December 30

by Michael Granados

“If Only I Had A Great Video To Hit 1,000,000 likes, I’d Strike It Rich!” Is that your super charged battery packed brain talking again about being the next Dan Lock, Tai Lopez, Or the 100’s of other online masterminds? If so, there could be more than enough room for you!

Ofcourse, you have to be here because you want to either know how do people make money with YouTube for the sake of just knowing, or because you want to have a stab at it.

Whichever it may be, you’ve come looking for answers, and I have the golden NUGGETS. You’re probably strapped down to your seat, or taking a break enjoying a little bit of passive time, and WHAM!…

Another Video to press play, and then another, and OK, by this point you’re probably not even working, but I can take a good guess at what you are doing, “Thinking”. About what?

Does something along these lines ring a bell?…Well I want to start making a passive income online, or I want to start somewhere, and I can imagine myself being the next YouTube Hollywood star. Viral Hall Of Fame, Here I come!

In this article, I’m going to cut to the chase and tell you everything you need to know about how people are hitting the press record button, and sending their videos to a worldwide network of audiences.

Why Choose YouTube For Your Goals?

First things first my friend, we haven’t answered why you’re curious about wanting to know the exact reason you’re thinking YouTube. Is it because of a trend? A friend referred you? Or is it time to try a different avenue in your online passive income lifestyle?

All are respectable reasons, and you should do so for any one of them and why I’m saying that is because it’s:

  1. A scale-able source of income
  2. You can educate your audience
  3. It’s a great marketing platform
  4. Google owns YouTube

YouTube is a search engine ranking system of its’ own like Google has for bloggers.

But that’s like a fairy tell compared to what I’m about to publicly release. Did you know that YouTube Is going to explode come the year 2019?! I’m dead serious when I say that Video Marketing is the next big thing, and you shouldn’t let it pass you by like a Ghost on Wheels…HUH? You “missed the point” right?

Watch this short video I made explaining how you can use Youtube to make money “with” you blog and in other huge ways below:

10000000_2285834088148364_1278068059394078364_n from RemoveBackPain on Vimeo.

It doesn’t make sense now, but once you jump on board the YouTube Express, you’ll be wishing you wouldn’t get off of it. People are visual animals by nature, and we consume more content visually and through video now more than any other channel. Just think about it…

Everyone now has a smartphone device, laptops just about everywhere, and E-Learning is exploding! So where’s the room for blogs, and my content-marketing, and all those fancy words I’m putting down on an article(Like you see here) going? Down The Windpipe and into the deep muddy waters. 

A blog is great, and I wouldn’t do things any other way to help grow my business, or leverage making a passive income online, but gone are the says where people want to read 10 words, 50, 500, 1,000. you get the big picture. 

Disclaimer: I hope that doesn’t make you think less of me, and you never come back to read another article of mine. YIKES! I just pulled my own plug didn’t I?

I’ll be the kid in front of the class with his hand raised Hi, honestly wanting to say how awesome video content is! It works like a charm, and many business owners that I know would agree with me that video content is their favorite and most lucrative way of helping grow their business, both:

  1. non monetary. Brand exposure, recognition.
  2. Monetary. Money per clicks, per person.

But how can we turn a video on YouTube for profits? That’s a whole other question, and I want you to follow me in channeling that.

How To Properly Set Your Feet Before Making Money

For many people wanting to make money online with YouTube, you’re not short of many celebrities, sports stars, and money making gurus online to imitate. But in the manner that you do it, is what’s most important. 

Before pushing the button on your camera, your smartphone device, computer, or does fancy cam-cords studio devices it seem like every wannabe professional is using to make money off you; you need to define who you are. How can you do that? It’s easier than you think…

1. Know your Niche. In order for you to stand a chance at making decent and a killing living(if you’re trying to be the next 1,000,000 video shot like King or Queen), you should tap into a specific interest that you have. This could be for example, soccer, health and fitness, dating, teaching people about affiliate marketing, etc. This will help you identify with if you’re going to be a:

  • video blogger
  • fashionista
  • a stand up comedian
  • A musician

…And the list goes on and on. You want to build a reputation with your audience first. Imagine how weird it would be if you made one video that talked about dogs, and then in the next video, it was about how to start your own movie company? Say WHAT?

Yeah, risky business.Knowing who you will determine the way you present your information across the board and more so, how you are able to comfortably present yourself. Many people can get shy behind a camera(Like this guy), and It’s Okay if you’re one, because no one and I mean no one starts off not being camera shy.

I started with just voice recognition. Let me see if I can bring a video up.

How funny is that? Hey, No Laughing! Just kidding. If you’re going to make an attempt at making money “ON” YouTube, you should at least give it a try to put yourself in person. From what I’ve learned is that people like making a connection with the person on the video, and so seeing them will build:

  • Trust
  • Growth
  • Money

Take a look at that third one...CHA CHING! Getting back to choosing your niche, that awesome thing about focusing on an area is that you get the chance to develop a brand. If you’re in the passive income industry online, you’d know how important brand recognition is. That’s a whole other story I can get into, but for a different time Okay?

So Now that we have  a niche picked out hopefully, but if not you can still follow along.

2. You’ll need to sign up for a YouTube partner program.What this program does is help you monetize your content on YouTube. So let’s say you have a video that you want to share about building a desktop, you’d first have to get checked off by their program policy before so. And then after, you can place as much content at free will

As a creator you can earn money from advertisements serviced on your videos, from like YouTube Premium subscribed watching your content and also with:

  • Super Chart
  • Merche
  • Channel Memberships

Here are the step  y step actions you need to take for the YouTube partnership program:

YouTube will then ask you to setup a Google Adsense account if you don’t already have one. The ad setup is pretty straightforward, and I’ll show you how to do so.

In the uploads screen you’ll have options to select from any ad you would like. The most popular ads pop up in the video themselves, because well people like you and I can’t easily avoid them, How annoying! I’ve gone through about 15 of those today, I’m not even lying to you.

So, Right, Now you’ve signed up now what? The People are desperately waiting for you to push out your videos so then can like, “click down here to subscribe” and all that mambo jumbo right? XX

How To Make The MULLAH AKA Money

I’m assuming you’ve gone through the process laid out above, but if not, don’t worry.One your channel is setup for monetization, the advertisers are pleased to setup their ads on your videos, and people are actually watching your ads (not by passing them), then you will start to trickle in the MULLAH, Money, Dinero.

Wait A Minute Their Charlie!

So where’s the part about making money once someone watches my video, and adds me a like? The thing is, you’re not going to get away with making money that easily. If nobody watches the complete ad, or at least clicks it, you will not get paid. You could have a billion viewers, and just as many likes, but if they don’t do those two things, you can kiss the dollars goodbye.

At What Rate Can You Earn?

Well for beginners, if you had about 25 views for a video that would be the equivalent of a $1. I know it seems low, but imagine if you were able to get in front of hundreds and thousands of viewers, and each were watching the entirety of your video or at least clicking on the ad….

It would not only increase your chances of making money, but now you have an audience. People that know you, and are willing to subscribe to come back for more.

This article this far has been about making money “ON” YouTube(I don’t know if you caught that hint earlier), but there are many ways you can make it off of it as well. One of my favorite ways of doing so is as an affiliate marketer.

1. Affiliate Marketing. With affiliate marketing, what I’m able to do is make a YouTube video, and then place my retailer’s link in the description, and what that does is, anytime someone clicks on it, and makes a purchase, you’ll make a commission! 

How awesome is that?

Just imagine that you’re talking about how to consume a joint pain supplement, and then you go “I’ll leave the link to the product in the description below, check it out” or it can as subtle as not saying anything on video, and just leaving your link. 

If you had to ask what I do…I do go about it in this manner. I started off first with of course content marketing, and then I started experimenting with videos, and what I would do is upload my video onto YouTube, and then come back to my blog and embed it. And now, I’ve learned how to use the description box on YouTube and all that nature.

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Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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