April 12

by Michael Granados

Gigantic YouTube Profits For You Without Ever Uploading a Video?

You read that right! What drove me to get there?

The other day I was searching through Clickbanks affiliate marketplace, and I stumbled upon the Project Injector Review. I was curious to take a deeper dive inside so that's what I exactly did, and I uncovered some surprising news.

I want to say that I'm 100% not in any way associated with with Project Injector, and If I were, you'd probably hear me jumping for even more joy at this point.

So please breathe easily because I'm not here to sale you a business opportunity pitch, for you to break out your wallet or purse, swipe out your credit card and to make a purchase.

Instead, the real reason I'm here is to give you an insight into the scheme of how this program works, and so that you can make a better decision at the end of the day.

Project Injector Reviews

Product Name: Project Injector 

Founder: Jamie Lewis

Product Type: Video Marketing/affiliate marketing/Work at home opportunity

Price: $37/one time payment

Best for: No one.

Summary: Project Injector claims that you don't need to own a YouTube Channel to make money, rather you can place your affiliate links on millionaires channels, sit back and let the money roll in. Specifically, you'd place your affiliate link in their description within 5 minutes without having to search for weeks, all automated. You don't have to pay thousands of dollars in advertising too. But where are the testimonials? There is nothing here more than a man sitting on a table of cash telling you his hook,story, and offer. It's not a program you'd like to spend your time with period.

Rating: 1/100

Recommended: No

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What Is Project Injector?

Project Injector is just another one of those business opportunities that tells you you'll pull in MILLIONS that looks great from a glance but don't be fooled...

Owner Jamie Lewis "guarantees" that you will make a miraculous amount of money by simply placing your affiliate links in high Volume niches, and take away commissions from highly watched Videos and pull in Millions!

With one hard look and thorough research, it's nothing more than a scheme that rather "injects" people with the wrong type of excitement, and false hope.Do we really need another one of these opportunities?

What caught my eye before any of the research even started was their video presentation and landing page information...

You'll be able to make money, huge commissions without having to advertise, without having to produce your own videos, and you can do this with a 100% self automated machine that will find the niches that are working. Don't get me wrong...

That sound appealing, yeah to a beginner! Who doesn't want fast, free traffic without any effort of themselves?

If you're new to affiliate marketing or YouTube marketing or the digital marketing industry for that matter, I really can't dislike you from wanting to go all in. I've seen my fair share of program like these and my world was rocked.

What ends up happening is most of these business creators disappear, they leave you on your own, and empty handed. To me that's time wasted because of two things:

  1. You wasted time you could of been learning something measurable
  2. You didn't gain the right skills to make it online

As I visited Project Injector's landing page, I was immediately presented with a video by Jamie Lewis, and he stars off with congratulating you for watching the video, saying that you've won the lottery. He goes on to say that he gets free video ads and how you can make $7,000 commissions and above.

Here's a view at the commisions he claims himself and others in his program are making:

As I continued watching this video, Jamie also shares with you a couple testimonials of a couple people who have used this system and has "forever" changed their lives.

In order for you to commute to the next part of the process, you will be asked for your email address. And if you so choose to give them your information, you'll be taken to the checkout page where you're directed to put your billing information.

I did my countless hours of research on Jamie Lewis online and I found out he also was the creator of Profit 365 which is another gimmicky platform, and he never explained what you will be doing with the product. It's just very vague, and that you don't have to do any work.

The other bit of information I dug up was Jamie's website at www.jamielewis.com and it's all weird looking. It's filled with money making opportunities, glits and glamour and it just doesn't feel authentic. 

At the very least you can take that this is a real person, he does exist, and doesn't hide behind things like every other scam artist.

Whenever you seen anything that I just mentioned in a product, a couple of red flags should spike up your back:

Red flag #1: Claims to make a huge amount of money in less time

Red flag #2: Owner is gimmicky, vague, and does all the traffic sourcing for you.

Going Inside Project Injector

Wouldn't you like a ready-to-go and made for you business? Who wouldn't like that right?

I don't see how you can just find a niche and YouTube user who earns a high volume amount of views and you could just simply place your link into their videos. That's in violation of YouTube's Policies is it not?

More exaggerated is the fact that you can tap into famous videos within 5 minutes without having to do any searching of your own for weeks(like who would in the first place). Everything is 100% automated for you.

But don't get me wrong, if you're one of these YouTube marketers and you can place your affiliate links in famous YouTubers descriptions and videos, you might be one of these Project Injector gurus.

To achieve this kind of work realistically and achieve these types of profit claims, you'd have to do some SERIOUS hard work.I'm talking about actually sitting in front of your computer for hours working on things like:

  • Traffic
  • Advertising
  • Creating your own YouTube Channel
  • Product sourcing
  • Keyword researching
  • and so on

What are you getting? As I've stated earlier and as far as I'm concerned, you're getting a 100% fully automated niche finder and traffic producing machine. How in the heck does that even sound real though?

Don't believe me? See it for yourself:

How Will You Make Money With Project Injector?

Assuming that you pay the one time fee of $37, you will be getting a done for you 100% automated software service that finds the hottest niches and YouTubers with a high volume of visitors so that you can plug in your affiliate links into their description and let the rest take its course, and make you instant money!

There is no particular niche you will be focusing on, rather Jamie tells you that you don't need to decide on one, but as an experienced digital marketer that sounds like a foolish response.

It would be really difficult for you to make money in areas that you don't have a concentration in, and when it comes time to contact these YouTube owners about placing your links in their description, they might push you away.

Unless you have a narrowed in niche, it'll be very difficult to relate and get people to trust you.

Want your own Niche? Find out how to narrow your niche with the best affiliate marketing training online here.

Can Project Injector Be Considered A Business Model?

I noticed that Project Injector is purely an affiliate marketing business model, and in a way it's legitimate.

Most YouTubers and General bloggers use these affiliate links and place them in the description of their YouTube videos or in their blog posts. The appropriate way of doing affiliate marketing though has a silver lining...

There are people who randomly make videos to help people in every and any niche possible, but those who understand affiliate marketing well know that it comes down to picking a niche and producing content around it.

Video Marketing is one way to rank high on google's search engines and many people including myself do this.

STEP 1: Product a video based around a keyword phrase.

STEP 2: Upload that video to YouTube.

STEP 3: Organize your description with information and affiliate links.

These are the 3 steps that every affiliate marketer producing video content will go about it.

I don't consider what Jamie does a long term solution nor a legit way to tackle affiliate marketing and to grow a sustainable business online(if that's your goal).

Who Is Project Injector For?

If I have to be truthful, I wouldn't recommend this "business opportunity" for anyone. It just comes off tacky, and there is lacking information about this software that is supposed to find the best videos, and you can automatically place your links in someones description.

Project Injector is for people who don't want to put in the effort themselves to understand how affiliate marketing should work. Plus these type of systems even if they worked will end up failing because it's not proven and a stable opportunity long term.

If you're new to affiliate marketing and want to get started the right way, check out my step-by-step training guide on affiliate marketing.

The Horrendous Truths About Project Injector Revealed

I want to cover a few large points on what makes Project Injector a broken program, and the ugly lengths them go to make you to join them.

#1 Project Injector Is Very Similar To Other Scams

I don't want to bring you some fear but I have something really important to share with you...

The second I landed on Project Injectors landing page, I had no doubt it was a scam. That's because I've reviewed other scams that are relevant or have the same exact sales page.

One of which is End Finacial Stress Now

This program is similar in the way that you are presented with a catchy yet tacky sales page video that shows you money upfront, how much money you can make without effort, and just how they don't go into-depth how exactly you can get it done.

#2 Terrible and Unrealistic Claims

Even if there;s an ounce that their sstem is legit, there are claims that are way too far-fetched and unbelievable. It just so happens that Jamie could have outsurced his work to Fiver where you can hire people to do testimonials.

#3 Upsells!

Who likes being up-sold once they paid already?

Yeah, no one. With Project Injector you will not be upsold once, not twice, but three times!

Upsell 1: Training Class for a $197 one time fee.

Upsell 2: Training class for 6 months at $97

Upsell 3: Profit Injector Business In A Box($297)

What I Did Like About Project Injector

I really couldn't find anything I liked about the program other than the fact that it's a savvy and smart way to make affiliate marketing so much simpler than having to produce your own videos. You don't have to put up ads or have your own YouTube Channel.

I think it's great that Jamie's automated system can find YouTube videos that are not being monetized so you can place your links in their description, and also the fact that you get to network with YouTube users.

The YouTube Bible

One cool thing about Project Injector is that you get a keyword research tool to find niches that you can go after. All you'd have to do is put a phrase of a niche you want to target and find the keywords that will rank videos high on YouTube

The problem: If many people are doing it, videos will become saturated, and finding these owners to contact and have them agree to let you place your links on their descriptions will become difficult.

Is Project Injector Considered A Scam? - Final Verdict

With everything that's been said and looming around Project Injector, the ultimate question is if'ts a scam?

Although there is so much vague information as to how you can actually earn money with Project Injector, it's not completely a scam.

You can monetize from Youtube owners that do or don't have a great amount of video watchers with the help of a software traffic tool. But even if you do try to profit from them, it's not a long term plan.

The reason I say this is that the one software you get is more suited just for Project Injector and not any other platform or strategies for other courses.

Most people who get started with affiliate marketing want the easy way and although Project Injector can make it as simple as can be, if you fail at it, you'll be likely to go back to your 9-5.

UPDATE: Project Injectors has been taken down as of 4/12/2019, and is no longer listed as a Clickbank product.

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