel hacks it will allow you to get super targeted traffic so that you have buyers and not just weak leads.
  • How to write delicious emails and sales letter copy. This ensures you don't have to spend countless hours of your precious time trying to figure out what emails convert, and instead you can spend more time worrying about how to bring people into your funnel.

And a drum roll please...

It comes with FREE 6 months of the Etison Suite plan. Now if this is your first time hearing the Etison Plan, please allow me to spend a minute on that.

The etison plan 

After using Funnel Hacks for myself, I can say that it is 100% worth going for. With another hard look at it as I'm sitting on my dinning room table writing this review out for you I can say this...

It's more than just a pricier payment, it's a program that will accelerate your learning curve and keep you ahead of your competitors each and every single year.

What caught my eye the second time around was how much more it's been added to. There are more strategies, goodies, and the laser focused training required to help you get a better funnel in place, more leads, traffic, and the best part of all conversions!

UPDATE: Funnel Hacks is no longer available! But there's an alternative option you can check out called Funnel Builder Secrets, which you can see HERE.

(On that following link, you'll see 3 simple tweaks to Instantly Boost sales by 540%...Without driving any extra traffic!)

Why I Joined Funnel Hacks

If someone told me to sign up for the higher more premium packages that Clickfunnels has to offer, this is the face I would have made:

shocked baby face

Up till this point(2017), I've been a standard $97/month Clickfunnels paid user but within the last 6 months I did some serious thinking about wanting to push my income to the next level, and get closer to winning the Clickfunnels dream car.

In the early days of being an affiliate and digital marketing strategist for other companies, I discovered that to get more affiliates and clients is to leverage the power of shared funnels.

By just offering my audience will value and relevant shared funnels, that I could get TONS of more people to sign up to Clickfunnels through my link. AHA!

So I found something new...

Off I went to my Clickfunnels funnel dashboard and I saw the Shared Library folder, and immediately I knew that I needed to store my funnels with awesome lead magnets.

What I then did was open up google, typed into the search engine "Clickfunnels shared funnels", and I had a series of results that were enticing. From Realtor funnels to affiliate funnels, and even network marketing/MLM funnels appeared. So I filtered them out one by one...

And with one click, I was able to in a matter of seconds have funnels into my account loaded.

But In less than a month I hit a problem. The standard plan only lets you load 20 funnels for use, one at a time. And of course, I wanted to add more funnels than that.

I was SUPER frustrated(and that's an understatement) at how I had to decide which funnels to keep and which ones to archive. Why was this a major problem?

Whenever someone asked me for a funnel, or I wanted to have a library of funnels inside my membership course or in an article like this or wherever, I couldn't share it because it was sitting in my archived funnels...

And if you don't know, once you archive a funnel, someone else can't click on your shared funnel link and have it automate into their account. In other words, it needs to be active.

So at the time, the obvious solution would have been to upgrade to the $297/month plan with the Etison Suite for unlimited funnels. Hold on though!

Going from the $97/month plan to $297/month deal was a stretch. And I wanted to make sure that if I took this plan, I'd get the value that I needed to be successful moving forward. 

Off I went to do more research, and I found Funnel Builder secrets. For $2,997 I could get a full year to the Etison Suite plan free, the Funnel Hacks masterclass, Boatloads of exclusive training, Traffic secrets, and a full year of Funnel Scripts. Wow right?

I ran my calculations down on paper, verified it on my scientific calculator(from my chemistry college days lol) and It brings the cost down to a monthly rate of $250/month.

Pretty sweat deal right? I had arrived at the point where I was one button away from purchasing it, but I had an airy feeling about it.

I questioned myself:

"Why do I need extra training for my affiliate business, If what I really value is my time?"

I mean it's great and all, but I already have a couple businesses like my amazon niche site to run, and other courses that needed my attention, so I held the trigger back, and pulled off last second.

Glad I did!

That's when I heard about Funnel Hacks through my affiliate friends.Like Funnel Builder Secrets, it offered training's, including the Funnel Hacks Masterclass, included with Funnel Builder Secrets.

But this plan was only $997 up front for 6 months of the Etison Suite plan. Which for you non mathematicians out there, that's a cost dropped down to only $166/month.

Plus, I found out that I could renew my purchase at anytime before the 6-month expired, which I was really sold on.

Since then, I haven't looked back, and I'm extremely happy with my purchase. As well, I realized that Funnel hacks is the best route to go for anyone focusing on their Clickfunnels business.

I now have over 100 funnels in my shared library, and inside my course that I can subconsciously feel great about, and not have to worry about archiving them to make room for others.

How can I justify to spend 

Going Inside Funnel Hacks

I'm sure you'd like to hack your competitors funnels, have the best email setup, sales page letter and 1-1 access to the man himself Russell Brunson right?

What I really enjoyed about funnel hacks was how smooth 

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