October 17

by Michael Granados

Want to know the one thing standing in your way of making your fist $100, $1,000 and $10,00 days online?

By the time you leave here today you won't be asking yourself: "What Is The Epiphany Bridge Script?"...

Rather you'll be asking and saying to yourself "HOLY SMOKES, Why did I not know about this sooner!?

The truth is that I learned about this concept from one of the greatest online marketers today Russell Brunson owner of Clickfunnels, in his free book called Expert Secrets.

Here's the best way I can explain the epiphany bridge meaning which is something that is out of this world...

"The epiphany bridge script is the art of selling a product or new importunity through story telling. It's a story that shows your audience/future customers the epiphany you had that got you started using a product and or on this new opportunity of yours."

Think of it like this...

When you go to watch a movie, what moves you the most about it? Usually at the end you like to see a character accomplish and transform into this great leader or get to their destination. It's at this moment that you'll feel all giggly and happy inside, you've attached yourself to the character and their journey is happily completed.

That's exactly what the epiphany bridge script is - a Story of journey and transformation. Russell explains that people rarely make a buying decision or action logically first, rather it's done emotionally first and then justified logically after.

Epiphany Bridge Script Overview

Product name: Epiphany Bridge Script

Founder: Russell Brunson

Product Type: Business(online and offline), Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sales

Price: FREE

Best for: People Who Want To Sell Without Selling...And Make A LOT of Money.

Summary: The Epiphany Bridge Script is and always will be the best script for changing people's false beliefs and getting them to take action on eventually buying from you through the art of a story. You Start with your attractive character which is you, who has an internal and external desire and at some point in your journey you reach conflict. 

Summary: The Epiphany Bridge Script is and always will be the best script for changing people's false beliefs and getting them to take action on eventually buying from you through the art of a story. You Start with your attractive character which is you, who has an internal and external desire and at some point in your journey you reach conflict. 

Rating: 100/100

Recommended: Yes

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What Is The Epiphany Bridge Script...Specifically?

Before I jump into the main 6 parts of an epiphany bridge script, let me walk you through the full concept of an epiphany bridge story first.

As I had mentioned in the section earlier, the epiphany bridge script is a realization that you had that set you on your new path and fulfillment to an accomplishment and transformation. You're Storytelling.

What you're essentially doing is like what you see in a rainbow, on the far left end you have your starting point(before your epiphany) and to the right is the destination(transformation), and in the middle you have your bridge...

Or in other words, the part where you get people excited to learn about your new opportunity and you can warm them up to the point where they'll purchase from you.

Here's a picture that shows you the epiphany bridge script in detail:

epiphany bridge script

That's a broader representation, now let me show you everything that is in between.


The Problem:

You want to sell more of your product/service or the business opportunity, but so does everyone else you're competing against and every salesperson, marketer and the whole enchilada.

To make matters worse, every time someone comes to you, thousands of other people in your market are waiting for these people to say no to you and move on to them. Which means, not only will it suck not making your sale, but they will go to your competition and purchase from them...

You have become this "salesman/woman" and no one likes being sold to, so you never flourish in your business, causing you to lose more money in your startup and calling it quits FOR GOOD.

The Solution:

Well, luckily for you, there's a new solution. It's the epiphany bridge script which helps you "sell" without selling...it's like having a stealth aircraft flying underneath the radar undetected. It shows you how to use stories to sell your product/service or business opportunity so that you can crush it in your sales and make more money in your business.

By the way, Storytelling is arguably the NUMBER 1 Marketing skill on the planet! It's up there with copywriting. Yeah, you will need it in your business.


Going Inside The Epiphany Bridge Script

Way before you can construct your own epiphany story, you need to know about what causes people to act emotionally in the script(the epiphany bridge story).

When you just tell someone something, it's not as strong, and it NEVER will create the emotion to cause action in your future customers. If you want people to follow you and to eventually purchase from you...

Like a horse is lead to water, you need to lead your prospect to the answer but NOT give it to them. They themselves have to come up with the idea in their own head, you're just the harvester planting the seed/idea. You get me?

That my friend is how you don't have to sell ANYTHING! This is how your journey as an:

  • affiliate marketer
  • network marketer
  • digital agency
  • eCommerce
  • Traditional business
  • and even more!

...Will become very easy and give you the ability to tell stories that sell and not just rely on the features and facts.

Russell mentions in Expert Secrets, Effective storytelling takes oversimplification, meaning?

Key #1: When you tell your stories, you need to speak about it in a third-grade level, and that you'll struggle at the beginning because you and I like to talk in a vocabulary that only we can understand - all sophisticated, smart and what not.

You'll lose people quickly this way, so you need to bring it down without the "techno babble". That's where the "Kinda Like" bridge comes in.

Kinda like bridge expert secrets book from clickfunnels

Key #2: How does it feel? The next key element is to add emotions and feelings. You need to get people in a controlled state where you were before you had your big epiphany and tell the backstory of where you started. For example what sounds better to you:

"I walked into the door, went to my room, and slept" or...

"In less than a second I quickly opened the front door of my home, threw my backpack hard onto the tile ground, and ran as fast as I could upstairs to hit the sheets, when something bad happened."

Which backstory sounds better? number one right? See that's what you need to add in your stories, feeling and emotions that are raw.

expert secrets

Free Book Reveals The TRUE Power of the Epiphany Bridge Script

The Hero's Two Journeys

Good stories have layers of complexity but at the core they will always be simple, and every story is built on these three foundational elements:

  • Character
  • Desire
  • Conflict
heros two journeys from expert secrets clickfunnels

Remember the big bad wolf from little red riding hood? Here's how to show these three elements in that story...

  1. Character: Little Red Riding Hood
  2. Desire: Get her grandma the cookies
  3. Conflict: The Big Bad Wolf

Little red riding hood who is this nice girl who is on a journey of pleasure trying to get her grandma cookies(her desire), when out of no where then comes the big bad wolf to take down her day.

Every good story builds rapport with the attractive character and puts them in a place of:

  • Victim
  • Jeopardy
  • Likable
  • Funny
  • Powerful
expert secrets building rapport

And so the two hero's journeys breakdown to two main purposes:

  • To go away from pain
  • To go towards pleasure
expert secrets toward pleasure or away from pain

The Epiphany Bridge Script - Epiphany Bridge Script Questions

Now that you know the hero's two journeys, it's time to deep dive into the 8 elements of ever good epiphany bridge, plus the epiphany bridge questions(with a worksheet you can take home for yourself at the end).

#1 The Backstory

Every time you put together an epiphany bridge script ask yourself first:

"What is your backstory that gives us a vested interest in your journey?"

This is where you go back in time and remember where you were before you had your big "AHA" moment(the epiphany. People want to be lead and they want you to lead them, but you need to show them where you were before you got to your transformation. Otherwise, people will think you never had a problem and that this can only happen for you.

#2 Your Desires

"What is it that you're trying to accomplish?" Here is where you will talk about two different perspectives:

  • Your external struggles you were dealing with in your journey
  • Your internal struggles you're dealing with

If I asked you right now what is the reason you want to be financially free? You'd probably say something like "I want to be rich", "I like money", "I need a job"...

and while these are not bad reasons, they don't tell me what it is "why" you're doing it in the first place. I want to know your internal desire...

"I want to be financially free because I was tired of seeing my wife support me year after year, I wasn't able to be the man I could be for her".

Now that's the right answer.

#3 The Wall

"What was the wall or problem you hit within your current opportunity that started you on this new journey"?

This is where you'll hit your audience with emotional telling them what wasn't working with your current opportunity and how you were willing to go on this new journey of yours.

#4 The Epiphany

"What was the epiphany you experienced, and the new opportunity you had discovered?"

This is where something happens to you and now you see the clear path you need to go into. It could be an idea you had, or some type of breakthrough you had.

#5 The Plan

"What plan did you create to achieve your desire?"

After you had your big epiphany that now has you on this new opportunity, what is the plan that you created that will help you see if this is the opportunity you need to go through with.

#6 The Conflict

"What was the conflict that you experienced along your way"

Every hero has a plan and they will usually run into a problem that stands in their way(the conflict). You're more than likely going to reset back to figuring out a new plan, then bounce back into conflict, and back and forth.

#7 The Achievement

"What was you end result?"

Finally, you've pushed through your conflict and something happens. At this point you've either achieved your external desires or you didn't. You'll draw a picture in peoples mind about the end result.

#8 The Transformation

At the end, you'll talk about who you became through this process. This will be the resolution of your internal struggles.

If you'd like your own copy of an epiphany bridge worksheet, then go ahead and click here.

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Breaking False Belief Patterns

You have to get that when you tell people your epiphany bridge story script, people bring with them LOTS of false beliefs about your new opportunity beforehand, so you need to break those false belief patterns.

It's always best to know who your audience/dream customer is so you can specifically speak to them.

expert secrets breaking false belief patters

How Much Does The Epiphany Bridge Cost?

Not even a penny! You can get the epiphany bridge script for completely FREE, and you can get it in a PDF format below(but also hear me out on your next best option).

OPTION 2: This by FAR is my favorite choice and It’s going to benefit you even more long-term than a single PDF could…

There’s this book called Expert Secrets By MEGA millionaire Russell Brunson, who teaches you the 7 steps to the epiphany bridge script plus a heck of a lot more. The epiphany bridge is just a small fraction of all the 22 total secrets he’ll share with you…

The book itself is free, you just pay the shipping and handling:

  • $7.95 US
  • $14.05 International

There is so much more to getting your hands on the epiphany bridge script through the expert secrets book, and here's why:

  • You get a Billion dollar owner in Russell Brunson who will share with you endless stories and scripts that go more in detail about the epiphany bridge story and so much more like how to become an attractive character, create a culture, a massive movement, and learn persuasion. This will ensure you can become the leader, and increase your sales much faster and easily.
  • You'll learn about how to use the most powerful script in the perfect webinar. If you want to learn how to story tell in everything that you do effectively, the perfect webinar script will give you the edge on making a powerful impact with your audience and get them to trust you.
  • Go see the other 21 secrets inside of expert secrets

There's so much more, but these are just a few I wanted to share with you.

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Who Is The Epiphany Bridge Script and Expert Secrets For?

Honestly, this is for Everyone, whether you have a business or not, using this one marketing tactic will increase the abundance in your life and change the way you forever communicate.

There's no need to sell a product or opportunity, If you're just trying to verbally become a greater speaker and tell your stories in:

  • Family gatherings
  • Friendly gatherings
  • Public speaking

And so much more entertaining and life meanings, then you need to get your hands on the epiphany bridge script that's inside of Expert Secrets. These are just some of the many people who would benefit from it:

  • Digital Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Agency owners
  • Ecommerce
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Network Marketers
  • Small Business owners
  • Moms
  • Dads
  • Students
  • Bloggers
  • YouTuber's

and the list goes on and on like the energizer bunny rolling through your TV screen. By the way, I have a review where I go over the epiphany bridge script inside of my expert secrets book review:

What I Like About The Epiphany Bridge Script

First and foremost, you get the mastermind himself Russell Brunson who has over 16+ years of online marketing and owner of the most popular sales funnel builder Clickfunnels.

He started like you and I did, with nothing but the story of how he started his first business in the potato gun industry...The FREAKING potato gun industry, yeah!

There are so many other factors to pick from, so I'll just highlight a few that I loved the most:

  • You can use it to sell anything and everything. Most people immediately think that a product will sell itself, or that the product is what people are really after, but you are wrong. It's the person. People buy from people, not the product itself. The epiphany bridge script has made it WAY easier for me to share my stories in an impact-full and relate-able way that breaks down peoples false beliefs.
  • My business blew up! I was in a place where I couldn't sell a thing! I kept showing people the features, benefits and meaning, but I forgot the one thing every product or opportunity needs, an epiphany bridge. After using this in my blogs, funnels, and so many other ways to get my message out there, I started becoming the hunted, not the person hunting others down to get them to buy from me.

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Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like In 1 Month From Today...


Let's say your "avatar" has a question about your product/service, or business opportunity, here's where you are right now. You're talking about your product, you're telling them about how cool the features are, how it will help them make more money. You're saying everything you can about what you've geeked out on so hard...

So the other person must understand you and of course eventually want to buy. Imagine what your business would really be like if people were begging to take your money, to hear the RIGHT stories you have to share with them, and you're not wasting your freaking time and energy on people who could give a damn about your product/service...

You have unlimited sources of funding, you're keeping more money in your pocket than you are spending, and you can comfortably spend more money than you're losing because you choose to communicate with your audience and future customers the RIGHT way...

They end up loving you, wanting to hear from you in the next email, live, blog, YouTube video and wherever you pop up. You can feel relaxed and more confident that your story will hit and people will follow you until the end!

Let me show you how to do that. With Russell Brunson's book Expert Secrets you will be able to constantly have RED HOT buyers, you'll nail the epiphany bridge script in webinars, in your content, and in every day life. Here's what I mean.

Final Thoughts...Now It's Your Turn

With everything that I showed you and all the knowledge you've gained here today on the epiphany script...

It's your turn to craft your compelling epiphany bridge story. Listen, it's one thing to read this article, or read a book, and it's a whole other thing when it comes to taking ACTION.

You can take a second now if you'd like to following the main attributes:

  • Your backstory
  • Your desires
  • Your wall
  • Your epiphany
  • Your plan
  • Your conflict
  • Your achievement
  • Your Transformation

"I've got an article review about the Free Expert Secrets Book and I show you why you NEED to understand persuasion and breaking false belief is you want to have a highly profitable business for many years to come. And P.S. You'll see how to "sell" without selling which is amazing! If you want to discover the secrets to making people buy everything and anything from you ALL the time and generate $1,000's of dollars online, get more information below right now."

Do you have any concerns, questions, suggestions, or anything more you'd like to know about this Russell Brunson epiphany bridge? Feel free to leave me a comment down below and I'll get back to you within the first 24 hours!

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