Is The Amazon Associates Program A Scam? – Crazy Earnings Claims

Want to learn how you can make a 5-7 figure income with Amazon Associates Program from home?

UHH Heck yes! That's the life - open up a laptop, sit for an hour to cash in your checks, and then go off and enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing, that's very possible for you and me.

Even more noise surrounding amazon Associates is that it's not worth your time, and that you'd be far off better partnering up with other associates, which begs the question. Is The Amazon Associates Program A Scam?

No. The amazon associates program might not be the easiest to earn your first $0.85 or your next dollar, but keep in mind this...

It's the most trusted affiliate program in the world, and easiest to partner up with!

In this Amazon Associates review, I'm going to show you why Amazon Associates is a must have associates program for beginners to expert internet marketers. If at any point you have a question, comment, or concern, there's a comment box at the very bottom of this article that you can go ahead and leave a message for me on, and I'll help you out fast.

At anytime If you have a question/comment/concerns/suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment down below, and I'll make sure to reply back to you straight away.

Amazon Associates Summary

Product Name: Amazon Associates

Website: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com

Founder: Jeff Bezos

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce

Price: Free to join.

Best for: Entrepreneurs, Email Marketers, small businesses, affiliate marketers, digital marketers, traditional businesses

amazon associate

Summary: Amazon's Associate program is an affiliate network that will help you get started in the world of online selling, and it has built up so much of a reputation that people are constantly turning to amazon to make a purchase. MILLIONS or people are selling through amazon and purchasing, so the world is open to you to make money with it.

Rating: 95/100

Recommended: Yes

What Is Amazon Associates?

Even after 3+ years as an amazon associates affiliate, I still ask myself this one question...

What is It? 

Why? Amazon Associates is nothing short of amazing, and it lives up to it's reputation as being the largest online retailer for physical products in the world and most attractive destination for affiliate marketers. A Goliath in nature and a "David" in fight.

It's no surprise why and how I get the goosebumps every time I earn a couple $100, and in the high 4 figures each day. Sounds too good to be true? I though so too until I drew up a scenario:

Let's say you've just come to the online web, and you're looking to partner up with an affiliate program that will allow you to not only earn an income, but to promote the best products in your industry. Where do you turn to?

The answer to you and MILLIONS of others would be Amazon. Owner and creator Jeff Bezos invested millions of his time and money to put this grand masterpiece of an online store and affiliate program just so you can "earn while you learn" to run your own online profitable home-based business.

Literally within a couple clicks and a quick signup sheet for Free, you can be an Amazon associate too!

The Amazon Associates has a higher conversion rate than any other affiliate network online, and that's because of Trust...

Imagine yourself coming to the internet to buy a good, you wouldn't go to an online retailer you didn't know, ever hear from, or have had somewhat of a relationship with would you?

Neither would anyone else. As a distributor this does a couple things for you:

  1. You can sell more of a product
  2. People love to buy
  3. Amazon Has popular products you can feel happy promoting.

But before that, Let's see if the Amazon Associates Program is STILL profitable.

Is The Amazon Associate Program Profitable?

Wait a minute! Before I try to show you how to get started setting up your account, let me get to the bottom of whether or not the amazon associates program is STILL profitable.

What do I mean by still exactly?

Well, Amazon's associate program has been opened for awhile, and yes many people have made 6-7 and even more with the program itself, but that was years back when competition was soft, and you could just go to Google and pay for ads to run.

Now a days, that's all changed, and I'll reveal to you how, and answer if you can still make a profit in this video:

Going Inside Amazon Associates

Are you ready to see how You can get started with Amazon Associates all the way to how you can find best selling products to promote?

Unlike myself when I first started in the amazon associates game making one mistake after the next in choosing good products to promote, I want to make your road less of a pain. 

Like anything, there are learning curves, and one MUST know how to do proper research. The difference between choosing a product that is low in popularity vs one that sells rapidly can make or break your amazon associates earning experience....

So let's get you signed up first.

Affiliate Sign Up

STEP 1: To participate in the Amazon associates program you need to sign up for an account. This is standard procedure for any affiliate program. Here's the web-page you'll see:

amazon associates sign up

If you haven't already signed up, go ahead and click on the "Join Now for Free" button on the right of your screen.

STEP 2: Enter in your email and password. If you already have a regular amazon account, you'll be asked to put in your password under your email address like so:

email capture

After I've logged in, I'll be shown the following screen:

amazon associates setup

For this case, because I have setup my own account and I don't need to fill out each area again, and for the sake of not creating a whole new amazon account, I can skip this signup part. 

But you would go through setting up the following:

  • Website and mobile app use
  • Your profile
  • Your Identity verification 

And then you can start using amazon associates.

One thing I need to mention is if you need a website? Short answer is no. Amazon recommends that it's better that you have your own website and blog because it has the greater number of purchase. Other than a site what can you use?

YouTube. The mecha of video, YouTube is a great place to setup your product reviews, build your relationshipup with your audience and the best part of all...

You can put your affiliate link in the description like in one of mine:

penetrex review

As you can see, in the description I've placed a short description and after follows my amazon affiliate link. I'll show you how to get access to your links here in a short minute.

This was a video I did way back on June 7th, 2018, and It's got a good depth of reviews and views on YouTube.

Before I go further into using a website or not for Amazon Associates, let's talk about how to locate your links for a product!

STEP 3: Acquiring Your Links.

Once you've setup your free registration with the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program, then you'll want to navigate to your home menu tab as seen below:

amazon associates home menu

To the right of your home tab, you'll get menus like Product linking, Promotions, Tools, Reports, and Help.

For this part, you only need to use the Home page to find your affiliate products links that you're going to promote.

On the screen in yellow reads quick links: search for product. And under neath that, is where you will type in your keyword product. For example:

If I wanted to use my Penetrex Pain Relief Cream from the exampled video up above, I'd type in "Penetrex" and hit Go or enter on your laptop.

My results:

penetrex pain relief cream

To the left I'm shown a visual of my product, in the middle is the description and to the right are the links. 

Before you select one, you should have an idea of what you are looking for. For instance...

Before looking up your product ID here, It's best practice to go to the amazon home page and research your product there a bit more(and I'll get to proper research here in a bit don't worry).

STEP 4: Select Get Link or the drop down arrow. 

There are two ways to grab your link:

  1. Picture mode. You'll be shown an image of your product that you can place directly into your blog.
  2. Raw Link URL. You can use the direct link URL and hide it under some text. This works well when you want to hide the link in your blog post, or if you want to directly place it into your YouTube description.

Either way Is acceptable, but if you asked me...

I use the Raw Link URL most of the time, just because it looks neat when covered in text and it doesn't look like I'm trying to promote a product as highly.

So let's say I selected the first Penetrex product ont he results page, and clicked "Get Link". This is what I'll see:

amazon get link

Nothing fncy here but an image with a call to action button. You can even customize the colors for background, title and Price color. And underneath that is your code to place in your website:

amazon link

Simply, copy and paste this HTML into your websites HTML code editor(I'll show you how to here soon).

What if you just wanted to use the Raw Link URL?

Here's what to do:

STEP 1: Click on the down arrow and the following screen will appear:

link url raw

Thereafter, you can press on Highlight HTML and copy. Then, you can immediately head on over to your blog website or YouTube channel and place it in the description.

Now that you know how to signup for the amazon associates program, and how to get your links for your products, let's talk about whether you should use a website or not, and then we'll go into how to select the right products!

Do You Need A Website Or Not?

If I made a penny for every time I was asked this question, I'd be a rich man, and in less than a year. So which one is it?

Yes you do. Even if you were thinking about doing social media(which you just shouldn't rely on that source) or putting up a YouTube channel on your reviews, Amazon will check after a period of time to see if you have at least a website up and running.

I personally would say that you should start off with a website, especially if you are someone who right now is camera shy like I am.

As an introvert, I wanted to spend more time using a website as opposed to doing any kind of video, on camera or not. And for a couple of other factors:

  1. You have your own virtual real estate.
  2. I could write reviews about products I had not tried myself without feeling guilty.

Number one is HONESTLY the most important one. The greatest advantage of having your own website is that you own your own land, and it's not up to Google or someone else to take that away from you.

Imagine this...

What if Google who owns YouTube decided to change the algorithms or completely shut down YouTube?

Your reviews about your products and channel would suffer, and it could go away. And even though the Google search algorithms change, you can establish a proper authority from ranking your website on the first page of google...

That's called Search Engine Optimization.

Benefit #1: Search Engine Optimization

Great, you've signed up for amazon associates program, you even have in mind your product,