January 30

by Michael Granados

Can you really get a FREE Dot Com Secrets PDF Download?

SIRENS are sounding off in your head, bells and whistles getting louder and louder and with each pounding second you find yourself asking ONE question…

"Am I growing?"

What do I mean? With the internet growing rapidly -  business owners, entrepreneurs and people wanting to start their own business are multiplying like a population of baby birds waiting to fly off the ground...In other words, you need to get up to speed fast!

If you want to survive the “Dot Com” bubble and make HUGE amounts of money online on your spare time or full-time while you’re literally at home in your pajamas, it can be A LOT to figure out on your own.

So why not shortcut your process?


That’s where my long-time mentor Russell Brunson, creator of the Dot Com Secrets book and Clickfunnels landing page software will save you time, money, make you more money, avoid the effort of going at it alone, and all the physical and mental headahces. 

By using what Russell not only will show you in DotCom Secrets but all of his other work, you’re going to get the unfair advantages most business startups and current owners don’t even know exist…

And when they find out, it’s when their businesses are far beyond helping(Don’t be that person!).

Good news is you don’t have to wait around thumbing your nails or waiting for hope to come and save you,  You can get this book for FREE.

Although there isn’t a PDF version of the book since that would really just be copyrighting and illegal, the book is the best thing you can have. Imagine receiving a copy in the mail and as you go to open the mailing paper, inside you see the cover of a mysterious scene, you run your hands across the cover front to back…

And as you open it, the smell of freshness hits you even more and you’re caught up in the first 10 or so chapters it’s so hard to put down!


Dot Com Secrets Summary

Product Name: Dot Com Secrets

Founder: Russell Brunson

Product Type: Business, Entrepreneurship, marketing, sales

Best for: digital marketers, coaches, consultants, course creators, agencies people wanting to build an online business, traditional brick and mortar businesses, for freedom seekers, leave their 9-5-ers, Entrepreneurs, sales funnel enthusiasts,and many more!

dot com secrets

Summary: Dot Com secrets will show you the shortcut to structuring your company's products or services(or ones you don't own) in a way where you'll make two to three times as much money from the same traffic that you're getting right now. When you do it right, it'll open the doors for you to spend a lot more money to get a lot more customers.

Rating: 100/100

Recommended: Yes!

(Best book you'll read on funnels and done-for-you scripts and templates. Get the closest thing to dot com secrets pdf free download below)

What Is Dot Com Secrets?

dot com 1

As stated by Russell, it’s the Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online - It’s not just another “how to” book for made for internet marketing…

It’s NOT about getting more traffic to your website or Increasing your conversions(although it will), It’s A SHORTCUT.

Your low traffic or conversions are ONLY the symptoms of a much larger problem that can’t be seen with the squint of your eye at first, but it’s a TON easier to fix. It’s the OMEGA from showing you how to dominate finding your dream customers, how to communicate with them, how funnels and sales funnels will explode your business and all the scripts that come with it.

Going Inside Dot Com Secrets

Being the proud owner of Dot Com Secrets, I’ve been inside of the book more times than I can count so this part will be fun!

Looking at the table of contents, this is what you’ll get:

Section One: Ladders And Funnels

Section Two: Your Communication/Follow-up Funnel

Section Three: Funnelology Leading Your Customers To The Sale(Over and Over Again)

Section Four: Funnels and Scripts

Section Five: Clickfunnels

Russel has built his entire Clickfunnels business on “Secrets” and with DotCom he shares a total of 13 secrets and formulas you’ve likely never heard of or will come across elsewere. And I truly do mean no where else.

Here are the 13 secrets:

  • Secret #1: The Secret Formula
  • Secret #2: The Value Ladder
  • Secret #3: From a Ladder to a Funnel 
  • Secret #5: The Three Types of Traffic
  • Secret #6: The Attractive Character
  • Secret #7: The Soap Opera Sequence
  • Secret #8: Daily Seinfeld Sequence
  • Secret #9: Funnel Hacking
  • Secret #10: Seven Phases of a Funnel
  • Secret #11: The Twenty - Three Building Blocks of a Funnel
  • Secret #12: Frontend vs. Backend Funnels
  • Secret #13: The Best Bait

Here's what a marketing funnel is and why you need one:

And This is what I mean when I talk about funnels on steriods called sales funnels:

So this is how it will all look pieced together:

dot com secrets table of contents 1
dot com secrets table of contents

Who Is Russell?


Everyday it feels like Internet Gurus are popping out trying to sell rookies and even experts on another business opportunity or go on about how they can make you so much more money if you buy my high ticket course…

But that’s not who Russell is. He’s built his Clickfunnels company to well over $300,000,000 dollars and it’s growing at a fast rate. He started in the network marketing world marketing all sorts of products, winning dream cars, and then adapted to affiliate marketing, thereafter, he took over Clickfunnels and built it to become the T-Rex of all sales funnel builders.

According to Forbes, Russell built a $360 Million dollar SAAS Business, and it was entirely self-funded

Russell’s the real deal and he’s helped grow MILLIONS of business owners, entrepreneurs, and affected the lives of many. 

Pros And Cons


  • Great for beginners and experts. The book goes at a perfect pace for people who are just starting their journey and for experts who need to boost up their game.
  • Done-For-You script and templates. I LOVE the fact that you can get visual representations(images) of the different funnels and scripts you can use for yourself, and they’re PROVEN to work.
  • Easy to follow. Russell does a great job at illustrating his points with stories and you get a real sense that this is possible.
  • You can learn the entire sales process. From start to finish there’s a TON of information on how to close sales and what that looks like with funnels.
  • Funnel execution. You’re getting a first-hand look at how different funnels work together so you can have variation and different forms of communicating with your audience which means your skills will grow faster and be able to sell anything to anyone in any form/situation.

There’s a ton more, but these are just some of the important ones.


  • Takes time to implement funnels correctly. This is obvious, but to have a winning funnel you need to be split testing and always tweaking little things like headlines which is fine.
  • Russell will try to upsell you on his software.
  • You need to step outside of your comfort zone


Not really cons, but I mean if you’re a beginner just know that you’ll have to adjust to going out of your comfort zone. There’s no growth in staying comfortable, remember that.

Who Is Dot Com Secrets For?

Dot Com Secrets is for literally anyone who wants to start a business or grow their existing one, from:

  • Struggling entrepreneurs. If you’re running your business but can’t get over a certain amount per year and you need to grow your revenue, Dot Com secrets will show you how to 4X your business
  • Beginning internet business owners. If you’re just starting out, I’d pick up dot com secret straight away so you know how to position your offers and make hundreds instead of pennies
  • If you don’t own your own product. As an affiliate myself, you don’t need to own your own product to make money. And once you understand the concepts of the value ladder and how funnels work, you’ll be mind-blown
  • Students. This is for you if you’re looking for a career in marketing or sales and want to own your business one day.
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Traditional brick-and mortar business.
  • Ecommerce
  • Dropshipping
  • Amazon FBA
  • And a TON more!

Dot com secrets along with my other favorite book that will show you how to use your superpowers to create a massive movement people will pay you for, are my two favorites and are MUST going hand in hand.

What I Liked Most About Dot Com Secrets

There’s so much I love about Dot Com Secrets but If I had to choose just one thing that stuck out to me most, it’d be the scripts. Why?

Anytime you read a book you want actual specific details on how to take action right? It’s not all about just consuming the knowledge but putting it into action…

And with Russell's book he doesn’t hold back in showing you how to communicate with his done-for-you funnel scripts as well:

  • Email scripts
  • Landing page templates
  • Attractive Character Story lines

OH! And my favorite the Perfect Webinar Script.

The Perfect Webinar Script is the HOLY GRAIL of communicating with your audience/future customers and it usually takes more work to put together but when it’s done right, any expensive purchase will seem like nothing when you’re done!

Not to ramble on about myself, but here's a quick story.

How Dot Com Secrets Changed My Life

dot com

There I was sitting down on my office chair inside of my bedroom office staring straight at the window and out into the clouds trying to figure out a faster and better way to get more leads, more sales and more conversions...

I flipped through one blog post after the next, YouTube video after video and even asking around my fellow internet colleagues, friends and family how?

I was excited to grow my business and earn more all while knowing I wanted to stop having my loved ones to rely on to pay for my meals when we went out or to feel guilty about paying the bills..

And I hit this HUGE Wall of information overload and gurus trying to sell me on their courses and “shiny objects” that’d never work, but then it happened.

I went back into research mode, typed in how to sell more products online and communicate better and I read about a guy named Russell Brunson, dove deeper and that’s when it hit me!

Dot Com secrets was the answer I was searching for. So I ordered the book through Russell and realized he had a ton more dot com resources too which were great(shows he cared about my success)...

When I received the book, I opened it up as fast as I could, skimming through the book with a smile all over my face and started reading…

I still needed to add these principles to my business and I stumbled a few times getting the scripts and funnels down but that comes with practice…

So I continued, implemented and BOOM! I started to see more people purchasing products, more people trusting me, I grew a HUGE list of people ready to buy from me and I began to scale my business.

I couldn’t have been happier.

Final Thoughts And How To Get Your Free Book

Now that you've seen this dot com secrets review, let me ask you a question:

Dot Com Secrets is a pretty unique book wouldn’t you say?

You’re not going to see anything else out there like it(not even close) that gives you done-for-you scripts/templates, jaw-dropping secrets, funnel domination, and in-depth information on how to exponentially grow your business…

Faster. Why go through the struggles of figuring out things on your own when you can have a mentor like Russell everywhere you go - literally speaking, I carry this book everywhere I go. And although there is no exact .com secrets pdf, you can just get the free book copy and even an audio version if you'd like...

If you’d like to have a free copy with my added bonuses, make sure to click the button below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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