October 10

by Michael Granados

I ran to my bedroom office, slammed the door shut behind me, and I sat right away without a moment to spare as the time hit 6:20 PM and then it dawned on me.

I need to write for you this My Online Startup Review that will probably of all things leave you in complete shock and disbelief, stay with me...

There's another Affiliate Marketing course on your horizon on top of the already 50 or so billion out there, so what makes this one special, and what can I show you that'll blow your mind?

Listen, you've probably already read blog posts, watched YouTube videos before you ever got to me, and maybe you've already taken the steps to building your highly lucrative online business but look at this...

From the years of experience I have in online marketing, growing a health and wellness affiliate niche site and being a mentor to over thousands of affiliates, this My Online Startup course had to knock my socks off.

So the question is, did it? Why don't you stick around with me for the next 15-20 minutes or so to find out?

My Online Startup Overview

Product Name: My Online Startup

Founder: Chuck Nguyen

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing, make money online

Best for: Affiliate marketers, people wanting to build an online business, for freedom seekers, leave their 9-5, Entrepreneurs.

my online startup affiliate marketing course

Summary: My Online Startup is a free to start affiliate marketing course that will show you the ins and outs of mindset, affiliate marketing, how to get traffic, get leads and different programs to use. There is also a paid version that goes for $497

Rating: 82/100

Recommended: Yes and No(depends on if you're just a freebie seeker and if you want something that doesn't charge a ton).

By the way, if you want to ever see a side-by-side comparison with other affiliate courses, and how it stacks up to my #1 recommended course, you can go HERE.

What Is My Online Startup?

What if I told you that My Online Startup was waiting back behind the scenes for this exact moment to appear?

It's no coincidence that this course randomly appeared out of nowhere this fast, in fact, it's a completely upgraded course from a very well-known course called Earn Easy Commissions, which started back in early of 2017.

And get this...Earn Easy Commissions was an extensive and complete done-for-you system that allowed beginners to quickly build a profitable online business with no experience!

Way before creator Chuck Nguyen got into educating people about the affiliate marketing business model, he was allowing tons of beginners to:

  1. Grab and affiliate link
  2. Share it with everyone and anyone wanting to start a business

Chuck being the savvy entrepreneur that he is, didn't just want his promoters and members to make $1,000's of dollars but he wanted to create an atmosphere to monetize with things like:

  • affiliate marketing videos
  • courses
  • partnerships
  • and then some

To your average affiliate beginner they'll rave that it's the BEST affiliate marketing course/training for beginners and they'll go as far to say it's life changing but is it really?

Let's investigate the inside of it shall we?

Going Inside My Online Startup

Honestly, there's no way you can't like My Online Startup especially with all the bite size video tutorials/lessons that you can consume and easily go through from start to finish as a beginner, but if you're anything like myself...

You'd want a complete A-Z course that is both beginner friendly and doesn't go in wide but dives in deep into the concepts, tactics, strategies, and tips, and I feel like My Online Startup could be WAY better at delivering these factors.

It doesn't make it any easier for the fact that its competing with other top notch training's like:

And then there's my own course which I made that covers EVERYTHING A-Z affiliate marketing for entrepreneurs academy that you can get for free too when you become a member of either Wealthy Affiliate Or Clickfunnels through my Mini Course first.

Anyways, let's look at the lessons now OK?

STEP 1: Singing up for the course.

After you signup for your My Online Startup course, you'll get a link to your email like the following like so:

My Online Startup sign in

STEP 2: The affiliate dashboard

After accessing your free course, then this will be the next page:

my online startup affiliate dashboard

Hears the breakdown of the the page above from top to bottom:

  • Next to the My Online Startup logo you'll see the different tabs in courses, Affiliates, Inner Circle, Free System, Stay Updated, Forum, Discussion, Resources, and Account. At anytime you want to access your profile details, affiliate stats, personal wall, or to log out, you can hover over the account tab and you'll see these.
  • To the left is your Modules and lessons. Under each module, you will get lessons, some shorter others longer. I'll be breaking each section below in a bit stay with me for the fun stuff.
  • To the very right you'll see banner ads that are purposelessly placed there for you to check out the inner circle, get paid for sharing the My Online Startup Course, Claim your done for you lead generations system, and claim your done for you premium blog. Check it out:
my online startup inner circle
  • Onto the middle bottom section. In this part you'll notice there are notification steps to take so you can stop on top of the material with Facebook Notifications, email notifications, Messenger notifications, and desktop notifications. All of these are made so you can get extra help and so that you make sure to watch the video lessons and do the tasks.

My Online Startup 9 Module Steps

Chuck has designed this beginner friendly affiliate marketing course in a way that you NEED to start from the top and work your way down ONLY when you Finnish the previous lessons, and that's how it should be done, here's why.

Most people who take a course for free or purchase one like to skip around section to section looking for the fastest push button that'll bring in the $1,000,000 a day...Wait, you can't do that?

Of course not, I know every guru will tell you different but don't listen to them! I know far too well that you need to develop certain thought patterns, habits, and discipline and skills before you start asking yourself this question:

"How long will it take me to make money?"

That's a broke employee mindset, and it's the reason 98% of affiliate never make it...SHOCKING?

What's even more shocking is that people didn't its supersaturated, yeah...supersaturated with people who don't do affiliate marketing right. But good thing we got chuck who goes as far to say that if you follow what he has in his course, you'll be just fine...or will it be?

Before I go as far to give you that answer let me show you the 9 step modules in detail:

STEP 1: The Game Plan

Ready, set, hold your horses their tiger! It's not time to start getting eyeballs to your products, you need to first understand the mentality behind business and being an affiliate. In the game plan, chuck breaks down what will unfold what he will teach and show you in every lesson.

STEP 2: Success Mindset

EVERY affiliate needs to develop the mindset at the very beginning, even way before you learn how to put up a website, choose a product and so forth. Chuck breaks down how you MUST be mentally clear, have a defined goal, a destination, and a winning attitude if you want to go the distance.

A big lessons is 2.2 where it's about knowing your "why". Let me ask you...

Why do you want to become an affiliate? Why do you want to start an online business? If you keep telling me you want to do this because you want more money, I was bored, or something along those lines, these are only EXTERNAL reasons.

I myself will keep asking you why over and over until you break down and tell me INTERNALLY your why. For example:

The reason I wanted to become an affiliate was because I was in so much pain of having debt, my parents supporting me and paying for every meal when I couldn't and that caused so much pain. Now that's your why!

You'll turn to your "why" every time you feel tired, you feel like giving up, and you've just had it.

Within the other lessons, you'll have the following:

success mindset my online startup

Take notice that after every lesson you'll have tasks to do, there's a press the "complete" button, and you can leave a comment about that lesson.

take notes and complete

When you click on "take notes", the following box to the right of your screen will appear:

my online startup take notes

Here are the other steps that Chuck gives you:

STEP 3: Affiliate Marketing

STEP 4: Lead Generation

STEP 5: Authority Platform

STEP 6: YouTube Marketing

STEP 7: Forum Marketing 

STEP 8: Targeted Solo Ads

STEP 9: Traffic Networks

One other thing before I moved my way to the top, you'll see a must have tools and resources button:

must have tools

When you click on the "+" icon, it'll expand to the tools and resources like so:

tools and resources

Your Affiliate Link

At the top of the screen you'll see a tab that reads "affiliates", and once you click there you'll be taken to the following page:

my online startup affiliate

On this page Chuck will explain to you that you can promote this basic course for Free and earn $100 when someone signs up for the Inner Circle Upgrade.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

  1. A clickbank account
  2. Grab your Clickbank affiliate ID
  3. Promote the course

Here's a visual representation:

my online startup course

Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link, that person is tied to your link forever as long as they don't clear their cache on their browser.

Your only focus is to get people to signup and then Chuck takes care of the rest on closing people. I think this is a great idea especially if you don't have the skills to close people yourself.

Your affiliate link is located at the top of the video here:

my online startup affiliate link

Inner Circle

The only way you'll earn as an affiliate and if you want to take your affiliate marketing business to another level is through the Inner circle.

Chuck lays out a video for you where he details that if you don't 100% commit, you're likely going to walk away and go to the next shiny object, get ripped off, scammed, and you'll be left with...nothing.

Here's a fraction of what Chuck goes over in his webinar video:

my online startup inner circle

After you go through the "perfect webinar" presentation, then you can go on and press the red button below as you seen in the screen above, and then the real suspense takes place!

my online startup inner circle sign up page

I'll admit that the quick summary looks great doesn't it?

But Did you read the bottom of the page yet? 

Cost Of My Online Startup

At this point we know that My Online Startup is free to join and to be an affiliate of, but if that's all you're doing and not taking action on the $497 actual cost to learn more than just beginner lessons, it goes without saying...

You're likely to miss out on earning a serious income. I know what you're thinking...$497?!

It's like walking into a clothing store, trying out a pair of jeans you were so emotionally invested in getting into the fitting room to try out before looking at the price tag and then after seeing the actual cost and you're like...

HOLY CRAP! Where's that Exit? Look, I know it's costly, and I'm actually against spending that much money to upgrade, it's LUDICROUS!

But that's how online marketing can be, it's the reality that you have to spend money to make money. Now, I'm not a member of My Online Startup so I can't tell you not to do it but I will say this...

There are much better FREE ways to learn affiliate marketing basics and get expert lessons in other places, like inside of my #1 recommended affiliate marketing platform which helps you focus on building one very key element as an affiliate...

plus, if you decide you didn't like It(which will be the opposite), you'll still have my free complete A-Z Affiliate Marketing For Entrepreneurs Academy Course which goes 20x more in depth for FREE.

Excuse me for going on a tangent, back to topic.

Free System

Fourth tab to the right and you find yourself on the Free System tab and here's what you'll see:

my online startup free system tab

Inside here, Chuck will talk to you about his done-for-you lead generation system which means you'll see how to attract your ideal audience/customers with free books, PDFs, lead magnets is what we call them. 

The rest is taking your customer through the buyers journey of making purchases you can make commissions.

Stay Updated

Here's what you'll see inside the "Stay Updated" tab:

my online startup stay updated tab

You'll notice that this was also on the dashboard after you log in, and this is just here to let you know to make sure to signup for notifications.


The next peice of the puzzle is the Forum. If you ever need help, you can talk to everyone else inside of this course and bounce back ideas on anything you'd like. At the moment of me writing this review it's on maintenance:

my online startup forum


This part is neat, you can discuss with anyone who's a free and paid member of my online startup, and their are active members in there:

my online startup discussion


Under the resources tab, Chuck has put things like:

  • Other ways to earn Online
  • Develop Your Success Mindset
  • 10X your productivity
  • Become an Influential Leader
  • Lead Generation
  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • and Traffic Networks

These are affiliate links that I believe he's earning a commission for if people signup and or pay for them.

My Online Startup Reviews

Ready to see what other people are saying about My Online Startup with these myonlinestartup.com reviews?

My Online Startup Pros And Cons



  • Free to start. I like that you can get this course for free and it comes with basic modules from mindset to lead generation and traffic.
  • Beginner Friendly in mind. The free course is not going to throw you into the deep end sort of speak, so you can learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing as a beginner.
  • People are commenting. I like that there's a comment section after every module so you can see people are interacting.
  • Outlets to other programs. Not everything is free in this world and I like how Chuck gives you other programs to go higher into and other lessons.


  • The free beginners course could go more in-depth on the material like Lead generation and could giveaway more.
  • You'll be upsold to try the like almost $500 course and more. I myself wouldn't spend upwords of that much just to check out a course.
  • You can't pay in little amounts. I'd rather have the option to pay for a course monthly and start small, and then move up to yearly or one time if need be.


My Online Startup has great pros(even more that I did't add) as well cons that for me are at least more than enough to look past. I feel like there's more out there that will give you an all around good beginner friendly start with the tools and training to justify it...and that's why it's worth checking out my #1 recommended affiliate platform for free.

Who's My Online Startup For?

The clear obvious by now is that My Online Startup is for beginning affiliates, but it's also for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • struggling affiliates
  • 9-5 workers
  • retirees
  • moms and dads
  • students
  • side hustlers
  • and so much more.

My Online Startup focus at the front end of their funnel on bringing in newbies and people without much experience, but I've also seen people who have experience go through it to learn about the mentality part and to get an overall view of what they can be missing...

Kind of like what I'm doing. I already have gone through the best affiliate marketing training in my opinion and I've even put together my full A-Z course for Completely Free, and I give that away if you decide to join my #1 recommended program.

What I Like About My Online Startup

I always love seeing people come up with new ways of reinventing a course and differentiating themselves from what others are doing, and Chuck does a great job at being different on many facts.

I enjoyed the structure of his course and that its laid out in a way where it goes from building your mentality to understanding how to generate revenue with different traffic strategies both free and blog.

What I didn't like about My Online Startup was that although its beginner friendly focused at the front-end(not so much when you pay for it), that it's not in-depth as it could be, hear me out here.

Too many affiliates throw together a basic course only to get you to signup for their more expensive upsells and that's what My Online Startup feels like. I get what sales funnels and upsells are and the power of them but one shouldn't have to pay so much.

Most people need to make money at the end of the day to leverage their expertise that's great, cool, but more beginner courses should go deeper and My Online Startup lacks:

  • Going deeper into one area like blogging
  • Lead Generation

Having a blog in affiliate marketing is a great advantage to have and many of the people in this industry like Nathan Lucas(Youtuber) has realized the power of one.

I'd like to see more of that in the beginner basics. These are things that I cover in my Affiliate Marketing Course for Free, as I go extremely deep into blogging, conversions and lead generation just to name a few.

My Final Thoughts & How To Get Started 

Overall, My Online Startup is a great crash course at the front end for beginning affiliates who want to get their toes dipped and learn the basics of affiliate marketing, and if you want to take it deeper you can pay for the full inner circle program at a one time $497 payment.

Affiliate Marketing is getting big and it's a BILLION dollar industry that's only going to grow stronger each and every year so now is the time to get int it to help provide MASSIVE value to your audience and earn a great living with it.

I'm not telling you not to join My Online Startup, you can if you'd like to check it out, but if you're open to trying out a free program that teaches you how to start a blog and rank your posts on the first page of Google Like I'm doing and here's the best part...

You get my Free affiliate marketing A-Z Course that goes so damn deep and I show you how to monetize your blog with so many other traffic generating avenues I've gone through in my career, and from websites to funnels, email marketing and so much more!

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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