Wealthy Affiliate Competitor – Discover The Hidden Benefits

Are you tired of seeing all these programs promising you financial freedom, the ability to live your laptop lifestyle, and you don't know who to trust?

Hi, my name is Michael, a long-time internet and affiliate marketing professional, and I'm not just going to show you a "Wealthy Affiliate Competitor" but a TON of them!

By the end of this article I promise you that you'll know more about the different platforms and which one you should start your journey with. But before I do any of that...

I will tell you that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and in no way shape or form will I make this a biased review...I promise you. By the way, If you want to read my full 10,000 word Review article with very comprehensive videos from YouTube and my secrets, make sure to go HERE.

By the way, I made a video that lists the 5+ best courses you can take for affiliate marketing that mentions wealthy affiliate, seen here:

Let's not waste any more time!

 7+ Wealthy Affiliate Competitors

I've been around the block(sort of speak) witnessing many affiliate marketing programs, some of those that I've tried, and others that I wouldn't even dare to put my fingers on. And if you search all across the web, you'll noticed reviews after reviews of programs like:

  • SoloBuild It
  • Affiliorama
  • SEO Affiliate Domination
  • My Online Startup
  • Income School
  • Legendary Marketer
  • Bluehost(yes a hosting company)
  • And the ton of others on Udemy and by other affiliates.

What's the key here? There are SO many wealthy affiliate competitors that it can be tricky and a long process to make up your mind which one to put your trust in and say: "I can finally sleep at night knowing I made the right call".

Let's start off with Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate

If you're looking for an affiliate marketing program that will show you EVERYTHING all-in-one place to succeed as a beginner and expert in ranking your blog posts on the first page of Google to building a strong relationship with the community, then look no further than Wealthy Affiliate.

The reason I say this is that you will get everything from state of the art hosting and domain unlike anywhere else, top keyword research software, free websites to start, precision training so you can have people hunting you rather you hunting them, and so much more!

If that's not enough, I know you're also going to like that it comes with:

  • 50,000 bandwidth hosting so you can have the most traffic possible without having to pay for a premium package that can cost hundreds if not thousands yearly elsewhere, which means you will save a TON of money and your fast will rank faster and work more efficiently.
  • Very accurate keyword research tool Jaaxy so you can have all your keywords located in one place which means you'll always have an endless amount of keywords to write about and you'll never fall short of ideas.
  • Two types of training in the Entrepreneurial niche certification and Affiliate Bootcamp so you can be a better all-around affiliate marketer which means you'll increase your chances of having more success in any niche!
  • Free sub-rubrix websites so you can have the chance to test out a niche and play around with WordPress which means you don't have to worry about getting your first niche right.
  • Live Friday webinars so you can be up to date on everything from SEO to social media and so much more which means you'll increase your skills in many areas.

There is so much more about Wealthy Affiliate that I haven't even touched upon, and I made sure to make you a full review HERE. OH! My favorite part about joining Wealthy Affiliate is that you get to try it out for FREE!

Wealthy Affiliate VS Affiliorama

Here's how Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliorama stack up against one another:

As you ca see, Affiliorama stacks up well with Wealthy Affiliate but falls short with 7/10 as opposed to 10/10 for Wealthy Affiliate. From experience, I can tell you that private coaching and contact to the owners is a luxury to have and getting access 24/7. Here's a bit of proof that I was able to hear back from co-owner Kyle himself:

The live chat feature at Wealthy Affiliate will give you quick help to people from the community so you're never lost and have to worry about being helpless. Apart from that...

The free websites included at Wealthy Affiliate are sweet to have, I can't tell you how many times I wanted to test out an idea or just to help create a site for someone else, or for another niche website I wanted to make.

What can I say from the web hosting that I haven't already? If you went the Affilorama route as well with any of the other wealthy affiliate competitors, you'd have to get your own hosting with:

  • SSL
  • Add-ons
  • Privacy and security
  • Backups
  • More bandwidth

And so much more that will run the cost of your hosting up the WAZOO!

Don't be deceived by the $3.96, $5, $10 basic hosting and domain packages, overtime that will add up and you'll have to upgrade for security, SSL and more that runs up to 100's if not $1,000's of dollars per year. Unlike at Wealthy Affiliate, you get top notch hosting, no up-sells, SLL, Privacy, backups and sight speed insights so you can see how well your site is doing on both computer and mobile. Have a look:

page speed insights

and then here is more about the hosting:

wealthy affiliate site speed and hosting

I even made a video where I show the best courses you can use for affiliate marketing where I feature Wealthy Affiliate And Affiliorama and show you more:

Wealthy Affiliate Vs My Online Startup

New on the block is My Online Startup by Chuck Nguyen, who has been in the affiliate marketing space for years now and has made a free course to the public with the opportunity for you to pay for his inner circle membership where you get more support and resources as an affiliate...

Which by the way is priced at $497. I can understand why you'd charge someone so much, don't forget wealthy affiliates yearly membership is at about $359 but whenever Black Friday rolls around, you get 49% off! Saving yourself $289...which amounts to $0.82 a day!

I'm not trying to say other courses are not worth it, but the price alone is enough here to stop and say "wait a minute", I actually get more in the long-run with Wealthy Affiliate than My Online Startup - especially with all the extra tools and resources.

Here's a comparison table:

Legendary Marketer Vs Wealthy Affiliate

This one is a bit interesting on the fact that they are completely different - Legendary Marketer will give you an education on what affiliate marketing is but owner David Sharpe focuses his time on High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

You'll get more of a chance to brand yourself to higher marketplaces and have the opportunity to partner up with quality digital programs. Some of their programs can cost thousands of dollars to start so you have to be careful of that.

Speaking from experience, from a beginners point of view, it's best to start somewhere like Wealthy Affiliate and work on a set of skills like blogging for SEO and then later on work your way into Legendary Marketer if you so choose to. 

Low Ticket Vs High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Aside from showing you all the Wealthy Affiliate Competitors, you have to make sense of promoting lower sized commission products vs higher sized, so what does that mean?

Some affiliate networks like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, can give you a smaller commission cut as opposed to other networks that are willing to pay you more to bring in people, like:

...To name a few who will pay you somewhere between like 25% - 50% in affiliate commissions(and in some cases 100%)...

My point being is that Wealthy Affiliate can bring you high ticket commissions but get this...

You can even earn a recurring income for every person that you bring in! Now some of the other platforms allow you to do that like Legendary Marketer, but the most beginner friendly and best place to begin is with Wealthy Affiliate.

I talk more about how you can promote Wealth affiliate in this article.

Now let's wrap things up in this final segment.

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Final Thoughts And How To Get Started

What did you think about Wealthy Affiliates Competitions and Competitors?

There's plenty of them with their own unique touch and benefits but at the end of the day you have to look out for your own self best interest.

The reason I choose to stick it out with Wealthy Affiliate was because of the long-term SEO route that gets people to look for me, rather than I having to chase people around to buy my products/services, SEO is a unique skill to learn that will always be in demand and for the fact that the training was spot on.

Not to say the other courses wouldn't work, it's just harder to want to spend on $997 upfront, or to not get enough tools and resources for what I pay for. And my greatest determining factor was that Kyle and Carson have 16+ years of experience so you know you're getting the best. 

If you want to check out Wealthy Affiliate, press the button down below to check out my full in-depth review with all the $15,000+ bonuses I'm handing out to you!

Michael Granados

Hi my name is Michael Granados, and I am an online home business owner with years of experience learning and moderating the online world in the digital marketing and affiliate marketing space. I went from struggling to earn a legitimate passive income online to achieving it full-time. I'll help you generate more leads, make more sales, & build your own personal brand. If you want quicker results, check out my latest FREE training HERE