April 5

by Michael Granados

Want an unfair advantage as an affiliate marketer?

I'm going to sum up your question about *what is the clickfunnels affiliate program*  with two words, one answer but let me give you the sentence version first. Clickfunnels affiliate program is a special network made for newbies and experts who want to promote a landing page builder software tool that can build you quick optin forms, courses, webinars, membership sites and so much more!

In other words...


Honestly, I wanted to use the word Ka-BOOM but life-changing was more fitting, and the one I will LITERALLY want to hand you over and share how to this very unique affiliate program and by far the best online will save you so much time, make your more money($3,000+/Month), time, effort, and avoid all the mental and physical pain other affiliate have...

WARNING: If yoare not serious about making $3,000-$4,000+ extra a month in affiliate income, do not both reading the rest of this post! Only if you desire to make $3,000+ in passive income and dedicate the next couple of 90 or so days to making this work, and implement the strategies down below, then go on.

"Do you want to be in the 95% percentile of people who land here, decide to dilly dally around, walk away and never go in 100% to experience the best affiliate program on the internet?"

In fact, If you want to get on with Your business and see this unique system you can click here to see it at anytime.

What Will You Get From This Review You Wouldn't Elsewhere?

I'll tell you what most affiliates will not, one of those being how you can make $100/Day with a unique product and strategy to go along with it!

Can you believe that's putting it lightly, and as understatement? Unlike trends that come and go, this is the Hottest, and most top rated software's used by marketers, businesses, online marketers, and so much more! But is it the best?

Listen to this, It's one of the fastest-growing SAAS companies of our generation, of the world, and it's scary how much more growth it has not scaled up to for being a billionaire company.

In terms of promoting their products(Yes they have many), it makes Clickfunnels software that much easier to promote and earn quick money from. And That's not even the best part!

You can earn very high and lucrative Re-occurring monthly commissions, which makes me happy to answer you, It is the best affiliate program!

If you're looking for an affiliate program that will offer you a re-occurring passive month to month commissions, Have a community of AMAZING and HELPFUL people, the Clickfunnels affiliate program is for you and where it is at.

In this review, I will be showing you and walking you through every gem, some hidden, how I as a 6 figure earner make a living online because of Clickfunnels, the best way to get started(with an unfair advantage), and my free and exclusive course!

Shortly, Here's a preview of the all original made by me Cheat Sheet You Will Get later on with me:

At any time if you want to check out my overall review of what Clickfunnels is as a whole review, see it here.

And at any point, if you have a question, comment, concern, suggestion or an opinion, feel free to leave me a comment down below in the comment section.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Summary

Product Name: Clickfunnels

Website: https://whatsyourdreamcar.com 

(Affiliate Sign-up page)



(Home page)

Founder: Russell Brunson

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce, network marketing, agency, offline and online business.

Price: 14 day-free trial, $97/month, or $297/month

Best for: Entrepreneurs, Email Marketers, small businesses, affiliate marketers, digital marketers, traditional businesses

clickfunnels affiliate program review

Summary: The Clickfunnels affiliate program is a great program that will allow you to shape and change the lives of millions of other people and at the same time be able to earn a recurring month to month income. It's exciting, always fresh, and the community of business owners and entrepreneurs are always there to lend a hand when you need it most. What makes this affiliate program so amazing and special is the community, and it's list of different products that you as an affiliate can promote and feel happy doing so. 


Recommended: Yes!

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What Exactly Is Clickfunnels About?

Hang in there with what I'm about to tell you Ok?

I'm sure you've seen Jurassic Park or at the very least heard of it/seen its trailers...

Think of Clickfunnels as the T-Rex and every other dinosaur as any other affiliate program and competitors like the Raptors as it's Competitors. It's the King of the Jungle baby!

Back to Software As A Service(SAAS) talk though, pardon me going on a tangent, but I wanted you to draw a big picture in your mind. Clickfunnels is a software service that is designed to create fast, easy, highly converting drag and drop landing page templates like:

  • Sales funnels
  • Webinars
  • Opt-in pages
  • Courses
  • Memberships
  • and so much more!

If this is your first time hearing about landing pages, here's how they look: 

landing page

This is a capture/landing page, where basically you're setting up a high-value lead magnet(freebie, like a PDF, guide, course, etc), in exchange for a persons email address. You do this so you can follow up with them on the back-end through email automation.

What you just saw was a simple created page that I put up in less than a minute...LITERALLY. And not to get advanced, we'll leave it at this, I have much better templates as well.

If you've heard of other landing page software like Leadpages, Instapage, Builderall, Clickfunnels is like that but on Steroids(hence the T-Rex illustration).

clickfunnels affiliate program

And When I mean steroids, I mean jacked!...

The reason I say this is that it's technologically advanced and highly conversion optimized so that you can capture leads, and make sales with a breeze.

In fact, most other software take some adjusting with their funnels, but with Clickfunnels they are set up to convert from the start.

All you have to do is add in your information like a headline, body, and links. The other thing that separates Clickfunnels from its' competitors is some of its features...

Check this video on what a sales funnel is and how you can use one to actually make money with:

Pretty amazing stuff right?

It's amazing how you can control the moment someone opt-ins into your funnel and then ascend further down your funnel - also called the "value ladder", which I will show you a bit later.

But pretty much the point of why Clickfunnels is so powerful is because it's more than just a standard landing page with an opt-in and thank you page. It goes way farther, and might I add...

Better than traditional affiliate marketing, where after the initial sale, you can't control what your customer buys. For example, like with Mcdonalds, where do they make most of their money?

Not the hamburger, but the fries and a drink. You initially buy your cheeseburger and then you're pitched the fries and a coke, and OH wait...

Do you want to make that a large for an extra $0.90? This is exactly the same representation with Clickfunnels sales funnels. Let me ask you...

Would you rather control your customers buying journey after their initial purchase or let the retailer up-sell them on more products?

Heck no I wouldn't! The money is made on the back-end, not the front-end. Where I made, for example, sending someone to purchase a pain relief cream on amazon, Amazon then starts spelling them like crazy on more items to purchase. 

I once lost tons of money because I couldn't control my buyer's purchases until I found Clickfunnels. Rather than losing out on your customer, you can actually make money on your initial(front-end) product and also on the back-end where the real money is made, and your whole goal is to get them to.

Keep reading because you'll see how you can control the initial and back-end sales with the help of Russell and his amazing Affiliate program.

Why Promote Clickfunnels affiliate program?

Pay close attention to the second and third word in the following bold title which will explain it all...

Clickfunnels High Ticket Affiliate Program and Commissions

Have you ever heard of the term High Ticket? In short, it's where you sell a product/service that is somewhere between $100+. Clickfunnels can earn you 40% re-occurring monthly commissions for life as long as the people under you stay a Clickfunnels member.

I've been crushing it with their affiliate program, that I no longer have to depend ongoing to my underappreciated 9-5 job I used to have. You could read more about that in my about me section if you want. Here's just an example of what you can make on any given day, especially some days where it's over $100 days...

Clickfunnels commissions

And yes this is mine, here's just a bit more evidence of me posting with the image from up above:

facebook and clickfunnels

I wanted to show you just a bit of what I've been earning only and not all out like most people do since I'm not one of those guys who likes to ramble on about how much he's earning and images of earnings either. But I'm doing well with it and that's as much as you should know, for now at least.

That was just the beginning, ever since I earned my first $1 with the Clickfunels affiliate program, it's been picking up live an avalanche, and I couldn't be more grateful that is is still growing.

Pretty cool stuff right?

Related Post: Make $100/day with One unique Clickfunnels Product

I know many others who are doing very well in it too, and I'm sure you can as well if you have the right mentality and determination to help people and provide them with SO much value upfront. Unlike people who recruit you and never help you, I am the opposite...

I'm dedicated to helping you build out your funnels, email sequence, and so much more!

Clickfunnels has 2 referral programs(I added the 14-day trial in there just to illustrate more), you can get paid up to $118 depending on which program your referral member opted into. and I'll get into that later down below within the cost section...

For now, let's look at the abundance of affiliate products that you can promote!

Affiliate Program: The FREE DotCom Secrets Book 



Commission %


Dotcom Secrets Book




Upsell #1: The Black Box




Upsell #1: Funnel Bundle




OTO #1: Audiobooks




OTO #2: Traffic Secrets




Thank You Page: Funnel Builder Secrets




Total Potential Commissions (Maximum Earnings)


On top of how you can earn with the DotCom Secrets Book, let me just quickly show you one of the many strategies you could use yourself to promote it Via Organic methods...

Video. You can make a similar video as I have for you below:

You can make this type of video, place it on YouTube and you can get yourself in front of Millions!

Now onto the next one...

Affiliate Program: The FREE Expert Secrets Book



Commission %


Expert Secrets Book




Upsell #1: The Black Box




Upsell #1: Storytelling Secrets




OTO #1: Audiobooks







Thank You Page: Funnel Builder Secrets




Total Potential Commissions (Maximum Earnings)


Like the DotCom Secrets Book, I showed you earlier, you can do the same for Expert Secrets with a video:

With neither book are you just limited to video organic traffic, you can also write a blog post review like you are in right now for the clickfunnels affiliate program, but you can go and write a separate post for both books. 

Affiliate Program: The FREE FunnelHacker Cookbook



Commission %


FunnelHacker Cookbook




Upsell : The Black Box




OTO : Funnel Immersion




Thank You Page: Funnel Builder Secrets




Total Potential Commissions (Maximum Earnings)


Here are more of the Clickfunnels affiliate programs:

Affiliate Program: Network Marketing Secrets:

network marketing secrets free book
the network marketing secrets book earning report

Affiliate program: 10X Secrets

10x secrets

Affiliate program: Clickfunnels 14-day trial, FBS -Secret Funnel Strategy, and FBS - LadyBoss

clickfunnels trial

Affiliate program: Freelancer Secrets

freelancer secrets

Affiliate program: Funnel Graffiti

funnel graffiti

Affiliate program: Funnel Hacker Cookbook

funnel hacker cookbook
funnel hacker cookbook

Affiliate program: Funnel Scripts

funnel scripts

Affiliate program: Funnel University

funnel university

Affiliate program: Marketing In Your Car

marketing in your car

Affiliate program: One Funnel Away Challenge

one funnel away challenge


By the way, for the one funnel away challenge, I wrote a very popular post about how you can make $100/day promoting the most talked-about product(the one funnel away) and how you can do this ALL without a website!

I was holding on releasing the video I left on that post for Free, but you can go check it out below at any time and then come back here and make sure to read the rest of this to get the WHOLE overview of the affiliate program okay?

Affiliate program: Perfect Webinar Secrets

perfect webinar secrets

Affiliate program: Software Secrets

software secrets
software secrets

Affiliate program: Lead Funnels

lead funnels from clickfunnels

When someone purchases lead funnels, then they will be taken over to the One Funnel Away Challenge upsell.

And here's one of the latest releases by Jim Edwards:

Affiliate program: Copywriting Secrets

copywriting secrets from clickfunnels
copywriting secrets affiliate commission breakdown

Here's how the affiliate dashboard will look now...

OH YEAH before I forget...

According to Spencer Mecham(Who is Clickfunnels top affiliate), Clickfunnels is the second-best affiliate program for recurring commissions!

$100/Day As An Affiliate!

On top of what you just read, I've also published an article where I use this one weird product that you read from up above and I show you how to promote it to earn 100% commissions for...

And you can visit my $100/day article HERE.

Clickfunnels Free Ready Made Email Swipes

Have you ever heard the term: "The money is in the list?"

It's a famous saying that your email will be where you make the bulk of your sales and income. Unlike in traditional affiliate marketing where you get a one time buyer most of the time...

With Clickfunnels, if you want to give away this blessing of software as a tool away you need to be collecting email and providing TONS of value to your audience.

Most people forget to do this, and then complain about why they don't ever make a dollar...It's because their delivery on email is not present. But here's the head start you get...

Clickfunnels has free ready-made email swipes that you can use for your email automation software of choice.

Here's a small example of these emails:

clickfunnels affiliate email swipes

ClickFunnels 2019-2021 Commission Updates

Clickfunnels works hard to protect make sure it retains affiliates who are serious about the software/affiliate program, and sadly, some people are there to "just hang around"...

So Russell Brunson is making the Affiliate program a bit more strict and more helpful for those of us who actually are here to stay, which is awesome.

After all, who wants to work with people that spam the internet with their affiliate link, and those not following the rules?

No one right? So here are some is a message from the current CEO Dave Woodward on how much does clickfunnels pay affiliates:

clickfunnels affiliate commissions changes
clickfunnels affiliate commission changes

Clickfunnels 2-Tier Program(UPDATED)

One of the greatest advantages as a former digital and affiliate marketer is the 2-tier programs that any program has, let alone Clickfunnels. The re astonishing 2-tire program will also pay you 5% sub-affiliate commissions on ANYTHING your recruits promotes....but, It has now been decommissioned as the recent updates have been put in place...

Which in all is not a bad thing if you look at it from the inside.

I now want to show you the value you can get from promoting just 3 of 14 categories and Clickfunnels 25+ products...These are also their highest affiliate earnings!

Why I Joined The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

This is the part where many people will say "I did it for the money!" DUH?...

contrary to your popular belief, I am not taking part in the clickfunnels affiliate program because of the money - well let me rephrase that...

It's not my real and first reason why I joined(part of it has to be earnings), it goes farther than just a monetary value.

I did it because I wanted a better life for myself and my family, the people who put up with me over and over, and I'm not talking about my little brother...

My parents. After 3+ years in school, a D1 soccer player and a few failed trials of one job to the next, and not getting valued at my last job, I was open to the idea of an online income.

We're all very supportive of each other, and they backed me up when I decided to give this affiliate marketing thing a try. But I heard it over and over...

"It's taking too long Michael," "really, you've spent how many months and hours a day on your laptop?"

I put myself in their shoes and I didn't blame them, and with every breath, I took I would always explain...

"It takes time, this is not active income, it's passive. My dad once tried all this with Clickbank and he failed, but I knew it wouldn't be me. I knew that I was going to in a way make it and revive my pops and build him an income stream because he and my mom let me do this under their household without complaints anymore but motivation.

You're thinking I started with the Clickfunnels affiliate program but it didn't...

I went directly into Content Marketing through one of the best platforms on the web called Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a training platform in affiliate marketing that teaches people how to rank in Google by doing Search Engine Optimization(SEO). So I went through the training and I opened up a blog around the health and wellness space...

Specifically in the lower back pain niche. I spent over a year and a half growing it, publishing content every day until I had over 150 articles in less than a year, which was a great goal for me.

I was fortunate to have time on my side, I had been relieved from a job position that was out of my control(25+ let go, downsizing), and in that time at work, I was building out my first business website niche.

After seeing results I wanted to see, things were going great. What most people take a lot of time to learn with affiliate marketing, I had truncated that time in months(I think that had something to do with taking time from a regular 9-5). And so I busted my butt and "expedited the process".

So Why Clickfunnels?

I was extremely curious to see how different lead forms and sales page funnels worked outside of the WordPress Space, and for the fact that I had created my first free e-book in the lower back pain niche and I wanted to market it better for more leads...

So I did that for some time, and then I created the paid version of it and began to use Clickfunnels' highly sophisticated order forms like no other place has. The best part is that it made doing everything from creating lead forms to sales pages, webinars, membership courses and so much more easier, and it is all in one platform!

Above the positives, something was holding me back that need addressing...

There were days on my health and wellness site for months where I was getting great sales, but with the Google Algorithms, the one-time commissions, who knew what would happen next?

I could only be prepared to learn another market, and so I got my head buried in the MMO(Make money online) niche, and I'm thankful I did.

It was a rocky road at first like my first niche, but soon after I not only learned the right ways and expanded my knowledge in not just internet marketing, but:

  • Digital Marketing/Strategist
  • Agency work

...and Affiliate Marketing, it changed my perspective on how to market. I went from wide to narrow, and I started focusing on one traffic source, to a mentor, and so forth.

When I heard that Wealthy Affiliate had its own affiliate program, I went for it, and thereafter I focused on Clickfunnels affiliate program...

After all, I had been using Clickfunnels for my back pain site beforehand, way before I even thought about the affiliate side of things. The rest was just getting to work.

Yeah, I might have my hands full, but I've never let a challenge knock me down, if you can believe in something, you can make it happen!

A point of all this I want to highlight is that you should ALWAYS be creating content for your audience no matter what niche you are in. Your content is your baby.

Going from someone who has a mathematical mindset, never liked to type/write to do videos, or even think I'd become an "expert" in the lower back/back pain niche, to what I know now, I'm always thankful and happy, and I don't take a day for granted...

I remember the pain I had when I first started from work, a relationship that health-wise hurt me, to pushing myself every day.

Anyways, remember to always be yourself but don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone,TAKE RISKS, go after what you desire(I'm not saying you have to be one those people you see making $12,000/month, but be comfortable with what you want), there's no day like today.

The big question I get asked about is where did I start with Clickfunnels affiliate program?

I know that you're eager to know how I got started and I'll tell you so much more about that down below as you keep reading and you come up to the more in-depth "affiliate section".

Here's the video format of how sales funnel can maximize your business in every format imaginable and why sales funnels are important...

How Is Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Different Than Amazon Or Any Other?

Before I get into the JUICY Details of Clickfunnels awesome benefits and high ticket affiliate program, I get asked this just about daily...

What is the difference between amazon niche websites and Clickfunnels? Wait until you see the rest of this article but in general...

Amazon Niche Websites and Without A Website:

  1. Promoting Physical products
  2. 2%-10% commission structure
  3. A Trustworthy Retailer
  4. Selling tons of products to stay consistent
  5. Not only limited to amazon, but you also have Shareasale, JvZoo, Commission Junkie, Clickbank, among others
  6. Blogging or Video Content

For Clickfunnels:

  1. Promoting Digital Products
  2. Using landing page software - Funnels and Sales funnels rather than a website(at least from a beginner with no website experience...yet)
  3. Recurring monthly commissions, high ticket.
  4. Chance to create your own product is higher(because of something called the One Funnel Away Challenge, which I will tell you more down below).
  5. A chance to pair it with your WordPress Website

These are just some of the many purposes you can get from both amazon niche website and also Clickfunnels affiliate marketing. I know that I can make it much easier on you if you're questioning what's best for you...

I started building out a niche amazon website, my interest grew into a passion, I turned that into a business and thereafter I moved into Clickfunnels program for more security on the monthly income. But one thing I always stayed true to and didn't jump on the bandwagon is this...

I combined my health and wellness site with Clickfunnels to sell more of my products and in the process, I created my very own free and paid funnels for people suffering from pain that need CBD Oil. That's not all...

Instead of selling my affiliate products on my website or YouTube Videos that I was promoting on the front end, I did it on the back-end! Now that's the magic of it. Don't worry if you're about to scream at me for trying to overwhelm you, trust me, that's not my intention. I've been in your shoes and I know the feeling at first.

If you have an interest in this field or for anything else, I got your back, either way, you look at it.

Tired Of Low and One-Off Sale Commissions? Get my FREE High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Secrets Guide Here.

Should You Pause or Stop Your Amazon Niche Website For Clickfunnels?

If you have an Amazon niche website, you'll want to listen in really closely, and even if you don't you can learn something here.

Now that's the million-dollar question up there in the title ^^. And I'll tell you why...

I know from experience that producing an Amazon niche website can be both fun and rewarding, fact you can just survive off a full-time income with promoting physical products...if you do it right. But what if you aren't earning the monthly income you want, or if your site just keeps getting hammered by Google updated like:

  1. Panda
  2. Penguin

Then, it's over right? No, but it's an uphill battle, and you've probably been there, and if not great! You've come here at the right time, SERIOUSLY no joking.

It happened to me many times, and I lost income some months from my health and wellness site, I wasn't sure if carrying on with just that was the right thing, but I did know one thing.

I wasn't going to call it quits and move onto the high ticket and digital information products. Rather I shocked the world.

I combined the two! I used my expertise with my niche and building an Amazon niche website to combine it with my other "income eggs" in the Clickfunnels basket and also create my own digital products around my back pain amazon niche.

The more I became knowledgeable and skillful with Clickfunnels and as a digital strategist, the more I knew how to leverage my amazon niche products with the clickfunnels software and affiliate program, giving me 4X the conversions.

Now I had two sources of income...one from my Amazon niche site, and the other from digital information. That's what I can show you to do so you don't have to EXACTLY give up on your amazon niche site if you have one, rather how to combine it with the power of the CF affiliate program. It makes more sense you already have the affiliated knowledge and blog/YouTube skill sets to make this take off much FASTER.

This motivated and inspired me to carry own writing reviews that seemed effortless and for fun like the one you're in now. So in all, my skills raised, my income shot up with having my eggs in different baskets, and I was enjoying helping educate people about the products I used. And by the way...

Here's one of the many examples of how I combined the two...

(You're about to see this thing called a "Value Ladder", don't worry about it right now, I'll help you with it once you're inside). But here is how it looks:

value ladder

And here's an example of how mine could look like and even yours:

value ladder

Pretty cool right?

Again, don't worry if this is all new, I'll help you get it down, and by the time you're done, you'll have more than just your amazon affiliate website and non-website commissions, you'll have recurring CF commissions, along with your other platforms(I'm part of Wealthy Affiliate and you can add this in there too).

Even if you didn't already have an Amazon niche website and if you're still tuning in, this can apply to you and everyone.  

Plus, you'll be able to do so much more like creating your own products with a secret challenge I will tell you more about later below, and how this one way helped me create my own products and market my amazon niche website.

What If You're A Blogger? Can You Use ClickFunnels Too?

Look, I get it, I went through a time where my Amazon niche type site wasn't earning me the revenue I wanted after a couple google algorithm changes and smaller commissions, and my plan B had to be recurring monthly higher ticket commission affiliate networks...

as well grow from using WordPress landing page builders like Elementor and Thrive themes to sales funnels, eventually combining the two. So here's the plan...

In the meantime, while you're on your main site/business, you can develop a more predictable source of income and get this...

If you're looking to spice up your current blog(in any niche that it is) with the use of a funnel that will better:

  • Attract your ideal dream customer
  • Have a closer personal connection
  • Increase the quality of your leads
  • Increase your sales conversions

...And so much more, you can use all the other Clickfunnels proven templates that I've stored in my share funnel library at the bottom of this page as my bonuses.

Plus, If you ever need help connecting your blog to clickfunnels, and you're having trouble imagining how the two can work, I made a video for you on why you need a sales funnel in your business video on YouTube.

Clickfunnels Features and Awesome Benefits

One of my favorite movies Godzilla, in the first movie, when everyone sees this monstrous creature rise from the Ocean and into the Land, everyone's eyes and jaws pop out in shock and utter fear.

Like our "Friendly" Mr. Godzilla...

Clickfunnels took the internet by wave with its ultra-superior features unlike any other SAAS service or affiliate program, in general, had to offer.

  1. Built-in Autoresponder. Usually you'd have to get an autorepsonder separately like Aweber, Activecampaign among others, but Clickfunnels has its own autoresponder so you don't have to worry about having different platforms to manage, instead, you could without a hassle manage it from CF(Clickfunnels) itself.
  2. Split Testing Capabilities. This has to be my favorite aspect of using Clickfunnels and its affiliate program. If you want to make a passive income online or stand a chance at maximizing your conversions and profits, you need to be split testing, and what you get inside this mega software service is A/B testing for landing pages. Check this out:

 This is a landing page I created for one of my Full-Time businesses online where I'm running a split test and driving traffic to both pages. What's so special about what I do?

I've built out tons of split test funnels and I've Scientifically PROVEN which ones work best. Plus, there are secret gems inside many of the ones I created and ran that you have to see how mind-blowing they are!

3. Accurate Funnel Building. Very beginner friendly funnel builder                         templates allow you to know exactly what you need without getting                     lost. There are two ways you can start creating funnels and they                         are by something called the Cookbook Builder Process and the                          Classic Funnel Builder.

If you decide to go through the Cookbook Builder Process, you will have a column on the left hand with things like retailer, B2B, Author and many more, so it makes it easy to select what you want for what you have to sell.

And on the right is the Classic Funnel Builder which I use very often to just create either template to collect emails, sell a product or do a webinar. Either way works great.

There are many other tools that make it one of a kind and is nowhere in competition with anyone else, it's literally in a category of its own.

Clickfunnels Cost

Clickfunnels 14-DAY fREE tRial

Simple, fast and effective flexible move




  • 40% Commission
  • Commision %: $38.08/month
  • Max 20 Funnels
  • Max 100 pages
  • 2,000 Visitors
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • 3 custom domains

Simple, fast and effective flexible move




  • 40% Commission
  • Commision %: $118.08/month
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited Vistors
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimted custom domains

Now I know how that sounds(expensive) but the cost of admission is a High Ticket Affiliate Program, and might I add, the owner Russell Brunson helps upsell people, which you will learn more down below. Plus, it's one of the fastest ways to get larger one time-commissions than those you'd get from opening up an amazon affiliate website or others similar.

By the way, here's a video I made on what you get with your free 14-day Clickfunnels trial:

UPDATE: Clickfunnels $19/Month Share Funnel Plan 

There used to be an option to have a clickfunnels $19/month share funnel plan, but that has gone away so now you only have the $97/month and $297/month plan, but I'll leave you the following if you wanted to read what that share plan "was" about.

Did I mention there is a $19/month plan?!

Yes, you can get on a lower monthly plan, and here's what comes with it:

  • 3 funnels
  • Limited to only share funnels
  • 5,000 number of visits
  • Unlimited contacts

Here are the steps to get on a share funnel plan:

STEP 1: I'd have to share a funnel with you, for example, the one linked here. This link will allow you to start on a free 14-day trial.

STEP 2: Once you get access to the following link, you'll get an introduction video as well as the shared funnel message below it.

STEP 3: You'd enter your billing information - don't worry, you will not be billed, and you can cancel at any time you'd like if you're not interested or happy.

STEP 4: Click the shared funnel box below with a checkmark. This is how it will appear:

clickfunnels $19 shared funnel plan

That's all! Now hear me out...

It's a good place to start, but there's a disadvantage I have to share with you.

You can only use 3 total, they have to be shared by someone else through a share funnel, and you can't change them up to for custom modifications, meaning that you can't add any more pages to it.

It's not my favorite, and trust me when I say that your funnel space will build up quickly!

Having more shared funnels in your account will give you leverage to hand out to those people you get under you. Nonetheless, if you're a beginner and you want to get a feel for Clickfunnels, go right ahead, and the link is here again just in case.

On the other side of that link will be the start of your training - if you wish to begin that is. Back to the earning details now...

Your commissions are paid out on a weekly which is really amazing because many affiliate programs end up paying a month after the last time you got paid.

You'll get paid after the 30 day refund period as long as you meet the minimum threshold of $50.

dotcom secrets
dotcom secrets
expert secrets
expert secrets
funnel hacker cookbook
funnel hacker cookbook
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Clickfunnels Affiliate Pros And Cons

I want to make sure I'm being as unbiased here as I can be, so I'm not going to hold by telling you the good and especially the bad to becoming a clickfunnels affiliate...Sound good?


  • Many different products available for you to promote and to get in the action of selling low-ticket and high-ticket products
  • Done for you templates, emails, and upsells. The advantage here is that when you get someone to purchase like a free + shipping book, Russell will take care of the upsells for you, which means you'll earn much more in a faster time.
  • 40% commissions. Clickfunnels dishes out a generous 40% in commissions so you can earn more money which means you can sell less of the same product.
  • A very helpful community. People are always willing to help you and everyone else out which means you can get back to building your affiliate marketing business faster.

These are just some of the many, and I could have gone on forever, but I think you get the picture. Of course, with the good must come the bad, and I want to reveal to you what NO OTHER affiliates will tell you! WARNING: Most affiliates just want to make money from you, so be careful who you choose!


  • Stricter Affiliate Rules now will start the new affiliates at I believe 20% commissions and you can only promote certain products until you meet like 30 affiliate sign ups under you, then you can unlock more. I mean, I get why they do it, to protect their program and to keep the serious ones in, but If you need ranges of options, then this could be a downfall.
  • $97/Month for a beginner is QUITE Pricy. If you're a beginner, you can still apply to the affiliate program and promote their books and stuff like that, but it's always best to have the product so you can fully help people with it, and $97/Month, like seriously? If you already have a presenece, a blog, YouTube channel, etc...then by all means, go ahead. In the meantime, you can just take the affiliate bootcamp.
  • You're not taught FULLY about generating traffic! At the end of the day, you will NEED traffic to make your affiliate business work, and although Clickfunnels has things like "Clickfunnels Platinum" - where you get free ad courses and from the bootcamp you get to hear SEO from dream car winners, it's NOT full training on these traffic generating strategies. If you want to get good at traffic, its best that you invest in a course that can teach you that..
  • So in reality, you'll be paying for their lowest plan of $97/month(after the 14-day trial) and then still have to produce traffic! I mean, you can do Solo ads, Paid traffic, and even free traffic but don't get upset if you're continuously spending $97/month with no return on your investment. It's a process of testing and content marketing. 


There are great pros and cons on this list, and I want to focus on the fact that if you're not ready to become a paid member of Clickfunnels, that you can still apply for their affiliate program for free and work on promoting these products for free. How?

My PROVEN $1,000+ a month in affiliate marketing traffic generating strategy is with a website blog. I built an entire health and wellness business out of a blog alone...

Ranking my posts on the first page of google which means more traffic and more sales! Where did I start you're wondering?

There's no better online platform that can teach you how to build a search engine ready website in affiliate marketing where you are not restricted to promoting just one product/service/company...

And where you can get started for FREE...you can check out my #1 recommendation Here.

Alternative Affiliate Programs

Look, Clickfunnels is worth the hype but I want you to make the best decision for YOU in the end, so here it is.

Other than Clickfunnels done-for-you business in a box(I’ll show you more below), there is a NEW dominating system that is overwhelmingly positive and has been buzzing like crazy…


It’s A Done-For-You system! You don’t need to create landing pages, they are done for you, and you don’t have to spend time trying to come up with emails for different products, they are ALL done for you...like 80+ of them...That’s just one email sequence too!

The system will help you sell everything from Clickbank products to everything far and wide. I made a page you can go check out below.

Brand new, step-by-step anyone can do it! It’s helped me earn $200+ dollar days when you get it going, it’s amazing. Make sure to check it out by clicking that link up above in the bullet point.

Other than that, I made a list of fortune 500 companies that have affiliate programs you can look into with my other lists of 60+ here.

Where To Get Started?

I get there are so many ways to earn Michael, but where do I get started?

Ok, alright, let's get into that, but before you get excited with the details I'm about to share with you, I want you to ask yourself a question...

"Am I ready?"

Good, now that I know your mind is in the right place, let's get cracking. Although I will share with you the top 2 places towards the bottom of this article on how "I" prefer to get started, let me show you where I was "situation-aware" and what first turned my attention to the CF affiliate program...

The Affiliate Bootcamp

affiliate bootcamp

Yes you read that right, you can learn how to retire in 100 days as a Clickfunnels SUPER AFFILIATE!

What's interesting about this is that you get the whole "360" on how to not only use clickfunnels and build out sales funnels, but how to use them as an affiliate, and target those who want to become affiliates. The Affiliate Bootcamp was in updating stages and now it is done!

affiliate bootcamp

Affiliate Bootcamp Pros Vs Cons


  • FREE Beginner Friendly Affiliate Marketing Training from owner Russell Brunson Himself 
  • Updated Training 
  • Get the full Clickfunnels education and purchasing packages
  • 40% monthly recurring commissions 


  • 100 days is a lot of time to stay committed 
  • having to purchase a higher account(Actionetics)
  • Other ways of getting started have made the Bootcamp a bit unpopular 

Here's a video I made on the best way to get started...

My Conclusion:

Clickfunnels Bootcamp is a great beginner-friendly affiliate marketing place to begin learning about clickfunnels and how to use clickfunnels as an affiliate from Super affiliates. so from that point of view it's a no-brainer! There are tons of videos that will help you build out a business and how to market other peoples products and services within Clickfunnels dashboard

How awesome is it that ClickFunnels will help you build out your business online and help you understand the affiliate side of things?!

If you haven't gotten started, and are lost about affiliate marketing or want to understand the Clickfunnels culture, take the Affiliate Bootcamp First.

Now, these are not the only two programs you can start with but are a definite place to learn about Clickfunnels and eventually promote it to other affiliates if that's your market.

And in a few minutes(in the alternative way to get started section) you'll see the other two ways that I gained traction and found my ULTIMATE foot in the door.

Here's more detailed information on how you can earn as an affiliate with the Clickfunnels platform:

Clickfunnels Sticky Cookie

The concept of the sticky cookie is this...

Imagine taking someone through any of these product funnels and if that same person decides to purchase through another product funnel, you will still get the commission!

Look at it this way, let's say you're promoting the Expert Secrets book...

If you have someone purchase the "bait" which is the book, and the, later on, that same person decides to purchase a different product like dot com secrets, or if they buy Clickfunnels, then you get commissions off of everything they buy!

The awesome thing about that is like you saw above, there is a range in value of products from $1 to like $2,000+. And here's the other thing...

When someone purchases at the beginning of a funnel, like a book, then you have owner Russell Brunson sending them through that funnel to up-sell and down-sell them. Also, he will follow them up with emails, videos, and on your end, you'd be emailing them. It's a WIN, WIN, WIN!

Here's a video on Sticky Cookies presented to you by Dream Car Winner and #1 affiliate Spencer Mecham:

Clickfunnels Dream Car Contest

Believe it or not, the title reads correct, you can win a DREAM Car! 

If you can get just 100 active members, Clickfunnels will cover the lease of your dream car which is up to $500/month! and it doesn't end there...

For 200 active members: Up to 1,000/month! If that doesn't blow your mind, I don't know what will. Especially when this is a close reality, and you can get it done like I'm approaching in doing.

Here's a visual representation: 

dream car for clickfunnels

There'a video here if you'd like to see how realistic this is:

I also wanted to make sure I gave you the PDF format of the qualifications and just the bonuses offered, so here's more information on how you can win your dream car:


Want a Free 14-Day Trial of Clickfunnels and get Step-by-Step Help On How To Get Your First Sale Fast? Check out my #1 recommended way to start

What Are Share Funnels?

Can you believe the potential to earn with Clickfunnels hasn't even breached the surface?

One of the major ways everyone is earning with Clickfunnels affiliate program is by sharing what are called "Share Funnels"...

Inside of your Clickfunnels Funnel settings, at the bottom you'll see this:

share funnel

You'll see the exact box with your own unique share funnel link that you can share to your audience, and the more funnels you have in your account, the more there are to share right.

Am I sharing funnels? Absolutely! I've shared over hundreds of them, many that I created myself too. The great part about that is that you don't even need to create your whole separate one(although it's pretty fun to create them).

And if you're not a "Tech" person, great, because guess what?

You don't have to be! It's very beginner-friendly, and the funnels Russell Brunson has for you are highly converting, plus you get all of mine that I've put hard work into, which you will see more information on my bonuses below.

Do You Need To Purchase Clickfunnels To Promote Their Software As An Affiliate?

Most definitely not. The Clickfunnels affiliate program is free to join, free to promote without having to purchase the $97/month or $297/month package. However, It can become very hard to promote an affiliate product that you do not either use or love.

Here's an example from someone who is an affiliate(yours truly): 

As an affiliate marketer, it's important with the Clickfunnels affiliate program that you can provide ongoing training and support to those who sign up under you, to keep and improve on your customer retention rate.

I don't want you to think that you can't do this because you Honestly can. If me, someone who didn't know a single thing about affiliate programs and affiliate marketing started making a living primarily with Clickfunnels affiliate commissions, I know damn hell I wouldn't be here writing this article for you...

and In a little bit I'll tell you what qualifies me, but first.

To promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate you need to think strategically and systems. Here are two big things you want to do to make sure you can make money:

  1. Share Funnels. Clickfunnels makes it easy for you to share your own funnels with anyone else, and inside of it is a traceable link, so if someone who has not signed up for Clickfunnels yet wants the funnel you offer, they can click and go sign up, and you get a commission. My advice is to create "niche specific" funnels to your audience. For example: I did years of work in the health and wellness space, so I created health funnels for my other website, and then I shared them with others.
  2. Drive Traffic. No people, means no commissions, no businesses. Doing things like blogging, doing a YouTube video, Facebook groups, running ads will all help bring in traffic(people).

I know how it sounds, but it's not much to take on...if you know what you're doing. I struggled for 6 months straight trying to figure this whole digital online business stuff and passive income, but until one day I sat down.

I bootstrapped in, did my research, got in touch with the highest-earning affiliate earners of Clickfunnels and modeled what they were doing. Shoutout to Spencer Mecham.

Throughout of the past few years, I've been able to change the lives of 1,000's of people with what I know. All because I listened, soaked up knowledge and applied it.

Thanks to those times, I've been able to automate things, and I just pretty much go out there and help others who want the same. 

Want To Start For Free Without Signing Up?

With the 14-day free signup, you have to put your credit card information in, but that's no worries, if you don't like it, you can always cancel. But what if I gave you an EXCLUSIVE chance to partner with me without joining at first?

Here's my proposition for you:

STEP 1: Without signing up at the start, I can let you use my own funnels that I took precious time out of my days to create. How does that sound?

This way you can get a feel for the program without having to spend the $97/month upfront or so. This is how it will get done...

All I would need to do is clone my funnels and what I'd need from you is just your "Affiliate link" which you can find inside the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program by going through this link to sign up as an affiliate.  This can be the link for your clickfunnel affiliate login.

That's step 1, onto step 2:

STEP 2: Let me know you did by reaching out to me on my contact page here. Leave me with a friendly "Hi" or something, and that you have an affiliate account created. With your affiliate link to at least 2 funnels(to start) - select the "Affiliate Bootcamp" and 14-day trial affiliate link in your affiliate dashboard...

hover over your name and a drop-down with affiliates will come up. select that.

Now, click on the button...

And then I'll send you a couple of funnels and let you know how to best use them and promote them(also explained in this article).

Next, scroll down until you see this and click on it:

Now, scroll down until you get your "Bootcamp link" and your "14-day trial". The Bootcamp will appear first and then your 14-day trial thereafter. Copy those two, and then send them in the same email you used through my contact page. 

ALTERNATIVE: I know some of you have the Clickfunnels book(s) which are amazing! if you don't by now, you should, but I also have funnels for expert secrets and Dotcom Secrets. I can let you use for now the Expert Secrets Book with my ready to go funnel. Like in the example above, find this link in your affiliate center under "Expert Secrets".

Here's that landing page:

Expert Secrets Book.

And that's it. I should have an existing funnel that should be, or I'll clone and place your links inside so this way you're getting credit for them. 

NOTE: Although this is not the best long term solution, it will get your feet in the water and start getting those commissions upfront with my rental funnels and then once you jump on board, you'll get tons more of training!

This is a good option too if you have your own email autoresponder so you can follow up and build a relationship with your audience and promote on the backend(so if you're someone who has a business already, this already works out since you have an active list to stay in contact with)

How Can You Join The Affiliate Program?

I have a surprise for you, but before I show you, let me walk you through the straight path of signing up for Clickfunnels affiliate program.

STEP 1: Go To Clickfunnels.com. 

You'll get this screen:

STEP 2: Scroll down to the very bottom until you see the "affiliates" link.

STEP 3: Click on "sign up to become an affiliate" if you're a new user that is.

The Best Alternative Way To Sign Up

Yes, there's the Affiliate Bootcamp which I do recommend you look first or at a point after I show you my preferred method which is with a 95% All-done-for-you Viral Affiliate Funnel...

#1 Viral Affiliate Machine

There's this thing called a Viral Affiliate Business In A Box, a ready-to-go business that you can easily take an import the funnel int your account. What it basically comes with are:

  • An opt-in page to capture names and emails
  • and a one-page sales page

That's it! But it's not just any kind of opt-in page, or one-page sales page, it's uniquely designed to convert. You can customize your sales page however you want to, or leave it as is, works just fine that way.

Here's a video review I made for you and what qualifies me:

UPDATE: Also the funnel you saw up above, I made a new training and changed it up which is  A LOT better, and I want to share with you that video here:

And by the time you get it, there will be more updates and free additions which will help you make your affiliate journey much more smoother.

This MONSTROUS of a training will take you through how to create even more multiple streams of income! And then eventually you can circle back to the Affiliate Bootcamp thereafter(which I HIGHLY recommend you do).

The good thing about this funnel is if you're a beginner in affiliate marketing, and if it's your first time, I'll gladly show you what you need to do step-by-step not only with this funnel but with any other Niche you select.

See here's the thing, you can just use this funnel as a part of the on-boarding and if you want to promote MMO or make money online offers, but if you want to choose your own niche(which I suggest you do), I'll show you how since I already have with a health and wellness one.

As a complete beginner, this funnel will show you the tools you need to get going in Affiliate marketing, and if you choose to promote it as an affiliate, you can do so. But if you would rather have other funnels for other industries to serve your own niche, you can too.

This goes for moderate affiliates to experts too. Don't feel like you're stuck promoting just this funnel because it's in the Make money online niche and you have to. Use this as an entry point to get started...

And the rest I'll show you where to go like with the Bootcamp and the one funnel away challenge.

Business In A Box UPDATE (MUST Read Or Else...)

So the whole "Business in a box" thing is outdated and you shouldn't rely on a "done-for-you" business in any capacity so what I recommend you do is get started with the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp (by clicking here) And OR you can also download this viral affiliate business in a box and use as roadmap to help you build an affiliate marketing business, so I'll leave it down below just in case.

So right now, I want to share with you my Viral Affiliate business in a box that will give you the ONE unique sales funnel for affiliate marketing with a FREE video series, and then share with you the funnel from the video up above with all the updates on it you'll be dying to see.

(Once inside, you'll get training, your Free course, and you'll be able to later signup for and get your clickfunnels affiliate login).

#2 One Funnel Away Challenge(OFA)

Did I save the best for last?

Those are 4 words that I will hear ringing in my ears until the day I decide to put my typing fingers down. And what I mean by that is this...

  • Understand Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell your own products down the line
  • Build your very own profitable online business
  • What Is there to love?

    If you want to get the full grasp of how to build out your very own sales funnel, and eventually build up to creating your own product, this is the BEST place to start.

    All you pay is $100 to get all of this:

    ofa challenge
    ofa challenge part 2

    Although the OFA Challenge is generally presented as more of a "business opportunity", you can reap the benefits of starting your very own, and if you want to participate as an affiliate you can so do so...

    It's kind of like when I created my first business in the health and wellness space for an amazon niche website type of deal and I then started to promote affiliate products...

    But this time around, I created my very first sales funnel with my own product and offer, and it sold like crazy!

    On top of that, I created one of it, not the best CBD Oil funnels there is, you really have to see it to believe. With these same concepts, you can create your own, and if you have an Amazon niche website, imagine placing your affiliate products as apart of your "Value Ladder" like I showed you in the image way up above? It'll take off! And with what I show you how to do.

     A great advantage are two things also...

    You get three of the most experienced Clickfunnels users in:

    ofa leaders
    ofa leaders part 2

    To recap: If you decide to start with the OFA challenge, you'll understand how to built out your first funnel with your own product(digital or physical) along with how to sell other peoples products that you don't own, along with how to position your affiliate products(great also if you have an amazon niche website or similar)

    From my experience, I was able to take the OFA challenge and smoothly transition my health and wellness amazon niche website with it.

    Until you check out what the OFA is ALL about, you'll see how you can build out your very own online business selling your own products while also being an affiliate of not only Clickfunnels, but many others too!

    How To Choose Between the OFA and the Viral Affiliate Machine?

    I go out of my way to make sure you go VIRAL, hence my name...It's no coincidence.

    What all that mumbo jumbo means is that I want you to have the most abundant success that I am having and then some. I have everything that you need to not only get started but to make it in affiliate marketing...

    With my years of experience building out a health and wellness niche to an affiliate one, I know how important it is to have your eggs in more baskets than one, bring me to my next point.

    Whether you choose the OFA or my Viral Affiliate Machine, you can revert to either one of them and I will help you start earning not only by promoting Clickfunnels products, but many others...

    I designed my highly lucrative funnels in a way where you'll get funnels that are very diverse, and how NOT to be your everyday affiliate.

    You'll have the best of both worlds, it's a WIN WIN.

    How To Promote Clickfunnels?

    Listen, before you can promote Clickfunnels, we have to answer the "Who"...

    Who is your dream customer, the audience that you will be delivering your Clickfunnels software too!

    Too many people that come into the affiliate and Clickfunnels world get twisted up in this "how" to promote when they haven't figured out who the heck they will promote to -Your "Who".

    This is something I will focus with you on, and I go into greater length to get you to define your dream character avatar. Here are some examples though:

    who are you promoting clickfunnels too?

    These are just some of the many you can do, but you want to break these industries down and go "Niche". So like I can do network marketing and tie in Clickfunnels to it. And what I'd do is not necessarily show someone the Clickfunnels software upfront but promote other front end offers first.

    Most people don't convert right away if you show them the product, and you should be presenting it as a tool and NOT as a make money online product.

    Another example could be to other affiliates too but get a niche on who your dream customer is.

    Now onto the promotional strategies...

    I see more mistakes than I get people coming to me asking questions about how to promote clickfunnels? With questions like:

    1. Should I use Social Media?
    2. Should I use paid ads?
    3. Should I use organic traffic?
    4. Do I need to put in work?
    5. What about my Email list?
    6. A friend of a family member?
    7. Who Should I promote it to?

    And going, and going...Like the energizer bunny, these questions are on a continuous straight line path...never-ending in case you missed that point 🙂

    That 4th one is obvious, but the others to you right now might not be, and so the better things to ask are:

    How will you pre-frame your offers? What are you promoting? This will give me a better idea of how you should tackle things...

    and one other thing. Do you promote a trial first vs a book? I'll keep that a secret between you and I 😉

    Let me tackle a bit on how to promote each one(obviously I can't go too in-depth on each one, so much to cover) first before I go into the difference between those who succeed and fail.

    Social Media


    You can create an optimized personal page funnel where your Bio and Images are made to get people to check out your lead magnet, training, a group, etc.

    Facebook Pages:

    You can use Facebook pages to draw up a nice advertising billboard across your cover photo with a nice lead magnet.

    Facebook Groups:

    Create an engaging Facebook Group where you can provide value to your audience, show them the ropes, and be the attractive leader in your industry. Also, add massive value to other people's Facebook groups. Your audience is likely in some of these, and you can be the person solving their problems. Remember, you're in the business to help, educate and inform so do just that in these groups.

    Facebook Ads:

    Given Facebook's strict policy against anything money making related, it can be tough at times to get your ad approved, but with my help and seeing what works, you can hit the ground running.


    Create boards and pins. I also help with this with my exclusive courses upon joining.


    Post your content - via a blog post, YouTube Videos, Podcasts, etc. Share your lead magnets, reviews about Clickfunnels.


    Network with others inside your Direct Message Inbox, share your photos, be on Instagram stories, give insight into your stories. IG TV is there too.

    and there are other social platforms but these are the important ones.

    Paid Ads

    If you want to go the paid traffic route, then you can with a couple things I'm about to reveal, but first...

    Paying for traffic is my least favorite method especially as a beginner, but YOU can achieve getting recurring income without a paid traffic source(as you've seen some already above in the previous section), but I found out how you can get your first $100 without having to pay for it...Nonetheless, here they are:

    • Google Ads. You can target people who are warm to hot buyers so you get the better ROI from the beginning(which I show you with my ad templates when you join with me)
    • Facebook Ads. I've spent thousands of dollars testing out this but it hadn't worked for me at the beginning. You can make money with this system but you have to be strategic.
    • Bing Ads. It's a lower-paid ad traffic source than its counterpart Google, with less volume, but you can still get opt-ins and good traffic.
    • Instagram Ads. Most people spend their time on Instagram, so why not leverage it?
    • Solo Ads. This is the fast way to an ROI(Return On Investment). Simply, you're paying someone who has a ton of people on their email list to send them over to your list so they see what you have to offer.

    Create Content

    At the end of the day, nothing will EVER beat your organic Search Engine Optimization Content, which is basically where you can rank on the first page of Google or get the top spot videos on YouTube. So here are your options:

    • Create a Blog if you haven't already 
    • A YouTube Channel
    • A Podcast
    • and you can even partner up to share content on Instagram with the story mode.
    • Post strategic content on social media. 

    But publishing is key!

    My first start in publishing content came through Blogging and I think that's a wonderful way to go because you can have long-term content that stays on the search engines for a very long time.

    There's 5 steps to getting your website blog started:

    1. Pick an industry(otherwise known as a niche)
    2. Pick a PROVEN offer to promote
    3. Build a Website Blog
    4. Write content
    5. Earn money

    It's that straightforward, and in no time, you'll have people landing on your posts like you probably did here today with this one. How to get started?

    I would heavily consider checking out my #1 recommendation where you can not only get to promote Clickfunnels products but promote TONS of other ones with other affiliate networks like:

    • JVZoo
    • Commission Junction
    • Amazon
    • Shareasale
    • Flexoffers

    That's just naming a few. Even if Clickfunnels has great products you can promote, you don't have to feel tied to JUST promoting their physical/digital information and software products. Got me?

    Related post: One Blog Post Away Challenge

    Of course this gets more in-depth but don't worry, I'll help you out TREMENDOUSLY.

    Email Marketing

    If you have a list of people, market Clickfunnels to your "HOT" audience. This one is a no-brainer but it can be tough to set up the flow of your email sequence if you're a beginner. But again, I have these done for you emails.

    Now, there are many other ways to promote Clickfunnels, and there are strategies that you should get in place, but these are the important bunch. The strategy part, I can work with you on that.

    1-1 Coaching Call

    To make sure you get clear clarity as to what method(s) to use, I can get on a coaching call to help you out. Don't be shy to reach out to me, and I will also reach out to you if you want a call - upon joining.

    On that note, let me just check in with you for a quick minute:

    Clickfunnels Affiliate Success Vs A "Let Me Try It Out Mindset"

    The difference between those that succeed and don't is small, but many people don't get that once you have your affiliate link, you shouldn't spam people with your link or just drive traffic(people) to Clickfunnels product page.

    Trust me when I say, this will lead to NO conversions. People do not invest in products, they invest in solutions that can fix their problems.

    So you're not going to sell, you're going to educate Okay? What you're going to do is educate people on a solution instead of the actual product...

    If you're a beginner, I know that all may sound like a bunch of mambo jumbo, but don't worry, I'm going to be here every step of your journey. And one other thing...

    You can decide to promote Clickfunnels products to other affiliate marketers or you can use it as it's intended...

    As a funnel landing page software to help you and others grow their own business. If you can focus on a "niche" of people who need Clickfunnels to like sell and create their own products, it's a WIN WIN...and I show you how to do this effectively!

    I want to make this point loud and clear, ClickFunnels is NOT a biz opp(business opportunity), so if you're going to make commissions it's best to look at it from the angle that you are helping other people grow and solve their business problems.

    The good thing is that within the Clickfunnels affiliate program I'm going to be by your side every step of the way to ensure you see everything I do, and how to go about it step-by-step.

    I already do all this, and you're going to get access to over $22,000 in Bonuses! Think of this as a fast track to your success.

    Some of the many things you'll get from me are:

    • Free email swipes
    • Free funnels
    • Free membership course training
    • my ads
    • How to drive traffic
    • and so much more!

    I've learned that the best way to promote Clickfunnels as a starter is by giving away your free books, Clickfunnels free books, or training. 

    By the way, here's another video on how to sell Clickfunnels as an affiliate:

    Who Is Clickfunnels Affiliate Program and the One Funnel Away For?

    Answer: This is for literally EVERYONE:

    • network marketers/MLM
    • freelancers
    • current online and offline business owners
    • affiliates
    • moms
    • dads
    • students
    • workers
    • Ecommerce
    • Dropshipping
    • Amazon Niche websites
    • Amazon FBA

    And so much more!

    Clickfunnels is great as a beginner and for experts, but in NO WAY do they fully educate you JUST focusing on generating traffic! Yes, they have clickfunnels platinum with Free paid courses and the affiliate bootcamp where you'll have dream car winners tell you their strategies...

    But it's not focused on producing traffic for you, unlike my #1 recommended Free course for beginners to actually start producing a money making website where you're not entitled to only promote Clickfunnels affiliate program but that and more!. 

    I Want You To Imagine...

    What If You could have JUST one ounce of my success?

    Would that pay off your bills, have extra spending money for yourself, your family, your friends? What about a night out with your significant other?

    How about it would give you that certainty to finally say to yourself: "I can not only do this but god damn, I can leave my 9-5 job!

    I know where you are right now, I've walked, hell, I've even ran to and away from the pain I had of dealing with every day being a freaking mentally draining and physically taxing day...

    I didn't think I had the time, that this was all some fluff, or that I didn't know "how"...

    And that's what stopped me at the beginning. But I decided I'd get my mind right and give it not only a try but to do it 100% without expecting anything in return right away.

    See, if you can give value back to your audience, you WILL succeed. You'll have the skills to depend on yourself and no one else to hold you down, your income-generating activities will be like no other, and above all you know what?

    You'll learn to value yourself in ways you never thought were possible! Yeah, It's an explosive feeling, I've been through it.

    Final Thoughts & MY Extremely Exclusive Bonuses

    Now you've seen the clickfunnels affiliate program, a way as an affiliate to make money with clickfunnels, along with things like clickfunnels affiliate program commissions and what you can earn for a clickfunnels affiliate payout.

    I can tell you what is the clickfunnels affiliate program, and it's not a scam that's for sure... 

    But I have to ask you one thing: Are You Serious? Or are you just poaching around? I want to work with WINNERS, and people who are resourceful, and are not just looking for a quick buck. If that's not you then...

    You'll have a stream of passive income that will allow you to earn and have fun doing it in the process. You'll learn what sales funnels are, how they work, how to combine your existing business(amazon or not) and how you can best utilize them to provide value to people first, and then make earnings from it.

    I even wrote an intense review on the overall clickfunnels software if you'd like to check that out.

    ClickFunnels Bonuses ($34,639 Value)

    Did this ClickFunnels affiliate review get you interested and excited about joining the free 14-day Clickfunnels trial?

    Why not take all of my extra help to start your ClickFunnels journey with my exclusive and proven to work ClickFunnels bonuses...

    Whether you came here looking for the best clickfunnels bonus or clifckfunnels bonuses, you came to the right place.

    Here are all the 12 MEGA Bonuses that you will get

    • Bonus #1:ClickFunnels Dream Cheat Sheet To Success($9,997 Value). Want to see how to not only get your first sale but keep it consistently going? I have about a 75 page PDF road-map guide that will LITERALLY hold your hand and walk you through step-by-step day-by-day(8 days to be exact), on what you need to know and take ACTION on. There are end of day tasks to follow, which are super helpful.
    • Bonus #2: Top Earner Mentor Masterclass($1,997 Value)  – This is my Step-by-Step Blueprint showing you everything I do to build and grow a business from nothing to 6 or even 7 figures.
    • Bonus #3: DFY High Converting Funnels($14,997 Value)
    •  – The difference between Top Earners and amateur affiliate marketers is their own custom sales funnel.
    • Bonus #4: DFY Highly Converting Ads($1,997 Value)
    • Bonus #5: Leverage My Bonus Package($2,997 Value) – The difference between super affiliates who make sales effortlessly and amateur affiliates that struggle to make sales is a bonus package
    • Bonus #6: UNLIMITED Traffic, The Million Dollar SEO, and Advertising Combo: ($2,997 Value)
    • Bonus #4: The Million Dollar SEO and Advertising Combo($997 Value) – Most people that ever try to promote any products online, struggle to even make a couple of sales. On the other hand, successful marketers and affiliates that make thousands of dollars per month in recurring income know how to create irresistible offers that people simply can't say "no" to. 
    • Bonus #5: Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate($197 Value)See the ultimate list of best affiliate programs on the web.
    • Bonus #6: Programs White Label Rights($297 Value)  - Get my PLR products that will help you with social media on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even for email marketing ($297 value)
    • Bonus #7: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library White Label Rights($397 Value) – Get the exact Facebook ads that 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs are running right now.
    • Bonus #8: Done For You Email Swipes($897 Value)
    • Bonus #9:Video Training($697 Value)
    •  – You'll get a free membership site from my mentors and I that will show you step-by-step videos so that will make everything much easier for you.
    • Bonus #10:10K IG Followers Program($497 Value)
    • - You may already have a business, or maybe you're starting with no prior marketing knowledge. In both of those cases... this is for you. I will give you all my blog posts tactics and show you how to grow your Instagram organically as well with a social media automation tool second.
    • Bonus #11: Facebook Lead Generation($797 Value). One of the hot places to rack up more people into your funnel(s) will be Facebook. Learn How I use Facebook lead generation techniques easily.
    • Bonus #12: Exclusive Access To My Two Facebook Groups($177 Value). I have an affiliate marketing mastermind and a Clickfunnels dedicated group.
    • Bonus #13($297 Value): Free WordPress Ready Website and Sub-Domain.
    • Bonus #14($107 Value): Exclusive and Free Access To My Perfect Webinar Script.
    • Bonus #15:Coaching Call ($197 Value)
    •  - I want to ensure you get the most out of your experience with Clickfunnels so much so that I offer 1 on 1 coaching and consulting.
    • Bonus #16: Content Marketing/SEO Strategies ($97 Value)
    • - Being an affiliate is all about providing value upfront, and there is no better way to do that than with content. I will help you with blogging, video, podcast creation, you'll leverage my SEO strategies along with learning the #1 recommended platform to create content and a website with.

    NOTE: These Bonuses could have gone up in value by the time you're seeing this so...

    Take a look at my ClickFunnels bonus page for EVEN MORE, and for more details on the above bonuses and how to get them right away.

    By grabbing my bonuses, you will save yourself so much time and provide a ton of extra value with a very minimal amount of effort on your part. 

    That's a wrap!

    You've seen what this clickfunnels affiliate program review can do for you not only as an affiliate but as a person...

    Yes, you learn TONS of personal development growth within the program to ensure you can go the distance.

    We've gone through this article and answered what is the Clickfunnels affiliate program without leaving a thing out, and I'll leave you with this last thing...

    Free Clickfunnels Course!

    Would you rather want to have FREE access to my course right now rather than later? I want to share with you my 100% Free and beginner friendly course: Sales Funnel Domination Academy that shows you the basics of funnels, how to use sales funnels, how to setup your account, my exclusive promotion strategies so you get an unfair advantage over everyone, and so much more.

    Get the course right below...

    If you'd like a sample of what that course will look like, then click HERE.

    Was there something inside of this click funnels affiliate article that you wanted to know more about? If so, I'd like to hear from you. Go ahead and leave me a comment down below and I'll get back to you within the next 24 hours!

    Special Clickfunnels Affiliate Alternative

    Under the pros and cons section I gave you a very specific list of both and I went into detail in the conclusion box why Clickfunnels might not be the best fit for you right now to focus on(make sure to scroll up and read this section if you need to)...

    So, after all these years of being online, the ONE best and actually my #1 recommended place to start for a beginner with no experience is with this Free to join platform that helps you rank you website on the first page of Google for Free organic traffic...

    If you'd like to see it, then check out my #1 recommendation here.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

    I know you still have questions, and I'm going to answer all those right now. I'm going to place a couple of them here and the rest that has already been done for you with social proof along with more will be found in my Clickfunnels official FAQ Page.

    Common Questions asked are:

    Do I need My own Product?

    Answer: No. You can simply promote the products given to you in the Clickfunnels affiliate dashboard(showed you the list of products up above). But if you would like to create your own, you bet you can. And I encourage that you do.

    Will I recover my costs before the Trial Ends?

    Answer: Depends on your work ethic and ability to listen and follow clear instructions. Don't be discouraged if you didn't meet your cover cost before the trial ends, that will come in time. You should be focused on investments, creating valuable content to your audience before you focus on any $$. You WILL LIKELY FAIL if you go down the "I need money now route".

    Do I need to be tech-savvy? 

    Most definitely not. n fact, Clickfunnels is very beginner-friendly, and I will give you my website funnel along with every share funnel I have.

    I HATE UPSELLS! Is there any like that in ClickFunnels?

    Answer: No there are no upsells. There are only Upsells for products not for being a member of ClickFunnels. Also, there are no hidden fees. The only thing you will need is the 14 day clickfunnels trial and after that is the re-occurring monthly payment. that you will be paying for, and that depends on which Clickfunnels monthly plan you are on...

    There's the $97/month, and the $297/month. As a beginner, the $97/month plan is a great place to begin. Rest assured that you won't be bombarded by any sales pitch asking you to pay more and more!

    Who Is Michael Granados and Why Should I trust Him?

    Very good question.

    I'm going to tell you EXACTLY why you should listen to me and how I can help you.

    I started my journey as a serious entrepreneur over 2 years ago in early March of 2018. Just before that time, I had dabbled in other business opportunities from network marketing to Multi-level marketing, any other business model you could imagine. But I couldn't find my ground in those schemes since they were always a short term investment, and your earning potential was always based upon your downline - How many people are working hard underneath you.

    Some of them I broke ground in, others I failed at. What I've seen in my 2+ years of business is that most people don't care about the customers. Most people view the customers as simple as a credit card and once you purchase products from them it's pretty DAMN hard to get any help or even get your questions answered. 

    I've built my reputation and business on actually helping people get results in their business. I don't teach theory, I don't use unrealistic promises or hype...

    Sometimes I even cost myself money by being too honest and not selling people the dream. I prefer to be honest with you, tell you EXACTLY what you need to hear and if that resonates with you then I know you're the type of person I can help. 

    I could brag endlessly about how much money I've made, the results I've got and all of my achievements online and offline as an Academic Collegiate Student and Division 1 Athlete, but I prefer to brag about the people I've helped.

    If you want to see just a small fraction of my success stories you can click on the tab "see my success stories" at the top of this page.

    You also can see below just a fraction of the 1,000's of  the screenshot I've collected over the years of people posting in my different groups because they're happy to finally have found someone who actually does what they say they will do..."Help Them".

    How Much Money Can I Make?

    The honest answer is that it depends. It depends on the amount of time and effort you're willing to put into your own business.

    Personally I'm now making 4-figure passive income every month. But that's only possible because I put in the hard work for months. 

    As you can see from the screenshots of all the success stories above, people are making up to $60K per year or more. At the same time, there are also a lot of people who struggle to even make a dime online. 

    I'm not here guarantee you to make money online just by joining this community. I'm just guiding you in the right direction where people are making real money online. 

     T. Harv Eker said, "Your income can only grow to the extent that you do.” 

    So, it all depends on whether you're willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen and write your own paycheck.

     How Long Does it take for me to See Results?

    Once again, this depends on the amount of time and effort you're willing to put in.

    We all have different schedules. How do you compare someone who can spend 8 hours per day versus someone who can only spend a few hours per week? It's impossible. 

    The truth about ClickFunnels is that it's NOT a... 

    'Get Rich Quick' Scheme

    Push-button solution

    Turnkey Funnel Machine

    Any program that promises you any of these is lying to you. There are no such things.

     In ClickFunnels, the amount of money you can make is directly proportional to the amount of time and effort you put in. 

     Whilst, the time you take to achieve your goals is inversely proportional to the amount of time and effort you put in. 

     Make sense, right?

    Can I put my account on hold If I ever need to?

    Absolutely! At any time, if you feel like you wanted to walk away from Clickfunnels for a period of time, you can place your account on hold, not get charged your monthly retainer, and all your work will be saved for you. When you come back, just start off where you left off.

    To see more FAQ's visit the Clickfunnels Offical FAQ page here.

    Here's a Video Review of the Affiliate Program just in case you wanted to double-check anything or see the video review side of things:

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    Thank you,

    Michael Granados

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