July 24

by Michael Granados

I'm sitting with my two soles glued to the carpet floor and with my wide open laptop out in front of me thinking what you are.

Is Ameriplan a scam? In all seriousness, I'm going to bring you a tall glass of honest truth, and it might just blow you back!

I'd like to answer this question up above for you straight away, but there is something more alarming that I want to bring to your attention first.

I'm not here to fluff up another business opportunity that I'm apart of or give credit to the other scams I've written reviews for like my most recent one in called Profit Injectors...

but I want to make sure that by the time you're doing reading this review, you will have a clear answer as to how to proceed further.

Without wasting anytime let me break down everything you need to know about this healthcare medical plan business opportunity.tab

AmeriPlan Summary

Product name:AmeriPlan

Founders: Dennis and Daniel Bloom 

Product Type: MLM/Pyramid Scheme - Work From Home

Price: $24.95/mo Dental Plus plan, $39.95/mo Deluxe plus, and for the work at home opportunity - initial $30/Year membership fee.

Best for: Healthcare patients, work at home opportunity seekers.


Summary: Ameriplan will help you get an a more affordable healthcare plan that includes includes medical and dental. You'll get exposure to 85,000 medical professionals 24/7 and you can also take part in the work from home business opportunity. With this you can make a part time or even full-time income from the comfort of your own home. But is it too good to be true? 

Rate: 70/100

Recommended: Yes

What Is Ameriplan?

I want to make sure you're in great health and that you get the best chance and exposure so I'm going to give it to you straight.

Ameriplan Corporation is the US nations premier discount medical plan Organization that claims to save you and many other people MILLIONS of dollars in supplemental healthcare plans, and has been in business since 1992.

With years behind its back, do you really think there's a scam taking place here? If there were one, the company would have gone out of business within at least 5 years or less which is the average scam or biz opportunity lifespan once it hits the market.

We're talking global here, and it's the largest discounted fee-for-services plan of its type in the country! Can you say diluted? Meaning this...

That it's been backed up by even the ABC TV programming and here's what they have to say:

What's the Catch?

Thinking Ameri plan health-cares program is too good to be true? Wait till you hear what I'm about to expose.

Don't worry, I'm right there with you partner. You're never alone in these type of thoughts, and I was once in your shoes debating whether I should use Ameri plan, and how I could even earn money with them.

Unfortunately, you'd have to pay an initial membership fee in order to receive your medical benefits. Now, If the cost of having a membership would mean that you'd save a whole years worth of time, headaches, and especially savings on your next healthcare plan, would you do it?

I know that I would. But before you inch any further forward, let me tell you how there is now a problem with this type of system.

Yes, years ago, it would have been great to purchase your healthcare membership and pay a fee, but there are so many more offline physical stores like pharmacies, a CVS, even a Walgreen's where you could get your own savings card rather than bothering with a membership fee.

That's not to say it's useless because after all...Ameriplan is not a scam!

If you ask me, I can go without the membership fee and rather stack on a savings card and get the benefits that come with it instead. But if you'd like to check out the best of both worlds and you don't mind spiking up your bills a bit, by all means go all in.

Going Inside Ameriplan

Are you ready to get inside the inner-workings of Ameriplan?

First thing you'll see when you arrive at Ameriplans site is a very decorated and well-thought out and executed home page, as seen below:

Ameriplan has a very supportive interface with a Google language selection displayed at the top left, a welcome message, and a chat in case you have questions - there is a live agent to chat with you.

Now let's talk about what you're really interested in finding out more specific details on, which is the membership.

As I hover over to the "Plans" tab from the home page, I'll be presented with the following page and the 2 plans you can apply for.

memebership costs

From the image above you can see the 2 Ameriplan Plans laid out from heading to details, which I will get into right now.

  1. AmeriPlan Dentail Plus. For Only $24.95/month for your entire household. the dental plan will give you extreme savings for your dental, vision, prescription, hearing and chiropractic services.
  2. AmeriPlan Delux Plus. For only $39.95/month for your entire household this membership combines the Dental Plus discount plan with the MED Plus additional non-medical discounts.

What's the benefit of choosing one over the other?

With the first option, the added bonuses that you're getting are 24/7 access to a physician when you need it. Along with:

  • Over 85,000 number of dentist to get access to(unlimited access)
  • savings up to 80%
  • No limits on the number of services
  • No age restrictions

These are all exceptional because it ensures you can get immediate attention to your health concerns. Sometimes it's easier to hop on a computer and connect with your resources rather than taking the time to drive into your local pharmacy and then wait a few days again, come back to the pharmacy and pick up your prescription. 

With option #2 For the Ameriplan Deluxe Plus you'll get added bonuses:

  • Telemedicine 
  • Doctors are on call 24/7
  • informational consultations at not cost
  • a diagnostic consultation

There are times when I found getting access to a doctor over the phone was more helpful then in person, and Ameriplan has made this easy.

The AmeriPlan App

It's 2019, technology is at your fingertips and it's no surprise that even a healthcare company has moved its' way into the app store, and gives you the option in a matter of seconds to pull it up on your phone like so...

ameriplan app

What's its main purpose though?The main purpose of the Ameriplan app is to be used as your own communication tool.

Inside of it you'll get:

  • Quick access to ALL AmeriPlan Promotions
  • Product videos
  • ALL websites
  • ALL social network links
  • Selective E-kits downloads
  • CORP & BC Calendars and quick AmeriPlan Corporate office emails and phone numbers!

You can find more information on how to install the app and get started in their app homepage.

That's just the compensation plan and app part, wait until you hear how you can get compensated for being a consultant.

How You Make Money With AmeriPlan

You probably weren't aware that you can make money just promoting AmeriPlan were you?

No worries, I was really caught my surprise when I found out, and boy did I get a watering mouthful when I did my research.

Depending on which membership plan route you decide to go with, will determine how much you can make on each sale. Here's how that is broken down:

Although there are many different plans you can enroll in, there's one thing that always stays the same, and that is paying an initial startup fee of $30. This is called your Annual Employment Fee(AEF).

For an annual fee you will get exclusive access to the suite of Ameriplan Corporate Services.

And here's what you'll get inside:

  • BC Business E-Kit.
  • Corporate Services
  • Five E-commerce Enables Websites. You'll get three sites to send membership prospects and two for people who want to join the business opportunity with you. This ensures you get versatility and that you can double down on earning at twice the rate.
  • BC Back Office. Inside the back office you're going to get training, forms, events, promotions, an email center, and so much more. You won't have to worry about what steps to take and how you should be approaching people for the business opportunity and for the memberships because of this.
  • Sales Director Programs. 

As you can see, there is so much to love about the AmeriPlan business opportunity. 

STEP 2: After you've applied for and have activated your business opportunity plan you have an optional plan that can earn you so much more!

By being an active member by buying or selling 1 Deluxe Plus Plan, you'll earn more residuals.

As a Benefit Consultant, you must be active to generate residual commissions and in order to earn your bonuses.

Who Is AmeriPlan For?

If you took a peak into the first few seconds of the video just above, you'd see stay at home moms, and everyone else in general looking to build their own online business and help people who do not have health insurance or their own dental plan.

More so, if you want to make extra income on the side to pay your bills or to really take a part-time stay at home job sand make it full-time you really can. Like they say: "the world is your oyster".

One thing I want to mention too is this...

If you like talking over the phone for hours and are cool with the whole "cold calling" and hard selling concept then this can be the business opportunity for you.

Tired of having to sell to someone over the phone, recruit or hate talking on the phone? Find out the best alternative and How I've been able to build a side hustle that earns me over 4 digits per month here.

Pros Vs Cons of AmeriPlan

While I'd like to sit here while I'm typing and tell you that you're going to like every bit of Ameriplan and not dislike anything is true, I'd be doing myself and you a disservice. So let's start off with the positives when joining AmeriPlan.


  • If you don't have a dental or health insurance plan and are looking to save, then AmeriPlan is a great fit for you.
  • There is great telephone support, and access to tons of medical professionals. This helps you get faster access without having to drive around to your local drug store or doctors appointment, among the others.
  • Training for your business opportunity is amazing. You'll get ready to go websites, and training that makes it easy for you to get started and earning.
  • If you like speaking on the phone, cold calling people, and hard selling then this is a good fit for you.
  • You have friends and family that could use Ameriplan
  • You want to start your own online business

Along with the good must come the bad with any program, and AmeriPlan is no different. 


  • It can be hard to find doctors and dentists who accept Ameriplan. I know there is over 85,000 medical professionals that you can get access to, but the network of who is willing to accept Ameriplan is a beat weak.
  • There's been tons of complaints of people who build up a huge income with the business program and get terminated on a no cause contract. Would you like to be a aprt of something that can terminate you right away? Not me.
  • Talking on the phone to recruit people. I certainly don't like cold calling people, and hard selling them for the fact that it's a bit annoying, it takes tons of work, and if you don't have the right attitude and skills, you'll be setting yourself up for failure. After all, I don't like selling people, or recruiting them.
  • This company is setup to be an MLM(Mult-level Marketing) and Pyramid Scheme.

Just in case you don't know a thing or two about MLM's and Pyramid Schemes, they are basically where your income is dependent on how many people you recruit into your program and you can get up-sold on higher packages and prices.

I do a full list of reviews on these right here.

My Final Verdict and How I Make Money Online

We can confirm the question "Is Ameriplan USA A Scam" as being an affirmative No.

Definitely not as you were able to tell in this Ameriplan review. But if you were to ask me If I wanted to pay to become a member or take part in the business opportunity I would tell you no. Why?

For the fact that even though you save money, you wouldn't get the most amount of access to better doctors and dentist. If you desperately need health insurance than give it a shot, but if you can build up somewhere else, then go the offline route...

As I stated earlier in the article, you can go get your prescriptions in person, go see a medical professional in person and so on. But I know that not everyone is the same and we all have different needs and are at different points in our lives, so nonetheless, Ameriplan will help you out.

Doesn't hurt to try right?

What about the Business Opportunity?

Listen, I don't have an aggressive sales nature and I don't handle rejection very well, so I couldn't see myself being a member of their business plan. Plus, I'd hate to recruit people into an MLM, Pyramid scheme, and when they get false expectations, that will reflect back and bad on me.

For me to join a business opportunity I look at a couple of things:

  • Will I enjoy promoting the companies products/services. Do I stand behind and believe in their mission?
  • Is it not an MLM/network marketing Pyramid scheme?
  • Can I earn well without having to beg friends and family?
  • Can I set systems in place where I don't have to be on the phone, rather I can get repeat sales without touching my computer or phone for weeks?

If I can, then I'm all in for it. In fact, I have a way that can ensure you make more money, feel satisfied, and set it up once and make it passive! Check out my #1 recommendation by clicking below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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