September 29

by Michael Granados

How would you like to be held by the hand and shown how to sell high ticket affiliate products with a blog easily?

What about without EVER having to use social media messengers?

You’ve come to the right and ONLY place today that’ll show you step-by-step how to “sell” ANY product you wish so you can make more income, have more time, and finally live life on your own terms...With FREEDOM!

Hi my name is “Michael Granados” and I’ve been promoting and selling high-ticket affiliate offers for many years with success having earned $500, $1,000, $5,000+ per sale, and I want to show you how you can simply do this without having to sell 1-1, rather 1 to many...hence your blog.

Are you ready to get started?

Why Promote High Ticket Affiliate Products?

Would you like to make MORE money with less sales?

Duh, right? My point is it takes you the same amount of energy and time to promote a high ticket product as much as one for a low-ticket one, let me explain.

Let’s say you have a low-ticket one off sale physical product like a mattress - this mattress costs about $500 at a 10% commission, you’ll make ONLY $50! And how about a recurring product?

Let’s say you have a software for $97 at %40 commissions, you make the sale and get back $38 which isn’t bad but you still have to account for:

  • Getting more customers through the door, hence more traffic
  • Make sure you have a low churn rate(people leaving)
  • You will have to replace the people who churn

Unless you have a formula and recipe to make this happen(and you can which can take years at times with certain methods), I would really think about using this method(at least for now).

OR you can do what many smart affiliate marketers do and save their time and energy by focusing on promoting high ticket offers in the $100-$5,000+ range and let’s say these go for 50% each, you can make like $2,500 off of a 5,000 product and here’s the cool part…

If your goal was to get $5,000 a month, then all you need to do is sell two of these offers! Pretty cool, right?

I hope you’re starting to see the bigger picture, now we can move into why you REALLY came here today.

Ready to get into the meat and potatoes?

How To Use A Blog To Promote High Ticket Offers(Easier and Effectively!)

You have to know ONE thing about me, I failed time and time again trying to promote High ticket affiliate offers with my blogs and thought I was DOOMED until out of the blue it happened…

I watched a video on Copywriting from a man named Jim Edwards who was promoting his book called Copywriting Secrets and I knew I had to have it, why?

Persuasion. Words influence people, whether you say them in text(blog) or spoken(video, podcast, etc), your words matter and the way you structure those words will make all the difference between:

  • Getting your post read and not
  • Getting your post read and someone clicking to take an action
  • Getting your post read and that person clicking to take an action and purchasing

YOU want to be the last one. Every 9/10 bloggers fail to convert their audience to buyers and it’s not because they can’t blog or have informational, helpful, educational content but because their inability to create emotion!

I won’t spend too much time on that in this post but if you’d like to learn how to use words in copywriting, check out copywriting secrets here.

Moving forward to the tactics, your blog should be made to convert and I’ve compiled a criteria you need to check off:

  • Does My Blog Have A Curiosity Inducing Headline?
  • Is My Content Readable?
    • Has 2-3 sentences at most.
    • No ads in the way
    • Grammatical errors are cleaned up
    • Etc.
  • Does my content help, educate, inform AND Entertain?
  • Do I have call to action based sections
    • Click here, go here, etc.
  • Is My content emotionally driven?
    • Speaks to people’s WANTS not Needs. You can deliver what they need with what they’re getting after.
    • Do I use the word “You and Your” instead of “I, Me”?
    • Do you use the words “So you can”?
    • Do you add meaning to every feature and benefit?
    • Do you start with the problems/pain points and then evolve into the solution?
    • Do you meet your audience where they are now?
    • Do you future pace your audience?
    • Do you add your own story?

Which section has a lot? The Emotionally driven part, right? Why do you think I focused there? Although all the other sections MUST be dialed in, you will NOT sell a high ticket affiliate product(even a low-ticket) if you do not add the RIGHT meaning, and here’s what I mean by being right…

How well do you know your audience? Even if you have many people reading your blog post review, you need to address it as if you were talking to one person…

Your dream customer avatar. This will force you to understand your avatars:

  • Questions
  • Problems
  • Roadblocks
  • Results

If you can’t get in tune with what your dream customer has problems with and can’t show them how to get to the other side(like a bridge), then you can forget about the sale, heck you can forget about getting a lead or having your content read passed the first couple sentence...TRUTH.

Taking everything you just read, now let me draw you an example of a bad post and a good one.

Bad Post

high ticket header

One problem I see at the start is there is no introduction, no curious based headline(s) and it doesn’t give me a reason to want to specifically read from this person.

Also, they didn’t Change the size of their headlines to an H2 or H3 headline to start the paragraph, and google does look at this and prefers you change the size of the text for a new section.

Problem #2: Stock Photos

high ticket stock photo

Did you know your audience is smarter than you think and give credit for?

I’m positive they can tell the difference between a stock photo anyone can use vs authenticity and originality, and that goes farther than you’d think!

Problem #3: No Images or Videos about the course

high ticket bad 1

Your audience wants to see images, and videos about what the course looks like inside, what they are going to get and how they can get the results once they take the training/course.

Although this post has a description of the material, there is no SHOWING. Remember, show more than you tell. 

high ticket bad

What I really find bizarre is that after the person shares the Modules’, they end it with their final thoughts, why?

Well, where’s the:

  • Pricing?
  • Who it’s for?
  • What They Liked About It?
  • Alternatives(if possible)
  • Pros And Cons?
  • Their Story?
  • In Content widgets?

There’s just so much missing and a post like this will not compete with others on position 1 for sure. 

Good Post

simple wifi

This one here is my own and I could have picked anyone else’s but to truly show you I’m a practionier and I practice what I truly speak, this is the best way to go about it.

By the way, If you want to know my #1 Recommended Hight Ticket Affiliate program, it’s ENTRE.

  • I started the headline with a curious inducing one that speaks to my audience. And then I followed it up with a second one to get them more hooked in.
simple wifi headline

After the first few sentences I then bring them to an overview of the program abnd give them a chance to take my call to action:


And then follow it up with a table of contents

simple wifi 1
The rest is just naturally:

  • Educating
  • Informing
  • Helping
  • Entertaining
  • Giving Call To Actions

...Based content. If you see in my Table of contents, you can take this outline and make it your own, and I'll show you a section in that called "Clickbank Products"...


Five touch points I want to highlight here:

  1. A Catchy Headline
  2. A first sentence hook
  3. Numbered content for easy reading and digesting
  4. A Video
  5. A sticky side widget

I'm probably giving away too much here but If you're not testing your forms like:

  • In content
  • Pop ups
  • Side widgets
  • Exit pop ups

...You're doing yourself and your audience a HUGE Disservice, and You're likely losing out on sales for sure. I test my content like crazy and I always A/B split test everything to see what's working and what's not and double down on what is working, for example...

I setup two side widgets and test them against one another and I make them sticky which just means the reader will keep seeing it when they scroll.

The others are in-content forms, as well many others, like I mentioned above. Ok back to the content...

I like to add Call To Actions underneath my videos:

high ticket 1

This is a good spot to have a Call To Action Button(or even hyperlink, but I prefer button), because of two things:

  • You're reader saw a catchy video visual just above it, and whether they watched it or not, their mentality is to scroll down to see more, and BAM! There's your Call to action
  • Your Reader knows your legit and go above and beyond with having a video, and if it shows your face and you do on screen demonstrations, this raises your odds of the person clicking the button straight away

Keep scrolling down and you'll see my in-content widget:


At the moment I'm rotating this one with a few others and seeing what results they produce but this is what you can have on your high ticket blog post that does a couple things:

  • Pushes the reader to your high ticket product
  • Promotes an alternative Product/Option
  • Gives a FREE Lead magnet

I use all of them and they can all work just as well but YOU NEED TO TEST! I can't stress that enough. You'll thank me later.

Sometimes your reader will want an alternative and they see it before they reach the "Alternatives" section(I'll show you soon), or they don't want to buy the product completely and rather start somewhere for free...

And the owner of the product has a Free Lead magnet you can giveaway like One here for another program I'm apart of:

In case your reader doesn't go buy the product, and they are still interested, the second best option is to take them to a Landing Page that will get them to opt-in to a freebie like the Millionaire Shortcut Guide from my Mentor Jeff Lerner up above.

Pros And Cons

pros and cons


Our human brains are triggered to respond emotionally to the positive and negatives of ANY product, we want to emotionally buy into a product/service first but we are also logical creatures and You will get people on your post who want to analytically justify logically to themselves they need the product.

So it's your job to make sure you have Pros and Cons because that's the bottom line people will read on your post, it's like saying you go to a party, but most people stay until they wish "Sally" a happy-birthday, and eat some cake, and go.

Your reader will glance and read your post and the grand finale will ALWAYS be the pros and cons, even if they read to the end.

Here's the hack you use for Your pros and cons:

  • Add emotion and logic at the same time. If you read through my post, you'll see I have other places I talk about the features and benefits as well meaning, and your Pros and Cons section MUST touch on the same criteria. Give them the punchline but make it valuable enough for them with phrases like "so you can" "so you can access", etc.
  • Also add Cons, no matter how you think they'll persuade your reader, you should be as transparent with them. Tell people the truth because it will push away people who are not the right fit and you'll get the right people raising their hand saying they are!

Alternatives Section

You've come to the part where you can list your alternatives products/services:

Some people are against giving their readers other alternatives in attempt to get them thinking ONLY about their product but I believe this is wrong, here's why.

People will weigh their options NO MATTER WHAT, and they will seek other alternatives, and let's say your reader clicks out of your post and goes to search:

"Your Product Name Alternatives", then you've Lost!

You need to be the first and ONLY option in their mind and so sharing with them everything else out there is okay as you can see in my list above.

I start with the closest alternatives to what the are searching for and then work my way down to the last closest one. And then I end it with a few sentences...

informing my reader:

  • Although there are other alternatives, this training is the best one on this topic
  • I do believe in a better alternative that'll save you more time and money, so click here to see "name of the product"

Something along those lines, it gives you options to choose from, depending on the angle you're using. 

Being transparent and OPEN will make you the commission, trust me.

Overall Key differences:

  • The Bad Post doesn’t have a catchy headline that makes the reader want to go past the first couple sentences

  • The good post address the reader as if they were speaking to their pain, problems, desires, values.

  • The good post has content structure with an overview and table of contents

  • The good post uses the words “you” and “so you can”

  • The good post agitates the reader letting them know they have problems and want to get out pain and towards pleasure. If it don’t hurt, you won’t sell!

  • The good post gives a compelling “why” they should care about YOU as the author. What makes your story relatable and different?

  • The good post address not only the features of the product but the pros and cons as well the meaning.

  • The good post lists out the pros and cons and the pros have the feature+benefit+meaning elements

  • The good post has alternatives to bring comfort to the reader letting them know you REALLY have their best interest at heart and want to let them know there are other related products out there but address yours is best.

  • The good post has Call to actions through the post. With the buttons, hyperlinks, and in content widgets. Especially the in content widgets, these make the biggest difference. If you can draw up a great headline, story, and offer in it, people will take action to go watch a video

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Exit Pop Ups

I wanted to save this section for last to show you just how important they are and how you will get higher conversions if you catch people right before they leave.

pop up

Why use an exit pop up?

It's your last attempt to get your reader to:

  • Buy your product
  • Opt-in to your lead magnet
  • Read other material

You want to be sure your reader is ready to leave without a thing from you, so you can switch it up and persuade them to get your:

  • Free Guide
  • A Report
  • See a video
  • Go to a webinar
  • and so much more!

On the other side, you can send them to a landing page given to you by the high ticket affiliate program(if available) or you can create your own with simple WordPress plugins like Elementor or you can use Thrive Themes too.

This is your last effort to get them to stick with you and get at least something more.

High Ticket Value Ladders

value ladder

The concept of the value ladder is to get your audience/customer into a front-end product or service that is free and or of a lower tier cost of like $1-$39 or so. 

Thereafter, you'd be tagged to the customer and if they buy the upsells and higher priced products, you will make these commissions.

Which High Ticket Affiliate Products Should You Promote?

Over the years promoting high ticket affiliate offers, I’ve figured out which ones are worthy and ones that don’t make sense promoting and here they are:

#1 Clickfunnels

#2 ENTRE Institute

#3 Super Affiliate Accelerator

#4 Legendary Marketer

# Profit Passports

#6 Super Affiliate System

#7 High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator

#8 Regal Assets

#9 Villaris Jets

#10 Six Figure Mentors

#11 WP Engine

#12 Biccommerce

#13 Shopify

#14 WPX Hosting

#15 ConvertKit

Alternative Ways To Sell High Ticket Products

What if you knew ALL the other ways to sell your high ticket affiliate product so you can maximize your earnings every single day?

Would you like to see what those are? I’ve written a list from my own experience and everyone else how to sell your high ticket affiliate products through other traffic methods.

#1 YouTube


Did you know there are BILLIONS of people searching and watching videos on YouTube for:

  • Education?
  • Information?
  • Entertainment?
  • Products to buy?

Yep, it’s true, you can promote your high ticket affiliate products through video and here’s why it works…

People are naturally visual by nature, we like to be “shown” the product by a REAL person and “demonstrated” how it works, and most importantly people buy from people who they can:

  • Know
  • Like and
  • Trust

What faster and stronger way to build the relationship with someone than that? Plus, you grow your personal brand way better and you can show you’re the authority in your space. How to do it?

There are many ways to get started but you need to have the basics:

  • A PROVEN script(framework - strategy and tactics)
  • A Product you’re going to present
  • A Call to action
  • A Description that sends people to your affiliate product

Now I know I make it sound simple but you still need the skills, right? Luckily, I came across a training in my time that’ll show you how to use YouTube(and every other traffic strategy) to make a highly profitable YouTube channel and it’s called the Affiliate Bootcamp.

There’s a video by a guy named Joe Margfollio who is a Video and YouTube specialist and shows you the tools you need inside. Check it out here for FREE.

#2 Facebook Groups

My first mistake trying to sell high-ticket affiliate products was thinking “anyone” and even your “ideal” audience would buy from you which to a degree is true but here’s what I learned…

People CRAVE culture and Community, what do I mean? A Facebook group allows you to accept people in who want to:

  • Learn from you
  • Follow you
  • Be lead by YOU
  • See your journey

With all these factors in mind, you can quickly grow a raving community of people who will follow you to the very end and eventually buy your high ticket affiliate product(or any other type). Remember this…

Promoting high ticket affiliate products will come down to establishing a REALTIONSHIP with your audience and that will push them to want to buy from you. How to do it?

  • Show up every day on Facebook live to document your journey
  • Post content about your journey - what you’ve learned, guides, etc.
  • Ask questions to engage people
  • And there’s so much more

Cool thing Is I created for you a FREE Facebook Affiliate Hacks course that’ll show you how to make it happen, and you can check it out here.

#3 Email Marketing

Want the “hottest” audience you can get your hands on to the point where they’re raising their hands and saying “take my money?!”

Your email list is like what a pirate is to finding a golden treasure - It’s very meaningful, and can make you LOAD of money, but how?

When you get people inside of your email list, it shows they’ve already made a “micro-commitment” to YOU, and they’re interested in whatever it was you offered them to get them there, like a :

  • FREE Guide
  • Worksheet
  • Course
  • PDF
  • Report
  • Checklist
  • Etc.

With people in your email list, you will be able to communicate to them as if you were their friend or family where you share valuable content on subjects like:

  • Stories
  • Every day life
  • Products
  • And so much more!

People on your email list will REALLY see what you’re about and if you can REALLY help them or not, and it’s just as huge you build a relationship with them here as anywhere else. 

Plus, the best part is you can automate your emails so you don’t have to login everyday and send messages from scratch! I do that with a tool called Aweber.

#4 Funnels

Have you ever gone to McDonald's(UHH YES!) and ordered a burger and right after you’re asked if you’d like to make it a meal with fries and a coke?

How about make it a large for an extra $0.99? OH, and throw in a cookie on top?

I’m sure you have, and here’s my point, YOU are being upsold! Whether you know it or not, you’re in this place called a “funnel” where you get the first item you wanted(the burger) and then you’re asked if you want an additional item(fries and a coke)...

This is what a funnel is. You buy one thing and then you’re upsold on another item but the next item usually cost more than the first one, and if you read my part about “value ladders” earlier, you’d of known this by now(make sure to go back up there and read it, it’s CRUCIAL to your success!)

I run funnels every day, whether it’s through my blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, etc, what first happens is this…

STEP 1: Send people to your blog post(or any other platform). People read you post and then press a “call to action” button…

They then will be pushed into a funnel that looks like this:


From here, they can opt-into my email list, go purchase a lower front end product, buy the high ticket course of whatever, right?

Point being is they have entered a funnel where you will keep “ascending” up to the high priced products on the backend.

#5 Podcasts

Did you know people listen to podcasts on the go and when they are doing miscellaneous tasks?

One of the powerful ways you can get people to check out your high-ticket product(s) is by giving your listeners a call to action in the beginning and end of your audio with something like this…

“If you’d like to checkout my 10-step Blueprint To Making Your First $1,000 Per Month Online In Less Than 90 days...Even If You’re A Beginner”, than go to “your website”.

That’s it! Once you do that, you’ll want to send them a funnel where they can make a purchase, opt-into your email list, and so forth.

#6 Instagram

What’s the unfair advantage you can get with Instagram you can’t get on any other platform?

3 Things:

  • Visuals
  • Direct Messages
  • Bio Links

Why are these important? On Instagram you get people who are “visual” and want to see what you do and have to offer for them and you can easily do this with the right Instagram posting strategy, plus you can start a chat with people in your direct messenger…

Here is where the magic happens! Remember how I keep saying “build a relationship?” Your inbox will help you do that and this is where you should learn how to communicate with people effectively and use ethical persuasion marketing to get people to take the right action from you…

This is what’s known as 1-1 selling, where you interact with one person at a time to build rapport, figure out their pain./problems, and give them a solution.

#7 Facebook Messenger

Like Instagram, Facebook is a great place for visuals, engagement and 1-1 selling, here’s why.

You can use your Facebook Messenger to build rapport, figure out people’s problems/pains, and offer the right solution…

This is called Diagnosing. You MUST become someone who diagnoses before you can see if someone is the right fit and if so offer them a solution….

And what better way than to hop on Facebook Messenger to do it? How?

Well if you’re using Facebook as your main platform, you can build a Facebook group, contribute in other people’s groups, friend people and start a communication with them.

There are many ways to do it and as you get better at this marketing game, you’ll open up more avenues and figure out your money generating activities...the 80/20 principle - which 20% of your activities will give you 80% of your results?

Next Steps - Getting Started

Now that you know how you can sell your high ticket product(s) with a blog, what do you think about getting started on the RIGHT foot?

I’ve failed misserably, made mistakes after mistakes and have come to realize I could have avoided all that if I just focused on getting a mentor and the right system…

So if you want to avoid wasting years of mistakes, if you want to have more time, energy, save money, avoid all the unnecessary effort, and get your blog to be highly profitable, then I’d like you to check out my #1 recommended place to start by clicking the button below.

Do you need further help? Feel free to leave me a comment down below and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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