April 30

by Michael Granados

Have you ever had someone tell you to literally COPY their millionaire business and be able to work from home or anywhere you want? 

What about taking your passion, interest, or hobby and making A LOT of money with it through a home-based business?

Begs the question, is Jeff Lerner a scam?

I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you that Jeff is not a scammer! In fact, he is the One of the BEST in the digital online "self-education" space I've ever come across and will likely do when it comes to his free and paid content, the man delivers! How do I know?

Other than the fact that I have his work and I'm a 4-Figure+ per month online business owner(like over $5,000+, hitting 5 figure months frequently with JUST One business model I focus on the most right now of all the three you'll see today) I've written reviews of other "online internet gurus"...

that come REALLY Close like Dave Sharpe(which you'll hear about him and Legendary Marketer in the Alternative Section), and the scammers in this kind of space like David Dekel, Dean Graziosi, Chance and Abdul, among many others...

And it hates YOU to hear and see, am I right? ENOUGH! Listen, You don't need that, you don't need to make the mistake of paying for $5,000+ courses that are all "fluff" and "theory" and can be found on YouTube.

Luckily for you, that's not going to be the case with Jeff, that's my promise to you...

And by the time you leave here today you're going to see the deep hard truths, secrets, pros and cons, alternatives, my Earnings reports, a FREE eBook, his FREE To join affiliate program where you can earn over $16,000 In Affiliate Commissions(while building your business), and so much more!

So you can leave here today knowing how to create more freedom, more time, and to live life on YOUR own terms!

Time to move on, but if you are ready to move on with things and get the ENTRE Blueprint, then click here(Free Video And Bonuses).

By the way, If at any point you're unsure about Jeff's courses or teachings, please make sure to read the Alternative Section or reach out to me via messenger on the bottom right of your screen.

Alright Let’s get started! 

Jeff Lerner Overview

Person's Name: Jeff Lerner

Occupation: Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer, Digital Agency Owner, Course Creator

Company Known For:ENTRE Institute

Best Product Known For: ENTRE Blueprint

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own business, want passive income, want to replace their current income, become a digital nomad

jeff lerner review

Summary: Jeff Lerner is a Digital Entrepreneur and ONE of the best there is in the online space - he's made MILLIONS promoting products he doesn't even own to other people with affiliate marketing, he runs his own digital marketing agency, has his own courses like ENTRE and has built up tons of business that have made a fortune. So Is is jeff lerner genuine? Yes, as I mentioned before, he is legit and on top of that he's a great person.

He went from Over $400,000 in Debt to making well over $40 MILLION and has since then been rising:

He is a trainer to over 150,000+ students and he literally invites you to COPY his Million Dollar Business. Here's what makes him different -

He takes a Holistic First approach and then tackles business - and this while it's great to learn how to make money(which you will with jeff lerner businesses in Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing Agency, and Course Creation), Jeff will show you how to live a more balanced life, taking care of your health, building great relationships, developing leadership and communication skills. PLUS...

He has a high-ticket free to join affiliate program where you can earn over $16,000 in affiliate commissions PER referral! Jeff is in a category of his own and it would be INSANE not to move forward with his work.

PLUS, there is a jeff lerner free ebook you can download to learn the Millionaire Shortcut to succeeding online and how you can use it for your own journey to get results faster without having to spend days, weeks, months and years trying to go at it alone (book is below).

Rating: 99/100

Recommended: Yes

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Who Is Jeff Lerner? 

jeff lerner review

If you're still wondering "Is Jeff Lerner Real", listen to this...According to clarity.fm, Jeff is a 50MM sales, two time Inc 500 honorary digital marketing entrepreneur who has helped 100,000’s of beginners and experts transform I to the digital entrepreneur they wish to become.

Jeff Lerner is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, and musician. A native of Houston, Texas, Jeff spent most of his 20's attending University by day while working nights as one of Houston’s top working piano players…

A “gig” which often found him playing in the home of billionaires, CEO’s, and business owners. This exposure had inspired Jeff to star his journey in entrepreneurship and business.

In 2008, at the age of 29, after multiple failures including his restaurant franchise that left him with over $400,000 in debt, he found his calling as a digital marketer(and paid his debt off in 18 months). Here's JUST one of his screenshots:

jeff lerner money

Over a decade later Jeff is now an in-demand international speaker and active founder/co-founder of several successful companies like:

  • Awesome Marketing -an inc 500 digital agency
  • Copy A Millionaire
  • 6-Steps To Freedom
  • ENTRE Institute - an online education company
  • 7 Mile digital - a consulting and lead generation company

Here's a little more about him if you were curious:

who is jeff lerner
about jeff lerner

How Did Jeff Lerner Make His Money?

As I mentioned earlier, Jeff has made his money by running a few companies (look above if need be) and as far as what does jeff lerner do for a living there are other ways today he's making his money such as:

  • ENTRE Institute's Digital Education platform
  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Hosting Masterminds
  • Hosting Events

Jeff Lerner Fraud?

There is no fraud committed by Jeff Lerner. There is no need to worry, and as you just read above, Jeff is very real. But let's look at "Why" so many people think so.

The ONLY people thinking Jeff is some fraud or a "scammer" are those who just like to blame themselves for why their life is not where it should be and because they want things without having to work for them or have the wrong perspective of online business.

Don't make this mistake as others do! You still have time to make things right for yourself.

P.S. Please share this post with others so they know the Real Truth about Jeff and they can get the most help like yourself:

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Where Does Jeff Lerner Live?

Jeff is based in Utah at the moment.

Is Jeff Learners Training Legit?

Before I show you the actual training down below I wanted to get this question (above) out of the way...

Yes, 100%, Jeff's training is legit. Maybe you've heard otherwise from other sources or you're just concerned about falling for the "fluff", "theory", or scam type of training, I don't blame you, but I'm here to tell you TRUTHFULLY, Jeff's training is legit.

Is Jeff Lerner Good?

Absolutely. You just got to see why up above. Especially in his ENTRE Institute premier training you can learn more about here.

Going Inside Jeff Lerner(What Does Jeff Lerner Do?)

What Does Jeff Lerner Do?

In one sentence I can sum Jeff up - He helps educate people about digital real estate which doesn't mean actual "Real Estate" like physical property but he means owning your own digital assets online like a website, courses and other platforms that don't depreciate over time, Rather make you long-term passive income, how You can legitimately shortcut and COPY your way to making a living with it online.

Jeff Lerner Digital Real Estate Continued...

Jeff is most known for his one of a kind digital marketing training called ENTRE Institute where he teaches online business and how to use it as a springboard to excellence in 3 key areas of life:

  • Personal Excellence
  • Professional Excellence
  • Physcial Excellence

He is also the founder of Xurli a Digital Agency where he served over 30,000 local Small businesses in the US and Canada then exited in 2018. And lastly, he is the founder of Awesome Marketing an enterprise software for information marketers.

Do you have a better picture now of what digital real estate jeff lerner is talking about?

WAIT! I know what you're thinking...What makes this guy "Jeff" different than anyone else in the Digital space?

Why Jeff Lerner(Uniquely Different)

Can you learn from just about anyone "Proven" in the internet marketing space how to make money online? Of course, but why Jeff?

Unlike EVERYONE else online that can at least back up that they can help you make money online, Jeff doesn't JUST focus on marketing, Listen to this...

Jeff takes on a more Holistic approach. Here's what I mean, If you want to learn how to make Amazing money with Jeff, that's on the table no doubt, but he will teach you that PLUS:

  • How to live a more balanced life
  • Taking care of your health
  • Building great relationships
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Developing great communication skills
  • And so much more!

Are you starting to see the BIGGER picture here? Believe me when I say this after my many years of experience navigating the online space, you WILL NEED to work on these aspects.

This is not just about making money, eventually you will have to circle around to these aspects(and that goes for anywhere else where you'll build a long-term sustainable business)...

So it's best to digest this from Jeff than anyone else, and you'll now see why, starting with Jeff's MILLION Dollar Blueprint.

Jeff's MLLION Dollar Blueprint(PLUS Over $11,00 Worth Of Bonuses!)

What If I told you that you can ethically steal and Copy Jeff's MILLION Dollar ENTRE blueprint and use it to build your own online lucrative online business?

Luckily you can! Jeff created the most amazing 6 step blueprint where he literally holds you by your hand and walks you through mapping and personalizing your own strategy for building a successful online business and you can LITERALLY copy/model the jeff lerner millionaire "WAY".

Entre Blueprint

I made a specific review of the ENTRE Blueprint you can check out by clicking the button right below.

Awesome Life Challenge

Do you want to live an awesome life?

Jeff created this challenge called "The Awesome Life Challenge" which can be found inside of his Entre Membership where he shows you how to build an awesome life that's full of:

  • Living your best life
  • How to attract wealth your way
  • How to start your mornings
  • How to think like a business owner
  • How to be the best you can be in life.
awesome life challenge

In this challenge you will get:

  • An Advisor
  • Homework that helps you take action 

This challenge changed my life and I'm so thankful that I came across it, and I believe you can really benefit from taking the Awesome Life Challenge.

Jeff's Courses(Jeff Lerner - Millionaire)

aside from Jeff's Blueprint and Awesome Life Challenge, he also has hist 3 Courses which I go over more on the official ENTRE Review but to show you here, this is it:

  1. Affiliate Marketing Millionaire Accelerator
  2. Digital Agency Millionaire Accelerator
  3. Digital Courses Millionaire Accelerator

For Affiliate Marketing:

affiliate millionaire accelerator
affiliate accelerator

All these lessons are jammed pack with 8-figure+ value, and the one I started with before coming to Jeff's Affiliate Marketing Accelerator course was a different blogging platform...

That eventually I turned into a $1,000+ PER MONTH blog. If you're a beginner who JUST wants to get started with Blogging, I'll reveal that FREE training more in the alternative section if you're curious about getting started with a blog OR you can click here to check out my #1 Blogging alternative right now..

For Agency:

Agency Millionaire Accelerator 1
Agency Millionaire Accelerator 2
Agency Millionaire Accelerator 3

For Courses:

Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator
Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator 1
Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator 1

Want to learn more about Jeff's Courses? Check out the ENTRE Institute page review here.

You can get access to these courses by first going through Jeff's Blueprint which you can get access to below.

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Result That Speak For Themselves...

Okay, I don't really like this segment where I have to post "payment shots" but just so you can believe that I have not ONLY gotten results with Jeff, there were tons of wins prior, check all these out:

clickbank sale

This is just from a couple programs and products, there are far more!

Jeff Lerner Affiliate Program

One cool thing Jeff gratefully made available for you and I are the high-ticket commissions you can earn by just promoting the ENTRE Institute training, check it out:

entre affiliate program

Yes you read that right, You can earn up to $10,000!


Yes, Mr. Squirrel, that's A LOT of nuts for you.

Jeff explains the affiliate program better in his affiliate sign up video here.

By the way, you shouldn't just join the program to promote it, you should be able to COMPLETELY use it for building your own business through a passion, hobby, or interest first, and then be transparent with the audience you decide to promote it too by owning the product(s)...

How else will you expect to get people to buy from you? You have to be a by-product of the product if you want to help people, so I recommend you go for the ENTRE Blueprint and at least get into the upsells and or the Main courses I revealed above.

From there, I'll give you strategies and tactics to get your commissions you can use to recover your cost and all meanwhile building your business around your passion, hobby, and or interest.

Jeff's Training Class Millionaire 


Jeff created a video under a URL called "Class With Jeff" for you where he shows you the shortcut he used to become a millionaire and how you can do the same too, see here:

Jeff Lerner Website

jeff lerner website

Jeff has a website called Jeff Lerner Official at jefflernerofficial.com where you can learn more about Jeff along with:

  • Training
  • Agency 
  • Speaking
  • Blog
  • And Much more

Related: Jeff's Millionaire Shortcut PDF Free downloadable eBook

Jeff On Social Media

Are you still asking yourself "Is Jeff Lerner Real"? How about this...Want to follow Jeff on his Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel and more?

Jeff doesn't hold back and shows you how he's one of the most real human beings and entrepreneurs who truly cares about seeing you succeed with not only your online business but yourself...your image.

jeff social media

If you want to watch Jeff do his thing on YouTube, you can watch him right here.  What about on Jeff Lerner Wikipedia?

Jeff's not on there yet but in time that can change, so if you're looking for a jeff lerner wiki, hold off on that.

BONUS: Here's a cool video Jeff made on having your own Digital Real Estate:

Now that we're more clear on answering the question "is jeff lerner a scammer?" as a No, let's look at how much Jeff cost.

Here's what's cool, I've been fortunate enough to interact with Jeff on his channels like Instagram and he mentioned my tag @viral_michael in his video and then gave me recognition for my health blog with him and his wife:

Jeff Giving Me Recognition(This Can Be You Too!)

Jeff Lerner Podcast - Millionaire Secrets

Aside from all the content Jeff pours into all his channels online, his podcast is unique because he brings in MILLIONAIRES and these awesome people who run successful businesses in their respective industries and skills, like this one with Devon Brown an affiliate marketer.

This one with Anik Singal

jeff lerner reviews daven michaels right here:

He has a TON more you can see on YouTube here or you can listen to on the Millionaire Secrets podcast here.

By the way, Entrepreneur Phenomenon Mike Dillard interviewed Jeff Lerner on his "The Mike Dillard Podcast" about EVERYTHING...

Like where he started, where he got to and his business model, check it out by clicking here to listen to the interview.

Jeff Lerner Vimeo Reviews

In case you wanted to see a video Jeff made with Vimeo, then here's one:

What Is Jeff Lerner Net Worth?

There is no clear "amount" since he doesn't publicly put it out there, but to answer "how rich is jeff lerner", he's said on his personal website that he has gone from being a "broke jazz musician" to over $50 Million in online sales.

Jeff Lerner Reviews

Here's what others had to say about Jeff Lerner and his work:

jeff lerner reviews
jeff reviews
jeff lerner facebok
jeff lerner reviewed
jeff lerner look

How Much Does Jeff Cost?

If you’be fancied the idea of hiring Jeff to help you can request a call at Clarity where you will be charged $16.67 Per minute! Unless you have the dough to afford that, you might want to save your hard earned money.

What about his other programs and trainings?

Other than Jeff's 1-1 personal training, you can get access to his Courses too inside of ENTRE Institute which I wrote a review for here, of which it shows you his Exclusive Blueprint to building a massive online business.

Jeff's FREE Resources(Jeff Lerner Free Guide)

Would you like to have Jeff's FREE Downloadable Guide That Reveals...

"The Fastest Way To Become A Millionaire"?

Jeff will give you his zero cost copy of his famous "The Millionaire Shortcut" where you will learn the following:

  • Why the amount of people who become millionaires every year is increasing at a rapid pace.
  • The simple ‘hack' I used to shorten the process of becoming a millionaire and how to start using it today
  • Plus an added bonus that reveals the piece of the puzzle that brings it all together so you can move forward with 100% confidence!

Click below to get started with The Millionaire Shortcut Book Jeff made...

Jeff's 10,000+ Facebook Group

Who's Jeff For?

Jeff was made for people who are sick and freaking tired of working for someone else, have no complete control over their destiny and want to rather get away from the traditional 9-5 rat race and build a highly profitable online business.

Here's more:

  • Beginners who want a part-time and even full-time online business that will be there for many years to come
  • 9-5 workers who are done with having to conform to what the "mainstream" life is all about and would rather build an asset that will be able to give you a passive income, and freedom!
  • Aspiring internet entrepreneurs who want to diversify and grow multiple income streams
  • Aspiring marketers who want to learn the SKILLS to make the income flow your way and be able to replicate it in any business model
  • Moms
  • Dads
  • Students
  • and so much more!

Who's Jeff Not For

  • Tire kickers
  • People who want a "push-button" solution
  • People who don't want to strive for excellence in their lives in many areas.
  • People who are just "knowledge seekers" and NOT Action takers
  • People who don't want an awesome life

Pros And Cons

  • PROVEN Digital Entrepreneur who has made well over 6-figures online and has PROOF to go along with it so you can have confidence and certainty to move forward with complete action which means you'll build the business of your dreams.
  • COPY Jeff's Million dollar businesses so you don't have to waste time figuring out what works and what doesn't which means you'll get results faster and bigger profits too!
  • Phenomenol training so you can learn about the 3 P's of excellence and improving yourself well beyond just business maters which means your mind will become stronger and you'll be happier as a result of it.
  • Trained Over 150,000 Awesome Life Seekers so you can have someone who cares about you in the sense of who you are as a person which means you'll have an abundance like Jeff!
  • There are none, and I'm not being biased here. Jeff is literally one of the best people around the digital entrepreneurial space and I've reviewed many! Even someone else said the same thing:
jeff lerner pros and cons

Jeff Lerner is the Man you need to learn from, how many people will let you Literally COPY their MILLION dollar businesses? Plus he gives away Free content like his podcast, YouTube channel, his FREE Guide and so much more...

Jeff Lerner Alternatives

I have to be transparent with you, right?

Although I do believe Jeff is the BEST option for you, I know other Internet Entrepreneurs who have been pinacol in my career, like:

One of the very first platforms I tried out was with Kyle and Carson's program called Wealthy Affiliate...

Where I eventually learned how to produce a 4-figure+ blogging website through affiliate marketing, and if you're interested in finding out more about that, then click here to see my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Lastly, there's Me:

 I have a FREE Course(limited time only) showing people how to build a Health Affiliate Marketing business the RIGHT way, called Healthy Affiliate.

I have my own training in many different spaces and one of my biggest ones is helping future affiliate marketers go into the health industry.

So if you're interested in the Health Space, click here to get your Free Cheat Sheet and course.

I also teach in other areas of business but...My personal long-term opinion is to stick with Jeff because you get an ALL-IN-ONE solution from 8-figure earners, and along the rode you can also learn about these other folks, and I'll help you understand more about them along the way.

Jeff gives you the BEST chance to make your dreams of having more time freedom, more income come in so you can support yourself and your loved ones, and live life on your terms...

And even if you've heard others say the same, this is the Ultimate truth with Jeff.

Now, if you still want to tap into a system that'll show you how to build a highly profitable Website blog that ranks on Google for affiliate marketing commissions, then I can help you with that since I specialize in this area...

And If you'd like to get my FREE Course on building a wildly successful blog in just 90 days time without Experience then Click here to get my Free Blog Course.

Alternative Business Model Opportunity

Aside from taking advantage of parallel services with "Home Based Business Opportunities", you can also help small businesses and businesses/entrepreneurs of all kinds get business credit and funding to help them build, grow, expand and even get out of a tight pinch...

And earn commissions by helping people move their business forward without having to necessarily go through the banks. Here's who and what I recommend:

Ty is the CEO and owner of Credit Suite which is a great platform that helps business owners leverage building business credit so they can get funding and also show them other opportunities, and I made a specific review of Credit Suite you can view here.

What I Liked Most About Jeff(And A Quick Backstory)

If I had to pick one thing I liked most about Jeff it would have to be his super powerful dedication to help you succeed. When I mean he goes out of his way to give you the life you want to live, the man over-delivers.

His online business program ENTRE Institute is proof that he does...he dedicates his life to transforming everyday average and already successful people to give them the business of their dreams…

He goes as far to let you COPY his millionaire blueprint. Why and how has Jeff Been so impactful to my life? Here's a quick backstory.

A Quick Backstory

Michael Granados

I remember one day in the office having a very frightening thought - What If I have to go back to work my 9-5 Job?

What If I had to leave the years of hard work I had already put online to try and grow my business?

These were the thought rushing through the front to the back of my brain as I was staring the white bright screen of my laptop and the white walls caving in on me as I felt like I was in a prison...

A prison of my own demise, why? Just earlier in the year of 2019 I had been working tirelessly on my health and wellness blog that I had started early 2017 and felt like I needed to take it to the next level...

I clearly understood watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts(and books) wasn't going to cut it so I had invested into a training platform with specialized training on how to diversify and grow my blog not only with Google but other aspects and Skill levels...

I had to make a shift to my inconsistencies so I looked for Higher training, one that would allow me to tap into other like-minded individuals who knew the game far too well and had the answers with tips, tricks...

So what I did was got my research hat on(metaphorically speaking), turned my typing fingers on and entered a search "high ticket affiliate marketing training"...

There were LOADS of listings on Google, trainings, courses, you name it - thanks - this doesn't make my life any easier...

So here's what I did, I reached out to a close friend of mine if he knew of any superior training from world class experts in the affiliate marketing space, digital and course creation and without a second heartbeat he literally shouted "Yes!"

Little did I know at the time but his next few words would change the course of my internet business...

ENTRE Institute with Jeff Lerner. OH BOY, another want to be I'm thinking, but It turned out this man was legit, and what did I have to lose? I had already found success with my blog through another platform but I kept getting stuck...

At the point where I wasn't getting MORE skills and the more I put things off, the more my income would dwindle. Luckily, I acted fast and got heavy into Jeff's free YouTube videos, Facebook Community, Courses, you name it...

I had discovered a greater identity. My new identity was one where I wasn't ONLY restricted to my blog in these times where you need to become omnipresent on multiple channels...

So I invested my valuable time and energy to grow with Jeff and I began to learn skills I wish I had known about A LOT sooner, why?

Although lower level training is fine, it's not enough to help you stand above your competition, and if you want to settle for average and mediocre, be my guess but don't complain when you're kicking yourself in the foot...

My biggest payoff was getting the higher level knowledge you couldn't get anywhere else, applying it to my blog and other areas of my businesses and BOOM! The Impact and financial earnings began to increase like a space rocket taking lift off into the atmosphere…

And I didn't look back since.

Yes, my story was that I had already started my journey elsewhere but point being is this, some mentors AND training courses are better than others and If I had only taken Jeffs courses sooner, my results would have come much faster...

And I wouldn't have wasted all this time feeling stuck and constrained to one place that I outgrew. So my belief and after many years of being in this online game is to get immersed with higher level training like Jeff has as opposed to just the "beginner" type of stuff because eventually you'll come to a place where you will outgrow yourself...

And you can't outgrow what Jeff has in store for you.

What I Didn't Like About Jeff

I didn't dislike anything and again I'm not being biased here, this is 100% my truthful opinion and I hear the same from others. He's one of the very few elite digital entrepreneurs you will come across who is this great...So DON'T WASTE IT!

Final Thoughts(And Next Steps)

What did you think about this jeff lerner scam review?

Jeff Lerner Entre is the real deal and In this Jeff Lerner review, you’ve heard about one of the best and most helpful digital entrepreneurs to help you grow your business full steam ahead. There’s nothing this man can’t do…

When he sets his mind to do something he not only get it done but he crushes it with flying colors. No longer is it about who is this Jeff lerner entrepreneur guy, but how can he help me get results, right?

If you'd like to copy Jeff's very successful Millionaire business blueprint,  click below(otherwise scroll to the bottom to get his FREE Millionaire Shortcut guide first).

Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns you'd like to share with me and all about  this site:viralhomebasedpursuit.com/ "jeff lerner" post? I'd be more than happy to hear from you and help you out. Feel free to leave me a comment down below or click on the little messenger bubble at the bottom right of your screen. 🙂

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