October 2

by Michael Granados

Are you asking yourself the right question?

Shouldn’t It Be “How Is The Wealthy Affiliate Opportunity” Going to make me $1,000’s+ Every Single Month?

Makes your head spin and re-frame the thinking in your mind doesn’t it? I’m going to answer your question straight away without making you wait, Okay?

The Wealthy Affiliate Opportunity is the BEST possible way to get started at a Low-Cost(FREE To start) learning and watching how to promote other people’s products and services without EVER having to own your own...OR be this “techy” person, know how to code, or have an experience!

Do you know the angle they use though? Wealthy Affiliate uses Website Blogging to attract people(your future visitors) searching on Search Engines like:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

...To your blog post(s). So here’s how it works in 4 easy steps:

(img wealthy affiliate)

I “Michael Granados” a Wealthy Affiliate member and 4+-figure online income earner will go more into-depth and break down a few parts of the training you’ll get inside but if you want to skip it all and get started for FREE with all my major bonuses, you can click here.

Also, I made separate blog posts for Wealthy Affiliate where I go more specifically in-depth here in the Ultimate review, and I did a separate review for JUST their training here you can check out.

Alright, Let’s get started!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

wealthy affiliate 1

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform designed for Affiliate Marketers of all types of levels, and if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s this…

Where you can simply promote other people’s PROVEN products and services in exchange for a commission...and you don’t have to be “techy”, know to code, or be some type of expert at it!

You’ll be shown how to turn your hobby, passion, and or interest that gets you motivated every single day and create a highly profitable and successful business with, and don’t worry if you have no idea…

Wealthy Affiliate will help you choose a direction for your business from over 1,000,000 different niches.

Going Inside Wealthy Affiliate

In 4 simple steps here’s how you can begin earnings:

STEP 1: Customer

Your customer does a search on places like Google(and other search engines), or visits through social media.

wealthy affiliate customer

STEP 2: Your Site

You create content that attracts your ideal customers through blogging.

wealthy affiliate site

STEP 3: Your Customer Buys the product

Your customer clicks on your affiliate link on your blog, go over to that retailer like Amazon for example and when they make a purchase, you make the commission!

customer buys

STEP 4: You Make Money!

You can earn 1-75% of every sale!

you make money

Here it is all together:

wealthy affiliate making money

Simple, right?

Now let’s go into a bit of the training, remember I made a full-dedicated post to the Wealthy Affiliate training here you can check out, okay?

Wealthy Affiliate Training

You get two amazing types of training:

  1. Online Entrepreneurial Certification
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp

Let me break these each down starting with the Online Entrepreneurial Certification:

wealthy affiliate online entrepreneurial training

The Online Entrepreneurial Certification(OEC) training is a 5 phase (50 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within ANY niche you want and desire.

(niche thrive optin)

Here’s what you see when you click on the “getting started” level 1 course:

wealthy affiliate getting started

You get FREE access to this training where you will learn the first fundamental steps to realizing your potential as an online business owner, where you will learn things like:

  • Getting Rolling
  • Understanding how to make money online
  • Choose a niche
  • Building your own niche website
  • Setting up your website
  • Getting your site ready for search engines
  • Creating your own initial website content
  • Creating your custom menus on your website
  • Understanding Keywords
  • Congratulations and your next steps
wealthy affiliate lessons

Here’s what the inside of a lesson looks like starting with “Getting Rolling” lesson 1:

wealthy affiliate getting rolling start

Kyle and Carson the founders of Wealthy Affiliate introduce themselves as well show and tell you what to expect.

kyle and carson introduction

They reveal the 4-step process(like I mentioned earlier)

wealthy affiliate 4 step process

The VERY helpful thing is they give you both text and video information so you can have an easy time digesting the information the best way for you which means you’ll get through it with ease and much faster so you can implement the teachings.

affiliate text
video 1

At the bottom of each lesson you’ll see the tasks to complete:

wealthy affiliate tasks to complete

You can go on and check these off IF you’ve done them, don’t cheat yourself! If you try to breeze through the training, you will make mistakes, think this isn’t working, and likely quit or go back to the training and start over!

And then you can go to the next lesson by clicking on the blue “next lesson” button at the bottom right of your screen in the image above.

Top Helpers In Each Lesson

Each lesson is unique on the fact that you can ask questions or get general help on the topic at hand so you can have a greater understanding, and you get the community to help you ASAP and you get to see the top contributors.

wealthy affiliate top helper

To see a more in-depth look at the training and for the Affiliate Bootcamp, click here to see the wealthy affiliate training post.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

You can literally join for FREE to start and there is a premium membership for $495 a year or:

  • Premium monthly at $49 per month
  • Your first premium month at $19

Here are the perks as mentioned by Kyle:

wealthy affiliate perks

Why Is Wealthy Affiliate The Right Fit For YOU?

Wealthy Affiliate will help you make an IMPACT and Money by simply sharing your passion, hobby, and or interests with a specific group of people who have problems and want answers…

And you are the bridge to helping them out but in a way, you can’t anywhere else, how? The wealthy affiliate training shows you how to make money long-term, not the second you create a website and launch it with ONE blog post…

If you’re willing to put the work upfront for months and even a year without much returns than Wealthy Affiliate is for you, and if you don’t then you can go find another opportunity that’ll likely:

  • Suck your money
  • Scam you
  • Or not be the strategy you want(like talking to people 1-1)

Here’s more:

  • For people who are stuck in the 9-5 rate race and want to start an online business that’ll make them many for many years to come and eventually replace their J-O-B so they can live more freely, be their own boss, and work from anywhere and at any time.
  • People who want to add an additional income stream to generate multiple income streams
  • People who want to grow their offline or online business with SEO and want more exposure
  • And many more!

Pros And Cons


  • PROVEN step-by-step(literally held by the hand) trainings so you can have an easy understanding and strategy to implement in less time which means you’re going to likely earn sooner than most people who do this without a training...meaning you get an unfair advantage over your competition!
  • Two Super dedicated Digital Entrepreneurs in Kyle and Carson who push you to be accountable and set your goals higher so you can become a great person and business person which means you’ll never give up and always have an objective to hit
  • Amazing Community so you can have access to all the help you need at all times which means you don’t have to worry about feeling alone or like you are stuck.
  • FREE Jaaxy keyword research tool so you can get the best keyword research tool to see what people are searching for online which means you can have ALL the people(traffic) visiting your site and not your competitors, and be on the first page of Google because of this.
  • State of the art hosting so you can have a faster loading website and safer security which means you can have a relaxed conscious and subconscious knowing people will not bounce off your site and you will be protected against cyber attacks
  • TONS of resources like other training videos,. Classrooms, post comments, site feedback, the recurring monthly affiliate program and so much more!


  • I’d say the training can be geared more for beginners although it has grown recently for intermediates and experts.
  • Some out of date videos but it’s improved now. 

What I Liked Most About Wealthy Affiliate

There’s so much I liked about Wealthy Affiliate that it would be hard for me to tell you just ONE thing I like most, so instead, I made a list:

  • Easy to follow and implement training 
  • Unmatched technical support and community help
  • State of the art hosting with over 500,000 people in bandwidth
  • Free Jaaxy keyword research tool
  • Free siterubix websites to start with
  • You can purchase your domain through Wealthy Affiliate
  • You can find affiliate programs
  • And so much more!

Final Thoughts(And Your FREE Bonuses)

What was your favorite part about the wealthy affiliate opportunity?

Kind of tough to select just one thing, right? That’s good because it means Wealthy Affiliate has so much to offer you that NO other affiliate training can…

For one, you get access to three well-rounded Entrepreneurs in Kyle, Carson, and Jay...OH, as well as the other people apart of the community you can get help from(like me)...

And if you follow the PROVEN step-by-step training, you will have this masterpiece of a website blog you will be able to bring Organic traffic(without paying) for many years to come so you can make more money!

Wealthy Affiliate Bonuses ($19,838 Value)

Here are all the 8 MEGA Bonuses You're going to get for joining Wealthy Affiliate for FREE:

Bonus #1($4,997 Value): Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to start but if you decide to go premium, I will give you an equal opportunity to Recover your monthly cost! All you would need are 2 people to cover your cost of membership, and I'll show you the FASTEST way to do this. While you can focus on your blog and niche specific industry, on the backend, I'll make getting a referral for you simple and easy.

Bonus #2($1,997 Value): Once You get your Free WA Account, I will direct you to my membership portal that will not only teach you about Wealthy Affiliate, But other projects that I've been currently finalizing nd other frameworks.

Bonus #3($6,097): My Email Swipes For Two Of My Businesses and some made by a professional copywriter! Email marketing is a vital component of your success online, and I have all the emails you will need to launch your campaigns off the bat without the guess work or starting from scratch.

Bonus #4($997): How To Run More ads, and rank in google via video too! I'm a google adwords(PPC) certified member and I've run my fair share of google ads so I know what works and doesn't, You'll get access to my copy and success tips to set them up. As well, you'll see what I do with Facebook Ads, and how I get over 10 leads per day!

Bonus #5($1,297): My super affiliate website that is currently bringing me in 6 figures a year! I'll show you how a well structured website should look like so you can model it.

Bonus #6($697): My Mastermind mentoring group where you can get access to even more help, bonuses, and up to date information on what's working best in affiliate marketing and the digital marketing world.

Bonus #7($2,097): I will give you all of my conversion optimized lead and sales funnels with a free access to a landing page software so that you can be set for conversion optimize.

Bonus #8($697): My FREE Affiliate Marketing For Entrepreneurs Academy Course where I have all my training videos from beginner to expert on how to build a highly profitable business online with Wealthy Affiliate and many other platforms. You'll get everything from SEO to Ads, Social media, and everything in between. I've truly helped 1,000's!

Bonus #9($597):  I want to bring you into the world of video and vlogging but not just YouTube, but Webinars. Webinars have the potential to make you money much much easier at 10X the rate because you can sell, and promote more higher ticket products that are proven to convert faster. I'll be giving you my perfect webinar script along with other templates so you choose to do webinars in the beginning of your career, or later on, and also scale!

Bonus #10($397) Get all of my WordPress plugins, themes and stay updated on what I've used over the years to shape my sites and how to get it done. 

Bonus#11($297) Outsourcing dreams. I'll give you instant access to a list of ways you can outsource your content to LOADS of other writers and in other areas of your business.

That's just the tip,More Bonuses since then have been added, check them out here(scroll down on the page)

If this sounds like something you’d be excited about waking up to and doing every day, then you can get started by pressing the button below right now.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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