October 1

by Michael Granados

david dekel prize

Want to see how you can have ALL the hard work done-for-you and YOU make the commissions with this most current David Dekel Review?

What about tapping into a system that Leverages making money on autopilot while you sleep?

Sounds too good and it has you asking Is David Dekel A Scam OR Can he really turn your life around from zero to hero? A lot of questions I know, and I’m going to cut right to the chase and give you the answer, NO, David Dekel Is Not A Scam and he can help you make commissions but it's not that easy and you should be worried!

This David Dekel Review will help clarify why, and In a world filled with “Internet Marketing Gurus” promising you can make $1,000’s of dollars if you press ONE Button, who are ONLY after your hard-earned money, and people falling for such schemes, I can understand your frustration…

You’re sick and tired of wanting to follow a mentor and a PROVEN money-making process but you never can, or you’re just starting out and want to make sure this David Dekel guy is a short-term solution to a bigger problem, and then you’re left high and dry sitting at the side of a road hitchhiking your way back to the nearest safety!

Fortunately that doesn’t have to be your problem as I “Michael Granados” will be uncovering the truths behind David Dekel and his programs no one else is wanting to tell you and you’ll truly know by the end if you want him to become your mentor and savior for making money online.

By the way, if ay any point you have questions, feel free to leave me a comment at the end OR click the little "bubble" messenger button at the bottom right of your screen to get more help.

Are you ready?

David Dekel Overview

Person's Name: David Dekel

Occupation: Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer

Best Product Known For: Profit Passports

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own affiliate marketing business, want passive income, want to become a digital nomad

david dekel

Summary: David Dekel is a Digital Entrepreneur in the affiliate marketing space - he's made MILLIONS promoting products he doesn't even own to other people with affiliate marketing, as well owns his own products now where he's helped 1,000's of people make high ticket-commissions and live life on their terms. He's produced programs like Funnel X ROI, and one of his latest Profits Passports which is basically an MLM.

His programs/systems are centered around getting people to sign up to all these programs without learning any skills. It's borderline a Pyramid Scheme. How dumb and deceptive, right? STOP listening to YouTubers telling you different, they over 90% of the time just want YOU to pay $2,000+ Worth which is actually what it will cost you, so they make commissions, and if doesn't work for you(over saturation and more), they'll promote to you their ACTUAL courses. Look what someone said about Profits Passport:

profits program

Rating: 65/100

Recommended: No.

Table of Contents

Who Is David Dekel?

david dekel

David is a MILLION Dollar Digital Marketing Entrepreneur who like you and I was just another struggling marketer turned into a Multiple six-figure earner online who went on to create many programs for you and me to make commissions with(and I’ll reveal these later).

David’s Early Start

David’s journey started in December 2012 when he received his paycheck for the month and it was the exact same amount he made each month even tho he put in over 150% of his hours…

And after a year of information-overload, thousands of dollars invested with BARELY any results online to show for, he finally got his first breakthrough in January of 2014…

By March 2014 David had made his first 5-figure month, and the 3 months it took to produce that seemed like forever, but it was the first experience he ever had PERIOD…

And that time was the beginning of a new era…

Not because of the income but because of the way it was generated! It was all 100% online income, no clients to meet face to face, no conference calls at the office, no boss breathing down his neck…

It was 100% online-based, up until 2014 he hadn’t taken a vacation for more than 3 days...After 2014 he took 5 vacations in the span of 10 months! The first one was Raleigh, Carolina…

It was the very last Warrior Forum event that was hosted by Brian Mcleod(the copywriting guru) and Sam England(The eCommerce Mogul)...

The point being is he met a lot of newbies, a lot of familiar faces, a lot of gurus, and it all changed David...and it got him to see that everyone on stage was just someone who took massive action and simply got the results…

They weren't smarter than David, more talented, or gifted in any way,...and one thing he saw in common with all of them was they found a way to serve, help, and assist bigger and bigger crowds of people…that was it!

That was the big turning point for him…

And it was exactly what caused him to take his business to the next level...his client base started growing, so did his income, and 2 months after that he fulfilled a long-term dream…

A visit to the west coast, L.A and San Diego to be exact. ..Mario Brown was hosting an event all about Facebook ads and David decided to check it out…

The event was cool.

Going Inside David Dekel

If I could sum up David Dekel In One picture, it would be this one:

david dekel youtube


Have a close look at every YouTube video thumbnail and you’ll see how overly excessive his videos are targeting how much he makes:

  • In a day
  • As a newbie
  • With a certain program

These are VERY catchy videos not only for beginners but for intermediates and experts like myself who make good money online. He shows you programs like:

David Dekel Easy1Up

Before I reveal a bit of what Easy1Up REALLY is - By the way, I spoke to someone who was very frustrated with Easy1Up and lost over $2,000!

easy 1 up scam

Here's the rest of the conversation:

easy 1 up message
easy1up money
easy 1 up not working
easy 1 up

After back and forth communication, I helped this person with a better way of making money:


Anyways, I helped them get the right system for their needs and I've done it with many other people too...


Easy1up is heavily promoted cost to join make money online program where they have "killer" digital educational products and lots of them for $1,000's+ where they show you how to do marketing, get sales, promote funnels and all this other stuff that honestly, their material sucks!

People just get in it to promote the program itself and never use actual tools and the education to grow a hobby, passion, or interest because for 1. The material is poor and 2. The people who join are usually the ones who watched a YouTube video of some "guru" or even a blog post and was convinced to join.

This is basically a pyramid scheme but with a product so its not a pyramid exactly and many of the "gurus" online with a Brand, Authority, and Audience will easily trap people in to paying thousands and usually not making their money back

Want access to a high-ticket affiliate program where you can earn over $16,000 In affiliate commissions...PER Referral?

>>Click here to see Jeff's Unique Program Where You Can earn Over $16,000 In Affiliate Commissions PER Referral!

If you want to get the RIGHT help too with the right training and strategy, feel free to click on the "bubble" icon at the bottom right of your screen to get started chatting with me at any time.

Moving on, I’ll get into the rest of the programs in the bullets from earlier above but let’s first look at where it all starts...David's home page...

David Dekel Website

david dekel home page

At DavidDekel.com, you will see a survey you can take that’ll match you with the right opportunity you’re seeking…

And this is the only thing on this page which makes it different than every other digital entrepreneur who has a standard home page such as:

Anyways, question number one is “What topic interests you most?

I’ll click on Affiliate Marketing which by the way is how I’ve been able to make 4+ figures per month consistently "Without A Done-For-You System" and you can see my #1 recommended program and training here.

(By the way, If you want to see the ONE Done-for-you affiliate system alternative,  click here to go to the alternative section NOW.)

Click next after selecting the answer and then I get the second question:

Question #2: What Have You Tried So Far To Make Money Online?

david dekel question 1

I’ll click on “SEO” which is where I started(ranking blog posts on the first page of Google’s search engines and others too)

Question #3: What Do You Believe Is Missing For You To Achieve Success?

david dekel question 2

You can type out a short answer here and I’ll put something like “Finding the Right Mentor

Results: Enter Your Email

david dekel results

Now to get proper help and a Newsletter from David you’ll have to give him your email address which is smart because that’s what every digital entrepreneur does - build their email list.

So I gave my email address, click on submit, and then you get the thank you page:

david dekel thank you page

David keeps it very short and simple by telling you that you’ve been added to his email list and he’ll be broadcasting you cool stuff. This is a different approach…

Usually, you’d be re-routed to a “Bridge Page” or some type of Webinar so you can take David up on an offer but David is not like everyone else and wants to make sure you guys start off on the right foot.

 David Dekel System

According to imnewswatch and At the very beginning of David's internet career he promoted a product called Stealth List Building which "was" a list building process built on a "loophole" that led David to building a huge mailing list over 45,000 people in just 4 months.

stealth list building formula david dekel

I know, crazy right? But it doesn't end there...David also discovered how he could earn the most money from his list by strategically choosing the products he offered to them. And these two processes made David loads of money online and set the foundation for what's to come with David's Funnels(more on that next).

So David went on to make over $18,000 in commissions with the stealth list building system and he even said this was "cutting edge" email marketing nobody has ever seen or tried before...

and advocates how its so brand new and no one else in the internet marketing space is in on it, yet, I've seen WAY better email marketing training than that. It's just outdated and filled with emotional "copywriting" that gets the average person and even more experienced marketers to bite.

David’s Funnels

On the top right of your screen is a menu called “David’s Funnels”, click here and you’ll get the following page:

davids funnels

Here you can see David’s ideas and inventions where in 2017 he had the idea to create a funnel that promotes multiple affiliate programs, all in the same program…

And instead of just keeping it to himself, he opened it up to the public and that’s where Funnel X Project was born!

An immediate hit it was, the original funnel was promoting MCA(Motor Club of America) and he was able to get over 2,000 sign-ups within just a few months…

And members were seeing success too which then led David to create more funnels like:

  • Funnel X2 and
  • Funnel X ROI

...Which became a MONSTER!

Funnel X ROI

Funnel X ROI is a way to promote all the following programs with ONE link…

  • Easy 1 Up - 100% commissions on digital education products
  • Get Response - an email autoresponder tool, 33% commissions on recurring monthly commissions
  • ROI Pannel - 50% commissions on a click tracking system
  • Advertising Boost - 40% commissions on vacation bonus giveaways you can provide for your signups

This used to be open to the public, but now you can only be invited in by another member, why?

Well so many people use and abuse it in the wrong ways like:

  • Telling people it’s some sort of scam
  • How anyone can sign up and make money

This way you’re not just trying to dabble, do you get me?

It removes the “WANNABEES” from the people who are going to take it seriously, as you should - this is a business, not just an ATM you press a code in and the money comes out.

And here is the difference between an honest good review of an easy 1 Up video vs the one where a huge "affiliate marketer" who also likes MLM systems puts up about a program like Easy 1 Up:

Now here's the controversial one:

Don't forget what I said about Easy1Up in the beginning! Remember how I said people were losing money, like the person I spoke to, and what this system is about?

This is the trick. The first person I showed you does well but doesn't promote Easy1Up which is good, and then the second heavily does, and even if it works, it worked for them, it doesn't mean it will work for YOU!

The guy above has his "High-Ticket Accelerator" course so at a point he may try to get the people who can afford to, get in his high ticket accelerator course which I believe is good, but that's aside from the point.

He's speaking to the market in demand and has helped him get a lot of leads, so that's the benefit from his vantage point. Credible guy, just be careful about what information you're hearing and getting into.

Want access to a high-ticket affiliate program where you can earn over $16,000 In affiliate commissions...PER Referral?

>>Click here to see Jeff's Unique Program Where You Can earn Over $16,000 In Affiliate Commissions PER Referral!

Funnel X Project

This is the OG program David built around 3 systems:

  • MCA
  • Aweber and a
  • Pay per lead program

Ever since MCA changed their compensation plan though and was no longer paying 200% commissions and a lot of affiliates stopped promoting it…

Aweber decided to close David’s account, and the Pay Per Lead program he was promoting took forever to approve people…

And so now the current programs(as of November 2019) are:

  • Hosting
  • Get Response
  • ROI Panel - Click tracking
  • Funnel X Advance(Pay Per Lead)
  • Advertising Boost(Bonus giveaway)

And if you click on the Red Button at the bottom:

funnel x project

You will also get a page that doesn’t connect to anything, why?

It’s by invitation only again! I did further research online to find the actual “sales page” or “video” and here it is:

I did more research on Google but I only came across a handful of reviews and a Facebook page that lead me here:

david dekel funnel x project

How To Promote These Offers?

David says that the absolute best way to promote these offers is to your email list(if you have one…)

Your email list already knows you and if you share this with them chances are you’ll see some results, but if you don’t have an email list…

You’ll need to build one. Fortunately with the systems David provides you with and the lead capture pages you can use to build your email list…

As far as traffic goes, there’s A LOT of options:

  • Solo ads
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Google SEO Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Facebook organic
  • Instagram organic
  • Pinterest organic
  • LinkedIn organic
  • Podcasting
  • And so many more!

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Profit Passports($2,000 Cash Payments Delivered To Your Mailbox?)

This is David’s latest project called Profit Passports where he shows you how to get up to $2,000 Cash Payments delivered to your mailbox AND....up to $16,500 in extra commissions On Autopilot!

This of all David Dekel systems is labeled where David Does ALL the work, YOU make the commissions.

profit passports
profit passport

As show in the image above you’ll learn:

  • Complete 100% done for you system 
  • Earn MULTIPLE commission checks(While David Does ALL the work for you)
  • HUGE Commissions(unlike other small tiny programs)
  • Easy Peasy...no “fancy” internet marketing, tech skills, or previous experience required…

And you can sign up for more information after watching the video here:

profit passport email

Once you enter your email address(make sure it’s @gmail.com) and press the Call to action button, you’ll get this page:

profit passport thank you page

This is basically David’s Sales page where he shows you:


davids testimonials
profit passport reviews
profit passport review

The WHOLE ENTIRE page is dedicated to showing you proof that the system works, and then there’s this yellow “Continue” button in between you can click to continue:

profit passport continue

And once you click the button, you’ll be brought to this page:

profit passport webinar

Another video to watch and you can create an account to join down below:

profit passport form

Once you create a new account or if you’re an existing member, you’ll see the following page:

profit passport login

SURPRISE...yet another video! But here’s what’s different...you get:

  • Your links to promote
  • Your 7 Income Streams!

Yes, you read that right - 7 income streams!

profit passport income streams

You will get programs to make commissions off of like:

  • Easy1Up
  • Funnelxadvance
  • ROI Panel
  • Forsage
  • OPM Wealth(Bitcoin)
  • Udimi
  • Ringless Voicemail

Take a second to think “how cool is that?”

Now how do you get the people(the traffic) to see your offer(s) and buy from you so you can make commissions?

David shows you underneath with Solo Ads

solo ads profit passport

You can press the “Click Here To Get Traffic” button and you’ll be taken to this page:


yours will look different since you have to either create an account or login. This is a "dummy" account I created just to show you.

Udimi is a trusted Solo Ad Marketplace where you can find the RIGHT people who have these huge email lists built up and you can order traffic from them so they can send their email subscribers over to your Optin Page…

This is how Solo Ads works in a nutshell, and I even made a video for it:

Well, a couple:

I won’t go too into depth with Solo ads here, but that’s that for now.

Email Copy

email ad copy

Under the Solo Ads section, you’ll find another section called “Email Ad Copy” where you can plug-in a done-for-you email marketing message copy to your email autoresponder tool without having to start from scratch!

All you have to do is copy and paste the subject line, the body, and maybe just personalize it with your signature, but that’s all!

Underneath this section you will find your Referrals:

profit passport referrals

And then Account Settings:

profit passport account settings

Red Flag #1: Links To Upgrades

David is really clever and has disguised his systems like Profits Passport and Funnel X ROI in the same way on the fact that people you try to make commissions from have to go through this journey where they set up an account and then grab the tools you're promoting...

And when they upgrade, you make the commissions. This is not exactly a pyramid scheme but it's really close and you're just relying on getting people to sign up.

Red Flag #2: You're Not Learning Anything!

This is a done-for-you system with no real front end products and you are self-reliant on a system that doesn't teach you marketing, all it teaches you is how to setup your links and get traffic from places like Udimi, which is really bad, why?

What if the program goes down? Are you going to go look for another one of these done-for-you MLM style programs?

You'll be chasing short-term gains, DON'T DO THAT! To do this long-term AND make long-term commissions, you must learn the skills, not take on more opportuntiies!

Red Flag #3 Too Many People Promoting 

Whether it's Funnel X ROI or Profits Passport, there are LOADS of affiliate's promoting the program and it get saturated and supersaturated so fast, and believe me when I say this...

It'll become harder and harder to earn commissions because everyone has seen the same page you're promoting for people to join. And even if you change it up, good luck with that.

PLUS: you've probably seen some of the "Big Internet Marketers" promote this program but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

They already have an audience, and they benefit more from the commissions then anything else and the more they "feed" their system, the more money they will make, but here's where they really leverage their audience and customers...

If the opportunity didn't work for them, they're smart enough as a marketer to invite them into other or their real affiliate opportunity. So here's what happens...

If you don't make money with the program, you'll become conditioned and frustrated to think negative and what these big internet marketing gurus do is then show you a "better" opportunity that's likely the one they want you to join.

Plus listen to what someone else with years of experience like myself had to say:

Profits Passport Reviews

profits passport reviewed
profits program

Want a better opportunity?

David Dekel Reviews

david dekel reviews
david dekel reviewed

David Dekel Webinar

david dekel webinar

This webinar is no longer available but you used to be able to attend a webinar were David would go Live so you could ask him anything.

How Much Does David Dekel Cost(And His Programs Too)

David gets paid for people joining his programs through his links if you are his referral, and for every account, you create and keep like:

He’ll earn commissions from, but if you joined through someone else’s referral link like mine here, I would get the commissions.

The tools themselves can add up:

  • GetResponse like $15 per month
  • Funnel X Advance - $397-$1,997
  • ROI Pannel - $197 - $1,497

This is just some, you still have to add in the click tracking software for like $15+ a month and the whole system itself can cost $397 to $$3,494 upfront plus $50/mo and $100’s per email campaign. 

Again, this is if you buy the system for yourself, and if you promote it, parts of it can be free but not all! And like we internet marketers say - If you’re going to promote a program, Best you know the ins and outs, why?

You don’t want to come off “scammy” or like you don’t know anything about it, and people buy from people…

You’ll make more sales this way.

Pros And Cons

  • Pre-made landing pages so you can have a funnel up and running faster that’ll convert which means you won’t spend hours, days, and even weeks trying to set up a funnel and are not sure if it’ll convert people to leads and eventually buyers
  • Done-for-you emails and email ads so you can have great communication with your audience that is persuasive which means you’ll get more open rates, click-throughs, and people seeing the sales pages to buy.
  • Hosting for landing pages included so you can have protection at all times which ensures you’ll have a faster running website page and load times so people don’t leave your page
  • Training added to each level so you always know what to do step-by-step which means you’ll never feel confused and in the dark because of this.

  • Offers YOU multiple income streams so you can make money from Loads of different ways which means if one stream is slow or gets shut down, guess what? You have others! And that’s what every good investor, business owner, and entrepreneur thinks and does.
  • David’s Higher Levels of courses/memberships are EXPENSIVE, you’ll likely pay thousands to access the system, and if you’re a newbie, that’s not appealing.
  • No free trial which means you can’t test run and see if this will actually work for you in a month from today and so forth.
  • No refund which means you’ll be stuck paying on a program you’re unsure about.
  • Solo ad costs can get very high! This is why I dislike using solo ads because you burn through money fast and A LOT of it, and it’s not like guaranteed traffic you’re always buying that converts to sales, that’s why I recommend free traffic
  • You can’t promote outside products which means you’ll feel stuck with only the products you’re given(kind of like network marketing).

Overall, the Cons out weight the pros on the fact that you have more to lose then to gain, and for that reason alone, I can't recommend David's programs or David as your #1 go to mentor. If you want to see who my #1 recommended Mentor is, then click here to see. 

David Dekel Alternatives

Wouldn’t it be a bit selfish of me if I didn’t reveal to you what other digital entrepreneur alternatives you had?

Luckily for you, I made a list of other great Entrepreneurs I follow and programs I use from them as well some great programs, starting with the mentors are:

Yeah, that’s a long list but let me narrow the playing field for you and tell you my #1 recommendationJeff Lerner, why?

Jeff went from over $400,000 in debt to make MILLIONS of dollars online in businesses like:

And he is grateful enough to show you how to COPY him(literally you can take his Entre Blueprint) and he gives away FREE resources like his “Millionaire Shortcut downloadable guide”.

For Trainings:

  1. ENTRE Institute
    • This is the best all around course with 8-figure internet marketers showing you the ropes in three different business models.
  2. Wealthy Affiliate.
    • One of my favorite for blogging with affiliate marketing. Even if you're on the fence about blogging, this will be extremely worth it(I was once in your shoes without these skills)
  3. 12-Minute Affiliate.
    • This is a more done-for-you system, kind of like Profits Passports would be except you get to choose from 3 done for you niches in the health, personal development, and make money online niche. I'm not a big fan of done-for-you systems, in one way or another you'll have to try new things but you can check them out, it's worked for me.

Want access to a high-ticket affiliate program where you can earn over $16,000 In affiliate commissions...PER Referral?

>>Click here to see Jeff's Unique Program Where You Can earn Over $16,000 In Affiliate Commissions PER Referral!

Invest In Assets!(My 4-Figure+ PER Month Assets)

If I haven't said this yet, you MUST invest into YOUR own online assets, and yes that means having an email autoresponder BUT you don't have to just pay for ads or solo ads, here's what I mean...

I started a blog way back in early 2017, getting Organic traffic(people) to find me on Google, like you've found this blog post, but I started in the health and wellness space helping people with back pain...

And I was able to monetize my blog to 4-figures+ and I get leads flowing into my business every day...

All thanks to the ONE program I started with which was Wealthy Affiliate.

If you'd like to learn how to grow an income producing blog with even more down the line like:

  • YouTube
  • Sales Funnels
  • Copywriting
  • Email
  • And so much more...

Then check out my in-depth Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

What I Liked Most About David

There are many things I liked about David so instead of just limiting it to one thing, I decided to put a shortlist together:

  • David is a PROVEN Digital Entrepreneur who struggled like you and I have but with his persistence and can-do attitude made it happen not only for himself but then going on to help many others
  • David has a collection of affiliate programs you can profit from so you can have more commissions made from multiple programs which means you will be making money off at least one program.
  • He teaches paid traffic methods which can give you a faster ROI(when done right) so you can get money sooner.

What I Liked Least...

  • He runs a done-for-you system which eventually will saturate or doesn't help you in the long-run
  • His programs are intended to repeat brining in other affiliate's, and becomes a vicious cycle
  • You rely on Solo Ads
  • Costly programs you may never make a penny on or your money back

David Dekel FAQ's

Why Is David Bad For You?

Sure David cares about helping you make money in affiliate marketing but his systems are toxic on the fact that you will not learn much skills, you're depending on a system, and you're just recruiting people at the end of the day.

Especially if you're a beginner, you'll consciously and subconsciously feel horrible trying to help other people make money when in fact you haven't or don't even know the process.

How Has David Made His Millions? 

Honestly, he's like every "Make Money Online Niche Guru" who started out in the early days when there wasn't as much competition as there is now, and rather than choosing a hobby, a passion or an interest outside this field, he went into it selling people the dream...

And that's how he's made most of his money, especially with email marketing promoting products and services to people.

Final Verdict: Is David Dekel Legit?

Not at all! This shows first-hand David Dekel is just another "system creator" in the Make Money Online Space who only makes his money by promoting tools and services he doesn't even use for an actual business and is just an excellent recruiter.

While you can't say he's 100% a scammer, his systems and way of doing affiliate marketing is absurd because you're not really promoting a product, you're just getting training that'll show you how to somewhat "market" to the same people...

Then these people will go back out and recruit more people and so on in this hamster wheel! Don't fall for this and these gurus who are popping out left and right doing these types of schemes.

If you want a REAL opportunity where you will be able to monetize your hobby, passion, and or interest, and learn from a 2X-8 Figure CEO who went from over $400,000+ in debt to making well over $40 MILLION Online in 3 business models, click the button below...

Do you have any questions about this David Dekel Scam post? Let me know down below in the comments section and I'll get right back to you ASAP!

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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